Chapter 159 Is This Really OK?

The Lin family’s mansion was very near the sea, it spanned across at least a hundred acres. Other than the few buildings in the center that were built during the period of the Republic of China, the rest were all greenery and various facilities. It looked like a small park.

When driving along the road into the mansion, Qin Sheng seemed very peaceful and calm, but deep down, he was already shocked. This was how the really wealthy people lived, the new money could not be compared to this. He initially thought that the Lin family was just a well-to-do family in Ningbo. Now, it seemed like he had undermined the Lin family’s capabilities.

He parked the Mercedes-Benz GLS in the garden outside of the main building. Qin Sheng and Lin Su were not in a rush to get off the car. At this point in time, there were many luxurious cars parked here. The worst was an Audi A6L and the best were two Rolls Royces.

Qin Sheng’s expression was very calm. He studied the few buildings in the close distance. They were four to five floors high and were built in the period of the Republic of China. They resembled the houses shown in television series where the tycoons during that period lived. From here, he could sense the history of this family.

Qin Sheng was observing the architecture and layout in the Lin family’s mansion, yet Lin Su was staring at him. There were so many cars at the door, Lin Su naturally knew that those who should be here were already here. They were waiting for her and Qin Sheng to start their six-series joint hearing.

Qin Sheng only turned to look at Lin Su when he felt her glare. Lin Su looked a little nervous and worried. He took the initiative to hold her hand.

Lin Su gave a faint smile. “Are you ready?”

Qin Sheng nodded slightly. “Yes.”

“Then let’s go,” whispered Lin Su.

After getting off the car, Qin Sheng opened up the boot and took out the things that Lin Su had prepared. She had bought all of these things, but there were only two sets. One for Grandmother, one for Father and First Lady.

At this moment, a beautiful woman wearing a sweater and a pair of slippers ran towards them. She did not look old, there were still traces of youthfulness. After nearing them, she shouted, “Sister, Brother-in-law, you guys are finally here!”

This beautiful lady was called Lin Yue. She was the daughter of Lin Su’s Second Uncle. She had a close relationship with Lin Su since young. She had just returned from studying in England. She had already started venturing into the Lin family’s business. She had always wanted to go to Shanghai to find Lin Su, but her father did not agree.

However, this beautiful woman was a little different. She directly called Qin Sheng her Brother-in-law at their first meeting. It caused Qin Sheng and Lin Su to be a little embarrassed, but they could only admit it.

“Hello,” greeted Qin Sheng politely.

“Brother-in-law, you’re so handsome! You have an indescribable aura. No wonder you managed to capture my sister’s soul.” Lin Yue’s character was very cheerful, perhaps it was due to her long stay overseas.

Lin Su laughed, “Your mouth is so sweet.”

“But Brother-in-law, you must be mentally prepared. The monsters inside are difficult to deal with, I’m worried that you’ll be taken advantage of,” Lin Yue kindly warned. To describe her biological parents as monsters…this girl was indeed something else.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Lin Su said angrily.

Although they had just met, Qin Sheng already liked this girl’s character, especially her warm smile. It was like the shining sun in the winter, making others even all the more comfortable.

The trio was not in a hurry to go in. Lin Su naturally had to find out some information from this little spy. She frowned and asked, “Who’s here today?”

“There are many of them.” Lin Yue shrugged her shoulders and said, “First Uncle, First Lady, my parents, the two aunts and uncles, and First Lady’s sister. The remaining ones are the brothers and sisters of our age. Before you arrived, they had already started to badmouth about you. Sis, I’m worried that you might not have a good outcome today.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect your sister,” Qin Sheng said aggressively.

Lin Yue smiled happily. “Brother-in-law, you are my type of bro!”

“Where’s Grandmother?” Lin Su glared at Lin Yue and asked out of concern.

Lin Yue replied casually, “Grandmother is in the temple.”

“Does the old lady know that I’m coming back?” Lin Su asked with deep thoughts.

Lin Yue answered truthfully, “Yes, she even gave the kitchen special orders, to make your favorite Longjing shrimp.”

Lin Su frowned slightly. If Grandmother knew that she was coming back today, why did she still choose to go to the temple? Perhaps, was her grandmother be disappointed in her? Other than Qin Sheng, Lin Su’s greatest support for today was Grandmother. If Grandmother stood on her side, no matter what the other relatives have to say about her and Qin Sheng, they could not do anything to them.

Lin Su sighed and said, “Let’s go in.”

In the living room on level one, the family members of the Lin family were chatting away. The Lin family have planted their roots in Ningbo. Relying on the influence of businesses from Zhejiang, their business had expanded across the country over the years. The whole immediate family and relatives of the Lin family relied on this big tree to earn buckets. Everyone led a very comfortable life. However, in the past two years, the Lin family had reached a bottleneck. It was more or less difficult to venture one step further. The two brothers, Lin Changting and Lin Changhe, had thought of many ideas, but they could not get into a higher tier. Hence, they could only rely on the glory of their ancestors to make a fortune in Zhedong.

Hence, they valued this joint-marriage significantly. It was not that the Lin family must have a joint-marriage with the Yan family. Instead, the Lin family could only go further by relying on this relationship through the joint-marriage. They could only sacrifice Lin Su’s happiness. However, they naturally did not see a problem with this. After all, it did not cost them their flesh. As long as they could reach their goal, they were willing to sacrifice anything.

