Chapter 152 What a Pro!

How many 40 years does one experience in a lifetime? Most people probably would only experience it twice. This year, Chang Baji was already 40 and had no doubts with where he was heading in life. But he had lived this 40 years with some restraints. In the first 20 years, he learned the arts with a shallow heart and basically lived a life that had no challenges from reality. When he was in his 20s, he thought that he had prepared long enough and was ready to take on challenges and he went for it. Being the confident person that he was, he wanted to create his own success. However, the series of challenges that came next almost took his life. Chang Baji was young and energetic, he was not going to back down, especially when someone else decided that he was going to lead a bad life, all the more he wanted to fight against fate, he did not want to be dictated by fate. However, he was still beaten by reality eventually. Hence, in the next decade or so, Chang Baji started to tone down and hid his name from the outside world. It was to the extent that even he himself almost forgot how strong he once was.

If Chang Baji almost forgot, others naturally could not remember at all. Hence, this was why so many random people challenged his bottom line now. Chang Baji was enraged, especially when the Jeep was charging towards them. He was really enraged. They really did not treat him seriously at all, which was why they only sent two people to travel thousands of miles to go after him and Qin Sheng. He thought they were very powerful, but they were just so-so. Seeing Qin Sheng in such a miserable state, Chang Baji told him to rest. He wanted to fight it out himself to vent the anger in his heart.

Hearing this, Qin Sheng could not help but feel relieved that he had brought Chang Baji with him to Xinan of Sichuan. Obviously, his death anniversary was going to be on this day next year. But he had to say that he had a strong life; God did not want him to die so soon.

“You should have said it earlier! Go, you’re on.” Qin Sheng quickly took a few steps back. The chopper in Feng He’s hand made some cuts on his clothes again. This Feng He was damn dominant. Every throw of his chopper was aimed to kill. If it was not for his powerful capabilities, if anyone else faces an opponent like Feng He, they would already have died a long time ago.

Do not think that Feng He was busy focusing on bickering with Qin Sheng, he had actually been staring at Uncle Zhen and Chang Baji, who were both beside them, the whole time. They did not consider Chang Baji’s existence at all for this trip. After all, Qin Sheng brought him along very last minute. They did not have the time to find about his background and only knew that he was Qin Sheng’s friend.

Be it Feng He or Yan Chaozong, both felt that based on Feng He and Uncle Zhen’s capabilities, unless they really run into someone that was very powerful, there would be no mistakes on this trip to Xinan. However, they had to run into such a character. Feng He only started to have cold sweat after Chang Baji took good care of Uncle Zhen. He did not expect Uncle Zhen, who was one of the top few fighters in the Yan family, to be defeated by Chang Baji. What exactly was this Chang Baji’s background?

Uncle Zhen had been defeated. His capabilities were only higher than his by a little. Could he win?

Having stepped out of the battlefield, Qin Sheng panted heavily. Chang Baji moved forward gradually. He stood in front of Feng He and chuckled, “You’re so young, you must be gifted to be so talented. It’s a pity that you’ve run into me. Today, let me tell you, it is not a bad thing to stay low-key.”

“Uncle, I should be the one telling you that.” Feng He may sound like he did not give a damn, but his confidence was already shaken a little. Even so, he would definitely not take half a step back. At most he would just die. This was up to his fate.

Chang Baji smiled faintly. “Okay, let me learn from you then.”

Feng He held a chopper in his hand. Beside him on the floor was Uncle Zhen’s chopper that was thrown aside. Chang Baji did not intend to use it, he still chose to face his opponent with bare hands. He did not have to be that careful when dealing with this kind of enemy. This was the only way to pressurize Feng He completely and break the line of defense in his heart. When he sees Chang Baji again in the future, there would only be fear in his heart and no other kinds of feelings.

When facing Uncle Zhen, Chang Baji chose to avoid the enemy and target the enemy’s weak point, he would retreat as a form of attack and move when he sees the chance. When facing Feng He, Chang Baji chose the most aggressive way, which was also the simplest method – attack the attack.

Chang Baji and Feng He almost attacked at the same time. Feng He used his knife to replace a sword and swooshed a threatening curve, aiming at Chang Baji’s side waist. Chang Baji moved forward suddenly. His threatening kicks almost kissed Feng He’s chopper and avoided that curve perfectly. Following closely after, he sent a punch towards the armpit of the hand that Feng He was using to hold the knife. Feng He saw that things were not going well and quickly lifted his leg to block Chang Baji’s punch. He retreated his chopper at the same time and swung it towards the back of Chang Baji’s waist.

Chang Baji smiled faintly. His waist turned into a curved shape immediately and he avoided the attack without breaking a sweat. Following closely after, he stretched out his hand suddenly and grabbed onto Feng He’s wrist. Feng He instantly felt that things were not going well and he noticed that he had made a mistake and wanted to retrieve it, but there was no more hope. Chang Baji grabbed onto his wrist and pulled it upwards suddenly and with huge force. The chopper cut through Feng He’s ribs. In the end, Chang Baji did a horizontal kick and kicked onto the right side of Feng He’s waist. That immediately sent Feng He flying and he was thrown against the cliff before landing on the ground heavily.

There was fresh blood oozing from Feng He’s opened ribs. Apparently, this was really a big sacrifice. He was off to a rough start already and he would be a fool to think that he could defeat Chang Baji.

“This is your capabilities? This is all that the Yan family got?” Chang Baji sneered fearlessly.

