Chapter 157: There is No If

This decision was made by Lin Su, who had careful consideration. Things had developed to this stage. Now everyone knew the relationship between her and Qin Sheng. No matter how heavy the pressure was, she would never look back and would lay her cards on the table.

Qin Sheng looked at Lin Su with a puzzle. Lin Su still smiled.

After a long time, Qin Sheng returned to earth and asked weakly, “Why are you asking me to back to Ningbo with you?”

Lin Su said straightforwardly, “Return to The Lin Family, and see my parents.”

Qin Sheng stunned once again. He thought that he might see her parents, but he felt that it was impossible. After all, he and Lin Su had not yet reached that point. How could Lin Su bring him back to the The Lin Family? But the answer given by Lin Su shocked Qin Sheng again. She really wanted to take him to see her parents…

Lin Su did not follow the routine and completely disrupted Qin Sheng’s mind. Qin Sheng did not know what to say for a minute.

“What, afraid of it?” Lin Su laughed. To tell the truth, she didn’t have any idea in her mind. She didn’t know if Qin Sheng would like to accompany her back to the The Lin Family. After all, the entire The Lin Family had already admitted the existence of Yan Chaozong. If Qin Sheng went to Lin, he would definitely meet endless pressure.

Lin Su was willing to take him back, indicating that she really decided to love him. So Qin Sheng bit his teeth and said, “I’m not afraid of death, how can I be afraid to see your parents?”

“You will have to face the entire The Lin Family, you may be wronged, so are sure about it?” Lin Su asked again.

If Qin Sheng didn’t even know these things, he would live for so many years in vain. Such a deep-rooted family, was so accustomed to be pampered by others. There would be many faces in the The Lin Family. And he would be satirized and ridiculed. But Lin Su was not afraid of that. That would be not man enough if he talked too much.

Therefore, Qin Sheng said manfully, “This is the deal. When do you want to go back? What do you need to prepare?”

“Just get up the morning after tomorrow. I have prepared everything. You don’t have to worry about it.” Lin Su said with great gratitude. “Actually, I know that they will definitely not agree, but I just want to let them see you, and tell them by the way. This is the man I, Lin Su, chose. Don’t think about arranging my marriage with the Yan family. Even if I have to suffer more bitterness, I will take it.”

Hearing this, Qin Sheng was a little bit touched. He really wanted to look up the sky and ask God. How could he let Lin Su do this? Not to mention that he paled by the comparison with Yan Chaozong, they were in a different world. Even he compared with Lin Su’s other pursuers, he was also won by others by eight hundred rounds.

He had no good looking face, no rich family, no background and no money. By what? Maybe it was the virtue and luck that gathered by generations of Qin family.

Qin Sheng took Lin Su’s cold hands and said. “Don’t worry. I, Qin Sheng, even if I’m living a frustrating life, I will never let you suffer a little pain. Sooner or later, I will let you tell everyone that the man you choose, is the big man who is of indomitable spirit.”

“I am waiting for this day.” Lin Su laughed like a peach flower.

A woman who was willing to choose a man when he had nothing at all, she needed more than a little courage. Because there were too few women like this in this society, not to mention that the woman was 100 times better than this man. No matter how higher the man climbed and how further he went. If he let this woman down, no matter how successful this man was, he was just a scumbag.

Everything Lin Su did had made Qin Sheng felt that knowing her was the greatest fortune in his life.

After dinner, Qin Sheng sent Lin Su back home first. In the downstairs of the community, Qin Sheng hugged Lin Su and leaving a deep kiss on her forehead. Lin Su slightly raised her head, her smile made Qin Sheng crazy.

After going back to Shilin Huayuan, Qin Sheng was somewhat embarrassed. The day after tomorrow was the signing ceremony for Shangshan Ruoshui. As the manager of the reception department, he could not be absent a. However, he had already promised Lin Su to accompany her to go back to Ningbo and see her parents. This was absolutely impossible to break this promise.

Weighing the pros and cons, Qin Sheng could only choose to accompany Lin Su to go back to Ningbo. Tomorrow he would ask Ms. An for a vacation, and then he would tell Han Zhengdong. He was afraid that he would be blamed for not being polite to Han Zhengdong.

Not long after, Chang Baji who went out with Han Zhengdong and others in the evening came back. Qin Sheng, who was reading in the living room, slowly got up and said, “How about the night?”

Chang Baji complained, “Han Zhengdong was really good at drinking. I have been forced to drink tonight. But An Qi really surprised me. She was good at drinking. But I think Han Zhengdong is not a good thing. He had a strong desire when he looked at Ms. An. And I am afraid that if he becomes a general manager of Shangshan Ruoshui, he will make the place a mess.”

“He came to Shangshangruo only to get through this buffer period, and he will leave sooner or later. People like him are naturally reluctant to stay in Shangshan Ruoshui.” Qin Sheng said casually.

Chang Baji nodded, “You are right, due to this reason, we have so many beautiful girls in Shangshan Ruoshui. I’m afraid that someone will suffer from him.”

“Do you think it can be avoided? Lao Xu is self-sufficient, but Han Zhengdong may not be. Even he does not harass others actively, I am afraid someone will deliberately send herself to his door.” Qin Sheng said carelessly.

Chang Baji casually said, “One is willing to beat and the other is willing to suffer, we can’t do anything. All right, what did you do tonight?”

Qin Sheng explained, “Lin Su needs me, I have to ask for leave again.”

