Chapter 165 Father and Daughter After All

For the Qin family whose roots were planted in Sijiu City, they would naturally not pay attention to the Lin family in Ningbo, who had been forced to be situated in one corner. Even the Yan family, who was well-known in Shanghai for having access to everything, could not capture the Qin family’s attention. If you want to talk about the real powerful big families, which of them were not rooted in Sijiu City with the highest concentration of power?They formed an unbreakable profitable alliance that radiated towards the rest of the country. There were indeed families in Shanghai that could bring about great changes, but the Yan family was not centered around business-making, so Gongsun naturally had the guts to not pay any attention to them.

Although this trip to South Korea only spanned across a few days, Qin Changan still managed to accomplish many big things. South Korea’s economy had recently plummeted. If he did not go in now to take advantage of it, when would he have the chance to do so again? China needed its high-end technology industry urgently. Qin Changan always followed the country’s needs closely. This way, he could play around safely. Everyone was useless when compared to the country’s technology. Ever since the new boss took over, how many families became history, how many criminals were rightfully jailed?

Qin Changan was trying to remain low profile with an ordinary-looking Audi A6L. The accompanying staff had already left first. As Qin Changan’s chauffeur, Gongsun had arrived at the airport half an hour earlier. When Qin Changan got onto the car, he was not tired from his travel. His mental state looked good. After all, he had managed to secure a few big deals during the trip.

“Is Ran Ran in Beijing or elsewhere?” Qin Changan asked casually. The reason why he had returned earlier was that it was his daughter’s birthday. He protected this daughter of his very well. However, their relationship had always been stiff and it was due to none other than Qin Sheng. Qin Ran held a grudge against Qin Changan. But after all, she was his daughter. No matter what tantrum she threw, Qin Changan did not care.

Gongsun thought for a while and answered, “She should be in Beijing, I just saw her yesterday, she came back to get something.”

“It’s her birthday today, make her come back for supper, I’ll cook,” said Qin Changan in a gentle tone. As someone who never goes shopping, he made his secretary and assistant shop with him for one and a half hour yesterday afternoon just to choose a birthday present for his daughter.

Gongsun smiled faintly and said, “I’m worried that she might not come back.”

No one dared to not ‘give face’ to Qin Changan. Qin Ran was the only one that never took him seriously. However, Qin Changan was not angry at all, as she was his daughter after all.

“It’s up to her, I have to do what I have to do,” Qin Changan said helplessly.

Gongsun said with an empty look, “You’re too biased, Young Master is being played around by others.”

“What happened to that kid again?” Qin Changan frowned and asked. He had so many headaches because of him now. He did not know when he should reunite with him. He felt like it should not be too sudden. Otherwise, based on this boy’s temper, he would be stubborn than Qin Changan. He must find a chance to interact with him slowly and then enter the topic gradually. However, there was no chance for him to do as of now.

After Gongsun reported the events that happened these few days, Qin Changan said with his eyes narrowed, “This Yan family is so fearless! But this kid’s life is quite tough, he could even escape all these.”

“It’s all thanks to that Chang Baji. If it was not for him, Young Master would have lost his life without a doubt. You don’t even need to say it, this man is really not simple,” Gongsun said from his heart. Earlier on, when Qin Changan said that Chang Baji could possibly be stronger than him, Gongsun dismissed it. But this time around, he admitted it. At least with this kind of character by Young Master’s side, his safety would not be a problem.

Qin Changan smiled faintly and said, “The old man had paved a long way for him, even I did not know. Otherwise, based on his temper, he could have already died countless times.”

Gongsun nodded silently. He had witnessed Old Master Qin’s power before. Back then, he was the leader of the various big shots in Sijiu City. However, he could not understand why Old Master would suddenly go into hiding and even took Young Master with him.

“What about the Lin family’s side?” Gongsun asked. He dared not act rashly without Qin Changan’s orders.

Qin Changan did not care. “There is no family that is willing to use a long time to witness a young man’s potential. If it was me, I would also choose Yan Chaozong. Leave the Lin family’s matter to himself to settle.”

“But the kid is in danger right now. Families like the Yans and the Lins would not let him off so easily. Send Zhuang Zhou to Shanghai. I can be rest assured with him there,” Qin Changan arranged after thinking deeply about it.

Hearing this, Gongsun smiled instantly. Only Qin Changan could ask a favor from a character like Zhuang Zhou. With this character around, he did not believe that anyone in Shanghai could threaten Young Master.

On the way back to Dongcheng District, Gongsun had already made all the necessary arrangements. Zhuang Zhou rushed to Shanghai overnight. At the same time, the courtyard had already prepared all the ingredients, waiting for Qin Changan to arrive. It was a pity that Qin Ran’s call would not go through.

At this moment, Qin Ran was in a daze as she sat in an old house in Yu Yuan Tan. This was the first place that her parents stayed in. It was a family compound that belonged to the government. Today, it was filled with old people. Most of the younger ones had already left this place.

The house was not big, it only had two rooms, one dining area, and one living room. The walls were filled with old photos. There was her father, mother, and younger brother. The best memories in her life were all here. During then, the family of four was so happy and blissful. She had the most fun when she and her mother would play with her brother. During then, her father returned home late every night. He would be drunk most of the time. Her mother would not blame him. She would silently make him a cup of tea to somber up.

