Chapter 167 The Start of the Evil Plan

Ye Muyang had been feeling uneasy for most of the night and he finally felt relieved now. After all, you have to be careful when making friends with people like Yan Chaozong. For people like them, there was no such thing as a legit friend. There were only legit profits. Once they had gathered enough, they could abandon anyone.

Qin Sheng was just a small Reception Manager in Shangshan Ruoshui, Ye Muyang naturally did not pay attention to him. As compared to Yan Chaozong, Qin Sheng was not even worth mentioning. Hence, Ye Muyang sacrificed him without hesitation. But he was very curious as to how this loser with no background managed to conquer Big Miss and embarrassed the hell out of Yan Chaozong. Thinking about how the attractive Big Miss of the Lin family had been smeared by such a loser, Ye Muyang felt a sense of admiration, jealousy, and hatred.

Yan Chaozong was a wise man. In order to make Ye Muyang put in his best, he must give him some benefits. He said joyfully, “Mu Yang, aren’t you in the talks for a project in Jinshan? I heard that there was a problem in getting it approved. If this works out, I’ll come out and help you with the approval. There should not be a problem.”

Hearing this, Ye Muyang replied excitedly, “Brother Zong, then I really must thank you well enough.”

“We are bothers, this is nothing,” Yan Chaozong said with indifference.

Ye Muyang burst out laughing. He had an older brother who was older than him by five to four years. He had taken over the family business a long time ago and the family had high hopes for him. And he was indeed a playboy that ate, drank, played with women and gambled. He wanted to accomplish great things but was looked down on. His father gave him a few chances but he screwed them up, causing great losses to the Ye family. Although they were not detrimental losses, his father was very disappointed in him. Everyone had no expectations of him as well. This project in Jinshan was the last chance. If he does not succeed, his father would probably never believe in him again. Now, with Yan Chaozong’s guarantee, this thing was 90% going to succeed. Hearing this, Ye Muyang only wanted to say to Qin Sheng, thank you, big brother.

After discussing this, Ye Muyang and Yan Chaozong’s relationship grew deeper. The two of them wrapped their shoulders around each others’ and entered the private room. Seeing the young man seated inside, Ye Muyang wanted to vent tonight.

Sitting in the seafood stall, Qin Sheng did not know that Ye Muyang and Yan Chaozong had already reached a consensus at this moment. He was the object to be sacrificed. No one knew what Qin Sheng would think when he found out how insignificant he was in front of such rich men and young masters.

Xue Qingyan and Lin Su talked a lot, their topics ranged widely. They were both women that enjoyed living an exquisite life, were both in the financial industry and also had many close friends. Hence, they were not awkward with each other at all. They ignored Qin Sheng completely. He was unable to contribute to the conversation and could only focus on eating.

After a while, Lin Su got up to go to the bathroom. Xue Qingyan then said softly, “You really gave me a surprise.”

Qin Sheng stopped subconsciously while holding onto an oyster in his hand. He looked up and looked at Xue Qingyan sheepishly. He was not surprised by what she said. Seemed like Lin Su’s popularity was very high, Xue Qingyan was apparently full of admiration for her.

“Sis, to be honest, I didn’t expect it too, let alone you. We crossed paths two years ago, perhaps it was fate. Two years later, I didn’t want to miss it. I might be rejected, but at least I fought for it and would never regret it. I didn’t expect her to say yes,” Qin Sheng said emotionally.

Xue Qingyan did not look down on him, she was just very surprised. She smiled and said, “Seems like it’s really fate, but I heard that she has a special relationship with Yan Chaozong from the Yan family. That young man is not easy!”

“Sis, I know, and I’ve seen him before. What do you think I should do? Give up? This is not my style, no matter how big the difficulty, I will stick to the end, as long as Lin Su doesn’t give up,” Qin Sheng replied truthfully.

Xue Qingyan said with many thoughts, “You’re right.”

