Chapter 154 Get Lost!

No matter how much hardship they have had, how tired they are, or much unjust they had experienced, some men would rather swallow everything than to let their woman know. Because they felt that as his woman, he had to give her happiness and peace, instead of endless worry and fear.

Qin Sheng was like that too. He was unwilling to let anyone worry about him.

But this time around, he could not win the determined Lin Su. Do not judge her for behaving like a dependent woman in front of him during this period of time, that was because there were changes to their relationship. Lin Su was now his girlfriend, she deliberately controlled her temper. But at this moment, she naturally would not have it his way. She must find out what happened exactly.

An ordinary person would have a smooth back, but Qin Sheng’s back was filled with wounds. Other than the bandaged part over the new wounds, there were still some other unimaginable scars at other areas.

Lin Su did not know why but she felt her heart wrenching. It was so painful she found it hard to breathe. Ever since an unknown period of time, her face was full of tears. She was feeling uncomfortable, her heart was in pain.

The one thing that Qin Sheng could not tolerate was women’s tears. In the past, it was Su Qin. Now, it was Lin Su. He took two steps forward slowly. He hugged her shoulders and then stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears on her face. He laughed bitterly, “It’s just a small thing, why are you crying? Your man does not die so easily, it would take just a few days to heal.”

Lin Su remained silent. She cried really badly. This was her second time shedding tears in front of him. The first time was a few days ago at her birthday celebration. She was moved by his surprise. This time around, it was because her heart pained for him.

Lin Su did not just let it go. She said in her crying voice, “Who did it?”

Qin Sheng did not know how to explain it. He thought very hard and eventually said, “While on the way, we ran into a robber. There were very few people on the mountain road, there were basically no cars at night, so we fell prey. We were outnumbered. Luckily, Lao Chang and I had trained before, which was why we managed to escape with only a few injuries.”

“Then what about these?” Lin Su did not believe him so easily and asked as she pointed to his old scars.

Qin Sheng laughed, “These are all old scars. In the past, when I lived in Zhongnan Mountains, I used to play in the mountains. It is inevitable to get some scratches and bruises. Two years ago, I visited all kinds of big mountains and rivers, I also got some injuries from a few incidents.”

“Really?” Lin Su knew that no matter how much she asked him, he would never tell her the whole truth. Perhaps he did not want to worry her. Hence, Lin Su gave up eventually.

Qin Sheng replied in a powerful and resonating voice, “100% accurate, out of all people, why would I lie to you?”

“I’ll believe in you for now,” Lin Su said as she wiped her tears away gently. However, there was some suspicion in her heart. She had already made up her mind to send someone to check on this.

Qin Sheng teased her and laughed, “Your makeup is ruined, you’re so ugly.”

“You can go find someone beautiful,” Lin Su said disdainfully. If she was ugly, then there would be not many beautiful ones in Shanghai. She then picked up his shirts from aside and said, “Quickly wear them, don’t catch a cold.”

However, Qin Sheng wrapped her in his arms very suddenly and said, “It’s easy to make me come, but it’s hard to make me go. The weather is so nice outside, do you think we should do something naughty?”

No matter how determined Lin Su could be, she was a weak woman at this moment. She could not help but be taken aback by what he said. She naturally knew what he meant, but when did she ever experience it? She struggled subconsciously.

However, there was nothing holding him back anymore. He kissed her sexy lips directly. Lin Su was shocked and her eyes were widely opened. That was her first kiss! It had been snatched away just like that.

Any women, be it goddesses or fairies, if you want to conquer their heart, you must first conquer their body. Women with no skinship experience would react differently to your touch. Simply said, those that had done it and those had yet to were two different groups of people.

Qin Sheng did not dare to go all the way. He did not have the guts to do so. Besides, he liked for a relationship to progress slowly. Also, Lin Su would not agree to it as well. Hence, he decided to take it step by step.

Just like that, Qin Sheng forced a kiss on her. Before she could register what was going on, Qin Sheng was already attacking her at the teeth. Lin Su was initially a little angry, but thinking that she was already his girlfriend, this was a normal occurrence. Besides, they had already reached this step, what could she do? Hence, she let him take course and gave up struggling.

In life and at work, Lin Su was a strong woman who could do anything. But at times like this, Lin Su did not have any experience at all. Qin Sheng took charge for everything. She could only cooperate subconsciously.

Qin Sheng restrained himself and only kissed her very simply. He kept his hands glued around her body and did not dare to do anything extra, in case she could not accept it and become angry.

After an unknown period of time, Qin Sheng finally let her go and let go of his arms gently. He then laughed sinisterly at the wobbly Lin Su. Lin Su’s face was flushed red and she glared at him harshly. However, she did not know that at this moment, her face was beaming with a romantic glow, like the tender month of April.

“Gangster,” Lin Su whined as she pushed him away.

Qin Sheng deliberately pressed against his wound and shouted. Lin Su tensed up immediately, thinking that she had hurt his wound. She quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just joking,” Qin Sheng laughed out loud.

Lin Su was so angry she did not know what to say. Was this man her enemy from her past life and had come to collect her debt? He was always bullying her.

