Chapter 166 Why Could You Have Against It?

Qin Sheng liked hotpot and barbeque. Hotpot in the winter, barbeque in the summer, with a bottle of beer, wasn’t this the best part about life? Hence, he would rather patron this kind of food stalls rather than those fancy hotels.

Xue Qingyan who have eaten with him quite a few times naturally knew this younger brother’s temper and character. Hence, she did not choose to meet at a hotel. Instead, she chose this food stall that was famous for their seafood barbeque. Xue Qingyan mostly ate at more delicate restaurants and rarely visited this kind of places. Seemed like she had given up a lot for this younger brother.

Lin Su and Qin Sheng were the same. Back when she was at Xinan in Sichuan, whenever she was there, she would find the ‘flies stalls’ with authentic taste. She would also do the same when on business trips. Many people may find it weird, why would a fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful lady like her, who grew up being pampered in a prestigious family, like this kind of stuff? She seemed to be the kind of people that could only eat at those high-class restaurants with elegant environment and prices that could kill.

This was why Qin Sheng liked Lin Su. She was down to earth, can enter the kitchen, and was also presentable and mingled well in society. Which man would not like a goddess like her? No wonder so many spoilt second generations pursued her. Yan Chaozong could even put in his all for Lin Su and insisted on fighting with Qin Sheng to see who was better.

When Qin Sheng and Lin Su got nearer, Xue Qingyan had already stood up. But she still did not understand. What was going on exactly? These two who should never cross paths, how did they get to interact with each other and even fall in love? Qin Sheng was very outstanding, Xue Qingyan admired him quite a lot. She felt that his girlfriend should be about the same. However, she had never thought that his girlfriend would be Lin Su. She was on a level much higher than his. Lin Su was a well-known girl in the whole of Shanghai Bund and was many men’s dream partner for life.

No matter how Xue Qingyan thinks, this was the truth. She could but felt like she undermined Qin Sheng once again. She also felt that this Lin Su was really not an ordinary philistine woman.

“Sis, have you waited for a long time?” Qin Sheng said with smiling eyes. Lin Su wrapped her arm around his and attached herself to his shoulder closely. She was just like a small woman in love.

Xue Qingyan shook her head and smiled faintly as she said, “I’ve just reached too.”

“Sis, this is my girlfriend, Lin Su. I didn’t disappoint you, right?” Qin Sheng introduced proudly. A girlfriend like Lin Su was a goddess that could give him ‘face’ wherever he went. How many women could suppress her?

Xue Qingyan looked towards Lin Su and nodded. She smiled faintly and said, “If I’m disappointed at this kind of girlfriend, I really don’t know what kind of girlfriend you must bring in order to satisfy me. You’ve given me a surprise.”

Qin Sheng laughed.

Lin Su was not overly-mindful of herself. She spoke very naturally, “Hello older sister, we’ve met before, right? I feel like you look a little familiar.”

“Seems like my younger sister’s memory is not bad. We did have a few interactions. Once was at a financial industry forum and twice was at a business banquet. I actually know you better.” Xue Qingyan was honest and did not hide a single bit.

“I didn’t expect you to remember it so clearly,” the surprised Lin Su said.

Standing at a side, Qin Sheng was also not surprised that Xue Qingyan knew Lin Su. No matter how big a city could be, the social circle at the tip of the pyramid could only be this big. After all, Lin Su was in the financial industry; it was not surprising that they know each other.

“Of course, you were the center of attention every time, how could I not? I’m right, aren’t I?” Xue Qingyan smiled and joked. This was a fact. A number of men would encamp around Lin Su to either initiate a talk or ask for her contact. But it was likewise for her.

Lin Su pursed her lips and smiled faintly. They did not continue this topic and both sides stopped after touching on it.

“Quick, come sit down. Qin Sheng had been busy working the whole day, you must be hungry now. This stall’s seafood and barbeque are really not bad,” Xue Qingyan said to both Qin Sheng and Lin Su. She also handed them the menu at the same time.

