Chapter 145 Grateful to have Met You

Since she had already made the decision, Lin Su had no intentions of turning back. She knew what was going to happen next. Qin Sheng was worried that she would feel wronged, but she was even more afraid that he would feel wronged. Because she knew that be it the Lin or Yan family, they would not go beyond the boundary no matter what they decided to do with her. After all, she was still a child of the Lin family. But things were different when it comes to Qin Sheng. They would definitely think of ways to go against him. Both the Yan and Lin families are wealthy noble families in Shanghai and Nanjing. Now that this incident had caused them to become a laughing stock, they would naturally cause the person who started all of this, Qin Sheng, to pay the price.

After all, Qin Sheng was living in Shanghai and the Yan family was deeply rooted there. If he wanted to continue staying in Shanghai, he would have to face a strong force, the Yan family. During then, what would he choose?

After dinner, Qin Sheng was thinking about how to make the arrangements for Shu Wen and Shu Yi. However, Lin Su took the initiative to say that the two sisters could stay with her, which also provided her a good chance to take care of them. On the next day, she would take two days off to bring them around. After that, she would get Qin Sheng to bring them back. Qin Sheng was very pleased with her arrangement.

Qin Sheng drove Lin Su and the two sisters back to the apartment and walked them all the way to below their block. To be honest, Qin Sheng really did not want to be separated from Lin Su. After all, he was very excited tonight. But he gave in to the situation and said, “Rest early, I’m heading back now.”

Lin Su looked at him and teased, “You’re not coming up to chill for a while?”

“Okay.” Qin Sheng did not give Lin Su a chance to regret at all and nodded immediately. Lin Su could not help but laughed. This man could be quite cute sometimes.

Talking about Yan Chaozong who was given a tight slap, after leaving the Peninsula Hotel, he drove alone back to his house in Tomson Yipin. He wanted to be alone and turned off his phone. He knew that at this moment, the outside world had already heard of what happened tonight. There were millions of people in Shanghai city, but only a few stood at the tip of the pyramid. News traveled fast, let alone such a big joke. There were so many people that could not wait to see him and the Yan family’s joke.

“Lin Su, why did you do this to me?” Yan Chaozong had always been silent, calm and composed. But at this moment, he had lost his patience completely. He grabbed the vase from the dining table and smashed it against the wall. The vase shattered into pieces. Following which, a few art pieces were smashed by Yan Chaozong. The floor in the living room was a complete mess. Yan Chaozong vented his raging anger without holding back.

After venting his anger, Yan Chaozong calmed down. He had to regain his status after being made a joke out of. As for Lin Su, he did not know what to help. The Yan and Lin families were still in contact, he could not possibly destroy the relationship. If he got rid of Qin Sheng, perhaps he and Lin Su may still stand a chance.

If a man did not know how to tolerate and became rash, he would often end up suffering big losses. Right now, the only thing that he could do was to pretend as if nothing happened on the outside and secretly find a way to get rid of Qin Sheng. As long as nobody finds out, it would be a happy ending.

Hence, Yan Chaozong turned on his phone and called Feng He. “You and Uncle Zhen keep a close eye on him, I want to be able to know his movements whenever I want. Once we have the chance, get rid of him without hesitation.”

“Young Master, be rest assured, I will not disappoint you,” replied Feng He with a sullen face.

Yan Chaozong had just hung up the call when his Second Uncle called him. He smiled and picked up the call. “Second Uncle, what’s up? Are you asking me out for a drink?”

“A drink? Why would I be in the mood for a drink at this point in time! I’ve found out everything about what happened tonight, yet you’re acting as if nothing happened! You can’t even take care of a woman and have created such a big joke of yourself. Are you expecting me to clean up after you?” Second Uncle started scolding him in the face right away.

Yan Chaozong tried his best to remain calm. “Second Uncle, what rumors are you hearing again? It’s just a small conflict between Lin Su and me. Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“As long as it’s fine. Don’t let Old Master find out about this. I’ll help you to hide it first, you better take good care of it.” Second Uncle warned before hanging up.

Lin Su’s apartment was at Lu Jia Zui. This was the first time that Qin Sheng was entering her house. He thought that she would have it decorated very lavishly and with style, but it turned out to be simple. There were many down-to-earth daily lifestyle products all around the house, it felt very homey.

Qin Sheng sat outside and watched television while Lin Su got the two sisters cleaned up and tucked into bed. Thereafter, she came out to chat with him. Qin Sheng was feeling complacent and proud. “Am I the first man that entered your house?”

Lin Su took off her jacket and only wore a sweater. She smiled faintly, “Other than my dad, you are indeed the first one.”

Qin Sheng grinned happily, “I am honored.”

Lin Su was sitting not far from him. “You got a bargain and you’re still trying to act good,” she said while giving him an eye roll.

Qin Sheng said emotionally, “From tomorrow onwards, I will work hard to earn money and I will strive to marry you as soon as possible. If a wife like you gets stolen away by someone else, it would not be worth the loss.”

“You’ve really thought about it?” Lin Su stared at him seriously. Now that there was only the two of them, they could say anything they want bluntly.

