Chapter 162 Clear This Obstacle First

The Big Master of the Lin family, Lin Ze, relied on the family’s background in Zhedong. Both the underground gang and the lawful way gave him a lot of respect. There was almost nothing that he could not solve. Hence, facing a situation like this, Lin Ze stepped forward without hesitation. The task was to just take care of an ordinary loser anyways. He could easily find a few guys to take care of it. He did not believe that Qin Sheng was not afraid of death. Could love be more valuable than his life?

What nonsense. Lin Ze did not believe in love at all. How many people like this are there in the real world?

Lin Ze definitely did not know that Yan Chaozong was not telling him the truth. That was because Yan Chaozong could not care less about him. One was a lazy playboy, one was a handsome young man well-known in Shanghai. They were not on the same level at all. Besides, their family background and social circle had an even wider gap. Yan Chaozong only interacted with him because of Lin Su. If there were no Lin Su, he would go where benefitted him the most.

Hence, Lin Ze naturally did not know how the merciless and decisive man from the Yan family had chosen the most direct method right from the start. However, despite his confidence in it, he still failed and threw the helve after the hatchet.

Lin Ze was rasher in what he did. Naturally, the other members of the Lin family did not dare to let him do what he pleased. Hence, Lin Changting questioned, “Let you handle? How are you going to do it? Just based on your dirty tricks? If you end up forcing Su Su to her wit’s ends, who’s gonna take responsibility for the consequences? You guys still don’t understand what the old lady is trying to say? She’s obviously trying to protect her again.”

Lin Changhe was considered a wise person. He knew Lin Ze’s way of doing things and would not allow him to stir up trouble. He still chose the more conservative approach.

“Second Uncle, then what do you think we should do? We can’t really let him take advantage of us, right? How are we supposed to give the Yan family an explanation?” Lin Ze squinted his eyes and said. He did not have the guts to bicker with Lin Changhe.

Lin Changhe said with seemingly deep thoughts, “Do you guys know about this young man’s background?”

Lin Ze quickly replied, “Second Uncle, don’t worry about this. This dude is just a loser. Yan Chaozong had already figured out his whole family history. There’s nothing to worry about. He used to be connected with Shanghai’s Han Guoping, but he committed suicide later on. This dude then developed an unclear relationship with his daughter, what a scum to take advantage of her! Afterward, he connected with Jiang Xianbang. You guys probably all know him, the new money that shot to fame through selling antiques. I’ve done some research and also heard from Yan Chaozong that Jiang Xianbang ran into a problem recently and has escaped to Hong Kong. Don’t you guys think this dude has been possessed by bad luck? Whoever that get close to him will have bad luck! If he really gets together with Su Su, something might happen to our family too!”

After hearing Lin Ze’s words, everyone felt more repulsive towards Qin Sheng. But someone felt that it was somewhat intriguing to hear an ordinary man being connected to two big shots in Shanghai.

“What is his relationship with Han Guoping and Jiang Xianbang?” Lin Su’s Second Uncle-in-law asked quickly.

Lin Ze replied proudly, “Uncle-in-law, I knew that you would ask this. During then, I was also very curious. Yan Chaozong said that Qin Sheng worked for them, there’s not much to worry.”

The few people appeared to be deep in thoughts, but they still felt that there was a risk. Take his performance in the Lin family today as an example, it was really not easy. They were all experienced business makers who had seen a lot, which 26 or 27-year-old young man would have the courage and guts to stand in front of the whole Lin family?

“If Yan Chaozong had done a clear investigation, why hasn’t he done anything yet?” Lin Su’s Big Uncle-in-law asked in confusion.

Lin Ze laughed and said, “Uncle-in-law, do you really think that our Su Su is one-of-its-kind? What kind of women can Big Master Yan not conquer and must marry our Su Su? In harsher words, we are the ones that were taking advantage of them, if we have no actions, he naturally could not care more.”

The crowd remained silent. Lin Changting saw that no one spoke up and made the decision. “Since you guys don’t have any better ideas, Lin Ze, you will be in charge of this.”

“Father, be rest assured that I will do this beautifully,” Lin Ze replied excitedly.

Lin Changhe stopped them. “Big brother, I think you should let me have a talk with him first. It would be best if we can talk it through. This way, we won’t develop harsh feelings too. If we really can’t talk it through, then let Lin Ze do it.”

“Second Uncle, why are you so indecisive?” Lin Ze could not stop himself from commenting.

Lin Changhe turned around and looked at him. That gaze alarmed Lin Ze immediately. He realized that he had said something wrong and quickly replied, “Second Uncle, I don’t mean in that way.”

Lin Changting looked at the rest and said, “What do you guys think?”

The few younger ones made no sound. Lin Su’s Second Uncle-in-law said, “Then let Second Brother talk to the young man first. Not only him, but also Su Su. Second Brother has a good relationship with Su Su, as long as one of them gives up, this thing will be settled.”

“Okay, let’s do it that way,” Lin Changting spoke in a powerful and resonating voice.

At this moment, both the men and women of the Lin family had all arrived at a uniform decision. That was, to talk to him first. If that was to not work out, then they would think of another method. This was indeed the way a wealthy family did things.

