Chapter 142 An Ideal Couple

The previous generations of the Yan and Lin families were businessmen from Zhejiang. In the final years of the Qing dynasty, they became business partners. During the period of the Republic of China, Zhejiang businessmen made use of their financial advantage in the business and political arenas. Although the Yan and Lin families were not people of authority, they still became big winners during this wave.

The Yan family had ventured into Shanghai Bund in the early days and has planted their roots here. On the other hand, the Lin family kept their roots planted deeply into Zhejiang’s soil. Using Ningbo as their base, they spread their roots. Although both sides suffered destructive damage during the upheaval period, their tree had grown big and its roots deepened. They had a vast amount of connections and resources. On top of that, their side businesses were growing stably overseas. Hence, after the reform, both families got back up on their feet instantly.

The Yan family was situated in Shanghai, the frontline of innovation after the reform. However, they only became stronger. On the contrary, the Lin family did not fare as well, which resulted in today’s arranged marriage that won the hearts of the entire Lin family. To both sides of families, uniting the most outstanding descendants of each family was the best marriage.

Even though Lin Su still did not acknowledge it, Yan Chaozong had already treated her as his fiancée. Hence, he was in charge of her birthday party this year. He gathered the youths of both sides of the family and invited numerous mutual friends. Yan Chaozong had his intentions for doing so, which was to satisfy the hearts of the youths in the Lin family who wanted to interact with those from the Yan family. By doing so, not only would the youths be satisfied, the elders would like it as well. This was his way of doing things; a simple birthday party with numerous purposes.

But this was exactly what Lin Su did not like. She preferred a minimalist approach for many things; there was no need to be too complicated or have too many intentions. For each birthday, it is enough to have a bouquet of flowers, a meal, a birthday cake, and a ‘Happy Birthday’.

Yan Chaozong booked an average-size banquet hall in Peninsula Hotel. All friends and relatives from both sides arrived. They were all young people. Yan Chaozong did not invite the elders, in case everyone would restrain themselves.

On the way to the Peninsula Hotel, Lin Su was still feeling very down. She was wondering what Qin Sheng was doing. She recalled asking him if he was free today, and he said he had nothing on. Then why did he disappear suddenly? Could he had run into danger? Or did he go on a business trip? Based on their current relationship, even if he went on a business trip, he would have informed her.

“It’s your birthday today, why do you look like you’re in a bad mood?” Yan Chaozong asked in confusion. He was actually quite happy that she would allow him to organize the party. At least he was still in her heart. From another perspective, Lin Su and that Qin Sheng did not have something going on between them. Otherwise, they would have gone on to enjoy their world of two, leaving Yan Chaozong alone.

Of course Lin Su had to cover up. She replied casually, “Nothing, maybe work was too tiring recently and I didn’t rest well.”

“Work is never ending; you should rest when your body tells you to. You should at least take care of yourself. I want to take care of you, but you wouldn’t give me a chance. I’m worried that Grandma Lin, Uncle, and Aunty will blame me,” Yan Chaozong laughed. He flattered himself so hard.

Lin Su did not want to talk about these things, so she changed the topic. “Where are we going?”

“Peninsula Hotel, where your birthday party is,” he explained.

Lin Su replied awkwardly, “We’re going now? At least let me go back and change my outfit.”

“There’s no need. I’ve already ordered an Elie Saab gown, you can just change in the hotel room, that’s more convenient too.” Yan Chaozong had already made the necessary arrangements. Elie Saab’s gowns were the best high-end customizable gowns in the world. They were worn by celebrities when they walk on the red carpet. Some celebrities even rent them or wore counterfeits. However, Yan Chaozong was definitely not short of the money, since it was an investment for his future wife.

Lin Su was a little helpless, but she still replied politely, “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me,” Yan Chaozong replied with a smile of a gentleman.

Forgetting other things, any woman who finds a man like Yan Chaozong would deem him as a perfect partner. But love itself was not determined on compatibility. When two people live together, it is a lifetime commitment. If there were no feelings, no tacit understanding, no common topics etc, they would get tired of each other very soon.

Not long after, they arrived at the Peninsula Hotel. Lin Su’s best friends have already been waiting for quite some time. Yan Chaozong led Lin Su to the Customer Service directly. Seeing Lin Su entering, her best friends teased, “Our male and female leads for tonight have finally arrived, and they’re indeed an ideal couple!”

This was Lin Su’s best friend, Tan Jing. She was also currently residing in Shanghai, working in a consultant company that was listed on the Fortune 500. She met up with Lin Su most.

Beautiful women were always surrounded by other beautiful women. Her three best friends were all extremely beautiful, each with their own style and aura. Lin Su glared at Tan Jing and said, “No one would think you’re mute if you shut up.”

“Wow, are you shy?” Tan Jing continued.

Lin Su did not know what to do with her.

Yan Chaozong knew it was inappropriate for him to stay. He realized his position and said, “You guys continue chatting, I’ll go upstairs and see if everything is ready.”

