Chapter 148 I Am Definitely Taking Away

You chose not to walk the path to heaven and forced yourself into the gates to hell.

From Yan Chaozong’s perspective, this was an opportunity that found its way to him. How could he miss it? Qin Sheng had chosen to go somewhere far. If Yan Chaozong does not act now, it would be too difficult if he were to wait for Qin Sheng to return to Shanghai and then find a chance to settle him. During then, he could only target Qin Sheng in other ways. However, this was not an appropriate measure, which could not achieve the ideal result.

In order to shoot and win, Feng He and Uncle Zhen went to Sichuan personally. Based on their capabilities, unless Qin Sheng was God of Da Luo, he really did not stand a chance of surviving.

Outside of the security checkpoint at Pudong International Airport, Shu Wen and Shu Yi were tugging onto Lin Su’s hand and were reluctant to leave. The experience from the past two days may not seem much to others, but to them, it was something they hold close to their heart and would never forget. When they become old, they would still be able to recall what they had gone through these two days. Perhaps, only they would know exactly how much the experience had impacted them.

“Next time when I’m free, I’ll come over and bring you guys here to play. You must study hard so that you can study in Shanghai in the future. During then, you can be with me every day.” Lin Su patted their heads and smiled, comforting them. She knew that they were reluctant to leave and they could not bear to leave her and also this city. After all, they were going to return to that remote mountainous area.

Shu Wen gritted her teeth and said, “Sister, don’t worry. I will definitely study hard. I want to be No.1 this year.”

“Me too,” Shu Wen heard what her older sister said and quickly added confidently.

Lin Su smiled faintly. “I believe in you two.”

After chatting with the two sisters, Lin Su looked at her newly-found boyfriend, Qin Sheng, and patted away the dust on his shoulders. She said in a gentle tone, “Go and come back early, take care on the way, and call me if there’s anything.”

Qin Sheng pulled her hand and teased, “Okay, I’m coming back on time tomorrow night, don’t miss me too much.”

“You are too narcissistic. Who’s gonna miss you?” Lin Su said in embarrassment. Besides, there were still outsiders present.

Qin Sheng got what he wanted and continued, “See, I’ll leave soon, aren’t you supposed to give me a reward?”

“What reward?” Lin Su asked in puzzlement.

Qin Sheng deliberately gave her his side face and pointed there. There was no need to use words to explain what he was trying to say.

Lin Su was apparently a little embarrassed when Qin Sheng asked a kiss in a public place with so many people. She glared at him. Chang Baji was clever and turned around. Shu Wen and Shu Yi were observing the airport’s facilities out of curiosity. Qin Sheng was still keeping that pose and did not plan to give up.

Lin Su really did not know what to do with him. She glanced around and tiptoed slightly, leaning her body forward. She quickly left a peck on his cheeks and that soft feeling made his mind go blank and his heart beating crazily.

Qin Sheng gave her a hug and then while letting go of her, he said, “I’m leaving.”

Then, he called Chang Baji and led the two sisters to queue for the security check. Lin Su stayed there to see them passing through security before she waved and left.

Qin Sheng and Chang Baji set off. Not long after, Feng He and Uncle Zhen took the closest flight to Chengdu as well. They had already arranged for people to keep a close eye on Qin Sheng by then and they would catch up later.

Qin Sheng and Chang Baji were not around. Jiang Xianbang had made new progress in the operation of Shangshan Ruoshui. Xue Qingyan was not interested in taking over Shangshan Ruoshui. She was afraid that it would become a profitable organization and affect her older brother’s career. As of now, no one close to her was willing to take over Shangshan Ruoshui. After all, these people were not yet powerful enough to manage this place well. Shangshan Ruoshui’s advantage was its human network. Without that strength, it would eventually incur losses.

Xue Qingyan was not interested, so Shangshan Ruoshui’s only buyer became one of the six VVIPs, Boss Ye. Boss Ye had an extremely special status and background and his power were comparable to Jiang Xianbang. He naturally had the ability to take over Shangshan Ruoshui. Jiang Xianbang was still hesitant and had yet to make the final decision.

By the time Qin Sheng and Chang Baji reached Chengdu, it was already past 10 am. Qin Sheng went to where he rented a car the previous time. He had already made reservations. He rented an SUV and after lunch, the group headed straight for Xi Nan.

