Chapter 168 To Be Called Brothers

Qin Sheng had already known two days ago that the young man that Wang Haichao showed around Shangshan Ruoshui was Boss Ye’s second son. During then, he was distressed. This Wang Haichao was acting like a pig to prey on the tiger. He had silently latched onto Han Zhengdong and Boss Ye’s son. This made Qin Sheng’s position very awkward. Everyone knew that this dude was eyeing on the position of Reception Manager.

However, he did not expect that today, Boss Ye’s son was looking for him. For what? To understand the situation of Shangshan Ruoshui? Forget about Han Zhengdong, there was a Wang Haichao in front of him, it could never be his turn.

With a curious mind, Qin Sheng pushed open the door to the private room. Han Zhengdong and Ye Muyang were chit-chatting over a cup of tea. When they saw Qin Sheng entering, Han Zhengdong laughed and got up. “Second Young Master, you guys can talk. I’ll go and work. Call me if you need anything.”

“Uncle Han, go and do your work,” Ye Muyang said politely.

Han Zhengdong patted on Qin Sheng’s shoulder when he left. His laughter was very intriguing. After he closed the door on his way out, Wang Haichao, who was feeling uneasy, quickly came up to him and asked softly, “Mr. Han, why is Young Master Ye looking for Qin Sheng?”

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask,” Han Zhengdong said coldly.

Wang Haichao scolded Han Zhengdong a few lines in his heart. What the heck? I gave you so much money and was busy taking care of your matters this period of time. Are you saying that you are kicking me out? I won’t admit defeat! Hence Wang Haichao did not want to give up and asked, “Then what about mine?”

Han Zhengdong wanted to raise up a confidant. Wang Haichao was naturally the top candidate. Angie, Chang Baji, Qin Sheng, and some of the Managers and Assistant Managers were on the same team. Han Zhengdong pondered over it and replied, “Don’t worry, what’s meant to be yours will be yours sooner or later. Young man, don’t be so anxious.”

Hearing this, Wang Haichao finally felt a sense of security.

In the private room, Ye Muyang was studying Qin Sheng with seemingly deep thoughts. He looked ordinary and his temperament was also ordinary. There was not one bit of him that looked outstanding, just how did he manage to trample onto Yan Chaozong and win the heart of the woman? Ye Muyang really could not understand.

“You must be Qin Sheng,” Ye Muyang smiled and said politely.

Qin Sheng smiled faintly and said, “Is there anything that made Young Master Ye ask for me?

“Don’t stand there, sit and talk. There are no outsiders here, just treat me like a friend.” For the sake of Yan Chaozong, Ye Muyang naturally had to build a good relationship with Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng slowly sat next to Ye Muyang.

“You don’t have to be so uptight. I don’t have a reason for asking you to come, I just want to talk casually and make a friend. I heard my father mentioning you, he said that Uncle Jiang values you a lot. You have your way of doing things and handling people. He told me to get to know you, which is why I’m here.” Ye Muyang knew that Qin Sheng must be so confused right now, so he explained directly.

So that’s what’s going on. Qin Sheng finally understood. Boss Ye had mentioned him. Seemed like Boss Ye really treated him seriously and did not perfuse Jiang Xianbang.

“Boss Ye, you’re too polite,” Qin Sheng said humbly.

Ye Muyang laughed, “Do you want to have a few drinks? I always feel that it’s a little weird when two men talk without a drink.”

“Young Master Ye, I’m still at work…” Qin Sheng said awkwardly.

Shangshan Ruoshui was his, he believed that Han Zhengdong would listen to him. Hence, he said without hesitation, “You’re now off work, we are all guests at Shangshan Ruoshui.”

Ye Muyang really flattered Qin Sheng. It would be rude if he did not follow along, so after a moment of hesitation, Qin Sheng nodded and said, “Then I’ll listen to Young Master Ye. What would you like to drink?”

“Look at this weather, let me have a white. I’ll have a Dream of the Blue. I like Western alcohol,” Ye Muyang said casually.

