Chapter 141 Suspicion

The hairpin was the most common hairpin which was sold for one yuan in the stall. Tang Rui secured her fringe with a hairpin in order to make it convenient for her to fight. Ding Ning obviously did that to make her feel at ease to accept the moisturizer. She gratefully glanced at Ding Ning and slightly blushed. Shone by the light, she looked extremely glamorous. With a sparkle in her pretty eyes, she said shyly.

“Okay, I will accept it. When I get something nice later, I will give it to you as a gift in return.”

“Haha, I am looking forward to your gift!” Ding Ning laughed and did not take it seriously.

“Sure!” Tang Rui nodded heavily and made up her mind to prepare a nice gift for Ding Ning.

In Shen Muqing’s room, Ding Ning was a bit distressed, looking at the delicate woman who forced a smile but was actually about to collapse.

Although he knew the reason why she was in a bad mood and he also felt upset, now he had Ling Yun as his girlfriend, so he did not know what his position was on appeasing her.

Shen Muqing did not ask him why he suddenly came nor tell him that she had bailed Xiaoniu and Han Li out.

She just became particularly passionate during the treatment. She not only took the initiative to ask for his kiss, but also held his neck tightly, as if she wanted to integrate him into her body.

It was not until Ding Ning was taking a bath after finishing the treatment with his mouth parched and tongue scorched that Shen Muqing suddenly came in, tightly held his waist and let the water wet her thin silk pajamas.

Ding Ning’s body was stiff. With a lot of perseverance, he whispered in a hoarse voice, “Muqing, stop it.”

“Ding Ning, sleep with me. My family has arranged my marriage, but I don’t want to marry that guy at all.”

Shen Muqing’s tears were mixed with the water from the shower, wetting his back, which made his heart ache.

Ding Ning swallowed his saliva and said with a bitter smile, “You know, Ling Yun and I…”

“I don’t care. I don’t want to marry you. I just want to sleep with you. I won’t destroy your relationship with Ling Yun, nor ask you to be responsible for it. Sleep with me, okay?”

Shen Muqing begged him dreamily, kissing his broad back unskillfully.

Which man could refuse such a request? In particular, Shen Muqing was most vulnerable at this moment, and direct refusal would make her even sadder.

Ding Ning turned around, gently picked up her face, watched her seriously and said softly.

“Muqing, if I don’t have Ling Yun as my girlfriend, I will definitely sleep with you. But now I can’t cheat on Ling Yun. If I do that, I will be irresponsible for her and for you. Besides, your current situation makes it impossible for you to bear that stimulation.”

“I can do that. Today I was very strongly stimulated, but quickly recovered with the breathing method that you taught me. I can definitely bear it if you do it gently.”

Shen Muqing greedily kissed his lips. Her cheeks were crimson and her eyes lost focus. “Ding Ning, I like you. I want to be a real woman. Even if I can do it only once, it’s worth living this life.”

Breathing method was not a panacea. Shen Muqing had never experienced that, so she naturally didn’t know how strong the stimulation was. It was definitely life-threatening for her. Although Ding Ning could treat her at any time, he was afraid that he would not be able to control himself and stop in time. It would kill her.

He wanted to sleep with this incredibly gorgeous woman, but he must not be impulsive. It was the life of a woman he liked.

At this moment, Shen Muqing was the most vulnerable. If he really slept with her, he would be taking advantage of her. He liked Shen Muqing, but he did not want to sleep with her in this situation.

The most important thing was that he had seen the strong desire to die from Shen Muqing’s eyes. Maybe she would die after he slept with her.

Seeing him remain silent for a long time, Shen Muqing suddenly pushed him away, gently pulled the belt of her pajamas, and showed her body as crystal white as ivory as the silk pajamas fell to the ground. With blush like sunset glow on her face, she said,

“You asked me to show my body to you last time, didn’t you? Now that I have met your wish, can’t you meet my wish?”

Ding Ning’s brain went blank. His nose kept bleeding turbulently and stained the ground with the water from the shower. Shen Muqing giggled and said with a wink.

“Look, even if you don’t like me, you still like my body, right? What are you waiting for? Come on, let me be a real woman!”

Ding Ning wiped his blood, shook his head with a bitter smile and stared seriously at her.

“Muqing, if your physical condition allows me to sleep with you, I will definitely do that. Even if I will be cheating on Ling Yun, even if I will be called scum, I will sleep with you. But I can’t do that. You don’t know how strongly it will stimulate your heart. Your physical condition makes it impossible for you to bear it. There, calm down.”

“Are you still a man or not? I said that you don’t need to be responsible for me, but you are still not tempted. Am I really so terrible?”

With desperation in her eyes, Shen Muqing shouted tearfully. She had lost her calm.

“No, you are not terrible, not at all. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. I like you and want you very much, but you really can’t bear it with your physical condition. I am a doctor, I have the most say in this matter.”

Ding Ning distressedly held her in his arms and tried to appease her and convince her.

Unexpectedly, Shen Muqing pushed him away with desperate efforts and screamed with red eyes, “You just dislike me and don’t want to sleep with me. You treat me like a patient like everyone else. I just want to be a normal woman. I only want to be in love once. I just want to have a man who really loves me. Are these really so difficult for me?”