Every year on her birthday, she would spend some quiet time here. Her favorite kind of birthday was when her parents would cook and her brother would snatch her cake. Unfortunately, they could no longer return back to how it was like. Her mother was gone and her brother missing.

Time was almost up. Qin Ran prepared to head home. Her phone was in silent mode all this while. When she turned it on, she realized that Uncle Gongsun had called her several times. She called back and asked, “Uncle Gongsun, what’s the matter?”

“Ran Ran, your father had rushed back from South Korea. He’s cooking in the kitchen right now. He’s asking you to come back for supper, it’s for your birthday,” Gongsun said with smiling eyes. He was truly more caring and considerate towards Qin Ran as compared to Qin Changan. Qin Ran would most often look for him when she had troubles.

Qin Ran frowned slightly. As the clock struck twelve yesterday, her father had already called him. Although she did not want to see him, she still felt touched more or less because he remembered her birthday very clearly. Every year, he would always be the first one to wish her a happy birthday. She never thought that he would rush back from South Korea just to celebrate her birthday.

“Forget it, I ate with my friends tonight. I’m feeling sleepy now,” Qin Ran rejected subconsciously.

Gongsun did not say anything. It was up to the father and daughter to untie the knot in their hearts. He had said it too many times these few years, but it was to no avail.

“Okay then, rest early,” Gongsun said with a smile.

After hanging up, Gongsun ran to the kitchen. At this moment, the man who was widely-feared by many on the playing field of profits was wrapped in an apron and cooking. If his friends and enemies knew about this, they would definitely laugh till they bent over.

“Ran Ran called back,” Gongsun said casually.

Qin Changan put down the knife in his hand and turned back to look at Gongsun. He asked, “She’s not coming?”

“Yes,” Gongsun nodded.

Qin Changan was not surprised. He laughed, “Well then, we’ll eat on our own.”

Over at the other side, Qin Ran was not in a hurry to leave after she hung up. Instead, she got deep into thinking. She regretted a little. She felt that she was a bit too much. Her father rushed back from South Korea to celebrate her birthday, which meant that he still loved her deeply. All these years, her father had been doting on her and let her do anything. As to what happened to her brother, she had felt guilty for many years. All these years, she kept searching for him. Besides, it was her grandfather that took her brother away, it had not much to do with her father, yet she held on to that grudge. So many years had passed, as a father, he had a harder time than her.

Thinking about this, Qin Ran called Uncle Gongsun again. After the call went through, she said, “Uncle Gongsun, I’m coming back later to get some stuff, save some food for me.”

“Okay, okay.” Hearing this, Gongsun replied very excitedly. After so many years, this was the first time that Miss was doing this.

After hanging up, he ran to the kitchen again and said, “Master, Ran Ran said that she’s coming in a while.”

Qin Changan froze for a while and after digesting the news, he said emotionally, “This girl.” They were father and daughter after all, blood is thicker than water, the biggest misunderstanding would be resolved.

Over at Shangshan Ruoshui, Qin Sheng only finished his work at 10.30 pm. Initially, he wanted to find Han Zhengdong to have a talk, but he would not give him the chance. He got so drunk and was sent home by his driver.

Qin Sheng sighed. There was lots of targeting and arrowing coming his way. Hence, he left first after giving Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan some reminders. He was suffering from others’ temper this whole day.

Outside Shangshan Ruoshui, Lin Su was waiting for him in her Mercedes-Benz GLS. During the evening, Qin Sheng called her and said that an older sister who treated him quite well wanted to meet her. Lin Su did not reject. Since she was already his girlfriend, she naturally had to slowly integrate into his social circle. Besides, this older sister treated Qin Sheng quite well.

Qin Sheng drank quite a lot at night, but he was still comparatively somber. However, after getting into the car, Lin Su said in a displeased tone, “You drank?”

“I can’t help it. Shangshan Ruoshui was bought over today, there were a number of members,” Qin Sheng explained.

Lin Su was not concerned about all these. She only cared about his body. Hence, she replied calmly, “Your wounds have not healed.”

Qin Sheng understood her very well. She was obviously not happy. Hence, he could only reply, “I know, no more next time.”

Lin Su started driving slowly and replied in satisfaction, “That’s more like it.”

“Seems like I’m going to be controlled by my wife in the future,” Qin Sheng sighed and said emotionally.

Lin Su turned her head and stared at him as she scoffed, “Seems like you’re very unwilling.”

“I’m willing, I’m in need of someone to manage me,” Qin Sheng smiled sheepishly.

Xue Qingyan left Shangshan Ruoshui earlier. Qin Sheng had already informed her after making the arrangements with Lin Su. At this moment, Xue Qingyan was waiting for them at a roadside supper stall.

On the way there, Qin Sheng told Lin Su that Xue Qingyan was originally a member at Shangshan Ruoshui. He helped her with something and gradually became close. Hence, Xue Qingyan took good care of him in all areas.

Qin Sheng told Lin Su everything that he knew, including how Xue Qingyan also did investments. Their company was not small and had branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and so on. He told Lin Su that they would not have a lack of common topics.

When Lin Su wrapped her arm around Qin Sheng’s and walked into the stall, Xue Qingyan had already spotted them from afar. She froze subconsciously because she recognized Lin Su and had heard many people talk about this fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful lady.

But what was Lin Su and Qin Sheng together?