Chapter 15 Qin Sheng Couldn’t Do It

Han Guo Ping’s funeral was extremely low-key, to the point where nothing seemed to have happened. Han Guo Ping’s subordinates and trusted aides planned to hold a grand funeral and memorial event, but those arrangements were all mercilessly rejected by Han Bing, while Qin Sheng and Chen Bei Ming both raised their two hands in approval.

But even so, the news of Han Guo Ping committing suicide spread like wildfire and shocked everyone. After all, Han Guo Ping was a big figure in Shanghai.

However, for those who knew Han Guo Ping’s recent situation, they were not surprised by his death. Apart from Third Lord Wu who took advantage of his predicament, a lot of people would have been involved if Han Guo Ping did not die.

His death was the best outcome.

In the next morning, Qin Sheng and Chen Bei Ming would accompany Han Bing to send Han Guo Ping’s ashes back to Tianshui for his burial. Han Bing did not invite anyone to go with them. Beside the two, she only brought Elder Wu who followed Han Guo Ping for many years along with her.

On the night before their departure, Han Guo Ping’s trusted aides were all present at Tomson Golf Villa. Although Han Guo Ping was dead, they still needed to deal with this mess.

“Han Bing, I don’t think you should rush to Tianshui. You are Master Han’s only descendent. Now that he’s gone, there must be someone standing out to take care of remaining problems of the company. Banks have already started collecting loans. Our debt is high. If we don’t think of a way to deal with it, we have to liquidate.” A middle-aged man wearing a Tang suit said as his brows tightly knitted together. His name was Liu He Jun, an elder who came out with Han Guo Ping.

“Brother Liu is right. Now there are a lot of things going on in the company, but Master Han basically didn’t pay attention. The cooperating parties and banks are all pressuring us, and our capital chain is about to break soon. If we don’t figure out some solutions, then we’ll really be done.” Zheng Ping said. He was in his thirties and was president of the company. As a professional manager, he dealt with all the major and minor issues of the company. Han Guo Ping really valued him.

The man sitting beside Han Bing drank some tea and spoke in a neither light nor heavy tone, “Well, I think anything can be delayed but this one. We should listen to Han Bing. Funeral is of paramount importance. Master Han worked hard for his entire life. It’s the time for him to rest.”

In the living room, Han Bing sat on the sofa with a haggard face as she coldly listened to their quarrels. She did not say a word, just let them argue.

Qin Sheng and Chen Bei Ming stood behind her. Chen Bei Ming had told him about these people. The one who was speaking was Zhao Dong Sheng. He was the second in the company, only after Master Han. He was the vice chairman and responsible for those dirty works. These three people represented three different forces.

Liu He Jun represented the power of the elders, and Zhao Dong Sheng stood for the newly promoted forces. The two were always enemies. After all, the rise of Zhao Dong Sheng’s group directly affected the interests of Liu He Jun’s group.

As for Zheng Ping, he basically did not get involved with either sides. He belonged to the middle. However, Zheng Ping was the one who calls the shots in the company.

“We can’t decide. Let’s listen to Han Bing.” Liu He Jun said as he looked at Han Bing.

Han Bing said expressionlessly, “I’ve made the arrangements. I will go to Tianshui tomorrow morning. Wait for me to come back then we can discuss other issues. In these period, I’m going to count on three uncles.”

“I’m afraid that I won’t be able to hold on until then.” Zheng Ping said worriedly. It was not because he was afraid that he would lose this dignified job, but he didn’t want to see the collapse of the corporate that Master Han established with great efforts.

To be honest, Han Bing did not care about Han Guo Ping’s business matters at all. She only wanted to send her parents back to their homeland for burial. Concerning other issues, she would deal with them later.

Han Bing had already made up her mind to return to Gansu first. It would take her two days. The others could not do anything but respecting Han Bing’s arrangements.

After the three left, only Han Bing, Qin Sheng and Chen Bei Ming were in the living room. Chen Bei Ming said without hesitation, “Miss, you can’t trust Liu He Jun or Han Dong Sheng. While Master Han was still alive, he was suspicious that there might be someone double-crossing us, otherwise there should not be so many issues in this period.”

“What about Zheng Ping?” Qin Sheng asked casually.

Chen Bei Ming sneered, “He doesn’t have the gut. This person’s biggest advantage is that he knows when to stop, which is why Master Han put him in that position. Master Han took control of big issues and allowed him to deal with small matters in his will.”

Qin Sheng listened silently, and after a moment of hesitation, he asked, “I would like to know that will Han Bing be in danger in this trip to Tianshui?”

“If not, Elder Wu and I will not go with her. At least, if something happens to Miss, Liu He Jun and Han Dongheng will take the most advantage, not to mention that Master Han had some enemies. Some of them claimed to murder him or threatened him with Miss. Now that Master Han has gone, Miss will definitely be in danger,” Chen Bei Ming said truthfully. He had followed Master Han for many years, so he knew a lot of issues. However, he was always loyal to Master Han, because everything he had today was from Master Han. Without Master Han, he might have still run for his life.

Qin Sheng’s expression changed slightly. It seemed that he would have to wade through this muddy water no matter what.

Just then, his phone rang. He picked up the phone and took a looked at it, then got puzzled. He did not want to answer at first, but the others all looked at Qin Sheng, but he had to answer, “Old Fox, what’s wrong?”

“Qin Sheng, let’s meet somewhere.” Jiang Xian Bang, who had just finished meeting with his friend in Waldorf Astoria Hotel, said softly.

Qin Sheng calmly asked, “Where?”

“The main hall of Waldorf Astoria Hotel.”