“Young Master Yan, take care! We won’t send you off!” The ladies teased. They admired Lin Su more or less. But other than having the family background, Lin Su was also extremely outstanding. Hence, they could only admire her.

After Yan Chaozong was gone, Tan Jing quickly pulled Lin Su indoors and said, “Big beauty Lin, quickly try on your Elie Saab high-end customized gown! I’m so envious, when would I have a handsome man to buy me one set?”

“You’re so materialistic,” Lin Su teased.

Standing at a side, Song Chu, another beautiful woman with a wonderful figure, said, “You don’t know how to count your blessings. If we aren’t bosom female friends, I would have made my move on Young Master Yan a long time ago, hahahaha.”

The few ladies laughed and teased each other. Yan Chaozong came to another room. He had already arranged for people to welcome the guests tonight. At this moment, there were already a number of guests that have arrived at the banquet hall upstairs. Yan Chaozong’s phone would not stop ringing, but he did not pick it up. Instead, he was frowning.

Standing in front of him was Feng He, who had just returned, and Uncle Zhen, who had been following Qin Sheng recently.

“Feng He, what have you found?” Yan Chaozong asked in a low voice.

Feng He spoke slowly, “I’ve figured it out. I do not know where he was born. He followed his grandfather to Xi’an when he was six and had always been living below Zhongnan Mountains. His grandfather did not have any background, he’s just an ordinary old person. When Qin Sheng was attending school, he stayed with his foster parents. The man is a businessman, his business is doing well in Xi’an and is worth more than a hundred million. Two years ago, he was set up and his company went bankrupt. He even ended up in jail. The man’s wife had always been living in Xi’an and led a normal life. She has a daughter studying in Fudan University and is currently in Year Two. Qin Sheng had a girlfriend when he was in high school, her name is Su Qin. They were the joke of their school. Both of them got into Fudan but broke up before graduation. During then, Qin Sheng’s grandfather passed away. He then disappeared for two and a half years. He only returned to Shanghai a few months ago. Other than the lack of information during these two and a half years, all of his information in Xi’an is no threat to us.”

These were all the information that Feng He could find. He could not find anything more. Even Qin Sheng himself did not know what his grandfather used to do, let alone these outsiders.

After hearing the report, Yan Chaozong was satisfied. Besides, the lesser Qin Sheng was of a threat to him, the safer he felt. However, he suddenly found something wrong. He frowned and asked, “What about his biological parents?”

“Qin Sheng is an orphan, there is no news on his parents,” Feng He explained.

Yan Chaozong nodded. But immediately after, he looked towards Uncle Zhen and asked, “Uncle Zhen, you told me the day before that Qin Sheng has gone out of the city?”

“Yes, I’ve checked the flight records, he went to Chengdu and has not returned yet,” Uncle Zhen explained.

Yan Chaozong laughed, “It’s best if he doesn’t come back.”

He was not even present during Lin Su’s birthday, he really thought too highly of himself.

“Alright, let’s head up there,” Yan Chaozong said joyfully.

Coming out from Pudong Airport, Xia Ding was already waiting outside. Qin Sheng frowned and asked, “Do you know where it is?”

“Boss, if I can’t handle such a simple thing, I will feel too ashamed to face you. I’ve checked long ago, it’s at the Peninsula Hotel. I’ll send you there directly during then,” Xia Ding replied honestly. He had to successfully complete the task that Qin Sheng gave to him during then.

At this moment in the banquet hall, the friends and relatives from both the Yan and Lin family had all arrived. Taking into account their accompaniment, there were forty to fifty people. This showed how grand the event was.

After Yan Chaozong entered, he became the center of attention. As the main male character, he hosted the guests. He listened to their praises and basked in them.

After a while, Feng He came to tell him that Lin Su was ready and was waiting outside. Yan Chaozong waved to the crowd and left. At the same time, he made Feng He tell the host to start.

When Yan Chaozong saw Lin Su outside of the banquet hall, he was completely stunned. He felt that this purple-pink Elie Saab fairy dress suited her really well. Tonight, Lin Su was like a fairy that came onto Earth. Yan Chaozong stared at her and was detached from reality for a while.

Lin Su was a little embarrassed. However, she really admired his taste. This gown was really beautiful and suited her aura really well. Lin Su coughed.

Yan Chaozong finally snapped back to reality. He said sincerely, “Lin Su, you’re really beautiful tonight. I’ve never seen such a beautiful fairy before.”

“Thank you,” Lin Su nodded in courtesy.

At this moment, after the host had warmed up the crowd, he spoke slowly, “Next up, let us give our warmest welcome to our female lead of the night, Lin Su.”

Yan Chaozong bent his knee slightly and leaned forward. He stretched out his hand at the same time. Lin Su wanted to reject, but she had no choice. She could only hold onto his hand. Yan Chaozong smiled. When the door to the banquet hall was pushed open, he led her in slowly.

The crowd started applauding. Everyone was stunned by Lin Su, and they felt like the male and female leads were a pair matched in heaven; they were really a perfect fit for each other.