Chapter 151 I Take Over?

Qin Changan was a well-known character in Sijiu City. He was a big shot that remained low-key and hidden in the playing field. He was also dubbed as a top-tier businessman who could influence government policies and also the number one at shanghaiing. Those who could afford to mingle with him over drinks and let go of themselves freely had a net worth of at least billions and must be at least at the deputy ministerial level. But this man who could overturn tables and grab hold of all kinds of information had a sad past that no one knew of. That is, back then, his famous wife passed away mysteriously and soon after, his father, who had been dubbed as a trickster suddenly took his son and left their hometown. These incidents impacted him greatly and were the greatest clouds of mystery in his life.

Later, the man married a certain girl from a wealthy family. From then on, his luck only went up, he never had setbacks in his life anymore. But no matter how far this powerful man went or how high he climbed, there would always be someone who poured salt on his wound. That is, he had no successor. His ex-wife left him a son and a daughter. The daughter was not bad, but the son had gone missing for more than 20 years. Until today, there was no news of him. Everyone thought that he could have died already. No matter how strong a background his current wife had, she just could not give him any child. She had to put up with many people laughing at her behind her talk. In recent years, she even became vegetarian, followed Buddha and did charitable works.

For the past 20 over years, Qin Changan used many methods to find his father and son but it was to no avail. He knew that the old man had the abilities. It would be too difficult to find them so easily. Until two years ago, he heard from a certain old person that the old man had passed away.

Qin Changan felt a little pity and sorry. After all, he was his biological father. No matter how stiff their relationship might be, a father is still a father. Any son hated the feeling of wanting to be filial to a parent but the parent is no longer there. However, Qin Changan accepted it calmly eventually.

Since he found out about his father, he naturally found about his son as well. But who would have guessed that the kid was just like the old man, he went missing all of a sudden as well. He used all sorts of methods to gather information about him and eventually found him. But he only met his son, whom he had not seen in over 20 years, just a few months ago. It would be a lie to say that he did not miss him. Besides, he was his own flesh and blood.

But Qin Changan had more considerations. He did not want to reconcile so directly. The men in the Qin family all had heavy responsibilities. If he were to reconcile now, this child would have to face too many things. Would he be capable of doing that? Hence, Qin Changan wanted to find out what kind of a person he was and whether he would be able to bear the burden of the Qin family. Hence, he had yet to reconcile.

But on this evening, someone poured salt on his wound again. Qin Changan was indeed a little pissed. He could not help but wonder if he was doing the right thing, if he was being too selfish. Following after, he heard Gongsun’s report. Under the influence of alcohol, Qin Changan could not help but lost his temper. The Yan family was rooted in Shanghai but could not even squeeze into Sijiu City this big circle. If they dared to lay their hands on his son, he would definitely not spare them.

Hearing this, Gongsun could not help but rejoice in his heart. Although his master may say that he was not satisfied with Young Master, he was still leaning towards him in his heart. This is what a father should be. He can give you freedom, but he definitely can hold up the sky above your head.

However, they did not know that at this moment, Qin Sheng was in a life-and-death situation. How was the Yan family supposed to know that this boy who came from a poor family in Xi’an and fought his way to success actually had such a strong background? If they really found out that he was Qin Changan’s son, they could only swallow this dissatisfaction.

Qin Sheng had to face Feng He and Chang Baji had to face Uncle Zhen. Both were not easy characters. Feng He grew up in the Yan family and was trained as Yan Chaozong’s right arm. He was taught by many famous teachers and was good at kickboxing and Muay Thai. And as for Uncle Zhen, he was trained by the Old Master himself. His capabilities were naturally evident without a word needed.

Otherwise, Feng He and Uncle Zhen would not have traveled thousands of miles to Xinan in Sichuan on their own just to get rid of Qin Sheng this big sore in the eye.

Facing Qin Sheng directly, Feng He held onto his custom-made chopper. This chopper looked rough, but it was very sharp. If one were to suffer a blow, at least his flesh would be seen.

Qin Sheng embraced his fight. He had given his all tonight. There was nowhere he could run to even if he wanted to. They were in a hostile environment after all. If the conditions allow, he would not have acted so rashly. Hence, tonight, it was either you die or I die. Anyways, there were only two endings. Qin Sheng could only risk his life because he wanted to live, and not die so soon.

In the blink of an eye, Feng He was already in front of Qin Sheng. The chopper aimed straight for Qin Sheng. He quickly dodged it by tilting his body and leaning against the cliff. He wanted to run towards Feng He but Feng He was not that easy. He shook his wrist gently and the chopper laid horizontal in his hand and he aimed straight for Qin Sheng’s neck.

