Chapter 161 Leave It to Me

To be honest, other than the old lady, Lin Su did not build many relationships with the Lin family. She was even conflicted over her relationship with her father Lin Changting. She had never blamed her parents for their failed relationship. After all, relationships had to start with two willing hearts, no third party could intervene. Also, they were all adults, they had to be responsible for their own actions.

However, what Lin Su could not tolerate the most was when her mother was critically ill, Lin Changting only visited her once. When her mother passed away, Lin Changting did not even come to send her off. In the end, he directly brought her back to the cold-blooded Lin family. He was so evil-hearted. From then on, she started to hate Lin Changting. After coming to the Lin family, she then realized the true potential of this First Lady and her half-brother, Lin Ze, who always bullied her.

Since she was young, everything had been arranged for her. Lin Su never objected to their arrangements, she only obediently did what she was told to do. That was because she was still young and did not have the power to go against such a big family. But now, the Lin family wanted to use her marriage and happiness to do an exchange. Lin Su could not tolerate it at all. Hence, this time around, no matter what, she would resist till the end.

At most, she would only have to leave the Lin family. “What was there to miss? Since you guys want to force me, fine. I will go.”

When Lin Su said to Qin Sheng ‘let’s go’, it also meant that her fate with the Lin family had reached an end. She could return everything that the Lin family had given her, because she knew what she wanted and what kind of life she wanted to live.

The rest did not expect Lin Su to part ways with the entire family for a man. Could this man be so important? Even more important than your relatives?

Lin Yue’s second mother, Chen Qin, could not help but say, “Su Su, don’t be so rash.”

Lin Yue also quickly ran over and held onto Lin Su, crying out, “Sis.”

At this moment, Lin Changting would definitely not admit defeat, be it for the Lin family, or for his face and authority. Hence, he snorted and said, “Go, let her go! If she dares to go, she’d better not come back!”

Lin Su had a cold smile on her face as she looked around at these people with ugly hearts. Based on the temper that she had, she would naturally never come back once she left.

Being supported by Lin Su to stand up, Qin Sheng was in great pain due to his shoulders and torn wounds. In the condition where his body was perfectly fine, he would definitely have the confidence to tackle Fu Sheng. Which prosperous family did not have a few experts to protect them? This was like a visitor of a wealthy family in the past. Their contributions were needed at critical moments. Hence, it was understandable that Qin Sheng was defeated.

However, no matter how painful his wounds were, the pain could not compare to that of his heart. Looking at Lin Su, who was bullied until her face was full of tears, Qin Sheng was in incomparable pain. He looked at everyone in the Lin family and said between gritted teeth, “You Lin family really did not let me down.”

Qin Sheng would remember everything that had happened today very dearly. Sooner or later, one day, he would return and make the entire Lin family regret what they had done to him and Lin Su on this day.

“Continue to argue and I’ll make sure you can’t walk out of Ningbo.” Lin Ze had suffered much from Qin Sheng and had lost his face. He naturally had to say some mean words at this moment.

Qin Sheng could not be bothered to attend to him. He turned around and faced Lin Su. He wiped away her tears gently and said while smiling, “Your makeup is ruined, you don’t look pretty anymore. They are not worth it.”

“Let’s go, let’s go back to Shanghai,” said Lin Su with a smile as she nodded and pursed her lips.

After saying that, Lin Su pulled his hand and was prepared to walk out. Everyone looked at each other. They did not know what to do. Should they stop them or let them go? After all, Lin Changting did not say anything.

At this moment, Old Mrs. Lin, who had been chanting the sutras and paying respects to Buddha in the temple, walked slowly into the living room with the help of two servants. The old lady smiled lovingly and said, “At least eat first before you go, Grandmother had asked the kitchen to make your favorite Longjing shrimps. The shrimps were bought this morning.”

Lin Su did not expect her grandmother to show up at this moment. She stopped in her tracks subconsciously. Looking at how old her grandmother was, she was more at least not able to do this to her. After all, the situation had become like this because of her.

“Grandmother!” murmured Lin Su.

Old Mrs. Lin was very relaxed, as if whatever that had happened in the Lin family had nothing to do with her. The old lady was born during the period of the Republic of China. She had been through too much. She had witnessed how this country, its people and families experienced too many ups and downs. This small incident was not enough to make her surprised.

“You don’t even come to see Grandmother first when you’re back,” Old Mrs. Lin complained.

Lin Su was a little put on the spot. She should not leave, but neither should she stay. How was she going to face the Lin family if she did not leave? What would happen to Grandmother if she left?

Qin Sheng knew that Old Mrs. Lin doted on Lin Su the most. He quickly came forward and greeted, “I’m here to give my greetings to you.”

“Good, good, good.” Old Mrs. Lin looked at Qin Sheng and said these three words with smiling eyes.

