Chapter 147 A Chance is Here

In the eyes of Xia Ding, who had been in the playing field of love for several years and have seen all kinds of beautiful women, Lin Su could be said to be an extremely beautiful woman. Otherwise, he would not have dubbed her as ‘goddess’. He was always a man who did not treat women seriously. Because of this, he even thickened his skin to go and pursue Lin Su. Unfortunately, despite wooing her with all kinds of skills and talents, she did not even want to meet him, let alone anything else. He could only give up eventually.

Who knew that Qin Sheng actually knew Lin Su? After Xia Ding gave up, Qin Sheng pursued her without hesitation. Truthfully speaking, Xia Ding did not underestimate Qin Sheng. After all, in today’s society, before getting into a relationship, one must face reality first. The only reason why Xia Ding could change girlfriends without repeating was because of his family status and wealth. Otherwise, could a cheap person like him really win over any of the beautiful women’s hearts?

And as for Qin Sheng, he was indeed outstanding, yet he was also a bit ordinary. He had no advantage at all when it comes to beautiful women like Lin Su. It was just that they knew each other. Xia Ding did not have high hopes for this relationship at all. But as Qin Sheng and Lin Su got closer to each other, Xia Ding was shocked to be proven wrong. His goddess was actually favoring Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng could go on dates and go shopping with her and so on. And now she even agreed to be his girlfriend.

At this moment, Xia Ding was really in awe of Qin Sheng. This dude was experienced in pretending to be a pig and then eating the tiger! He conquered the goddess so easily! What the heck? What kind of society was this?

Xia Ding was so stunned by this piece of news that he was detached from reality for quite a while. He was thinking, if he was a top player, then Qin Sheng must be a hardcore player. He looked ordinary but once he shoots, he wins.

After snapping back to reality, Xia Ding immediately thought of Yan Chaozong. He was one of the main reasons for Xia Ding to give up on Lin Su. He was unwilling to tackle the Yan family who had such a long history in Shanghai. But now that Qin Sheng had won over the heart of Lin Su, that meant that he had to come face to face with Yan Chaozong directly. Hence, he said worriedly, “Big Boss, then for goddess’ escort, Yan Chaozong, what do you plan to do?”

From the night before until now, Qin Sheng had already thought of this question several times. It was getting annoying. He answered casually, “You don’t have to worry about this, I will think of something.”

“Then that’s good. Anyways, be careful. Feel free to tell me if you need help,” Xia Ding said cheerfully.

Qin Sheng nodded. “Okay, I shall stop talking to you, I have to go now. Let’s meet for a meal next time.”

Qin Sheng returned to Shilin Huayuan first before he drove the Audi A6L assigned by Shangshan Ruoshui towards Central Apartment on Lu Jia Zui. It was already 8 am by then. Based on Lin Su’s usual lifestyle, she should be awake by then. She probably had not had her breakfast yet. When he was about to reach their small neighborhood, he called Lin Su and asked what does she and the two little kids want to eat. Lin Su smiled and replied, I’ve already bought breakfast, just come up quickly.

This sentence cannot get simpler. Yet in this cold winter morning on the 12th lunar month, his heart could not get any warmer. He quickly parked his car and scurried upstairs.

When he entered the door, Lin Su passed him a pair of slippers and said, “Was it especially cold outside? The weather forecast said that it was negative three degrees.”

On usual days, in others eyes’, she was a high-end goddess that did not live a normal person’s life. Yet on this day, she was like a reliant woman living the housewife life. Qin Sheng took a while to register this contrast. He replied absent-mindedly, “Yea, it’s quite cold.”

At home, Lin Su had a simpler outfit, loose pajamas and a pair of cotton slippers. Her hair was tied back casually. This was her truest side. Qin Sheng hugged her by her waist subconsciously and gave her such a scare that she almost cried out in shock. After all, she was not used to a life with a boyfriend, she was still slowly adjusting.

“I thought yesterday was a dream,” Qin Sheng said in a gentle voice.

Lin Su answered affectionately, “Then continue to dream, it’s best if you never wake up.”

At this instant, Qin Sheng really wanted to kiss her enticing lips. But thinking about the two little girls, he gave up eventually. Lin Su brought him to the dining area and the table was already filled with a rich breakfast that consisted of orange juice, milk, bread, etc.

Lin Su ran into the guest room to wake up the two girls. They came out soon after and greeted Qin Sheng politely. He smiled and said, “Good girls. Eat your breakfast quickly, we’ll bring you out to play afterward.”

The two little girls were very excited. This was the first time they were in Shanghai this big city. Yesterday while on that Aston Martin, their eyes practically never left the window. They were filled with curiosity for everything in this city. When they reached the Bund, their mouths were dropped open and their eyes were filled with a vision for the future.

After breakfast, Lin Su changed and dressed up slightly. They then set off with the two little girls. Qin Sheng’s task was to be a full-time driver cum labor, but he was happy while doing it. This was his first time outside as Lin Su’s boyfriend. The pride in his heart could not be compared to just anything.

Their first stop was obviously the newly-built Shanghai Tower Observation Deck. From there you could have a birds’ eye view of the whole of Shanghai. Qin Sheng and Lin Su had never been there before. The two little girls were initially very excited, but after going up, they started to get scared. After all, they were stepping on transparent glass. Although they need not worry about how safe the glass was, they were standing at an altitude of nearing 600 meters. Ordinary people would be scared while standing there, let alone two little girls who had never been to a city. Thankfully, they did not have a phobia of height. Otherwise, they would not dare to cross over. Eventually, they adapted to it under Qin Sheng and Lin Su’s encouragement and swindling.