Looking at Shen Muqing who had been overwhelmed by emotion, Ding Ning helplessly sighed, hugged her, put her flat on the ground, and squatted down…

Ten minutes later, Ding Ning rinsed his mouth, feeling extremely depressed. Thinking that he was unconscious when doing that previously, the only experience when he was awake was serving a woman. What the hell did he do?

Shen Muqing felt good, but he almost died from restraining himself. Nevertheless, he also had unexpected gains. The breathing method seemed to have a great effect on Shen Muqing’s illness. It actually enabled her to bear the kind of stimulation.

Although she had shown some signs of collapse during the period, he kept focusing on her and keep her steady with True Qi. He just thought that she was so weak in this that she collapsed in just ten minutes. She was absolutely unable to bear it if they really had sex, but fortunately, he did not take the risk.

Shen Muqing lay on the ground with a layer of pink blush on her body. Her pretty face was crimson. She closed her eyes shyly with her long eyelashes slightly shivering, feeling too embarrassed to look at him.

She didn’t expect that Ding Ning would enable her to savor the taste of being a woman in this way. It was too shameful, but it also made her very moved. After all, as a man, he could do this for her. What else could she say? Although they hadn’t actually finished the final step, this level of intimacy had left her no secret in front of him.

It could be considered that she had become his woman. Watching his slightly depressed face, Shen Muqing giggled. With her heart full of happiness and satisfaction, she coquettishly opened her arms and said, “Hug!”

“No, I will fail to restrain myself from having sex with you if I keep hugging you.”

Ding Ning resisted the temptation with a bitter face, and secretly thought, “I’ve tried hard to restrain myself, but you keep seducing me. It is too much.”

Shen Muqing coyly got up, gently held him, put her chin on his shoulder and seduced him softly in his ear, “Would you like me to help you?”

“Forget it, I should take a cold shower!”

Ding Ning was tempted, but he still shook his head to refuse after thinking for a while. When he was enjoying it, he had no time to take care of Shen Muqing. If something went wrong, all his previous efforts would be wasted.

Shen Muqing smiled like a goblin, gently rubbed against his spine with her body, “There is no second chance after this. You really don’t want to consider it?”

“Stop seducing me, otherwise you will definitely be hurt tonight. Just take a bath and go to sleep.”

Ding Ning impatiently spanked her, only to find that her butt was not as big as Xiao Nuo’s butt, but it was very upright, and he felt good when touching it.

“Can you stay with me tonight? We… we won’t do that, but just sleep together.”

Shen Muqing blinked her big eyes, looked at him pitifully and begged him. It made him softhearted and almost promise her.

However, Ling Yun should have woken up. She was most in need of companionship after experiencing so many things today. Besides, what he had done made him feel so sorry for her. At the thought of these, he could not feel at ease to sleep with Shen Muqing in his arms.

Besides, the four bodyguards were equipped with thermal-sensing night vision devices. They couldn’t say anything when he stayed with Shen Muqing during the treatment. If they found that he and Shen Muqing stayed together overnight, they would immediately send the information to the Shen Family. If the family connected with the Shen family through marriage knew that, he would have one stronger enemy.

Although he didn’t know what kind of family the Zhao family was, it would not be a weak family since it was connected with the powerful Shen Family through marriage.

As a fledgling, although he might not be really afraid of them, he would never go for wool and come back shorn.

What was more, Ling Yun’s experience today had already sounded the alarm for him. He was still too weak to keep people around him safe.

He immediately hardened his heart to shake his head and say, “I really can’t. Ling Yun was kidnapped today. I hurried to Gusu to save her. She was frightened. So I should stay with her tonight.”

Shen Muqing exclaimed in shock and asked with sincerity, “Ling Yun was kidnapped? Did you call the police? How is she now?”

Looking at Shen Muqing’s sincere face, Ding Ning felt warm. This girl still had a conscience. She did not patronize to be jealous, but cared about her rival in love. She deserved his painstaking effort in treating her.

He immediately told her every detail of his experience today, including using Shen Muqing as a bait and the speculation of stimulating her heart disease.

He only concealed the fact that he could fly, and Doudou with amazing smells was sold out by him without hesitation and became the greatest hero.

Of course, in terms of the process of saving Ling Yun, he also vaguely said that he drugged the kidnappers. After all, Shen Muqing did not know that he was highly-skilled in wrestling.

With her face changing sharply, Shen Muqing clenched her teeth and said, “Who is so vicious to do this?”

In fact, there was a vague speculation in her heart, but when the girl’s figure came to her mind, she was not willing to believe that the girl with a sweet smile was so sinister.

No, no, Chenxi was just a spoiled child who was not bad essentially. She would never do something so sinister and vicious.

However, except for her, Shen Muqing could not think of anyone else who would be so deliberate in dealing with her and Ding Ning. After all, Ling Yun was a victim from beginning to end as well as a prey used as a bait.

If it weren’t for Ding Ning who discovered that in time, saved Ling Yun in time with the dog with amazing smell and taught her the breathing method in advance, she would probably die tonight.

Meanwhile, Ling Yun was likely to kill herself after being raped by those bastards. Based on her understanding of Ling Yun’s unyielding character, Ling Yun would never survive after being raped. Such a sinister and insidious scheme made her shudder at the thought of it.