Qin Sheng gently patted Lin Su’s shoulders and asked, “You rarely come back, let’s eat with Grandmother first, okay?”

Lin Su naturally cared about Qin Sheng’s opinion. Since he had already said so, she smiled and replied, “Okay.”

The rest of the Lin family had no more temper once Old Mrs. Lin appeared. They all looked at each other and did not know what to do. Everyone knew that Old Mrs. Lin doted on Lin Su the most. All these years, if it was not for Old Mrs. Lin, based on Yu Hong’s temper, she would have already eaten up Lin Su. But the old lady said before, whoever dared to bully Lin Su should not blame her for turning against them. Hence, though the people of the Lin family could not tolerate Lin Su, they must still act harmoniously on the surface. Although Lin Changting made big decisions in the family, the old lady’s words were like the imperial edict and no one could go against.

Lin Su and Qin Sheng accompanied the old lady upstairs. The others watched them leave, until they disappeared completely.

Lin Ze was the first to complain. He shouted, “What the heck? Letting an outsider come into our Lin family to give orders? What is going on?”

Lin Su’s Big Uncle-in-law replied cautiously, “Have you done a thorough check on this young man’s family background”?

Lin Changting was unwilling to talk about such things in front of everyone. He used to always exclude women when talking about serious issues. Women just knew how to eat, drink, shop and manage their own social circle. Big issues like these still needed men to be in control.

Hence, Lin Changting called a few men of the Lin family into the study, including Lin Su’s Second Uncle and two other Uncle-in-laws. On top of that, he also called Lin Ze and two other outstanding youths of his generation.

After the men left, the women started to gossip again. Yu Hong was harsh in her words as she said, “I said that she must be a seed of misfortune, and she should never have been brought back in the first place.”

“What’s the point of talking about all these now? We have to think of a way to not let them leave the Lin family so easily. Look at how arrogant that man was just now, he really pissed me off,” added Yu Ying. She was naturally sharing the same stance as her older sister. Her status in the family would only rise when her older sister had a more stable footing in the Lin family.

The women in the Lin family were naturally split into two groups. One was centered by Yu Ying. They were definitely standing against Lin Su and hopped her die early. Another group was led by Lin Su’s second mother, Chen Qin. These include Lin Su’s Second Aunt and Lin Yue. They pitied Lin Su more or less, but Lin Changting made the decisions in the family, so they did not dare to refute whatever Yu Hong said.

At this moment, Yu Hong’s side was creating trouble, while Lin Su’s second mother’s side was silent.

“I think, we don’t have to make the situation so extreme. The best solution is to make that man leave Su Su on his own. This way, not only can Su Su continue to stay in the Lin family, there might even be hope for the joint-marriage with the Yan family.” Lin Su’s Big Aunt was more thoughtful and considerate. Their family had a business in Shanghai. They hoped to have a joint-marriage with the Yan family the most. This way, they could rely on the Yan family’s background to continue developing in Shanghai.

Yu Ying thought for a while and said, “Why not we find that man and have a talk with him? We find out what conditions he want to leave Lin Su. If that doesn’t work, we’ll find someone to threaten him. I don’t believe he’s not afraid of death.”

“This is also a way.” Yu Hong nodded silently.

Lin Su’s second mother sighed, “Sister-in-law, I think we shouldn’t be in such a rush, let’s see what the men decide first?”

In the study room on the second floor, this bunch of men was seated at different locations in the study room. They were a bunch of old smokers. Just now there were many women and the atmosphere was a little tenser, which was why they did not smoke. Now that there was finally nothing holding them back, they lit up their cigarettes. The study room was immediately filled with smoke.

“Everyone should say something. What are we going to do about this? The joint-marriage between the Lins and the Yans will affect our development in the next 10 or 20 years. I don’t want this to affect the Lin family,” Lin Changting spoke as the master of the Lin family.

No one spoke a word. Lin Su was so stubborn, what could they do about it? They could not force her, for no one could handle it if they triggered the old lady.

“Lin Ze, what did Yan Chaozong say?” Lin Changhe asked casually.

Lin Ze scowled, “They all said that Yan Chaozong is a big shot in Shanghai, how the heck did he lose to a loser? He must be a show-off… now that his woman was snatched away, he doesn’t even dare to make a sound.”

“Skip the nonsense, head to the point,” Lin Changting said coldly.

Lin Ze then replied, “I went to him and he said that he’s thinking of a way right now. After so long, this man is still safe and sound. What can I do?”

“After all, it is our side that suddenly pulled out of it, the Yan family will naturally want us to take care of it,” said Lin Su’s Big Uncle-in-law. This was also a fact.

Lin Su’s Second Uncle-in-law, asked, “How do we deal with him?”

Lin Ze’s gaze was filled with killing intent as he gave a cold laugh and said, “Leave it to me.”