Qin Sheng lifted his cup of water and smiled bitterly as he said, “Lin Su, I know what you’re trying to say. But if there were no challenges and setbacks, if I had gained you so easily, I think I’m not that lucky. Otherwise, I would have already become a successful man.”

“I’ve already promised you, so I will not regret or look back. But do you know what you’re going to face?” Lin Su suddenly felt the sorrows of being born in a royal family. If this was a normal family, perhaps there would not be so much trouble.

Qin Sheng immersed himself into thinking and then said sarcastically, “I have to face the well-known Young Master Yan Chaozong, I have to face the Yan family behind him who holds control over everything, and I have to face your family too. This is indeed a problem. But if you’re not scared, how can I, a big man, be qualified to fear?”

“You knew about all these?” Lin Su was surprised.

Qin Sheng explained slowly, “I knew about the Yan family quite early, but I’ve never expected my number one love rival to be Yan Chaozong. As compared to him, I’m like dust. Although I don’t know your family’s background, it must not be simple to be compared to the Yan family. But if I have to give up on the woman that I like just because of all these, I can’t do it. I will feel sorry until I die and live in regret.”

“Then have you thought of how to face them?” Lin Su asked casually.

Qin Sheng said half-jokingly, “I intend to elope with you, as long as you’re willing.”

“Say something legit,” Lin Su scowled.

Qin Sheng then became serious and said, “Honestly, I’ve never thought about it. Besides, I have no chance of winning against them. I can only tackle whatever comes my way. But my greatest advantage is that you’re on my side.”

“Don’t worry, no matter what happens, I’ll always be by your side, ” Lin Su said firmly.

As for the Yan family, she still had no idea how to deal with them. But as for the Lin family, she had already planned for the worst. She would just have to leave that glamorous-looking home that was filthier than anything. However, she was worried about Grandma. Thinking about this, Lin Su knew that after hearing about what happened, Grandma would be utterly disappointed in her.

If there was a woman who was willing to go through all thick and thins with you, even if he had to die, Qin Sheng would have no regrets. Hence, being moved by Lin Su, he grabbed her hand. He really did not know what he had done to deserve a nod from her. If he successfully survives this obstacle, Qin Sheng vowed to work harder to give her happiness.

It was getting late. Qin Sheng dared not venture beyond the boundary and stay the night. Besides, he had just started out with Lin Su. Besides, he guessed that Yan Chaozong had already stared him down. If he were to find out that he had stayed over at Lin Su’s house he would decapitate him on the street tomorrow.

“Then I’ll head back first, I’ll come and pick you guys up tomorrow. I’ll be your full-time driver for the next two days,” Qin Sheng laughed and said after standing up.

Lin Su spoke as-a-matter-of-factly, “Isn’t this the duties of a boyfriend?”

As if being commanded by someone else, Qin Sheng stretched out his hand and brushed his finger against her nose. This action was extremely filled with love. However, Lin Su was not angry. She was only stunned for a moment before she lowered her head due to embarrassment. Qin Sheng was deeply attracted to how she looked while doing that. This was why even the strongest woman would become a reliant woman when in love.

Lin Su walked him to the door. When parting, Qin Sheng suddenly turned around and hugged her. Lin Su found it strange and hugged him back subconsciously. She asked in a gentle voice, “What’s wrong?”

This was not the first time that Qin Sheng was hugging Lin Su, but it was a different feeling. He said slowly, “I’m grateful to have met you, Lin Su.”

After saying that, Qin Sheng turned and left, leaving Lin Su dumb-founded as she stood in the doorway. After being stunned for a while, Lin Su finally laughed.

Qin Sheng got onto Xia Ding’s eye-catching Aston Martin. Once he drove out of the small neighborhood, he realized that he was being followed. It was expected, but he was still careful for fear of an accident.

When he returned to Shilin Huayuan, it was already beyond 11 pm. He had gone through so much tonight that he needed to quieten down and to think about what would come next. He was not a millennial who did not know how to think. The crisis was right in front of his eyes, if he does not think of a solution, he would not even know how he dies.

But facing the strong Yan and Lin families, facing Yan Chaozong who was better than him by multifold, Qin Sheng felt helpless and powerless. But no matter what, he chose this path himself, he had to face it, unless he gave up on Lin Su. But this was impossible.

Hao Lei and Chang Baji had yet gone to bed. Hearing the noise from outside, they rushed outside immediately. They saw Qin Sheng sitting in the living room taking a smoke with his brows furrowed. Hao Lei asked, “Oh my god, what have you been doing these past few days? You turned off your phone and didn’t reply to messages, we thought you went missing again!”

Qin Sheng looked up and smiled. “I went to settle some things, I just got back tonight.”

“Big Miss Han said that she would call the police if you’re still not back,” Hao Lei sighed and said. For the past two days, he received a lot of pressure from Big Miss Han. She constantly made him contact Qin Sheng.

However, Chang Baji could clearly feel that Qin Sheng was bothered, so he asked directly, “Judging by how you look, did something happen to you?”

Qin Sheng extinguished the cigarette and took in a deep breath. “I did run into a problem, and it’s a very tricky one. There’s a chance that I might have to be chased out of Shanghai.”

Upon hearing that, Hao Lei and Chang Baji became serious.