Chapter 143 He Would Not Miss It

Since ancient times, joint-marriages were the most direct way for the wealthy to solidify their social status and strengthen the relationship between each other. This was the only way to maximize profits and create an unbreakable profitable alliance. This was the same reason why the nobles would go through ceremonies to call each other their brothers. The bigger the ship, the harder it was for it to sink. If it was an aircraft carrier, then everyone would be afraid of it.

The Lin family hoped to climb onto the Yan family’s big ship. The Yan family also hoped to make their ship sturdier. Hence, everyone on board these two ships hoped that Lin Su and Yan Chaozong would marry each other. However, they did not care if Lin Su was willing or not. Growing up in this kind of family, they were pampered since young and enjoyed many resources that other kids their age did not. When the time comes, naturally they would have to pay the price. The price tag was their happiness and freedom.

Ordinary people would find that Lin Su and Yan Chaozong were a perfect match, whoever married a man like Yan Chaozong would not need to worry about food or clothes for the rest of their life. Lin Su’s best friends were like that. After all, in today’s society, you can only stand up straight if you have money and power. Or perhaps, this was their definition of happiness.

There are 10,000 Hamlets in 10,000 people’s hearts. There are also 10,000 definitions of happiness in 10,000 people’s hearts. Lin Su’s definition was that at least, she must find someone who liked her too. She did not want to give in, nor did she want to be like what others said: A woman only needs to find a man who loves her.

Yan Chaozong held her hand and led her slowly to the stage. There were two violinists playing a melodious tune. Everyone’s applause kept going for a long time.

Lin Su had her hair tied up and she was wearing a purple-pink sanded gown that reached the floor. Yan Chaozong looked handsome in his black and white tuxedo. This romantic scene gained the envy of others. A few women’s gazes became blurred; they were all thinking if their other half, or future another half, would throw a birthday party like this for them.

However, the focus of the scene, tonight’s main lead, Lin Su, was not happy. Yet she had to fake a polite and perfunctory smile. It was very tiring. Besides, her mind was occupied with other things and she did not sleep well the night before.

She hated it the most when others do not ask if she liked it or was she willing. Instead, they planned her life out according to their own feelings. For example, when she wanted to start a business, her family arranged for her to enter the family business. This was how she embarked on that three-month long solo travel. She released herself and did not think about anything. This was also how she met one of the most important men in her life, Qin Sheng.

“Our female lead for the night is really so beautiful! Does everyone think she’s beautiful?” The host spoke from his heart. He had seen much of life and many beautiful women. Yet he was still attracted by Lin Su.

“Beautiful,” praised everyone.

“Then let me ask our female lead, how are you feeling right now?” The host had already gotten someone to pass the microphone to Lin Su and asked at the same time.

Lin Su did not like to be in the spotlight. For example, her friends liked to go to Paris to look at fashion shows, attend some big brand’s fashion dinner or brand launch, but she never cared about these things. She felt like this kind of lifestyle was for others to see, there was not much meaning.

But she must endure her unwillingness and continue tonight’s party. She cooperated and said, “I’m very excited, thank you all for coming to my birthday party.”

“Big beauty Lin, the person you have to thank the most is this handsome man beside you. According to what I know, Mr. Yan single-handedly planned your birthday party.” The host was in control of the whole situation.

Lin Lin Su looked at Yan Chaozong who was next to her. He was indeed outstanding. He had always been trained to be a successor by Old Master Yan. Others could also tell how much Old Master admired him. Yan Chaozong also had never let his family down. He was always the most outstanding among people his age. As of today, he had already immersed himself in the family business and was doing a great job. The Yan family was now led by Second Elder, which was Yan Chaozong’s second uncle, but because Second Uncle only had two daughters, he valued Yan Chaozong a lot as well. As for Third Uncle’s two children, one was a playboy and the other was too young.

“Thank you,” Lin Su only said two simple words.

Yan Chaozong was somewhat disappointed. But what could he do? Lin Su had always treated him like this.

“A simple thank you win a thousand words. I think Mr. Yan can also understand Ms. Lin’s heart. Besides, the two of you have grown up together. I heard that you two are also getting engaged. Since that’s the case, let’s put our hands together and give our blessings to this couple.” Yan Chaozong taught the host to say this. He intended to use different methods to force Lin Su to the edge of the cliff, leaving her with nowhere to run to. He wanted to let everyone know that Lin Su was his fiancee, the rest of you should not even think about it.

