Chapter 146 What a Pro

What could it be that could make Qin Sheng so fearful and even said something like being chased out of Shanghai? Chang Baji and Hao Lei began could not help but immerse themselves into deep thinking. Apparently, Qin Sheng must have triggered some big shot to put himself into this situation where he must leave Shanghai.

“There’s always a solution to any problem. Taking a few steps back, where there is life, there is hope. China is so big, there must be a place for you to take abide. So tell us what’s the matter and let us analyze it for you,” said the conniving Chang Baji very calmly. He was not in the same position to say anything before he knew what was going on.

In many people’s eyes, especially from the perspectives of those experienced social climbers, a man would never accomplish great things if he focuses too much on women. But sometimes, there was always an awesome woman behind a successful man.

“Two and a half years ago, I met a woman when I was traveling. We became friends and experienced many things together. During then, I’ve already like her. Afterward, we were separated. Both of us have our own paths to continue walking on. When parting with one another, I told her, if I meet her again, I will definitely pursue her. Back then, she agreed silently. But for the past two and a half years, we have never contacted each other.” Qin Sheng began to tell his story with Lin Su.

Hao Lei asked with a drama-watching expression, “Please don’t tell me that you guys met again?”

“Although we’ve never contacted each other, I cannot forget her. Perhaps whatever stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. A while ago, God let me bump into her again, so I fulfilled my promise and started pursuing her without hesitation. Perhaps she still has good feelings for me and allowed me to pursue her. And just tonight, at her birthday celebration, she agreed to be my girlfriend.” As Qin Sheng reached the end of the sentence, he gave a warm smile.

Hao Lei asked with a confused look, “But this is a good thing, why did you say that you’re in trouble?”

“But do you know who her number one escort is? Who’s also my number one love rival?” Qin Sheng looked up at Hao Lei and smiled bitterly.

Hao Lei wondered, “Who?”

“Yan Chaozong from the Yan family,” Qin Sheng answered slowly.

Hao Lei was shocked, “What the heck? You’re playing with fire.”

Chang Baji, who had not made a sound, said relievingly, “Now we finally figured out what’s going on. So you’ve snatched her girl, no wonder you would say those things.”

Qin Sheng said helplessly, “How am I supposed to know that she’s a woman that Yan Chaozong has his eyes on? Let alone knowing that her family isn’t that simple. Judging from what she said, the two families want a joint-marriage and have high hopes for what comes out of it. Now that I’ve intervened into it, you would think I’ve ran into trouble, right?”

“What does she think?” Hao Lei asked out of concern. A woman that could win the heart of Young Master from the Yan family must not be an ordinary woman.

Qin Sheng explained, “For her, she has already agreed to be my girlfriend, what do you guys think? She doesn’t like Yan Chaozong, and is not willing to sacrifice her own happiness in exchange for profits for her family. So she is already fully prepared.”

“This woman is not simple,” Hao Lei said emotionally.

Qin Sheng looked towards Chang Baji and Hao Lei and said with a heavy heart, “Tell me, what should I do?”

Chang Baji and Hao Lei looked at each other. This issue was not simple. If they do not do it right, not only would Qin Sheng have to leave Shanghai disheveledly, his life might be in danger. He had snatched Young Master Yan’s girlfriend and disrupted the Yan family’s plan. How could they hold it back? If Qin Sheng was an opponent of a similar level, they might have some reservations. But standing in front of the Yan family, Qin Sheng had absolutely no way to fight back. How was it possible for them to spare him?”

At that moment, none of them spoke a word. This was not easy.

“If I have to choose, I will definitely give up on this woman. Perhaps I’m just a man of shallow feelings, women mean nothing to me. Taking one step back, everyone has to face the reality, which is that the weak fall prey to the stronger ones who will always win. This has been the rule of survival for thousands of years.” Chang Baji finally said something, and he spoke the truth. He then continued quickly, “Qin Sheng, I know that you’re an ambitious man and don’t want to be just ordinary. You’re definitely not satisfied with where you are right now, your path ahead is long. But if you offend such a strong opponent right now, do you think it’s good or bad for you? If they go easy on you, that’s fine, you can be with your woman and live a simple life. But a woman like that, will she be willing to live a simple life with you? A thing like love will fail the test of time and reality eventually. Besides, if the Yan family does not go easy on you, even if you were to leave Shanghai, they won’t spare you. No matter how strong your life is, it won’t be able to hold through the challenges from an opponent like this.”

Chang Baji’s words made Qin Sheng feel like he had fallen into an icehouse. But he had already promised Lin Su, he could not possibly give up at this point in time, right? Not only would he have gone against his words, but he would also hurt her heart. This was not his way of doing things.

However, Hao Lei seemed to not agree with what Chang Baji said. He said, “I think, no matter how powerful the Yan family is, they do not have the right to make you give up on the woman you like. Besides, this woman is faithfully standing on your side right now and plans to go through everything with you. This is also your advantage. If a man can give up on the woman he likes for his successes in the future, I think that no matter how successful he will be, he is still a failure.”

“I knew that you would say that. You guys are still too young. Life is not just about love. What is life about? Life is about the reality,” Chang Baji shook his head and said.

Hao Lei retaliated immediately, “Lao Chang, you’re too pessimistic. If life is only about these, then what a tough life humans have to live! Besides, Qin Sheng is not even 30, you can’t possibly make him do something a 50-year-old man would do, right? He might regret it one day. He should at least live with no regrets.”