Qin Sheng then followed up by asking him what he would like to eat. Ye Muyang said to just order some dishes that go well with alcohol. Hence, Qin Sheng immediately gave orders to Yu Fengzhi and asked her to personally arrange for the kitchen to prepare a few dishes and get two bottles of Dream of the Blue.

Yu Fengzhi did not think much, she thought that some other member ordered it. After a while, she personally served the wine. Seeing that there was only Qin Sheng and Ye Muyang, she could not help but be curious. However, she was still polite and respectful and did not ask a single word.

After the dishes and wine were served, no one else came in. Qin Sheng and Ye Muyang sat opposite each other in the private room and started to chat over wine. They said some superficial things and clank their glasses three times. Ye Muyang hid his intentions well in his speech, he did not ask anything that he should not ask, in case it arouses Qin Sheng’s suspicion. His plan was to use his father and Jiang Xianbang’s relationship as the breaking point to make Qin Sheng treat him like his own. After they became brothers and got closer, he could then carry out Yan Chaozong’s plan.

“Qin Sheng, to be honest, my father and Uncle Jiang have a very close relationship. Uncle Jiang entrusted you to my father, he will definitely treat you seriously. He told me that he wanted to raise you up to be the General Manager of Shangshan Ruoshui. Although my father took over from Uncle Jiang, he spent up hundreds of millions on this place. Besides, you should be clearer than me about the significance of this place. How many resource centers like this are there in Shanghai?” After rounds of drinking, both men had already drunk half a catty of wine. Ye Muyang started his plan.

Qin Sheng said in a low voice, “Young Master Ye, this is to Uncle Jiang and also Boss Ye.”

After the toast, Ye Muyang laughed, “Don’t call me Young Master Shao, that’s too formal. That’s what the people outside call me. They’re either too fake or had hidden intentions. Just call me Mu Yang, or Lao Ye.”

Qin Sheng was not used to calling him ‘Mu Yang’, so he called out, “Lao Ye.” He continued, “We must be whole-hearted when dealing with people and our work. Since Boss Ye values me so much, I will naturally not disappoint him.”

Ye Muyang laughed in his heart. You really think too highly of yourself. However, he still replied, “Hahaha, I believe in your character. My father approves of Uncle Jiang’s picks. In the future, we are brothers. I will definitely frequent Shangshan Ruoshui. You can also notify me anytime if there’s anything.”

Ye Muyang had another meaning. His father and older brother naturally did not have the time to care about this place. He must grab this chance to seek even more resources and connections for his future development.

Just like that, Qin Sheng and Ye Muyang drank one by one and opened up to each other. Ye Muyang really paid the price. There was nothing that he did not say. He talked about his treatment at home, and all the little things outside. Qin Sheng, on the other hand, was a little conservative. He would not open up to just any stranger. Most men had this bad habit. After a few drinks, they would call anyone their ‘brother’. Although Ye Muyang’s descriptions were extravagant, Qin Sheng just got to know him. He barely knew him. Hence, he did not say too much of the unnecessary.

Qin Sheng and Ye Muyang downed two bottles of Dream of the Blue in an hour. Ye Muyang’s alcohol tolerance was not as good as Qin Sheng’s, but he had good self-control. He was afraid that by continuing to drink, he would say something wrong. Hence, once he felt that something was wrong, he got Qin Sheng to get a driver to send him home. After sending Ye Muyang off, Qin Sheng also prepared to go home.

Chang Baji had already clocked off and left. Hence, Qin Sheng could only call a ride since he could not drive. At this moment, Yu Fengzhi just got off work. She chuckled, “Let me give you a ride.”

Qin Sheng did not reject and got onto her car immediately. There was a faint fragrance in her car, this was probably the common point in most women’s car. After exiting Shangshan Ruoshui, Yu Fengzhi teased, “You’re quite the deal, you’ve won another round unknowingly. You’re even brothers now with Second Young Master Ye. Seemed like Wang Haichao had lost.”

“You’re quite interested in these things,” the slightly-drunk Qin Sheng said calmly.

