Chapter 160 Causing a Fuss in the Lin Family

This was the first time that the elders of the Lin family met Qin Sheng. However, many of the same generation as Qin Sheng had already met him at the birthday party that night. They were indeed not that interested in this ordinary-looking man. After all, any man would appear inferior when compared to Yan Chaozong. They felt that they themselves were not as good as Yan Chaozong, let alone this ordinary man.

On that night, Lin Changting had already heard of the news. However, he did not call his daughter to ask. Instead, he waited for Lin Su to take the initiative to tell him. To his disappointment, she did not mention it at all. This angered him a lot. “Since you won’t take the initiative to say, then I won’t take the initiative to ask.” Then, he got his son, Lin Ze, to find Lin Su and tell her to return to Ningbo during the weekends.

But what was even more unexpected for Lin Changting was Lin Su deciding to bring this man back to the Lin family. Lin Changting was completely outraged. This was outrageous! She did not even respect him as her father! She was bringing all sorts of men back home! Fine, then everything shall be settled once and for all. This would save him a trip.

No matter what, Lin Changting would not agree to let Lin Su and Qin Sheng be together. Forget about the Yan-Lin joint-marriage, even if it was an ordinary relationship, Lin Changting would still look down on Qin Sheng.

Lin Changting was too lazy to talk about the unnecessary with Qin Sheng and headed straight to the topic. Everyone in the Lin family was waiting for this show. They did not believe that Lin Su would go against the entire Lin family and turn against her parents for this man whom she had only met a few days before.

Before coming to the Lin family, Qin Sheng had even thought of how to let the Lin family agree to their relationship. Although chances were very slim, as long as he were to work hard, there would be miracles. However, unexpectedly, Lin Changting directly set the tone for today. He had already blocked all hopes.

Lin Su also did not expect her father to be so determined. She frowned and said, “Father.”

“Shut up,” Lin Changting scowled as he glared at her.

Lin Su wanted to retaliate but was stopped by Qin Sheng. He smiled and asked back, “Uncle Lin, then what should I do in order for you to agree to let Lin Su be with me?”

“You’re aiming at the moon. Take a look at yourself, talk about wanting to take advantage of the Lin family… what fool’s talk!” Lin Su’s Small Aunt sneered sarcastically.

Qin Sheng was not polite as he refuted, “Auntie, you aren’t part of the Lin family, right? If that’s the case, you’re also a social climber.”

“You…” Lin Su’s Small Aunt, Yu Ying, was speechless. Indeed, she had managed to take advantage of the Lin family thanks to her older sister. All these years, she had made quite a sum by relying on the Lin family. She was now living the life that made many envious.

Seeing her younger sister being taken advantage of, Lin Su’s First Mother, Yu Hong, snorted, “He doesn’t even have basic manners, so this is the kind of boyfriend you found? Did water leak into your brain?”

She was a bit too heavy in her words, but after all these years, Lin Su was already used to this woman deliberately picking on her. What could Lin Su do? After all, she was an elder, and most importantly, the female head of the family.

“Auntie, I didn’t expect you to be scolding others when you’re dressed so elegantly and poised. I really didn’t think of it,” said Qin Sheng with smiling eyes. If he had not been wary to not ruin the relationship with the Lin family, he would have splurted out the next line: You’re no different from the shrew on the street.

Lin Changting did not expect Qin Sheng to be so arrogant. He had wanted to treat him politely, but now he was unwilling to drag this matter with Qin Sheng. He said directly, “Young man, I’m not here to discuss this with you today, I’m here to tell you to leave my daughter. This will bring you no harm. If you still insist to be with her, get ready to bear the consequences.”

Qin Sheng laughed and replied, “Uncle Lin, you’re indeed not discussing it with me, you’re threatening me. Since Lin Su had to bear so much pressure and was courageous enough to bring me home, if I were to back down just because I’m scared, what would she do? I would probably not be able to lift my head in front of her for the rest of my life.”