Feng He was very pissed when he heard it. No one could insult the Yan family, including himself. Hence, he stood up again and shouted, “Again.”

Chang Baji stretched out one arm and signaled ‘come’ with his hand. He was already using his actions to tell Feng He: Then come, stop dilly dally-ing.

Feng He dashed out again. This time around, he used the most aggressive knife skills to counter Chang Baji. No need for tricks, just direct hits. Indeed, Chang Baji was a little fearful of this kind of reckless waving of knives. However, he knew that this kind of attack would not last long, especially when the opponent’s footsteps and breathing were not in sync. This was him sending himself to die. Anyone would not have tackled it directly and instead, wait for a chance to come.

Indeed, because his ribs were injurt, after a few swings, Feng He twisted his injury. The severe pain caused him to tone down a bit subconsciously. This was an instinct that anyone would have but to people like Chang Baji, this was a chance.

Hence, Chang Baji waited until Feng He’s door was wide open and he dashed out without hesitation, like a lion who had stared at his prey for three days and three nights. He landed his arm onto Feng He’s chest and Feng H’s whole face was almost twitching. That showed how aggressive Chang Baji was. Feng He had probably broken his ribs.

Chang Baji did not give Feng He a time to breathe at all. He quickly followed with a kick behind Feng He’s knee. Feng He did not have a chance to fight back at all and he knelt onto the ground directly. Chang Baji grabbed Feng He’s head and knocked his face against his knee. Feng He’s whole face became bloody instantly. Finally, Chang Baji landed a kick on Feng He’s shoulder, which sent him practically sliding out. He never stood up again.

As compared to Uncle Zhen, Feng He had apparently suffered greater injuries. Uncle Zhen had been watching the whole fight from aside. He wanted to shout, but his chest was so painful that he could not let his voice out at all. He could only watch Feng He being mistreated by Chang Baji.

He was thinking: Was this dude a God from somewhere? Why was he so powerful? He and Feng He were no match for him at all.

Feng He fell onto the ground and never got up again. His face and body were all covered with blood. He was in an extremely terrible state. But he was the one who claimed that he was good, he must hold on to that claim until the end, even in tears.

Qin Sheng also had never seen Chang Baji fight so aggressively. This seemed to be his first time seeing a fighter as strong as Chang Baji. He had fought solo with Uncle Zhen and Feng He, both who were very well capable candidates. Even Qin Sheng himself got hurt when fighting Feng He. He was no match for him at all. But for Chang Baji, Feng He seemed to be his toy, being played at his expense.

At this moment, Qin Sheng thought to himself, what a pro!

Uncle Zhen and Feng He had both lost. Qin Sheng and Chang Baji got the last laugh. Next, they had to worry about how to deal with these two defeated soldiers.

“What to do?” Chang Baji turned around and looked at Qin Sheng. He completely ignored Qin Sheng’s look of admiration towards him. Anyways, he was not gay. If Qin Sheng was a lady with a protruding bust and curvy butt, he would be more or less interested.

Qin Sheng gave a cold smile. “Kill them?”

Chang Baji lifted up the chopper directly and smiled as he said, “Then let’s do it.”

Anyways, they were in the mountains in the wilderness, no one would know if they kill these two. They could just throw them into the ravine. No one would find their bodies even if they die.

Uncle Zhen and Feng He’s hearts had probably already sunk to the bottom at this current moment after they heard the sentence.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, I’m just saying, and you’re actually doing it?” Qin Sheng quickly stopped him.

Chang Baji was a little confused. “What’s wrong?”

If they were other enemies, Qin Sheng would have killed them without hesitation. Even if he chose to not kill, he would throw their handphones and everything else into the ravine and let fate decide their path. However, he did not want to battle it out with Yan Chaozong completely. However, Yan Chaozong was after his life, so he could only choose to take one step back on his own and use it in exchange for Yan Chaozong’s reconcile. At the same time, this would serve as a warning for him.

However, if he were to kill Uncle Zhen and Feng He today, then there would be no end to his fight with Yan Chaozong until one dies. He had no idea how Yan Chaozong would treat him by then. Based on their influence in Shanghai, they were indeed not short of ideas.

Qin Sheng did not say anything. Instead, he walked up to Feng He slowly. He squatted down and said, “I will not kill you today, not because I don’t dare to, but because I’m only keeping you guys to send a message back. Tell Yan Chaozong, I, Qin Sheng, am not a coward. When I’m pissed, I bite. Besides, I am a Diaosi that would never be taken advantage of. Only once, and the next time it happens again, if I’m triggered, I will kill the entire Yan family. At most, we’ll all die together. As for Lin Su’s matter, still the same. We can pursue based on our own capabilities. If he can attain her heart, I will not interrupt and will back down without hesitation. But if he wants to continue pulling dirty tricks, fine. I’ll play along. Your Yan family might be powerful, but I don’t think you can cover the sun with one hand.”

After saying all these, Qin Sheng patted Feng He’s face, smiled faintly, and stood up.

“Let’s leave,” Qin Sheng shouted to Chang Baji.

Qin Sheng had initially wanted to drive their Jeep away, but thinking that the Chuanqi was rented, they would have to pay a lot for losing it. He still had to marry a wife, he must save up. Hence, he tried out the Chuanqi first. Who would have expected this broken car to be working just fine? He had to say, locally-produced cars are getting better, no wonder Chuanqi was selling so well.

Hence, Qin Sheng and Chang Baji drove this semi-retired broken car and continued their journey.