Yu Fengzhi turned around and glared at him. “I already sold myself to you, isn’t is my duty to care about all these? If you’re kicked out of the game, I won’t have an easy life. Based on Wang Haichao’s vengeful character, he will definitely not go easy on me.”

“But I didn’t get the reward that I deserve,” Qin Sheng said with indifference.

Yu Fengzhi always felt that Qin Sheng had the heart but not the guts. Hence, she laughed coldly and said, “Then what do you want?”

Qin Sheng suddenly put his hand on her thigh. He squinted his eyes and gave a cold smile. “I don’t want to go back tonight.”

Yu Fengzhi froze for a while and said, “What do you mean?”

“Let’s go to your place, “Qin Sheng said very directly.

Yu Fengzhi stepped on the braked subconsciously. She was shocked by what he had just said. It seemed like he was not joking. She stared at him in the eyes. The car behind almost crashed into them and the driver honked a few times. He then got off the car and walked up to Yu Fengzhi’s window, knocking and cursing.

Yu Fengzhi did not want to argue. She snapped back to reality and stepped onto the accelerator. The driver got a fright and jumped. He then started scolding her again. It was a pity that Yu Fengzhi could no longer hear him.

“Why? You’re not willing?” Qin Sheng sneered.

Yu Fengzhi grit against her teeth. “You’re not joking?”

“I’m so busy working on the frontline and behind the scenes, you should reward me more or less,” Qin Sheng teased.

Ye Fengzhi started to hesitate. On that day when she made the decision, she knew that this day would come sooner or later. But when it really came, she was still nervous and flustered.

“You can give up,” Qin Sheng dismissed.

Yu Fengzhi scoffed and said, “Let’s go.”

Qin Sheng did not say another word on the journey. He kept on looking outside the window. Yu Fengzhi concentrated on driving, but her heart was not still, as if it knew what was going to happen.

Yu Fengzhi had already digested this fact when the car was parked under the building in the neighborhood.

The duo went up side-by-side, got into the lift, exited the lift, and opened the door.

When Qin Sheng closed the door on his way in and as Yu Fengzhi was just about to turn on the lights, the desire in the bottom of his heart exploded completely. He pulled her over and pressed her against the wall. He found her fragrant thick red lips based on instinct.

Men will always have an impulse after they drink too much. Qin Sheng had been holding it in for an unknown period of time. He never went to such places and rarely put himself in a situation where he would end up with an offspring. This showed how much self-control he had.

Just that he drank today and was dealing with a beautiful woman that would sleep with him readily as long as he wanted. He could no longer suppress his inner desire.

Yu Fengzhi was disgusted by his smell of alcohol. She wanted to fight back and did not want to be taken just like that. She kept on avoiding his lips, which made him angry. He held onto her face directly. How could Yu Fengzhi possibly fight back? She gave in just like that.

Qin Sheng kissed her fearlessly. This was not his first time kissing her, so he was very familiar. Yu Fengzhi started out by rejecting but she gave in not long after. Perhaps, he had also sparked her inner desire. Or perhaps, she was intoxicated by the alcohol. She started to respond back to him gradually.

Qin Sheng was in a hurry to take off her clothes. Her figure was way too enticing, Qin Sheng could not hold it back anymore. But he could not take it off no matter what and was getting impatient. He wanted to tear her clothes off directly.

At this moment, Yu Fengzhi was also a little lost. Gritting her teeth, her last trace of lucidity said, “Not here.”

Qin Sheng instantly understood what she meant. He carried her on his waist and headed straight to the bedroom. Yu Fengzhi turned on the light on the way. This was an apartment, so the bedroom was very easy to find. It was located all the way inside.

When he threw her onto the bed and was about to continue, the flood in his stomach suddenly erupted. Qin Sheng turned around and rushed out, heading straight to the toilet. Following which, Yu Fengzhi heard the sound of his ruthless vomiting and she erupted in laughter.

Qin Sheng was so ready to curse and swear. This was really awkward.