Chapter 155 Decision Made

During this period of time, all Jiang Xianbang’s assets have almost been disposed by Xu Lancheng, including some properties across the country. At present, there were only the garden houses in Middle Huaihai Road and Shangshan Ruoshui left. As for Shangshan Ruoshui, if Qin Sheng hadn’t said that Xue Qingyan was interested, then Jiang Xianbang may have already reached an agreement with Boss Ye.

No one has expected that things would develop to such an extent. Jiang Xianbang’s precautions were to dispose almost everything he had. It seemed that he had already prepared for the worst-case scenario.

“When is the handover?” Qin Sheng was slightly disappointed. After all, he regarded Shangshan Ruoshui as the first starting point and springboard for him after returning to Shanghai. With this platform of Shangshan Ruoshui, relying on the background and support of Jiang Xianbang, he could accumulate enough contacts and resources in just a few years so as to lay a solid foundation for future development. However, if Shangshan Ruoshui were sold, the new boss would definitely not support him like that.

On the yacht in Victoria Harbour, Jiang Xianbang sipped his wine gloomily and replied, “Next week probably. Xu Lancheng is already signing the agreement.”

“Okay, I understand.” Qin Sheng said in a low voice. The fact that Jiang Xianbang could inform him in advance made Qin Sheng very pleased, which indicated that Jiang Xianbang really regarded him as his friend.

Jiang Xianbang said with a smile, “Don’t worry too much. Boss Ye will continue to train you. The position of the general manager of Shangshan Ruoshui will be yours sooner or later. Even if it goes differently and you really can’t make it, you can just come to Hong Kong. There are more opportunities here.”

“Boss, thank you,” Qin Sheng said sincerely.

Jiang Xianbang said without thinking, “I’ll get going. Talk to you later.”

After the phone call, Qin Sheng went back to the restaurant and felt quite depressed. Although those words did make some sense, changing boss still had a great influence on the employees in any field. Since Boss Ye was about to take over Shangshan Ruoshui, he must have had his own considerations and plans. Yet he knew nothing about this Boss Ye and has never seen him once. Qin Sheng felt so unsure about his future.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Qin Sheng was in a daze, Han Bing felt confused and asked him.

Qin Sheng came to his sense and smiled. “Nothing, some business problems.”

“I don’t think so.” Han Bing said that as if thinking of something. The thing that made her worried most was the story between Qin Sheng and his ex-girlfriend. Although Hao Lei told her that they had already broken up, Han Bing still couldn’t be at ease. For her, any woman who appeared in front of Qin Sheng was threatening.

Qin Sheng didn’t think much and laughed. “Then what do you think?”

“Ex-girlfriend?” Han Bing said that as if she didn’t care.

Hearing her words, Qin Sheng almost spit out the water that he just drunk. The Xin Xin next to them was also stunned. Out of the woman’s intuition, she felt that this was not a simple matter, or else Han Bing would not mention it. However, she really had no idea if Han Bing had known about what happened between her brother and Su Qin. At least she never mentioned it.

“What the hell?” Qin Sheng replied after a moment.

Han Bing laughed and said, “I’m just kidding. Hurry up, order the food. I’m starving to death.”

On the following day, after running early in the morning, Qin Sheng drove to send flowers to Lin Su first. The store owner has now been very familiar with him. Once seeing him, he would take the initiative to pack the flowers. Although Lin Su has become his girlfriend now, Qin Sheng did not intend to give up this habit.

When he arrived at Shangshan Ruoshui, it happened to be the working time and all artists and waiters were preparing for the reception work. During the period when Qin Sheng was absent, the reception department was completely in the charge of Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan. Most of the time, Wang Haichao didn’t care about the business, but recently he acted more actively than before, which made Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan very puzzled.

“My irresponsible boss, you have finally returned.” Once he arrived at the office, Qin Sheng called in Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan to learn about the situation of Shangshan Ruoshui in the past few days. Yu Fengzhi mocked him after seeing Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng laughed and said, “I have two elites here. I can just rest assured.”

“You are at ease, but Ms. An has a lot of opinions on you during this time. Since you weren’t here, she just vent her anger on the reception department. Besides, it seems that there’s something wrong about Shangshan Ruoshui. It is said that Shangshan Ruoshui has been sold by the big boss. The day before yesterday, a group of people came here. Although they didn’t identify themselves, everyone knows what they are up to.” Yu Fengzhi, as the number one confidant of Qin Sheng, immediately reported to Qin Sheng about the news and she also wanted to get some information from him.

Qin Sheng was lost in thought. He didn’t expect that it could be so fast for Boss Ye to take over the business here. No wonder Jiang Xianbang said last night that the two sides could complete handover this week.

“Is this really the truth?” Lyu Yuan couldn’t help asking. If Shangshan Ruoshui were really acquired, they would definitely experience some great changes of personnel. Then as the assistant manager of reception department who has just been promoted, he would be somewhat dangerous.

Yu Fengzhi is also waiting for Qin Sheng’s answer.

Qin Sheng said with a smile, “Since you already know about it, then I will just tell you the truth. The big boss is really about to sell Shangshan Ruoshui.”

“Why’s that?” Yu Fengzhi was a bit surprised. She had already thrown herself on Qin Sheng and pinned her hopes on him. And Qin Sheng’s biggest backer was the big boss. If his boss were changed, who would still listen to him? Perhaps he would also leave Shangshan Ruoshui. What would she do then?

Qin Sheng said without thinking, “This is the arrangement of the big boss.”

“Then what’s your plan?” Yu Fengzhi frowned. This was what she cared the most.

