Chapter 150 You Dare to Lay Hands on My Son?

Everyone who drives knew that the one thing they were most scared of was when the car coming from the opposite side turns on the full-beam headlights. Most of the accidents at night were caused by the full-beam headlights. And at this current moment, the off-road vehicle opposite of them was charging towards Qin Sheng and Chang Baji with its full-beam headlights turned on. They were driving an ordinary Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi GS5. Although they could not tell what model the off-road vehicle was, it was obviously revamped. Judging by the custom-made bumper in the front, they already knew that if both cars were to collide together, the result would be self-evident.

At this moment, both Chang Baji and Qin Sheng did not talk at all. No matter how stupid they could be, they both knew that the car was charging towards them. More specifically, they were aiming for Qin Sheng. The first possibility that came to Qin Sheng’s mind was Yan Chaozong. Evidently, only Yan Chaozong would know his exact location. Or it could also be those old enemies of the past, like the Zhang and Song families. Anyway, after he told them the location of the Handed-down Ancient Jade, he did not know who ended up having it. Perhaps the one that did not have it was so furious and enraged and wanted to vent it on him.

Qin Sheng was too lazy to think about these things. What was more pressing was: how was he going to escape from this crisis?

It was a narrow path from the mountain road to this place. It would be impossible to cross over. Besides, the other party would definitely not allow them to pass by just like that. Hence, they could only reverse. There was nothing much to talk about Chang Baji’s driving skills. Once, he accompanied his boss to Zhongnan Mountains to escape the summer heat. They fell into a trap set up by their enemy. That night, they sped down crazily from Zhongnan Mountains. He even drifted along some special curves. Behind the wheel, Chang Baji was perfectly fine, but his boss, who was on the car with him, was so scared his face turned pale. He vomited so badly after getting off the car.

Chang Baji did not consider it at all. He slammed the gas subconsciously and pulled back. The off-road vehicle opposite them was charging towards them on full-gas. Chang Baji did not dare to step fully onto the gas because there was a curve behind them. If he was slightly not careful, he and Qin Sheng would fall into the ravine with the car. Even if they do not end up dead, they would definitely be paralyzed.

Sitting in the Jeep Wrangler, Feng He’s gaze was burning. His goal was to knock Qin Sheng’s SUV out. This could settle everything once and for all, simple and direct.

The Jeep Wrangler charged forward rampantly while the Chuanqi GS5 was very careful. Hence, the situation for Qin Sheng became dangerous. Seeing the distance being closed up slowly, the Chuanqi GS5 had no time to turn around the corner at all.

“Jump off the car.” Chang Baji assessed the situation and he knew that if they do not make a decision any time soon, they would end up with a destroyed car and dead people.

The cliff was on their left and the ravine on their right. Chang Baji turned the steering wheel such that the front of the car was pushed against the cliff. Hence, even if the off-road vehicle crashes into them, it would only knock them against the cliff instead of into the ravine.

When the Chuanqi GS5 stopped, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji opened their doors and jumped out almost at the same time, before the engine was turned off. At the same time, the Jeep was also dashing towards them.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Qin Sheng leaned against the cliff, while Chang Baji, who was behind the wheel, leaned towards the ravine side. It could be said that Chang Baji had put himself into danger. One slight mistake and he could very well be knocked dead by the Jeep.

After jumping off the car, Qin Sheng ran towards the back as fast as he could. He had enough time to leave enough space between himself and the impact of the car crash. However, Chang Baji did not have that much time. By the time he jumped out of the car, the Jeep was already in front of him. He could not afford to care much and used all his strength and leaped forward.

With a ‘BOOM’, the Jeep smashed right into the Chuanqi GS5. The loud crash echoed through the whole mountain. The Chuanqi GS5’s front was heavily disfigured. The side against the cliff had even sent strong sparks flying due to the friction. That ear-piercing screech was a good testimony to the Jeep’s speed and strength.

At the moment of impact, Chang Baji had just landed on the ground and rolled his body away by doing two whole turns. The back of the Chuanqi GS5 went past him at close proximity and almost knocked into him.