“He may like her now, but will he still like her in the future? Didn’t he had a six-year girlfriend? They broke up eventually and now he likes someone else. I never believed in love,” Chang Baji said disdainfully. The two of them were nearing a quarrel.

Chang Baji naturally had to think for Qin Sheng. He was already 40, people his age were already of status, yet he had just started out. The reason why he followed Qin Sheng to Shanghai was that he wants to lead a stable life here and achieve great results in the future. But Qin Sheng’s crisis right now was basically stifling it while it was still in the cradle.

“Okay, stop talking, let me think.” Qin Sheng waved his hand and stopped the quarreling duo. Perhaps he was really being childish, perhaps the way he was thinking was right.

Qin Sheng turned and returned to his room to rest. Chang Baji and Hao Lei met each other in the eyes and left, looking as if they were occupied in thoughts. Hao Lei finally understood why Qin Sheng did not want to get back together with Su Qin and why he had no feelings towards Han Bing. It was because he had someone he liked. What kind of a woman could she be, that can gain his heart and cause him not to waver in front of beautiful women like Su Qin and Han Bing?

On that night, all three people in Shilin Huayuan did not sleep well. Qin Sheng did not sleep a wink at all. This was the first crucial moment of his life after he returned to Shanghai. As compared to the Han Guoping incident, this time around, he was going to face the Yan family directly.

Qin Sheng thought about many things. He thought about the stories and words his grandfather told him since he was young. Although he was no longer here, he was still guiding him into his path ahead like a bright lamp. He helped him to not lose himself even when he was lost.

On the next day, Chang Baji and Hao Lei were already waiting in the living room when Qin Sheng got up and left his room. They were apparently waiting for his answer. Qin Sheng stood in front of them. Last night, he also thought about how his decision would affect Chang Baji and Hao Lei. They had followed him to Shanghai. But eventually, he still felt that he would be the most affected one. Even if the Yan family decided to take their revenge, they would not do anything to the two of them.

“I’ve decided,” Qin Sheng said in a low voice with his gaze burning like a flame.

Chang Baji and Hao Lei had a serious look on their faces as they waited for Qin Sheng to reveal the answer. Was he going to give up or hang on?

“No matter how disadvantaged I will be, I will never take one step back,” Qin Sheng said slowly.

Hearing this answer, Hao Lei’s expression turned into excitement. He definitely supported Qin Sheng. By then, no matter what Qin Sheng would run into, he would help him to get over the crisis. A man should be like this. Your woman had already given her life to you, if you are still hesitant, full of considerations and indecisive, she would really be disappointed.

“This is the Qin Sheng that I know,” Hao Lei laughed.

Chang Baji sighed helplessly. Eventually, he could only say, “Whatever, since you plan to do this, I have no other way too. Then let’s fight with the Yan family, and see if are lucky enough to survive. Worst come to worst, we will exchange one life with another. For things like this, leave it to me by then.”

Qin Sheng could understand Hao Lei’s reaction, but he was very surprised by what Chang Baji said. He initially thought that Chang Baji would be very disappointed in his decision and might even keep a distance away or leave him, but he still supported him.

“Uncle Chang,” Qin Sheng said emotionally.

Chang Baji knew what Qin Sheng wanted to say. He laughed, “My life has always been cheap. Ever since we came to Shanghai, we are all comrades on the same ship. I can’t possibly abandon you two at this moment, right? That’s not my style. Otherwise, my master would have to jump out from his grave and scold me.”

Qin Sheng burst out laughing.

Chang Baji and Hao Lei left for work. They reminded Qin Sheng to contact them for the tiniest update. He should never let himself be trapped in a dead end. Qin Sheng agreed heartily.

Hao Lei was worried about how he should face Han Bing. He could not decide what others should think regarding relationships. Everyone could tell that Han Bing liked Qin Sheng. Before leaving, Hao Lei even reminded Qin Sheng to call Han Bing to tell her that he was back.

Xia Ding’s Aston Martin was too eye-catching, Qin Sheng could only return him the car first. Xia Ding had just gotten out of bed and was about to go to work. Do not judge Xia Ding based on his usual playboy attitude, he had a good business brain. He was well-organized when dealing with company’s matter. If he were to put in his all, he would probably be a very successful entrepreneur.

After seeing Qin Sheng, Xia Ding naturally asked about last night’s situation out of concern. He did not dare to call him for fear of disturbing their world of two. Now that he saw Qin Sheng, he naturally asked, “Big Boss, quick, tell me, what’s the update? Was the goddess moved?”

“What do you think?” Qin Sheng deliberately stalled the answer.

Seeing Qin Sheng’s proud self, Xia Ding already knew the answer. He laughed, “Seems like you’ve got good progress. It won’t be long before you bring home the goddess.”

“It won’t be long,” Qin Sheng shook his head and smiled.

Xia Ding did not understand completely. He frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Last night, Lin Su had already promised to be my girlfriend,” Qin Sheng answered truthfully. After all, he would not have met Lin Su again if it was not for Xia Ding. He was sort of their matchmaker.

Hearing this news, Xia Ding was flabbergasted and the word ‘incredible’ was written all over his face. His feelings for Qin Sheng was now only left with unlimited admiration. This dude, what a pro.