Qin Sheng laughed and said, “Oh, of course, I’ll be staying at Shangshan Ruoshui. It’s such a good job. I can’t tear myself away. Working with such beauties every day, I’ll at least live for ten more years.”

“Brother Lyu, Fengzhi, don’t think too much. Go tell the artists and waiters later that even if the boss of Shangshan Ruoshui is changed, there won’t be any changes on their treatment or personnel arrangement. Tell them not to worry and focus on work.” Qin Sheng told Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan face to face.

Lyv Yuan and Yu Fengzhi nodded silently. After Lyu Yuan left, Yu Fengzhi didn’t intend to leave. Qin Sheng was confused and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“The boss of Shangshan Ruoshui will be changed and then your position will be in danger. You were promoted so fast just because of your relationship with the big boss. Don’t you have any sense of crisis now?” Yu Fengzhi sneered. She chose Qin Sheng, because she thought Qin Sheng had a bright future before. However, since Qin Sheng’s future seemed bleak now, naturally she should make it clear with him.

Qin Sheng responded, “I don’t think you are worried about me, but yourself.”

“You have taken so much advantage of me, but I haven’t seen any return from you. It seems that I have suffered great losses.” Yu Fengzhi said straightforwardly. But this was the truth.

Qin Sheng stood up and walked to Yu Fengzhi. He held her chin and said, “Don’t worry. I will never let you go. The new boss is one of the six VVIP members, Boss Ye. He is the best friend of Boss Jiang and Boss Jiang has already told me that the new boss will treat me well and focus on cultivating me. The position of general manager of Shangshan Ruoshui will be mine sooner or later.”

“I hope so, but I won’t let you take more advantage of me before I see any benefits.” Yu Fengzhi said angrily and then turned to leave.

Watching Yu Fengzhi’s back as she departed, Qin Sheng laughed. “What a woman!”

After such a long vacation, Qin Sheng naturally needed to tell Ms. An that he was back to work. The moment Ms. An entered the office, Qin Sheng came in. Ms. An said unhappily, “I thought you were going to resign.”

“Ms. An, I can’t bear leaving you.” Qin Sheng sucked up to her.

Ms. An sat down and snorted. “Don’t try to flatter me. As for Shangshan Ruoshui, I think you know better than anyone else. I won’t say anything about the past. But recently, you’d better behave well. These days, Boss Ye’s team is doing due diligence and hopefully they will be taking over Shangshan Ruoshui this week. If you don’t want to be fired after Boss Ye takes it over, then just do your job well and wait for the new general manager to come.”

Qin Sheng replied quickly, “Don’t worry, Ms. An. I promise I won’t take time off these days.”

“That’s good.” Ms. An said skeptically.

In the next few days, Qin Sheng did stay at Shangshan Ruoshui and did behave well. Boss Ye’s team began to move in and the leader was a bespectacled man. He seemed to be 35 or 36, very learned and refined. He was also very polite to Chang Baji, Ms. An and Qin Sheng. Now everyone had known that Shangshan Ruoshui was to be acquired, but no one could do anything to intervene the high-level leaders’ decisions. What they could only do was to do their job well and not cause trouble.

What made Qin Sheng a little surprised was that Wang Haichao seemed to be somewhat abnormal. He would avoid him every time he saw him in the past, but in recent days, he has been extremely polite to him. He never stopped calling him manager, which surprised Qin Sheng a lot. He suspected that there was something wrong mentally with him.

Lin Su was a little agitated these days. The day after tomorrow was the weekend. She has not yet decided whether she would go back to Ningbo or not. If she didn’t go back, it was highly possible for her domineering boss to come to Shanghai. If that happened, things would develop to some extent that nobody could image. If she went back, she knew what she would face, perhaps the pressure of the entire Lin family.

She and Qin Sheng didn’t meet in the past few days. She was a little busy and Qin Sheng was also busy with Boss Ye’s team to do due diligence. So they could only send text messages every day and occasionally made a phone call. As time went by, Lin Su began to miss Qin Sheng, the man who always flirted with her, but has already entered her heart of hearts two years ago.

As for the friend she asked to help her investigate Yan Chaozong, there was still no news. When Lin Su almost forgot about it, that friend finally called her. The final news was that Yan Chaozong’s confidant Feng He and the old servant of Yan family, Uncle Zhen, did go to Sichuan a few days ago and the two of them were seriously injured. They just returned to Shanghai last night.

After hearing this news, Lin Su finally understood everything. Why was Qin Sheng injured? Why did Qin Sheng and Chang Baji delay a day before returning to Shanghai? The reason behind all this was Yan Chaozong.

Just as she thought, the reason was she chose Qin Sheng instead of Yan Chaozong. On the birthday party, she did make Yan Chaozong lose his face. Yan Chaozong couldn’t do anything to her, but he would definitely vent his anger on Qin Sheng. However, she didn’t expect that Yan Chaozong would be so straightforward. He directly sent people to the southwest of Sichuan to deal with Qin Sheng.

She knew roughly how Qin Sheng’s skills were and that Chang Baji was obviously not an ordinary person. Even so, Qin Sheng was still injured, from which it could be seen what a dangerous situation they were in that night.

Thinking of this, Lin Su felt a little guilty. She didn’t expect that Qin Sheng almost died from being with her. But Qin Sheng chose to bear all of this alone, since he didn’t want to make her worried if she had known about it.

After thinking about it carefully for a whole night, Lin Su finally made up her mind to return to Ningbo on the weekend and she would also take Qin Sheng with her. This time, even if the entire Lin family didn’t agree, she would never step back.