Lin Su was a little afraid of heights, but it was not severe. She grabbed hold of Qin Sheng’s hand tightly. In the end, Qin Sheng held her by her waist unscrupulously. He was taking a good amount of advantage of her.

After exiting the Shanghai Tower, they walked around the Oriental Pearl Tower and settled their lunch at a not-so-bad restaurant that they found randomly. Finally, Qin Sheng and Lin Su brought the two little girls straight to their highlight of the day, which was Disneyland. Any child would love it here.

Disneyland was so huge. They were there from noon till evening and yet they managed to only cover a part of it. After all, they did not know when would be the next time that the two little girls come to Shanghai again. Hence, they only chose some popular spots. Qin Sheng and Lin Su were exhausted, yet the two little girls were full of energy and did not feel tired at all. The four of them played till the park was about to close and only left then.

Dinner was at a restaurant picked by Lin Su that had a taste of the uniqueness of Shanghai. It sold local Shanghainese snacks. The two little girls were famished. They lowered their head and only focused on eating. Qin Sheng was about the same. Lin Su was full after taking just a few bites. She had always been mindful to keep her figure and weight and would never overeat. Hence, she just smiled and watched them eat.

Lin Su quite liked this feeling. It was simple and full of warmth. It was no longer like when she was at work and always had to pretend to be a cold-aura goddess to others.

After dinner, it was still early. Lin Su and Qin Sheng brought the two little girls to a movie. It was a relaxing and funny comedy. The two little girls ate their popcorn and drank their coke as they watched attentively. Lin Su did that because they wanted them to enjoy the life that people their age were having. She also wanted them to study hard so that they could live like that in the future.

When the movie ended, it was already 12 o’clock. Qin Sheng sent them back to below their house and went back. He was exhausted too and he had to continue tomorrow. He had to rest early and preserve his energy.

Just like that, the two little girls stayed in Shanghai for two days. Qin Sheng and Lin Su brought them around for two days, which tired the couple completely. Qin Sheng was worse. Before that, he had not been resting well for several days. He was really exhausted. But who asked him to fake and pretend as if he could do it? He could only fake till the end with tears in his eyes.

On the third morning, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji came to Central Apartment on Lu Jia Zui early in the morning. This morning, they were going to send the two little girls back to Sichuan. Last night, Qin Sheng told Chang Baji that he wanted to take another two days off. Chang Baji approved of it naturally. Anyway, Shangshan Ruoshui was empty these few days. It was just that Ms. An had some complaints.

However, Chang Baji felt that Qin Sheng’s situation was a little dangerous. He volunteered to accompany him to Sichuan. Anyway, he could just return the next day. Qin Sheng initially felt that it was alright, but after careful consideration, Chang Baji was also right. It was better to be safe than sorry, in case any accident was to happen.

After waiting for a little more than 10 minutes below her house, Lin Su came out with the two little girls and a piece of luggage that was filled with all the new clothes, things, and food that Lin Su bought for them yesterday while shopping. Lin Su really treated them like her real younger sisters.

When Lin Su approached them, Qin Sheng got off the car first, closely followed by Chang Baji. He also wanted to see what kind of woman had caused Qin Sheng to fall so hard for, so much so that he was willing to risk offending the Yan family to be with her.

Today, Lin Su was particularly full of class. After sending off the two little girls, she still had to rush back to attend a meeting, so she wore more formally. Inside was her professional attire, and the outside was a knee-length grey woolen coat.

After seeing Lin Su, Chang Baji finally understood. This Lin Su was indeed different. Even though he had seen many beautiful women, he still felt that Lin Su had more temperament and aura. She gave the feeling of a daughter of a rich family. This could not be trained in just one or two days, it must be cultivated since young.

“This is Uncle Chang, who is going to accompany me to Sichuan.” Qin Sheng walked up to her and smiled as he introduced.

Chang Baji greeted politely, “Chang Baji. I haven’t been hearing less of Qin Sheng talking about you these two days. He said that he did not know if he was just very lucky or accomplished an impossible feat in order to find a girlfriend like you.”

“Uncle Chang, you’re joking,” Lin Su laughed with demeanor. However, she was a bit not used to Chang Baji’s style.

Qin Sheng took over the luggage and said, “Okay, it’s too cold outside, get in the car and we can talk later.”

Lin Su accompanied them to the airport. She would then drive the car back and come pick up Qin Sheng from the airport the next day.

Just as they were heading towards the airport, Feng He, who had been closely following Qin Sheng, could not wait any longer before he called Yan Chaozong. He knew it was a chance and he must tell Young Master.

“Young Master, we have a chance.” After the call went through, Feng He blurted out without waiting for Yan Chaozong to speak.

Feng He smiled coldly and said, “A chance to get rid of that man.”

“How so?” Yan Chaozong asked excitedly and full of curiosity.

Feng He explained, “He’s going to send the two little girls back to Sichuan. According to what we found, the two little girls stay at a faraway mountainous area in southwest Sichuan. Isn’t this an opportunity for us?”

After hearing it, Yan Chaozong finally understood what Feng He meant. He thought about it for a while and felt that it was indeed an opportunity. In that kind of faraway mountainous area, a death of one was equivalent to a rock sinking into the ocean. It was nowhere like Shanghai, where everyone could find out about the tiniest change. Qin Sheng was delivering himself to them, how could he not cherish it?

“Okay, then you bring some men to Sichuan. Don’t let him come back alive,” Yan Chaozong ordered fiercely.