“Sis, to be honest, when I went back home with her today, the entire Lin family was against it. During then, I was a little rash and had some conflict. Now, our relationship is a little stiff,” Qin Sheng laughed bitterly.

Xue Qingyan was shocked. “You’re really crazy! No matter how big your temper, you should still hold it in in moments like this! Your behaving like this will make her feel even more uncomfortable being stuck in the middle.”

“Sis, you don’t know what the situation was like. They can laugh at me and bully me all they want, but I cannot suppress my anger when they bully Lin Su like that!” Qin Sheng explained.

Xue Qingyan also knew Qin Sheng’s temper. She sighed and said, “I really don’t know what to say. Seems like you’re in a bad place.”

This was expected by Xue Qingyan. Lin Su was so outstanding, how could the Lin family marry her to Qin Sheng? Besides, she had so many people chasing after her, how could she let go of Qin Sheng? Hence, even though Qin Sheng found an exceptional girlfriend, this path was not going to be easy.

“Hahaha, it’s already like this. The only thing I can do now is to fight even harder and catch up to her one day. I also hope that one day the Lin family will be satisfied with me,” Qin Sheng said determinedly.

Xue Qingyan saw that Lin Su had already come out and said between smiles, “No matter what, if you need my help in anything, just call me anytime.”

“Thanks, sis,” Qin Sheng nodded silently and said.

After coming back, Lin Su continued to chat with Xue Qingyan. When Qin Sheng was almost done eating, it was getting late. Hence, everyone parted ways and went home.

Qin Sheng sent Lin Su back to Central Apartment in Lu Jia Zui. Lin Su said that she did not want to go back so early, so Qin Sheng brought her to Binjiang Road. He parked the car at the underground carpark and strolled along the banks of Huangpu River with her. The wind was a little cold, but there were quite a number of people. Lin Su held onto his arm tightly and Qin Sheng held her in his arms. They walked forward aimlessly.

The lights at the Bund was fervent, the neon lights at Lu Jia Zu twinkled. This city was so glamorous, it was really too difficult to be outstanding. However, Qin Sheng was not someone to admit defeat. So many people managed to stand at the tip of this city, why not him? Thinking about those words that he said when he returned to Shanghai, he told himself again: Qin Sheng, you definitely can make it. Sooner or later, this city will remember you.

A new day began. Qin Sheng woke up extra early. After sending flowers to Lin Su, he went to Shangshan Ruoshui with Chang Baji. He offended Han Zhendong yesterday and had to perform well today, in case he picks on him and lashes it out on him.

Qin Sheng and Chang Baji were the earliest to arrive. As soon as they arrived, Qin Sheng started arranging work. At around 10 am, Han Zhengdong showed up at Shangshan Ruoshui punctually. Qin Sheng was not in a rush to find him. Instead, he made Yu Fengzhi settle all the members’ appointments for today as well as other things before he went to find him.

After knocking on the door and entering, Qin Sheng was surprised that Han Zhengdong did not give him any attitude this time around. Instead, he waved his hand and said with smiling eyes, “Xiao Qin, come, come, come. Come here!”

What the hell?

Qin Sheng had a big question mark in his heart. Yesterday he treated him like air and today it was like meeting his lover. Pfft, what lover, it was like meeting an old friend.

Could it be said that this was the sign of a big storm coming? Perhaps the next moment he would be scolded to death. Qin Sheng walked up to him with much uneasiness. He asked softly, “Mr. Han, this is the Reception Department’s arrangement for the VIP members today, take a look and see if it’s okay?”

Han Zhengdong received it but placed it aside. He said casually, “You don’t have to report these things to me in the future. Just work according to how you guys used to do things. I definitely have trust in what you do. Mr. Ye had also told me to focus on uplifting you.”

Qin Sheng was even more confused. He took the initiative to admit his mistake. “Mr. Han, I’m sorry about yesterday, hope that you can forgive me.”