Everyone knew that Lin Su was coming back today and they also knew that she would be bringing her so-called boyfriend back as well. Quoting First Lady, where did she get the courage to bring back a man who doesn’t know how high the heaven is?

The living room was full of people. The men were talking about men topics while the women were talking about women topics. They did not interfere with each other and each side had different topics.

“Sister and brother-in-law are back!” Lin Yu shouted. It seemed as if she did not know how to read the elephant in the room.

Hearing her, everyone became silent almost at the same time. They all turned towards the door at the same time to look at Qin Sheng and Lin Su. All of their attention was concentrated on Qin Sheng. If gaze could kill, Qin Sheng had reincarnated a hundred times by now.

Qin Sheng had gone through countless life-and-death situations, so he was naturally able to deal with this situation. Putting a smile on his face, he scanned the room appropriately and began to figure out everyone’s temper and character.

“Lin Yue, come here,” said Lin Changhe with a sullen face.

Lin Yue saw that her father’s tone was not friendly and lowered her head and replied with an ‘oh’ before she ran over obediently for fear of being lectured.

“You’re bringing all kinds of people home, what are you treating the Lin family as?” A rich middle-aged lady who still retained her graceful bearing whined softly. Her voice was not loud, nor was it soft, but it was enough for everyone to hear.

The person who said it was First Lady. In the whole Lin family, she was the one who hated to see Lin Su the most. She initially thought that she could have a stable footing by giving birth to a son, but who knew that Lin Changting fooled around outside and brought home a daughter eventually. Won’t Lin Su fight for inheritance with his son in the future?

Even though Lin Su had already thought of what could possibly happen, she was still taken aback by First Lady’s harsh words. She did not even have basic courtesy. Not only was she scolding Qin Sheng, but she was also scolding her, because more than 20 years ago, this was also how she was brought through the door of the Lin family.

Lin family, indeed, you did not let me down. Qin Sheng snorted in his heart.

If it was not for Lin Su, he would never cross path with this bunch of people. Even if he did, he would not tolerate anyone who spoke to him like that. But because it was Lin Su, no matter how bad he got ridiculed, he would have to tolerate it. This was because he could only use capabilities to persuade this kind of family. Any other methods were just idle talk.

Qin Sheng shifted the presents in his hand onto one hand. He then grabbed Lin Su’s hand and continued walking forward without hesitation. This action made many of the Lin family members uncomfortable.

Walking towards the crowd, Qin Sheng placed the things on the floor and said politely, “Hello Uncles and Aunties.”

“Who’s your Uncle and Aunty?” First Lady’s younger sister spoke in a mystifying manner. Indeed, birds of a feather flock together. Those who came out of the same womb would not have much difference.

Qin Sheng was still not angry. He held onto Lin Su’s hand tightly and gave her the strongest support. Lin Su said through gritted teeth, “Father, First Lady, Second Uncle…”

Lin Su took a deep breath, became herself again and greeted all the elder with a smile on her face. She told herself to be strong. If she were to fall, what would Qin Sheng do?

After a round of greeting, Qin Sheng more or less figured out everyone’s identity. The man full of temperament, sitting in the center of the sofa with his hair combed and oiled, was Lin Su’s father. Beside him, the man who resembled slightly was Lin Su’s Second Uncle. As compared to Lin Su’s father, this man had a smile on his face. When Qin Sheng’s eyes met his, he even nodded politely.

However, Qin Sheng was most curious over the fact that Lin Su had called out First Lady and Second Lady, but not a proper ‘Mother’. What was going on? Was there a story to tell?

“Wow, so this is my younger sister’s new boyfriend. I thought that she had such a high standard that she won’t even consider Big Master Yan. So this is what her standard is like. Indeed, there’s a difference when you’re not born of the same mother.” Lin Su’s older brother could not hold it back anymore and voiced out. Once he was up, he gave Qin Sheng and Lin Su a big blow directly.

Hearing this, Qin Sheng more or less understood what he was thinking about just now. Lin Su’s mother was indeed not present. This man was apparently Lin Su’s half-brother born of the same father. That woman whom Lin Su addressed as First Lady was this man’s mother.

“If you don’t speak, no one would think that you’re mute.” Lin Changting, who had been studying Qin Sheng all this while, scolded sternly while being composed. Lin Su’s brother knew better and quickly shut up.

Since Lin Changting had already spoken, the others naturally passed the authority to him.

“Sit,” said Lin Changting in a low voice.

The few similar-age people seated on the left side of the sofa immediately made way. Qin Sheng did not hold himself back. He pulled Lin Su along and sat on the sofa. No matter what, he could not lose in terms of temperament. If he had no temperament, this bunch of people might ridicule and sneer at him as they like. He had to let them know that he, Qin Sheng, was not a pushover.

“Pour the tea.” Lin Changting spoke again. This was the basic courtesy when hosting guests. He must not let others pick on this.

The servants in the Lin family quickly served a cup of pre-made good Longjing tea. The entire living room was dead silent. It was extremely quiet and awkward, the atmosphere was suppressed to the extreme.

“Say, what do I have to do for you to leave my daughter?” When Qin Sheng lifted up his teacup, Lin Changting stared at him and asked without warning suddenly.

Qin Sheng froze. Lin Chanting was so direct, diving straight into the topic without any lead-up. Is this really OK?