Chapter 144 No Regrets?

The slightly exhausted man holding onto the cake was obviously Qin Sheng. And the two little girls singing the birthday song were the sisters that Lin Su had sponsored back then. For the past two years, Lin Su had been quietly funding them. But because of work and other reasons, she had yet to be able to find the time to visit them. However, these two sisters would often write letters to Lin Su. They could not bear to call her because it was too expensive. Lin Su would also call their teacher once in a while and get them on the phone too. The two sisters did well in their studies and Lin Su felt very pleased.

God rarely gives anyone two chances to change your fate. If you did not grab hold onto the first chance, then your fate had been decided. The two sisters were not going to miss this chance.

After returning to Shanghai, when Qin Sheng first met Lin Su, he often heard her subconsciously mention how much she missed them. She also said that she felt guilty for being too busy to visit them.

On that night, Qin Sheng was wondering what gift would touch her most and he eventually thought of the two sisters. Hence, without hesitation, he flew to Chengdu and drove hundreds of kilometers towards Chuan Xi Nan and brought them to Shanghai. This was their first time leaving their hometown, their first time on a plane, their first time in Shanghai. They always saw how the big city looked like through television or photos. Now, their small wish had been fulfilled.

It was a very long round trip and Qin Sheng was exhausted. Other than a small nap on the plane, he basically did not sleep at all. After returning, he did not even change his clothes and headed straight to Peace Hotel. Xia Ding had made the arrangements for all other things, such that Qin Sheng did not look like a disheveled peasant.

Everyone’s attention turned towards the door. The lighting engineer even thought that it was a surprise segment and specially turned the spotlight towards Qin Sheng and the two girls.

Yan Chaozong’s face fell instantly. He did not expect Qin Sheng to stir up trouble at this moment. Under the intense stare of the audience, Qin Sheng led the two girls and walked towards Lin Su slowly while holding onto the cake. Lin Su stared at him with her red eyes. She really did not need any grand, complicated or impetuous event, she just needed to feel touched by a normal gesture.

Feng He sensed the danger and quickly dashed out to stop Qin Sheng. He snorted, “I advise you not to go one step further, or else I may take your life.”

Qin Sheng was calm and composed. He stared at Feng He with a faint smile as if he did not treat it as a threat at all. He also did not believe that he would do anything to him here.

Qin Sheng did not budge at all. Standing on the stage, Lin Su could not take it anymore. She scoffed, “Move.”

Feng He turned to glance at Yan Chaozong. Naturally, he did not take orders from Lin Su and worked according to Yan Chaozong’s plan. At this moment, Yan Chaozong even had the intention of committing murder, yet he could only grit on his teeth and said, “Let him come.”

Feng He glared at Qin Sheng with an evil stare before he moved aside with no choice.

Finally, Qin Sheng led the two girls up onto the stage. Standing beside her, the two girls were very happy, yet nervous and shy as they said, “Sister Lin, happy birthday.”

Lin Su embraced them lovingly. She caressed their hair and said, “I haven’t seen you both in two years and now you’re so tall and becoming more pretty.”

The two girls were shy and their cheeks turned red. Lin Su then looked up at Qin Sheng. His hair was messy and he had not shaved for days. There was also some mud on his body.

“Happy birthday,” he said calmly.

Lin Su replied with a sincere “thank you”.

“Blow the candles!” Qin Sheng looked at the almost-gone candles and laughed, “But first, make a wish.”

Lin Su nodded and closed her eyes as she put her hands together to make a wish. There was seemingly a smile on her face. At this current moment, his feelings have recovered.

After making her wish, she opened her eyes. She pulled the two girls’ hands to invite them to blow the candles out together. The trio blew them all out at once.

The rest of the audience seemed to not understand what was going on, but they clapped subconsciously.

The lights came back on and the waiters took over the cake. Standing at a side, Yan Chaozong felt like he just got punched in the face. His stomach was full of anger but he had no means to vent. He had prepared a gigantic six-layer cake for Lin Su, but it was useless now.

At this moment, the crowd finally realized that Yan Chaozong was proposing to Lin Su but was interrupted by this disheveled man. What now?

Lin Su was focusing all her attention onto Qin Sheng, leaving Yan Chaozong hanging by the side, feeling extremely awkward. Lin Su made the decision and picked up the microphone, took a deep breath and said to the audience, “Let me formally introduce to you…”

Lin Su then made a move that shocked everyone. She wrapped her arm around Qin Sheng’s and said, “This is my boyfriend, his name is Qin Sheng. Hope everyone can take care of him.”

The audience gasped. Everyone was shocked. They did not know what Lin Su was thinking.

Qin Sheng was also stunned. He did not expect her to agree to be her girlfriend so suddenly and in front of everyone. This was absolutely unexpected.

No one could be as shocked at Yan Chaozong. He put in so much effort to plan all these just to propose to her. Not only did she not agree to his proposal, she even released such a big piece of news. This was a blow of 100,000 hits. At this moment, his heart had died. He glared at her with his mouth opened, expecting her to give him an explanation.