Han Zhengdong waved his hand and dismissed it. “I was also in the wrong yesterday, I drank too much and shouldn’t have given you the attitude. After all, you rushed back in the afternoon. Who wouldn’t have emergencies? I should have understood you.”

This contrast was too big. Qin Sheng was even more confused, although he was very comforted to hear him say that. Thinking about it, Han Zhengdong was a representative figure, he could not possibly harp on such a small thing. Besides, Mr. Ye must have said something. Since he wanted to raise him to become Shangshan Ruoshui’s General Manager, Han Zhengong must definitely pay more attention to him.

“Mr. Han, thank you,” Qin Sheng said sincerely.

Han Zhengdong smiled and said, “We’re all on the same side, there’s no need to say those polite words. I will still need you to help me manage Shangshan Ruoshui in the future. Okay, go and work.”

Qin Sheng smiled and bid goodbye. The rock in his heart was finally dropped.

After Qin Sheng left, Han Zhendong then narrowed his eyes and said, “If it was not for Second Master who spoke for you, do you really think I would pay attention to you? Even if Mr. Ye values you heavily, I can still destroy you.”

Qin Sheng thought that he had passed this obstacle, but it was actually just the beginning.

With Han Zhengdong’s assurance, Qin Sheng was not stress-free. He was very enthusiastic when he worked in the day, all the way until 5 pm when Ye Muyang showed up at Shangshan Ruoshui. He did not come yesterday, so he must come today. He wanted to build a good relationship with Qin Sheng in order to cooperate with Yan Chaozong’s plan. Another intention was to pick up some beautiful women here.

When Ye Muyang showed up at Shangshan Ruoshui, Qin Sheng was discussing something with Yu Fengzhi. Wang Haichao was the one that served him. He joyfully brought him into a private room. Everyone knew that Ye Muyang was the son of the new boss. Seeing Wang Haichao and Ye Muyang walking so close, they also started to consider the relationship with Qin Sheng.

Not long after, Han Zhengdong came in. Ye Muyang sent Wang Haichao away and then asked, “Uncle Han, did you do according to what I said?”

No matter how powerful Han Zhengdong was, he was just a worker. Facing the Ye family’s Second Young Master, he naturally had to be respectful. Although this Second Young Master did not have much say at him, Han Zhengdong dared not treat this lightly.

“Second Young Master, don’t worry, I’ve done accordingly to what you said,” Han Zhendong smiled and said.

After returning home yesterday, Ye Muyang talked to his father about Qin Sheng. He did not expect Qin Sheng to be a young man that Jiang Xianbang admired. Jiang Xianbang asked his father to take care of him and raise him up. Ye Muyang did not take it seriously at all. There were tons of young people with potential, his father was just trying to gain a chance with Jiang Xianbang. Hence, Ye Muyang contacted Han Zhengdong directly and came up with a made-up reason.

“Uncle Han, this Qin Sheng is very important to me. I hope that you can treat him well. At least value him greatly in Shangshan Ruoshui. Don’t ruin my plan. After it’s done, I will definitely award you greatly, “Ye Muyang said with smiling eyes.

Although Han Zhengdong had no clue as to what was going on, he just felt like it was nothing good. However, he could not be bothered to care about Qin Sheng. He replied, “Thank you, Second Young Master.”

“Make him come,” Ye Muyang nodded and said.

Han Zhengdong immediately ordered Wang Haichao who was outside. “Go and invite Qin Sheng, Second Young Master wants to see him.”

It was ‘invite’, not ‘call’. Hearing this, Wang Haichao was complaining in his heart. What the heck was happening? How did this Qin Sheng also have a connection with Second Young Master? Was there still hope for him becoming Reception Manager?

Although he was very upset, he still went ahead to invite Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng heard that Ye Muyang was inviting him over and wanted to see him. He did not understand was going on. Of course, he did not. An evil plan that surrounded him had already started, and Ye Muyang was just the pre-show.