Lin Su already had dinner, and despite the fact that she eats extremely less for dinner, she still ordered two dishes. This was where she was smart at, she could give Qin Sheng enough ‘face’ outside and take care of others’ feelings.

Qin Sheng was really angry. He started ordering without saying another word. But because he still had wounds, every time he chose something spicier, Lin Su would stop him. Qin Sheng could only exchange it with ‘hehe’. The couple acted all lovey-dovey, as if there was no one watching them. Sitting across them, Xue Qingyan still could not understand.

At the same time, the decisive Yan Chaozong was treating Ye Muyang to wine tonight, in a high-class clubhouse in Jing’an that was opened to members only. The Yan family was much powerful than the Ye family. Ye Muyang would definitely not reject when Yan Chaozong invited him personally. Besides, Yan Chaozong also brought over two other friends who all came from very powerful families. One was the son of a member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee, the other was the son of a leader in the Eastern Military Area after the military reform. They were both characters that could see and control many things from above. Yan Chaozong had given Ye Muyang enough ‘face’.

All of the b-girls in the clubhouse wore the same gray cheongsam of top-notch quality. This clubhouse was also opened by a playboy. He only served acquaintances and friends. The clubhouse only served members. The amount they spend was also very alarming. The lowest bill for a private room was 100,000. There was no beer, only red wine, and western alcohol. Those who could afford to come were all extremely rich, they could do without this sum. There were rumors saying that the highest spending was from a certain young master that spent 5 million in one night. Yan Chaozong rarely came to places like this but he did come to support a few times. The most he had spent was 1.5 million and he was ranked in the top 10. Hence, when Yan Chaozong entered, these top-grade ladies’ eyes started glowing. If they could attract this gentleman’s eyes, they could live the rest of their life worry-free.

Most people would remain low profile when in front of people who were stronger than them. It was the same for Ye Muyang. He could boast and show off in front of others, but he was very humble in front of Yan Chaozong. Besides, there were two other gentlemen with them tonight. He knew Yan Chaozong relatively well but they were not best buds. This was because he was not qualified enough to enter Young Master Yan’s core social circle. Hence, he felt that something was not quite right when Young Master Yan invited him out to drink. He had planned to go Shangshan Ruoshui tonight. It was the private high-class club that his old man had just purchased. He was quite pleased about it. For one, he could rely on this platform to expand his social circle and two, the artists there were all top-grade beauties. It was far different from what Young Master Sun had to offer. But these artists were all ‘clean’ people, it would be more satisfying to conquer them than those who were already experienced.

Bust just as he was about to head out, Young Master Yan called. Although was a little surprised and confused, he was also very happy and came out joyfully. When he arrived and saw the two other young masters, the feeling of something wrong grew even stronger.

In the beginning, when the few of them started drinking and chit-chatting, the two young masters flattered Ye Muyang. After all, the Ye family was also a wealthy and prestigious family. Although they were not in the same circle, they still knew them more or less.

Ye Muyang was in a good mood today, he wrapped his arms around the young and ‘clean’ woman and started to wonder with his hands. This woman was the HR of a listed company. Ye Muyang was very puzzled as to why she came out to do this. Was life’s pressure too great in Shanghai?

It was all until Yan Chaozong smiled and said, “Mu Yang, should we head out for a smoke?”

Ye Muyang pushed away from the woman in his embrace. He knew that the lead-up was over and the real show was starting. He followed behind Yan Chaozong with smiling eyes. He did not know if Yan Chaozong had a hidden agenda or was being unaccountably solicitous is hiding his evil intentions. Based on Young Master Yan’s power, there was nothing he could give him.

“This place is not bad, right? Hao Ran spent quite a sum on this,” Yan Chaozong said casually.

Ye Muyang was not on good terms with this young master. The two of them used to fight several times before. Both were arrogant people and none was willing to take one step back. Hence, Ye Muyang had never been here before.

“You know about my relationship with Hao Ran,” Ye Muyang laughed bitterly.