After hanging up, Qin Sheng looked at Han Bing and said, “I need to meet an old friend.”

“Go,” Han Bing said with a faint smile, then asked, “Will you be back tonight?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt that her words were too ambiguous, thus she lowered her head in embarrassment.

“I will!” Qin Sheng nodded in confirmation.

Only then did Han Bing relax …

Qin Sheng drove a Mercedes-Benz from Han Family straight towards Waldorf Astoria on the Bund.

After Qin Sheng left, Chen Bei Ming asked meaningfully, “Miss, do you know the background of this man?”

At this time, other than Elder Wu, Chen Bei Ming did not believe in anyone else. If it were not for Han Bing’s insistence on inviting Qin Sheng to participate in her family matters, he would not trust him.

“I’m not sure. I only know that father arranged him to protect me.” Han Bing shook her head. She had never suspected Qin Sheng. She trusted Qin Sheng a lot, though she had only known this man for a few days.

Before Master Han died, Chen Bei Ming had only seen Qin Sheng once, but he had heard the Master Han mention him twice. However, he was afraid of any accident, so he said, “I’m afraid that he might be sent by the enemies.”

“Impossible, the night before yesterday, he was injured while trying to protect me. The man who tried to kill me was very powerful, he seemed to be called Yang Deng or something,” Han Bing hurriedly defended for Qin Sheng.

Hearing the name Yang Deng, Chen Bei Ming’s expression immediately changed. “What did you say his name was?”

“Yang Deng,” Han Bing repeated.

Chen Bei Ming squinted his eyes in thoughts. He was surprised that even Yang Deng would make his move. It seemed like the Third Lord Wu was determined to eliminate everyone of Han family. However, Qin Sheng was actually able to defeat Yang Deng, so his skills were not that simple, probably not inferior to his.

“He is clear.” It was unknown when did Elder Wu, who had been waiting outside the whole time, come in and spoke in a moderate tone. However, these words were like a divine needle that could freeze the seas, making Chen Bei Ming completely relax.

Speaking of judgement, he would absolutely not doubt the judgement of Elder Wu who had seen innumerable people.

“That’s good. Maybe I’m being paranoid.”

In the main hall of Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Jiang Xian Bang was sitting alone in a corner and reading newspaper. He never thought that he would actually have to clear up the messy situation for this brat, and never thought that this brat would almost get rid of Third Lord Wu’s good disciple.

Han Guo Ping committed suicide, and he died suddenly.

Right now, many people were staring at Han Guo Ping’s business, thus he definitely could not let this brat get involved.

“Well, how come you have free time to see me?” After Qin Sheng arrived at Waldorf Astoria Hotel, he easily found Jiang Xian Bang, since the latter was always eye-catching in any places.

Staring at Qin Sheng who was sitting opposite of him, Jiang Xian Bang unhappily scolded, “You are in a great calamity. Why do you still have the mood to bicker with me? Kid, you have no idea what you get involved in.”

“What do you mean I am in a great calamity?” Qin Sheng knew what Jiang Xian Bang was saying and purposely laughed.

“Hurry up and break all relations with Han Family. This is Shanghai, not Mountain Zhongnan. You sure are skillful. You have severely injured Third Lord Wu’s trusted aide. If it was not me who come out to protect you, you might have be killed and thrown into the Huangpu River to feed the fishes.” Jiang Xian Bang was a little angry as he scolded loudly.

He always kept a smiling face like a Maitreya. It was rare for him to be angry, but this time, he was truly enraged.

When Qin Sheng heard this, he put away his mischievous smile.

“Uncle Jiang, Han Guo Ping is dead. Why these people don’t let it go?” Qin Sheng no longer called him Old Fox, but respectfully called him Uncle Jiang.

Jiang Xian Bang sighed, “Qin Sheng, there are schemes in places where there are benefits, not to mention Shanghai, the most flourishing place in this country, coupled with the even more complicated forces in Yangtze River Delta. Every single one of them may have a complicated power behind. Han Guo Ping is a big man in Shanghai. Did you ever think about why he chose to commit suicide? Third Lord Wu is not powerful enough to force him do it. He chose to commit suicide because he was involved in an even more complicated matter. That’s why these people got the chance.”

“But Han Guo Ping’s daughter has nothing to do with this.” Qin Sheng said as he gritted his teeth. Han Bing was never involved in Han Guo Ping’s matters. Why must she be exterminated just because she was Han Guo Ping’s daughter?

Jiang Xian Bang didn’t know Qin Sheng’s relationship with Han Guo Ping, or why he was determined to get involved in this matter. Thus, he snorted coldly, “You’re too naive. When a tree falls, monkeys on it will scatter away; when a wall falls, there will be a lot of people pushing on it. After Han Guo Ping died, no one will take care of his daughter. His subordinates were either thinking about protecting their lives or finding money for themselves. As for the outsider, they are all staring at his huge inheritance.”

Qin Sheng squinted his eyes. What Jiang Xian Bang said was the truth.

“Do you know what is the outcome that everyone wishes for the most?” Jiang Xian Bang said meaningfully.

After Qin Sheng pondered for a few seconds, his expression changed instantly as he said, “Han Bing’s death is the best outcome for everyone.”

“It’s good that you understand it. Now you know why I asked you to come here?” Jiang Xian Bang silently nodded his head. Naturally, he would not just watch Qin Sheng to die.

Qin Sheng finally understood the situation. He also learned that Han Bing’s trip to Tianshui was fraught with dangers. But even so, he could not give up on Han Bing and just take care of himself.

Qin Sheng couldn’t do it …