“Ask for leave?” Chang Baji doubted. But he had been accustomed to the character of Qin Sheng. How many days he could keep on the rails when he was in Shangshan Ruoshui?

Qin Sheng replied with a face with calmness, “I have to accompany her to go back to Ningbo, and see her parents.”

Such a simple sentence made a really terrible thunder. Even though Chang Baji, who had seen much of life, was shocked about it. It was too fast.

“Is it incredible?” The reaction of Chang Baji was in expectation. Qin Sheng was also scared by himself, not to mention others.

Chang Baji said in embarrassment. “It is a little bit too fast, but maybe your relationship is really close.”

“I don’t care too much, just go. I have to go sooner or later. If the worst comes to the worst, I will be kicked out.” Qin Sheng said with carelessness. Anyway, the day after tomorrow, he went to the The Lin Family. Qin Sheng did all the psychological preparations. All things could be done to him, but if someone dared to bully Lin Su, he did not care about making the The Lin Family a mess.

Chang Baji was deep in thought. It seemed that he wanted to say something and he was unwilling to say. He looked hesitant. This was obviously not his character.

“What’s wrong with you? It’s me who has to go to see her parents, how can you be more nervous than me?” Qin Sheng did not understand.

Chang Baji sighed, “Qin Sheng, I don’t know if I should say something?”

“Then just don’t say.” Qin Sheng said half-jokingly. One sentence brought the conversation to the end.

Chang Baji was obviously not used to the tricks of young people. He looked at Qin Sheng with helplessness. Qin Sheng laughed and said, “Come on, we still have something to keep secrets?”

“Qin Sheng, I just feel that you and Lin Su are going too fast. Maybe I don’t know much about Lin Su, but to be honest, the gap between you and her requires you to fight for fifty years more. Don’t you feel a little weird?” Chang Baji, as a friend and brother of Qin Sheng, naturally did not want Qin Sheng to suffer, so he spoke what was on his mind.

Qin Sheng’s face was pale. “Chang, you can talk it straightly.”

“Is it possible for Lin Su, I just said that it is possible, promised to be your girlfriend, just to take you as a tool, use you to reject Yan Chaozong, and resist the arrangement of the The Lin Family?” Chang Baji said unhurriedly. It was a bit hurtful. It might be irritating to Qin Sheng. But Chang Baji had experienced storms and difficulties, as well as ups and downs, and he was an outsider. He had seen different kinds of scenes and conspiracies, so he would always consider carefully.

After Chang Baji finished his words, Qin Sheng was stunned. He never thought about it. He understood what Chang Baji meant, so he was not angry. After all, he just considered for him.

He was immersed in contemplation, recalling the time when getting along with Lin Su, and his previous understanding of Lin Su. He felt that Lin Su was not such a person, so he did not doubt Lin Su. He said in a low voice, “Chang, thank you. I know that you are good to me, but I don’t think Lin Su will do this to me. This is not her character. If I took ten thousand steps back, she really planned it. I will admit it and suffer the pain.”

“I just say so.” Chang Baji smiled. And he transferd the topic soon. “But you have to ask for leave the day after tomorrow. I am afraid it is a little bit difficult. The signing ceremony at the day after tomorrow, you will embarrass Han Zhengdong. I am afraid that Han Zhengdong will think too much about you.”

“How can I care too much? Tomorrow I’ll talk to Ms. An first, and then tell Han Zhengdong. I still have to go even they don’t approve.” Qin Sheng shrugged.

On the early morning of next day, Qin Sheng waited until Ms. An went to work. He went straight to her office, and chatted a few words about the wine bureau last night. Qin Sheng said, “Ms. An, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Ms. An was just amused by Qin Sheng’s jokes, she still smiled.

Qin Sheng was also somewhat embarrassed and said, “I have something urgent tomorrow, I want to ask for leave.”

Sure enough, after listening to his words, Ms. An immediately turned her face black and stared at Qin Sheng, said. “Qin Sheng, can you say it again?”

“Ms. An, I know I shouldn’t do this, but tomorrow is really an emergency, and I have no choice.” Qin Sheng gnawed his teeth.

An sister patted the table fiercely, and then went straight to be in front of Qin Sheng. “Qin Sheng, what is Shangshan Ruoshui to you? You know what tomorrow means, do you think it is appropriate to take a leave tomorrow?”

“It is inappropriate, but I really have no choice.” Qin Sheng replied.

Ms. An said in a tone of hating he could not be better. “If it was in the old days, I might only close my eyes and let you go. But now I can’t do it. What’s more, you know better than anyone else. You used to be someone of the big boss. And people will take care of you even if you made a big mistake. Now it is different. Shangshan Ruoshui was acquired by Boss Ye. The new general manager is Han Zhengdong. You are going to take a leave tomorrow, is it embarrassing him?”

Qin Sheng was speechless.

After a while, Ms. An calmed down and looked at Qin Sheng, said. “What happens to you, and does that make you want to leave tomorrow?”

“To accompany my girlfriend to go home, and see her parents.” Qin Sheng said truthfully.

Ann Sister frowned slightly, and then said, “Cannot change the date?”

“Her family is special, I cannot decide the date.” Qin Sheng said casually.

Ms. An asked again, “What will happen if you don’t go?”

“There is no if.” Qin Sheng said very straightforwardly.

Qin Sheng’s attitude was so determined that Ms. An couldn’t stop him. So she could only said. “If Han Zhengdong agrees, I have no opinion.”