Chapter 163 A New Plan

Although the old lady initially pushed for Lin Su and Yan Chaozong to be together, it was only because he seemed like a better choice for Lin Su. Firstly, she admired him as a younger generation. Secondly, it was because of the dealings between the Yan and Lin families. The background of the Yan family only came in last. She naturally wished for her granddaughter to marry someone good, but all these years, Lin Su was stagnant in the relationship game. This caused the old lady to be very anxious. Hence, when the Yan family had the intention, the old lady pushed for it as well.

Today, Lin Su had made her own decision. The old lady naturally respected her choice. As long as it was someone whom Lin Su liked, she would support her. She trusted Lin Su’s judgments because she knew her well. An ordinary man could never enter her eyes. As to what this man did for a living, the old lady did not care at all. She only cared if this man treated Lin Su good or bad, whether he had potential.

In this world, many things were not constant. No one could determine one’s fate. The old lady had lived for so many years, the number of people whom she had seen was more than the salt that the younger ones have eaten. There were too many seemingly ordinary men whom she had seen in her younger days eventually shot to success after a few years of accumulation. There were too many living examples like this in society, especially after the reform. Many ordinary men were leaders in their field.

If you could not grab hold of a man when he was still ordinary, you would never be able to grab hold of him after he started to rise up, let alone in his best days. This was like an investment. The greatest profit from an outstanding project could only be gained through angel investment. Towards the end, you would have to contribute more and gain lesser.

At least right now, in the eyes of the old lady, Qin Sheng was considered not bad. She did not reject him.

The old lady accompanied Lin Su and Qin Sheng to finish their meal and then went to rest. Qin Sheng and Lin Su naturally would not want to continue staying in the Lin family. Thinking about how the old lady was there, this bunch of people would not dare to do anything to them.

Hence, Qin Sheng and Lin Su only stayed in Ningbo for two hours before they headed straight back to Shanghai. The members of the Lin family did not stop them. When they were leaving, Lin Yue snuck out to send them off. She whispered to Lin Su, “Sis, don’t worry, I’ll update you immediately if there’s any movement.”

Qin Sheng was so grateful he almost wanted to devote his life to her. He quickly said, “When you come to Shanghai, I’ll treat you to a feast.”

“Brother-in-law, I don’t need a feast, just treat my sister well. If I find out that you’re bullying her… humph! I’ll definitely not let you off,” Lin Yue threatened.

Qin Sheng giggled. “Don’t worry, you won’t have the chance.”

After leaving the Lin family, Lin Su then remembered Qin Sheng’s treatment just now and linking back to how he got hurt in Southwestern Sichuan a few days ago, she asked worriedly, “Qin Sheng, is your body okay?”

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “I’m fine! Does it look like there’s something wrong?”

“I’m sorry,” said Lin Su pitifully.

Behind the wheel, Qin Sheng freed one hand and patted her thigh. “You don’t have to say sorry, even if someone has to say sorry, it should be me saying it to you.”

Lin Su looked at him with deep affection. She was even more determined to be with him. She would not give up, no matter what kind of difficulties or setbacks they might face.

It was already in the afternoon by the time they returned to Shanghai. Lin Su insisted on bringing Qin Sheng to the hospital to do a check-up. She was more or less worried about his injuries. Qin Sheng was prepared to rush back to Shangshan Ruoshui. The signing ceremony was already over. Chang Baji sent him a text, saying that Han Zhengdong was very angry that he did not come.

Hence, Qin Sheng could only shrug it off and said that he was fine. He said that he would go to the hospital for a check-up the next day because he had a more important job today. Lin Su then let him go.

After sending Qin Sheng to Shangshan Ruoshui, Lin Su headed straight to the company. She did not go there to work overtime, but to prepare to draw a line between herself and the Lin family. After all, what she had today was all given by the Lin family. Also, she knew what her father, Lin Changting, would do next. He would definitely cut off her financial source in order to force her to succumb to his request. Hence, it was better for her to do it herself.

Like what she had expected, after Lin Su left, Lin Changting immediately made the arrangements for the Vice President of Lin Su’s company to take over her position as President. He felt that he had spoilt her, such that she now knew no boundaries, even becoming daring enough to go against the elders in the family, bringing a man from god-knows-where back home and even letting him beat them up. If Lin Su still did not succumb to his wishes, he would then take back the house in Lujiazui Central Apartment. He wanted to know if the bread or milk was more important.

As for Lin Changhe, he planned to go to Shanghai personally tomorrow and talk to Qin Sheng and Lin Su separately.

On Yan Chaozong’s side, Uncle Zhen was not badly injured and had already returned to Shanghai after resting for a few days. The badly injured Feng He who had a few broken ribs continued to stay in Chengdu. He would return to Shanghai after making a suitable recovery.

Yan Chaozong had lost a great deal in this incident. He was in a bad mood for a few days straight. He did not expect to fail this plan that he was so confident in. He could not accept the fact that he had been played by a loser.

After Uncle Zhen returned to Shanghai, Yan Chaozong made him come over right away and listened to him narrate the whole incident. After listening to it, Yan Chaozong felt that it was indeed not Uncle Zhen and Feng He’s fault. Their plan was flawless, but they had underestimated their enemy’s potential.

“This Chang Baji is actually so powerful,” Yan Chaozong murmured to himself.

Uncle Zhen frowned and said, “Young Master, this man is the most dangerous opponent that I’ve ever met. If he had not gone easy on us, Feng He and I would have been very dead right now.”