“I’m going to the company later, you should rest well in the afternoon,” said Lin Su as she tidied the clothes.

Qin Sheng said cheerfully, “In here?”

“Up to you.” Lin Su was too lazy to entertain him.

However, Qin Sheng did not dare to step beyond the line. He only smiled and said, “Forget it. I’m afraid you’ll come back and kill me. I’ll go home first.”

Qin Sheng went out with Lin Su. He first sent her to her company before heading back to Shilin Huayuan.

When Lin Su returned to Poly Center, the beautiful lady at the reception quickly walked up to her and whispered something in her ear. Lin Su frowned slightly and quickly headed to her office.

In the office, a man dressed in a fancy outfit was smoking while standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. The whole office was filled with smoke and it disgusted Lin Su. No one had ever dared to smoke in her office.

“What are you doing here?” Lin Su asked very unpleasantly.

The man was uncultured and threw the cigarette butt onto the floor and stepped on it. He turned around and stared at Lin Su with smiling eyes and said, “My good sister, you asked me what am I doing here. I think if I don’t come any sooner, you’ll elope with that loser.”

“That’s my personal matter, it has nothing to do with you,” Lin Su snorted.

Upon hearing that, the man burst out laughing and said, “Nothing to do with me? How has it nothing to do with me? You’re my sister! But woman of the Lin family, I really don’t know what you’re thinking. Yan Chaozong is so outstanding but you don’t choose him. Instead, you choose a loser with no background and no power. Is your brain flooded?”

“Get lost!” Lin Su shouted angrily after she heard that.

The man said disdainfully, “It’s a pity that I didn’t get to witness the iconic scene that night. Otherwise, I’ll definitely make it a night hard to remember for that loser. But don’t worry, the Yan family will definitely not stop here. After offending the Yan family and Yan Chaozong, only a fool would think he can continue to stay in Shanghai. I advise you to draw a clear line between you and that loser. Don’t let the Yan family blame it onto our Lin family.”

“I’m asking you to get lost, do you believe I’ll ask the security to get you out?” Lin Su had completely exploded. This was why she was unwilling to return to her house in Ningbo. If it was not to visit her grandmother, she would never be willing to meet these people.

“Haha, you think I came here willingly? I’m taking care of some matters in Shanghai and came here to notify you on behalf of Father. He’s asking you to come home this weekend.” The man gave a cold smile and said, “You can don’t go back, but I bet the old man would come to Shanghai personally. I don’t know what would happen by then.”

He had finished what he had wanted to say. The man laughed out loud and left, as if he was very happy seeing this younger sister of his being angry.

After the man left, Lin Su forced herself to calm down. The angrier she was, the happier scums like him would be. As to what this scum had said, she had predicted it long ago. At that moment when she chose Qin Sheng, she knew that these things were unavoidable.

It was just that she did not know if she should go back or not.

She stood in front of the window and thought for a very long time. She still did not arrive at a conclusion, so she put it aside first. Following after, she thought of Qin Sheng and quickly called a friend. She then said, “Help me to check if anyone from Yan Chaozong’s close circle had went to Sichuan these two days.”

When something happened to Qin Sheng, Lin Su subconsciously thought of Yan Chaozong. If it was about offending someone, naturally, Qin Sheng had offended Yan Chaozong most seriously recently. Besides, this was Yan Chaozong’s style of doing things. He was definitely capable of doing this. Hence, Lin Su asked her friend to check on Yan Chaozong’s status.

After returning to Shilin Huayuan, Qin Sheng slept for a while. When he woke up, he read a book for a while and only got out of the house at 6 to 7 pm. He had a dinner appointment with Han Bing. This woman brought Xin Xin out to shop today. After returning to Shanghai, they had become close. Han Bing was apparently walking the social route.

It was a pity that she still did not know that Qin Sheng and Lin Su had confirmed their relationship.

By the time Qin Sheng had rushed to the high-class Western restaurant in the Bund, Han Bing and Xin Xin were already waiting for him. Upon seeing Qin Sheng, Xin Xin whined, “Bro, why are you only here now?”

“I’m not as free as you guys,” said Qin Sheng disdainfully. One was a boss, one was a student.

Han Bing thought of what happened between Qin Sheng and his ex-girlfriend Su Qin back on that day. She teased, “Who knows what you’ve been doing?”

“What can I do?” Qin Sheng laughed.

Han Bing stared at Qin Sheng and said, “You’re really hard to catch these days, you seem even busier than the Premier! Trying to ask you out is like trying to fly!”

Qin Sheng quickly explained, “I was on a business trip with Lao Chang and only returned this afternoon.”

Han Bing was quite interesting. When she did not see him, she missed him slightly. When she saw him, she was always bickering with him. At this moment, she was too lazy to bother about him and was busy ordering food with Xin Xin.

At this moment, Qin Sheng’s phone rang. After taking out his phone and realizing that it was from Jiang Xianbang, Qin Sheng’s face fell. He got up quietly and left.

He picked up the call in the bathroom and heard just one news. As expected, Jiang Xianbang was in the midst of preparing to sell Shangshan Ruoshui to Boss Ye. No one from Xue Qingyan’s side was taking over.