The whole process was extremely dangerous. Just one slight mistake and they would both die here tonight. If it was not for Chang Baji’s quick assessment and judgment that he made before the accident, they would not have had the time to turn the car away and escape from the incoming crash and then deciding to abandon the car. Otherwise, they might really have ended up being knocked into the ravine. This ravine was not shallow at all, if they really fell into it, the result was unimaginable.

In the Jeep, the driver, Feng He, and passenger, Uncle Zhen, were perfectly fine. The revamped Jeep had no trouble at all. It was a pity that their opponent reacted too fast; they actually instantly chose to reverse and escape from them. But even so, Feng He thought that it was useless. However, he did not expect them to abandon the car and run away just after reversing a few meters. He did not think of this at all.

The Jeep pressed the Chuanqi GS5 against the cliff. The scene was very tragic. Feng He got off the car first, closely followed by Uncle Zhen. Both of them were carrying handmade choppers in their hands. On the way here, they were given these tools in Sichuan. Do not think they look ordinary, their lethality was astonishing.

After getting up, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji hid behind the curve of the turn. They both knew what each other was thinking without saying it out loud; they had to prepare to run anytime. At a place like this, they were not planning to battle it out with their enemy. After all, they still did not know how many people they have and what kind of weapons they were carrying. If they have heavy weapons, then the two of them have to be really careful.

“Come out, this place is so isolated, there’s nowhere you guys can escape to,” shouted Feng He scornfully as he approached the Chuanqi GS5 slowly.

Qin Sheng could hear that this voice was familiar, but he did not know who it was. After all, he only met Feng He once, at the Peace Hotel. Feng He had blocked his path.

Qin Sheng made a hand signal towards Chang Baji and both of them moved backward slowly. The Chuanqi GS5 was probably scrapped by now. Even if it was not, they did not have the time to get on board and leave. Their opponent’s Jeep was perfectly fine. They could easily catch up to them, unless they jump into the ravine.

Uncle Zhen and Feng He stood side by side as they approached both of them together. When they got near to the Chuanqi GS5, Feng He suddenly rolled forward as Uncle Zhen covered him, for fear of sudden attacks by their opponent.

However, what they had expected did not happen; there was no one behind the Chuanqi GS5. Feng He frowned slightly and said, “There’s no point doing this, it won’t change your ending. If you want to die comfortably, come out obediently.”

Chang Baji had an idea. He removed his jacket immediately and threw it out. He was most worried that their opponents were carrying guns. If so, it would be difficult. If not, based on his and Qin Sheng’s capabilities, they still had a chance of surviving.

Similarly, what they had expected did not happen. Apparently, their opponents were not carrying guns. Otherwise, they would definitely have heard gunshots. The two of them had only one choice, which was to run.

“Hahahaha, we don’t need to resort to using that when dealing with you guys.” Feng He saw the jacket that was thrown out and knew what they were trying to do. He did not expect them to be so cowardly.

Since the opponents were not carrying guns, there was no need for Qin Sheng and Chang Baji to be afraid anymore. Even if they were to die, they must die with pride and not like a coward.

Hence, Chang Baji and Qin Sheng stood up without hesitation.

Although it was a brittle-cold winter, the moon at night was still shining so brightly. After Qin Sheng and Chang Baji came out, they saw their opponent’s faces clearly. Yan Chaozong’s servants. But they were fortunate because there were only two of them. At least both sides were balanced out.

“It’s indeed you guys,” snorted Qin Sheng.

Feng He replied faintly, “Seems like you’ve already guessed it. Then that saves us from the trouble. You will know who killed you. Remember this lesson, don’t offend the wrong person in your next lifetime.”

“We will talk about what happens in the next lifetime when it comes. I haven’t finished settling the things in this lifetime. He wants me to die by sending you guys? He’s really looking down on me!” Qin Sheng said confidently.

Feng He scoffed, “You’re already dying, yet you’re still acting tough. I don’t even know what does Big Miss Lin sees in you. You’re so reckless.”