Yan Chaozong slammed the table violently and shouted, “Then are we supposed to let them be? I don’t believe this!”

A man standing beside Yan Chaozong gave a cold smile and said, “Young Master, we can use other methods. For example, we can set up a trap and send him walking into it?” This person was also an elder in the Yan family. He had been following Yan Chaozong’s uncle all along. Today, he had been specially invited over to discuss how to deal with this.

Yan Chaozong looked at him and said, “Uncle Zhao, if he doesn’t die, then Lin Su will still have feelings for him. We can only achieve our goal if he dies.”

The man called Uncle Zhao started to think deeply. He had always liked to come up with dirty tricks and naturally avoided coming face-to-face. He had already received information related to this man from Yan Chaozong earlier on. Since then, he kept on thinking of solutions.

“Young Master, I have a plan,” said Uncle Zhao in a playful tone as a dirty trick flew past his mind.

Yan Chaozong quickly answered, “Uncle Zhao, say it quickly. What plan?”

“Young Master, didn’t you say that that man called Qin Sheng and Chang Baji were all at Shangshan Ruoshui? Coincidentally, I heard a piece of news recently, Ye Jiangning had officially bought over Jiang Xianbang’s Shangshan Ruoshui. Jiang Xianbang had completely exited out of China.” Uncle Zhao was an advisor for the Yan family’s second elder, so he was naturally well-informed.

Yan Chaozong did not understand. “I know about all these. Jiang Xianbang this fox is smart. Just a little movement is enough to send him preparing for heyday. He was smarter than countless people a hundred times. If he had continued to hold on, when something happens, he would be alive to earn the money but not to spend it. But I don’t quite understand what you are saying. Ye Jiangning is not easy. He has a very good relationship with Jiang Xianbang, such that he would never betray him. I can’t possibly turn to him for help. Besides, I don’t have the face to do so. I’m just closer to his son Ye Muyang.”

Uncle Zhao burst out laughing. “Young Master, there are two meanings in what I said. Firstly, if Jiang Xianbang had exited out of China, Qin Sheng would then lose his biggest back support. Secondly, you don’t necessarily have to turn to Ye Jiangning. Aren’t you close to the Second Master of the Ye family? You can ask him for a little help. Isn’t that Chang Baji very powerful? You can get the Second Master to ask him out and move him somewhere else. Then you should set up a trap and make Qin Sheng jump into it directly. I don’t believe that the Second Master would turn down your small request. During then, even if Qin Sheng was powerful, he would definitely die without having to be buried. If you are still worried, I will borrow two good men from my friend’s bodyguard service. They are all retired soldiers, I don’t believe that Qin Sheng will still be alive in the end.”

This Uncle Zhao was indeed an experienced player. His series of plans were so seamless, no wonder he could become the advisor for the Yan family.

After listening to his reply, Yan Chaozong understood it immediately. He stood up directly and said, “Wonderful, so wonderful! Uncle Zhao, the wiser one is indeed the older one. Your plan is excellent!”

“I’m just helping you to get rid of your problems,” Uncle Zhao replied humbly.

Yan Chaozong immediately made the arrangements. “We will do this your way, leave Ye Muyang to me. You will take care of the rest. I will cooperate with your plan.”

“Okay, I’ll head back right away to prepare for it. Afterward, I will discuss the specific details with you.” Uncle Zhao then left feeling satisfied.

The Yan family might not be a game-changer in Shanghai, but they were not ordinary either. There were too many fights over profits in a big wealthy family. There were always secret movements behind the peaceful facade. Uncle Zhao had chosen a side many years ago. He chose the Second Elder of the Yan family, so they were able to prosper for over a decade. Today, he knew that the next leader of the Yan family would be Yan Chaozong, so he naturally jumped ships.

Hence, this mission was very crucial. If he could help Yan Chaozong finish this, Yan Chaozong would definitely acknowledge him. In the future, Uncle Zhao’s children and grandchildren would then be able to enjoy the benefits. Even if he were to close his eyes, he would die in peace.

Over at Shangshan Ruoshui, by the time Qin Sheng had arrived, the signing ceremony was indeed over. Shangshan Ruoshui had been officially bought over by Ye Jiangning. Jiang Xianbang’s era had ended completely. Xu Lancheng had also officially left Shangshan Ruoshui. Han Zhengdong officially became the new General Manager.

This Boss Ye was interesting. He only sent Han Zhengdong over. Even the Finance Manager was still the same person. No one knew what he had in mind.

Han Zhengdong was very angry today. Shangshan Ruoshui had officially been bought over. This big show had a long preparation period. Other than the people that Mr. Ye sent over, there were many members of Shangshan Ruoshui and big shots in Shanghai that came as well. Even Xue Qingyan was there. A number of people signed up as members today. The whole Reception Department was a whole mess and as the Reception Manager, Qin Sheng had to be absent today. This obviously triggered Han Zhengdong a lot.

Most importantly, he had already warned Qin Sheng the day before, asking him to make his own decision. What he meant was that no matter what issues Qin Sheng had to deal with, he must come today, unless Qin Sheng did not respect him as the new General Manager.

He thought that Qin Sheng would not have the guts, but Qin Sheng did exactly that. This was equivalent to giving him a tight slap in front of everyone at Shangshan Ruoshui.

He had not even accomplished anything in his new role yet and Qin Sheng was already a threat to him. How could Han Zhengdong tolerate it?