Yan Chaozong lit up Ye Muyang’s cigarette for him. He patted Ye Muyang on his shoulder and said, “He has a bad temper, that’s all. I invited you tonight for you guys to talk it out, but who knew that the man ran away to Europe with his wife.”

Ye Muyang seemed to other thoughts. He did not think that Yan Chaozong looked for him just for this matter as it had nothing to do with him. Based on Young Master Yan’s character, he would not meddle in this kind of trivial thing.

Ye Muyang really did not like Yan Chaozong being like this, because he was indeed a little fearful of him. He was really afraid that Yan Chaozong would set him up. Hence, he asked bluntly, “Brother Zong, is there something wrong?”

“What could be wrong?” Yan Chaozong laughed and said casually.

Ye Muyang laughed, “Brother Zong, I’m a very straightforward person. You set up such a big event tonight and if you were to say that there’s nothing going on, I wouldn’t believe it at all. We’re all close to each other, you can just tell me directly. As your brother, I’ll definitely help if I can.”

Ye Muyang had already opened up like this, so there was no more need for Yan Chaozong to hide. He smiled, “Since you’ve already said it, then let me be honest. There is indeed something.”

“Pray, tell,” Ye Muyang whispered.

Yan Chaozong said slowly, “I heard that Uncle Ye had purchased Jiang Xianbang’s Shangshan Ruoshui?”

“Yes, it was made official today. I was going to head there tonight. Has this got to do with Shangshan Ruoshui?” Ye Muyang was even more confused.

Yan Chaozong said softly, “Indeed there is. You must have heard a recent joke about me. The Shanghai circle is only so big. Be honest, I won’t blame you.”

Ye Muyang was put on the spot. He did indeed heard about it. Like what Yan Chaozong said, the circle was only so big. Besides, they had a bunch of mutual friends, how could he possibly not know? An unknown loser snatched away Big Master Yan’s fiancee, the friendly Young Miss, Lin Su. Most importantly, she declared in front of everyone else, claiming that that man was her boyfriend. She did not reserve any ‘face’ for Yan Chaozong at all. He was really embarrassed.

“Yes, I did indeed heard of it,” Ye Muyang nodded and said lightly.

Yan Chaozong gave a cold laugh. “Do you think that I will admit defeat to something like this?”

“Definitely not.”

“Are you my brother?” Yan Chaozong stared at him and asked.

Ye Muyang scolded in his heart: Do you even treat me as your brother? But his lips answered, “Yes.”

“Then do you want to help me win this back?”

“Yes.” Ye Muyang was getting more confused. What has this got to do with him?

Hearing Ye Muyang’s answer, Yan Chaozong snorted, “Okay, this person is in Shangshan Ruoshui, I need you to help me do something.”

“What the heck? So this is what’s going on…Brother Zong, for this kind of favor, you can just make a call. I’ll fire him over the phone right now.” Ye Muyang finally understood what was going on after so many twists and turns. So it turned out that the loser who snatched away Young Miss was in Shangshan Ruoshui. Then he became curious; in a lowly place like Shangshan Ruoshui, who would have captured Young Miss Lin’s eyes?

“Isn’t firing him a bit too easy on him? If I want to trample on him, I want to make sure he dies in one go,” Yan Chaozong narrowed his eyes and said fiercely.

Ye Muyang thought so too, this was Young Master Yan’s temper alright. Hence, he said, “Then tell me, Brother Zong, how should I help you?”

Yan Chaozong indicated for him to come nearer and then whispered by his ear. The plan he told him was naturally not the real plan, he only needed Ye Muyang to transfer Chang Baji away and then he get Qin Sheng to come out. He would not need to worry about the rest.

After listening, Ye Muyang agreed right away without hesitation. “Brother Zong, don’t worry, this is now on me. You can just notify me when you’re ready to go into action.”

“Wait for my call,” Yan Chaozong said in satisfaction.

From Ye Muyang’s perspective, a Qin Sheng naturally could not be compared to Yan Chaozong. By sacrificing him, he could get closer to Yan Chaozong. What could you have against it?

Ye Muyang naturally did not know that by doing so, he was implanting death traps for his family.