“You’re full of confidence,” said Lin Ze in a mystifying manner.

Lin Changting sneered and said, “Think of it as a threat if you want, but so what? She’s my daughter, I have the final say.”

The words ‘using power to abuse others’ were now written on Lin Changting’s face. He could chat with the leaders of the province and city over a cup of tea or play dirty tricks with them all he wanted, so he naturally would not treat Qin Sheng with importance.

Lin Su did not want Qin Sheng to bear the burden on his own. She held her hands tightly and said, “Father, Qin Sheng is the man that I chose. No matter you guys agree or not, I will still be with him. Today, I’ve come home only to tell all of you that this is my man.”

“Outrageous!” Lin Changting slammed the table and stood up.

A few female members of the family echoed, “You really have no shame! You’re one’s daughter, look at what you’re saying! Aren’t you embarrassed of yourself?”

“I really don’t know what’s wrong with your eyes, which part of this man is better than Chaozong? You’re really possessed.”

A group of people started to voice out their judgments towards Lin Su all at the same time while pointing their fingers at her.

Qin Sheng smiled and stood up. He scanned the room and said slowly, “The Lin family really did not disappoint me. This is indeed how a big family works. I’ve finally seen it for myself. You guys are really always chasing after the profits and never consider about your own children’s feelings and happiness.”

“This is for her own good. If you want the best for her, you should let go and give her happiness,” said Lin Su’s Aunt in a meaningful tone.

Qin Sheng burst out laughing. “You claim that it’s for her good and that I should let her go if I want her to be happy. Let’s be real. Is it for her good or for you guys’ good? We all know what plot you have in mind. Didn’t someone just say that I’m taking advantage of the Lin family? Then what’s with you guys using Lin Su’s marriage to take advantage of the Yan family? Do you guys really admire Yan Chaozong as a person? I think you guys have your eyes set on the Yan family’s background instead! Lin Su and Yan Chaozong get married, the Lin-Yan joint-marriage, tsk tsk tsk, what a perfect deal!”

Qin Sheng was very straightforward and he exposed the materialistic facade of the Lin family.

“Young man, you really have no scruples. I don’t know where your confidence comes from. Do you know where you are?” asked Lin Su’s Uncle-in-law.

Qin Sheng could not be bothered to entertain him. He continued, “Let’s put it like this. If today I stand here with a deeper background than the Yan family, I bet you guys would choose me without hesitation, right? You would forget about Yan Chaozong completely. You guys claim that it’s for Lin Su’s good, touch your heart and ask yourself, is it really for her good? Could she not know what’s best for her and need you guys to tell her? Have you guys ever asked if she likes Yan Chaozong or what she wants? You guys just sacrifice her happiness like that, for exchange of your profits. Don’t you all find it extremely selfish?”

“Enough!” shouted Lin Chanting as he could no longer tolerate Qin Sheng’s continued display of arrogance.

Qin Sheng smiled disdainfully and said, “Now you’re angry?”

“This is the man you’ve brought back, now kick him out!” Yu Hong ordered the sons and nephews of the Lin family.

A bunch of men started rubbing their hands together. If it was not for the elders that were present, they would have already brought it out on him a long time ago. Now that they finally received the order, they could not wait to do it. Lin Ze even led the group and charged towards Qin Sheng.

Lin Su stood in front of him and said, “If you guys want to kick him out, you’ll have to kick me out first.”

“You, you…” Lin Changting pointed at Lin Su and said, “Are you trying to kill me by making my blood boil? I don’t have a daughter like you!”

“Have or not, what’s the difference? For all these years, when have you ever cared about me? Other than Grandmother, who else in the Lin family had treated me seriously?” Lin Su’s gaze did not falter. This determination in her eyes was painful to watch.

Others might not feel bad for her, but Qin Sheng’s heart pained for her. He finally understood what her life was like all these years. It must have been hard on her to be standing against the rest in a family like this.