Hearing this, Lin Su’s face fell. She suppressed the anger in her heart. She did not expect Yan Chaozong to use this method. Both families have yet decided on anything, yet he already made the final call. Did he really think that he could restrain her?

At this moment, the host left the stage. Yan Chaozong could see that Lin Su did not like it at all, but he still had to do it. Qin Sheng’s appearance let Yan Chaozong realize how critical the situation was. In the past, he dealt with other pursuers perfectly, but Qin Sheng did not fall prey to it. Hence, Yan Chaozong could only use a two-pronged approach to ensure that nothing there was no loss.

“Thank you. On behalf of Lin Su, I thank everyone for coming to her birthday party. I also hope that everyone can be there when we get engaged.” Yan Chaozong was walking deeper along this path of no return. Lin Su’s gaze became even colder. Yet no one thought that there was something wrong; they thought that she was too excited or nervous.

“When I first met Lin Su, I was six years old. I saw a little girl sitting on the lawn, resting her chin on her hands. She was looking at the sunset hanging off the edge of the sky and there was a tint of sorrow in her gaze. My heart hurt when I saw that. It was then that I decided that I must marry this girl. After that, we grew up together and experienced many things together. Lin Su always took care of me like a big sister and I am very touched. I also held on more firmly to my goal. After graduating from high school, we have not contacted each other for several years. I also went overseas to further my education. I thought I had forgotten her completely, but when I saw her again after returning home, it was still the same feeling from years ago. I felt like I couldn’t wait anymore, so under the push from both families, I started to chase her unhesitantly. Although everyone knows that we are about to get engaged soon, I have never confessed to her before. So I’m going to confess to her today. I want to tell her that I love her,” Yan Chaozong confessed affectionately.

At this moment, the lights dimmed suddenly. The spotlight shone on Lin Su and Yan Chaozong. Yan Chaozong knelt down on one knee and slowly took out the diamond ring that he had prepared a long time ago. He got someone to go to France to customize it. It was a one-of-its-kind diamond ring that belonged to Lin Su.

Lin Su was shocked. She thought that he only arranged the party to let everyone know that they were going to be engaged. He did not expect there to be an even bigger move. He was proposing to her!

Everyone exclaimed in surprise. They did not expect this to be the main theme of today’s party and that they were witnessing this moment.

If it was any other woman, her brain would have been flushed with happiness right now. Unfortunately, Lin Su was not at all touched. On the contrary, she was furious. He was pushing her towards the edge of the cliff and giving her no reason to reject him. Yan Chaozong’s trap was too deep.

Yan Chaozong took out the diamond ring and said affectionately, “Lin Su, marry me!” No matter what, he was being very sincere at this moment.

Lin Su’s face turned ghostly pale. She did not know what to do anymore, really. After all, she had not experienced anything like this before. She knew that by saying no, she would embarrass him, make the Yan family look bad, and even trigger the entire Lin family. But she knew that by saying yes, she would be deprived of happiness for the rest of her life. She could not brush it off by saying yes first and rejecting later. It was an absolute no.

“Say yes, say yes!” Everyone cheered as they watched the show. They started to back up Yan Chaozong, yet they did not know how Lin Su felt.

The voices grew louder by the minute. Lin Su’s mind was blank, she was completely at a loss.

Yan Chaozong stared at her with a sincere gaze. She did not respond for a long time and the crowd’s cheer started to fade. Eventually, it became very silent. Yan Chaozong was about to try again to say something to touch her, he believed that she would nod her head.

At this exact moment, the doors to the banquet hall were pushed open slowly. A man walked in holding on to a cake that had candles on it, accompanied by two little girls on each side. Their little cheeks were red and their veins showed. They had never been to such a grand hotel nor attended such a fancy event. At this moment, they were extremely nervous and they clutched onto their clothes tightly.

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you.” The two little girls had great telepathy and began singing the birthday song at the same time.

They were not very loud, but in such a quiet situation, everyone turned to focus on them.

Subconsciously, Lin Su also turned to look towards the big door. When she saw the somewhat tired man holding onto the cake and the two little girls whom she had written countless letters too but never had the time to visit, her eyes turned red immediately and she gave the brightest smile of the night.

She knew that on her birthday, he would not miss it.