Feng He was at the advantaged end. Where did Qin Sheng have the chance to fight back? He could only continue bending forward and dodging it. Feng He saw that he had not got a single hit and he kept his chopper and started chasing after him. His chopper created a series of sparks on the cliff.

Qin Sheng had just landed on the ground and before he could even gain a stable footing, Feng He had already started chasing him. Feng He did a beautiful swish and swoosh with his chopper that surprised Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng’s clothes were torn apart. Luckily, he had great reflexes and only had some small cuts on his skin. However, his shoulder might have been broken.

Qin Sheng took five steps back and held onto his shoulder as he stared at Feng He deadly. He scolded in his heart: This dude is really quite good! He must be the most threatening opponent that Qin Sheng had met in this long period of time after he returned to Shanghai.

“Heard that you beat Yang Deng’s ass and even spared his life. But now it seems like this is all you have to show?” Standing at the advantaged end, Feng He said confidently. He did not treat Qin Sheng seriously at all.

Qin Sheng scowled, “F*ck you, put down the chopper if you dare to. We fight one-to-one! I’ll be a loser if I’m scared of you.”

“You are courageous, but you are not smart. I’m here to kill you, not fight it out with you. I’ll do it the easy way.” Feng He did not fall for his trick fall. He wanted a quick one and return to Shanghai after he was done with his work.

Qin Sheng was enraged too. He directly removed his jacket and scolded, “You want my life? You are not qualified yet.”

After which, Qin Sheng dashed to him again. Just now, Qin Sheng was more or less testing Feng He’s capabilities and how conservative he was. Now that he had an idea of Feng He’s capabilities, although he had sacrificed a little, at least he knew what he should do next.

On the other side, Chang Baji and Uncle Zhen were already entangled in a fight. Uncle Zhen started working that chopper in his hand. His capabilities were a little weaker than Chang Baji but he had a weapon in his hand. Chang Baji was obviously at the disadvantaged end and kept being pushed. However, he was not in a rush and followed Uncle Zhen’s tempo. After figuring out his tricks, Chang Baji suddenly did a smooth backflip right when Uncle Zhen was hitting the chopper towards his thigh. Immediately after, without warning, the back of his left heel kicked onto the back of the chopper. Chang Baji’s strength was not simple. Uncle Zhen could only feel the back of his hand going numb. Before he realized what was going on, Chang Baji did a flip at lightning speed and jumped up into the air and kicked. Uncle Zhen was too flustered to react and it was too late; Chang Baji’s foot had already landed on Uncle Zhen’s elbow that was holding onto the chopper.

Chang Baji’s kick almost broke his elbow. Uncle Zhen’s body was used to leaning forward. Chang Baji quickly followed with a big smash using his arm. Uncle Zhen had no where to run to, he could only endure the pain and raised the chopper using his left arm.

With a loud ‘BOOM’, Uncle Zhen was smashed onto the ground by Chang Baji. He mumbled something before Chang Baji kicked his chest harshly, sending him flying two meters away. He could not get up from the ground afterwards.

Chang Baji had won the round and Uncle Zhen had lost bitterly.

Both Feng He and Uncle Zhen only thought about Qin Sheng and did not think about Chang Baji’s existence at all. They were unfamiliar with him, how were they supposed to know that he was such a capable practitioner? Uncle Zhen turned out to be not his match at all.

In the beginning, Chang Baji pretended to be weak and let Uncle Zhen gain the upper hand. He had always been avoiding lashing it out. Uncle Zhen only felt that this man knew a thing or two but did not feel that he was very powerful. But after Chang Baji figured out Uncle Zhen’s tricks, he changed his style of doing things suddenly, like converting to defense in basketball. He did it in a split second without warning. It was so sudden and Uncle Zhen did not know what was happening. By the time he realized what had happened, he was already completely down.

“The Yan family sent fighters of you guys’ level? What an embarrassment. I even thought I will die here tonight,” Chang Baji snorted.

Chang Baji’s last kick was too fierce. Uncle Zhen could not get over it for a long time. He was definitely injured, but not sure how heavily. Anyways, he was lying on the ground and could not get up at all. There was even fresh blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

As compared to Chang Baji, things were more tricky for Qin Sheng. This Feng He was indeed not an easy one. Qin Sheng could not find a chance at all. At this moment, he was suffering from two serious injuries. One was on the chest and one was on his thigh. Blood was flowing out from them.

Chang Baji saw the situation and sighed helplessly, “Qin Sheng, why not you rest for a while while I take over?”