“Whatever Lin Su likes about me is my business, what the heck does it have to do with you? Yan Chaozong is also a coward. If he has the ability, come and have a fair competition with me! He attacks from behind, even resulting in murder! The Yan family really has no restraints,” Qin Sheng sneered.

Feng He was raised by the Yan family. He hated it the most when people insulted them. Hence, he was thoroughly triggered by Qin Sheng. He said in fury, “Don’t worry, I will definitely tear you rotten mouth apart later. See if you want to continue talking nonsense.”

“Come on, whoever is scared of you is a sore loser.” Qin Sheng was also enraged. What the heck? His opponent was really playing dirty tricks. He actually traveled thousands of miles just to kill you. Qin Sheng still held onto the same stance; as long as he could make it back alive, he would definitely make sure he overturns the table.

Feng He raised the chopper in his hands. The moonlight reflected off it and gave off a shining ray of light. Then, he dashed towards Qin Sheng without hesitation. Although Qin Sheng was not holding onto any weapon, he had never backed down from a fight before.

Standing at a side, Uncle Zhen and Chang Baji remained silent and let Qin Sheng and Feng He fight verbally. Now that they have taken action, Uncle Zhen and Chang Baji were ready to fight too.

The two of them met each other in the eyes. Their gazes were filled with hostility. Both sides could feel that the other was not a simple target. Hence, they refrained from springing into action. They waited until Qin Sheng and Feng He were just about to fight it out and started attacking almost at the same time.

The big battle that had been brewing for an entire day had finally erupted at this moment. The winner was hard to tell yet.

Meanwhile, on Chang’an Street in Sijiu City, a Mercedes-Benz Maybach was turning from Chang’an West Street into Wang Fujin Main Street. The man sitting at the back smelled heavily of alcohol. He felt sleepy as he closed his eyes and meditated. Apparently, he had just ended a round of drinks. He probably had gone through two rounds. Otherwise, he would not have returned home so late.

In the drinks round tonight, the middle-aged man was more or less not happy because of one simple sentence. Although it was a joke between friends, the speaker felt nothing yet the listener took it to heart. What he heard was: Even though I, Fan Jinchuan, did not become as successful as you, Qin Changan, at least I have two sons.

If it was in the past, Qin Changan would not have taken it to heart for sure. But now that he had found his son, he felt uncomfortable when he heard it. He could not help but think, was it right for him to do this?

“Gongsun, how’s the kid doing recently?” Qin Changan opened his eyes and asked casually.

On the moving Mercedes-Benz Maybach, other than Qin Changan who sat at the back, there left only a strong man who was taking the wheel. His surname was Gongsun but his name was unknown. The strong man was taken aback for a minute and then he figured out what his master meant. He laughed out loud, “Young Master is recently in love.”

“He’s dating?” Qin Changan asked in shock. He knew about the fella’s love history and did not comment too much on it. Who did not have a love history in their younger days?

Gongsun nodded silently. “Yes, but Young Master seems to be in a little danger recently.”

The lost Qin Changan asked, “What do you mean?”

“Young Master’s girlfriend is called Lin Su, she is the daughter of Lin Changting, from the Lin family in Ningbo. The Lin family in Ningbo was going to have a joint-marriage with the Yan family in Shanghai. Yan Chaozong from the Yan family also liked Lin Su a lot. Now that Young Master had ruined the plan, do you think the Yan family will spare him?” Gongsun explained slowly but at a pace.

Qin Changan frowned and after a few seconds of thought, he asked, “Does this kid not know how high the heaven is and how thick the earth is? Is that Yan family someone he can provoke?”

“You are right. So I’ve been sending people to keep a close eye on Young Master, in case something were to happen. I was going to report it to you after you get over your hungover,” Gongsun turned around and glanced at Qin Changan in the backseat and said slightly worriedly.

Gongsun had thought that Qin Changan would scold Young Master a few lines. After all, in Qin Changan’s eyes, it was apparently not a good deal to offend a strong family for a woman.

Unexpectedly, Qin Changan said angrily, “The Yan family can try to lay their hands on my son if they dare to!