Lin Su turned and looked at him. She said calmly, “Chaozong, I’m sorry, I know that you like me. I also know what our families want. But I already have someone that I like. Thank you for taking care of me. I’m sorry.”

Yan Chaozong was in complete despair. He did not know what he had done wrong in order to receive this kind of treatment from Lin Su. Tonight, he had fallen from the shining male lead to the biggest joke. He could already feel people pinpointing at him. Since young, he had always been a winner in life. At this moment, he had become a complete loser in life.

At this moment, his expression had never looked that bad. When did he receive such a big humiliation before? However, Yan Chaozong contained his fury. But he knew that by staying here, he would become a clown in everyone’s eyes. Hence, he gave a faint smile to Lin Su and left the banquet hall immediately. However, he did not look Qin Sheng straight to the eye at all. Because to him, Qin Sheng was not worthy to be his opponent. If he was to be compared to Qin Sheng, it would be the greatest humiliation to him.

After Yan Chaozong left, Feng He and the rest left as well. The entire Yan family had received humiliation, so they left quickly as well. What was meant to be an extremely lively birthday gathering had become an utter mess because of Qin Sheng’s sudden appearance and Lin Su’s sudden announcement.

Since Yan Chaozong had already left, Lin Su knew that there was no point for them to stay. So she held onto Qin Sheng’s hand and led the two girls out of the place. She did not say anything to the people present at all. Members of the Lin family all had horrible expressions on their faces. They were utterly disappointed in Lin Su. They also understood that after what had happened tonight, it would be impossible for the Lin family to have a joint-marriage with the Yan family. The relationship between both families had probably come to an end.

Without doubt, not long after, the entire Lin and Yan families, as well as their closed friends, would all find out what happened tonight. During then, it would get really lively.

Outside of the Peninsula Hotel, Xia Ding had left his Aston Martin for Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng drove off with Lin Su and the two girls. In the end, they settled their dinner at a roadside stall. The parked Aston Martin attracted too much attention.

After taking their orders, Qin Sheng and Lin Su looked at each other in the eyes. Qin Sheng had yet snapped back to reality, he felt that Lin Su went crazy tonight. The two of them were now standing on top of a huge wave, they did not know what would happen next.

The two girls were called Shu Wen and Shu Yi. They were so hungry that when the dishes were served, they only focused on filling their stomachs.

“Pfft” Qin Sheng and Lin Su burst out laughing at the same time all of a sudden. Shu Wen and Shu Yi looked at each other, then Qin Sheng, and then Lin Su. They did not know what was happening.

“No need to care about us, just eat,” Qin Sheng patted Shu Wen’s head and laughed.

Lin Su lowered her head and smiled without saying anything.

“Lin Su, you really agree to be my girlfriend?” Qin Sheng asked weakly. He felt that Lin Su could have just said it for the sake of it and not meant it.

Lin Su took a sip of water and stared at him. Her gaze was full of temperament. She smiled and said, “Seems like you haven’t confessed to me yet. If I agree just like that, doesn’t it make me too unrestrained?”

Lin Su seemed to be saying: As long as you confess to me, I’ll say yes.

Hence, Qin Sheng straightened up his back and put on a firm expression. Without hesitation, he said, “Lin Su, I like you, be my girlfriend! I am willing to use my whole life to protect you. No matter what we will face, no matter how big the tide, no matter how tall I stand or how bad I fall, as long as you don’t give up, I will be by your side forever.”

“Okay, I will eat from you, drink from you, and cling onto you forever.” Ever since the announcement, Lin Su had already agreed. No matter what Qin Sheng said now, she would nod.

Qin Sheng thought that Lin Su would make his life difficult, he did not expect her to nod so quickly. This left him flustered and unsure of what to say next.

No matter how dumb Shu Wen and Shu Yi could be, they already understood what was going on. Of course they liked them together, so they started clapping excitedly.

“You won’t regret it?” Qin Sheng thought of what might come next. He would not be able to experience the stress that Lin Su would face by then. Hence, he said slowly, “I can give you a chance to regret.”

“I won’t regret it, I’m just worried that you will.” Lin Su shook her head stubbornly and returned the question.

Qin Sheng disagreed and smiled. “Even if the sky is falling, I won’t regret it. I’m just worried about all the accusations that you’ll face.”

“People my age, after so many years, they’ve been through lots of accusations. Yet I have always had a smooth-sailing ride. What could a little accusation do? Because I know, you will pity me and protect me. In the future, you’ll even make it up to me,” Lin Su said very gently. At the end of her sentence, she even lowered her head shyly. When had she ever said something like that to a man?

Hearing this, Qin Sheng burst out laughing. At this current moment, he could not feel more worry-free. Even if what was to come could be storms, waves and earth-shattering, he would never take half a step back.