In the small dining room on the second level, a rich feast was spread across the round table. It was all arranged by the old lady. She doted on this granddaughter the most, more than anyone else. This was because Lin Su was the most sensible and mature child in the whole family. The old lady was born in a wealthy family, she naturally adored such children.

Lin Su sat close to Grandmother and Qin Sheng sat next to her. There were only three of them in the dining room. The rest of them had been sent away. The old lady took the initiative to serve Lin Su a bowl of rice. In the whole Lin family, only Lin Su enjoyed such treatment. Because of Lin Su, Qin Sheng also received a bowl of rice from the old lady herself. This made him very flattered.

A simple move like this caused Qin Sheng to understand that at the very least, at this moment, the old lady was satisfied with him. Otherwise, she would not have treated him so courteously. If the old lady did not like him, she would obviously not behave in this manner. What troubled him was that he had shown big moves earlier on and almost disrupted the peace in the Lin family. However, not only did the old lady not scold him and not dislike him, she was even treating him so courteously.

Qin Sheng did not understand. Perhaps, the old lady did not want to be cold towards him in front of Lin Su. She had to care for Lin Su’s feelings more or less.

The old lady looked at Lin Su dotingly and said with a smile, “You must be hungry, quickly eat.”

Lin Su’s eyes became red. Because in the whole Lin family, Grandmother was her only safe harbor. Even if the rest of them did not like her, Grandmother would still dote on her as usual.

“Child, you eat too. Treat this as your house, don’t be shy,” the old lady said to Qin Sheng.

Although it was their first encounter, Qin Sheng really liked the old lady a lot. Seeing her and Lin Su’s interaction reminded him of Grandfather. During then, Grandfather was also like this, although he would be very strict with Qin Sheng sometimes. For example, he threw Qin Sheng into the Forest of Stone Steles Museum to train his calligraphy for the whole summer vacation. Qin Sheng could copy the “Yan Qin Li Bei” a hundred times in one summer vacation.

As they ate, Lin Su started crying out of a sudden. She understood that Grandmother had come out at the last moment to help her relieve the stress from the Lin family. She felt very sorry and cried, “Grandmother, I’m sorry.”

“Why are you saying sorry?” The old lady took out a handkerchief and wiped away her tears gently. She said, “Grandmother had said this a long time ago, don’t think too much. If you don’t like Little Zong, tell me. I will definitely not sacrifice your happiness. Now that you have someone that you like, I am beyond thrilled! I can see that you really like him.”

“Grandmother!” The more the old lady comforted her, the sorrier Lin Su felt.

Qin Sheng put down his bowl and chopsticks. He realized that he had been too rash just now, causing the family to be so stale now. Hence, he quickly apologized, “Grandmother, I was in the wrong just now. Hope that you can forgive me.”

“You’re young, it’s normal to throw a tantrum. It’s a pity that youngsters nowadays are living the life of a middle-aged man.” The old lady shook her head and said between smiled, “How many of them truly pity Su Su? Take her own father for example. How many times did he care about Su Su in a year? They are all chasing after profits. In their eyes, Su Su’s happiness is not worth mentioning at all. I know them well. You really pity Su Su and cannot stand anyone bullying her. Otherwise, unless one does not wish to step foot into our family again, which youngster would beat up all of his girlfriend’s brothers and cousins the first time he visits them and triggers her father and the elders until they vomit blood?”

Lin Su was feeling sad at first, but she burst out laughing at her Grandmother’s words. Today, in her eyes, Qin Sheng was a true man that stood upright. How many other men could be as firm as he? Forget about the Lin family obstacle, they would probably give up at Yan Chaozong’s obstacle already.

Qin Sheng also could not stop himself from laughing. He did not expect the old lady to be so humorous.

“Grandmother, I, Qin Sheng, am not heartless and cold-blooded. Su Su had to endure greater stress and be more courageous than me when she chose me. Since she has already done it, how can I be qualified to back down?” Qin Sheng said sincerely, “Grandmother, I don’t know if you agree to us being together, but today, I have to say this in front of you. I, Qin Sheng can swear to God, in this lifetime, as long as I’m around, I will not let Su Su suffer one tiny bit. As long as I’m around, I will not let her be taken advantage of. As long as I’m around, I will not let anyone bully her. If I can’t do it, I will never reincarnate.”

Qin Sheng was a bit heavy on his words, but it was indeed his honest thoughts at this moment. He did not want to hide or avoid anything. Similarly, he must show his stance to the old lady. This was because, at this moment, he had already offended the others. If the old lady did not like him as well, it would be equivalent to pushing Lin Su against the entire Lin family. His stress could not be compared to hers. If the old lady agreed, there would at least be a chance for them to breathe.

At this instance, having offended the whole family, Qin Sheng could still say such things and be so determined. It would be a lie to say that Lin Su was not moved. She looked at him with a gentle gaze and a face full of admiration. She had never fangirled over someone in her life. This was her first time.

“I believe in you.” The old lady also did not expect Qin Sheng to say such words. She was very surprised, but also very pleased. No wonder Su Su would like him. This child had a sense of responsibility that a man should have.

Hearing the old lady’s words, Qin Sheng knew that he had cleared this obstacle.