It was more than a 10-hour car ride from Chengdu to Shu Wen and Shu Yi’s school. Since the two men were returning to Shanghai the next day, there must not be any delay on the way. Qin Sheng and Chang Baji decided to take turns driving and drive towards their destination without stopping. They would probably only reach at around 11 pm. Unfortunately, there was no direct train so they could not reach earlier.

On the way, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji took turns to rest. Shu Wen and Shu Yi sat at the back and read books. Lin Su had bought them some well-known literature books. The two children were very focused on reading and they resembled Qin Sheng. When the night fell, they fell asleep.

The last two hours of the drive was basically all mountain roads. The roads were bendy and steep. Luckily, the government had invested a good amount in the Eastern area and the mountain roads were all fixed and the driving conditions have improved. Just a few years ago, no one dared to drive into the mountains at night. They could end up in the ravine.

They arrived at Shu Wen and Shu Yi’s school punctually at 11 pm. The school was in a small town and consisted of a secondary and high school. Shu Wen and Shu Yi’s house were tens of miles away from the school. The town was not big and seemed to be poor, like most of the mountainous areas in the west. The most prominent building was the school, which was built after being funded by an organization a few years back.

Qin Sheng had called their teacher a long while ago. He went to find the teacher directly when he came here. Qin Sheng had already met him two years ago when he first came here. They were old friends. Usually, he was the one taking care of Shu Wen and Shu Yi. He also kept in contact with Lin Su and she talked to him for all kinds of matter.

This teacher who had been teaching at the mountainous area in the West was called Wang Jian. He was from a well-to-do family in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. In his university days, he went on a road trip with his friends to Tibet. That experience changed his life. During the journey, he saw too many poor people, especially those children who had been kicked out of school at an early age. Hence, after graduation, he gave up his high-paying job without second thoughts and came to teach here. He then stayed here for four years straight. He sacrificed the best years of his youth to this place.

At the start, many people did not understand him including his parents and girlfriends, let alone his relatives and close friends. His girlfriend even broke up with him. It was only until a few years later when they finally accepted this reality gradually. Some also started to understand him. At least what he was doing was in line with his life values, unlike them whose lives were meaningless. After all, there would always be this one group of people on earth that are unwilling to be contaminated by the rest of the world and also unwilling to pursue those worldly things. They only cared for that one trace of kindness in their hearts. Some said that they are pretending to be noble and virtuous, some said that they are pretentious, and some said that they are stupid. You really had to give them respect, for these things had to be done, but you did not have the courage to do it.

Mr. Wang stood at the school entrance and waited for them. There were not many cars in the town, so when he saw the first ray of light, he knew that Qin Sheng and the rest have arrived and quickly went up to receive them.

After the car stopped, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji quickly got off the car. Qin Sheng said apologetically, “Mr. Wang, it’s already so late, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Mr. Wang was tanned and skinny, but he used to be pale and chubby. After all, if he went back to Suzhou, he could live a comfortable life for the rest of his life. After coming here, he gradually became how he looked like today. It was evident that he had suffered quite an amount of hardships these few years.

Mr. Wang replied politely, “It’s okay, I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t see you guys first. After all, the tens of kilometers of mountain roads are too dangerous, I was afraid that you guys will get into an accident.”

“It was quite a smooth ride,” Qin Sheng smiled and replied.

Mr. Wang nodded. “That’s good. Where are the two little girls?”

Qin Sheng pointed towards the back of the car and smiled. “They are soundly asleep, so I can’t bear to wake them up.”

“Haha, let me do it. And then I’ll send them to the hostel to sleep, it’s more comfortable there,” Mr. Wang laughed and said. He then opened the door and woke up the two little girls. They blinked sleepily, apparently not very willing to wake up. But after seeing that it was Mr. Wang, they realized that they had already reached their school. They then wore their clothes and got off the car.

Qin Sheng drove into the school. He waited in the car for a while first, for Mr. Wang to send the two sisters back to their hostel before he and Chang Baji carried their baggage and followed Mr. Wang to his hostel.

Feng He and Uncle Zhen learned that Qin Sheng had already entered the school, but they were only going to reach in more than an hour. However, they started planning how they would carry out their mission.

“He entered the school, that’s not easy. We can’t possibly kill him in the school.” Uncle Zhen said frustratedly. Even if Feng He was willing, he was not daring.

Feng He said thoughtfully, “Of course not, we must wait till he leaves the school to carry out our mission.”

“It’s not convenient to work in the day and it would be best to do that at night. No one would know,” Uncle Zhen suggested.

Feng He laughed. “Don’t worry. I am definitely going to take away his life, day or night.”