But at a moment like this, how could Qin Sheng let Lin Su protect him? He patted her shoulder and then stood in front of her. He faced Lin Ze and the rest and gave a burst of cold laughter. “Are you guys sure you want to get rough?”

Lin Ze was not going to waste any more time bickering with him. He charged towards Qin Sheng directly, prepared to chase him out of Lin family. Qin Sheng did not fear him at all, he placed both hands onto Lin Ze’s elbow and used it as a pivot to lean inwards. With a twist of his body, he gathered strength from his waist and flipped him over his shoulder. Lin Ze fell onto the floor heavily.

The atmosphere in the entire Lin family exploded immediately.

Yu Hong got a scare, he quickly ran towards Lin Ze and shouted loudly, “Son, son!”

“Quick, someone help! This man knows no boundaries!”

The other same-generation males of the family saw that Qin Sheng had gotten rough. Without hesitation, they charged towards him. Since the situation had already become like this, Qin Sheng decided to go all-in as well. Like what he said, they could take advantage of them however they liked, but if they took advantage of Lin Su, it would be trampling on his bottom line. A crowd versus a girl, so ironic and harsh. Qin Sheng had been holding back his urge. Since it had already become like this, at most he would just create permanent damage to the family.

The few useless rich second-generation who had their worth taken away by alcohol and lust were not worthy to be Qin Sheng’s opponent at all. In the blink of an eye, he took care of them all, even when he was still injured.

The Lin family was in a complete mess. There were five to six men lying on the floor. The women looked at Qin Sheng as if they had seen a ghost. The faces of the few elders, including Lin Changting, had all turned stiff. They were only left with boiling blood, but no one dared to make a move.

At this moment, a few men came in from outside. They were led by an old man who was over 50. Upon seeing the scene, his face fell immediately.

When the members of the Lin family saw this man, it was as if they saw their life-saver. This man did not waste time talking, he charged towards Qin Sheng directly to kill him. Qin Sheng furrowed his brows tightly because he had already felt this man’s threat.

But just as he was about to spring into action, he pulled his wounds. Qin Sheng felt a heart-wrenching pain. Now that he had run into such a powerful character, Qin Sheng was afraid that he was not worthy to be his opponent. Despite so, he still plucked up the courage and charged forward.

Once they came face to face with each other, the man swung a powerful fist. Feeling his enormous strength, Qin Sheng quickly dodged it. The man kept on chasing after Qin Sheng, forcing him to receive his attacks. His wounds seemed to have already pulled apart and he was bleeding. However, Qin Sheng could only grit his teeth and continue. After a few exchanges, Qin Sheng finally exposed his weakness and the man kicked him in the shoulder. Qin Sheng was sent flying into the air and fell heavily onto the floor.

“Fu Sheng, beat him to death, beat him until he dies!” Yu Hong saw that Qin Sheng had fallen and started shouting out loud. He finally got his revenge.

At this moment, Lin Su was already a mess. She was at a lost, but she still ran towards Qin Sheng without hesitation and covered him by standing in front of him. She faced the crowd and shouted, “Beat me to death first if you dare!”

Lin Changting’s face was very black. He did not think that this man could be so strong, nor did he expect things to turn out this way. He smashed the teacup onto the floor and roared, “Everyone stop!”

Everyone was stunned by his temper. Instantly, no one dared to speak anymore.

Lin Changting glared deadly into Lin Su’s eyes. “Lin Su, this is all caused by you. I’m now giving you one last chance. If you can give up on this man, I can pretend that nothing had happened. If you are still determined to choose him, fine, from today onwards, I’ll break all ties with you. I, Lin Changting, do not have a daughter like you.”

Lin Su did not expect her father to be so determined. She glanced at Qin Sheng who was lying on the floor with a pale face. She then looked up at everyone present. She believed that she would never forget anything that had happened today.

Lin Su’s eyes were blurred by tears. She smiled, seemingly laughing at herself, and then lowered her head and gave a faint smile to Qin Sheng. “Let’s go.”