Chapter 169 Incurable

Qin Sheng’s attitude toward Yu Fengzhi, was very contradictory. He did not like the coldness of Yu Fengzhi, and he did not like the ambition of Yu Fengzhi, neither. So he always wanted to conquer Yu Fengzhi. But when the opportunity came, Qin Sheng still flinched and hesitant. After all, he did not want any woman. And Yu Fengzhi was only his physiological need. There would be no emotional fluctuations.

This society lacked no woman like Yu Fengzhi. They could do everything for their ambitions and gave all they had, including their bodies and so on, for a life they wanted to live.

When Qin Sheng determined to conquer Yu Fengzhi tonight, who knew that the power of liqueur made him feel bad. He didn’t know if it was because his capacity for liquor became bad recently, or because of the wild driving technique of Yu Fengzhi, his stomach was uncomfortable. After rushing into the bathroom, Qin Sheng spit out awfully, and almost spit all he ate at night.

The most hateful thing was that Yu Fengzhi did not mean to come to take care of Qin Sheng.

After Qin Sheng almost spitting all things out, he came out of the bathroom. At this time, Yu Fengzhi had already made a pot of Pu’er tea to sober Qin Sheng up.

When Qin Sheng spit it all, he washed his face and finally became sober. The desire in his eyes had been disappeared. When he was looking at Yu Fengzhi, who was tying her hair casually and revealing two slender legs, Qin Sheng felt this woman was truly a fairy. Even more, she was the kind of woman who was cold outside and warm inside, which could be seen from the strong reaction of Yu Fengzhi to her and was different from the coquettish fairy of Song family.

“Drink some tea and sober up.” Yu Fengzhi handed the tea to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng quickly had two sips of tea and finally felt better. He then looked at Yu Fengzhi and said, “You are seducing me by wearing such a sexy dress.”

“Are you feeling okay?” Yu Fengzhi said disdainfully.

Qin Sheng sneered. “This is the biggest insult to a man. Believe it or not, I’ll make you ask for mercy tonight.”

“Now I am yours. The opportunity is in your hands. You can do it anytime.” Yu Fengzhi said disapprovingly. Anyway, she had the determination to die tonight.

Qin Sheng really had no desire. What was more, his body was still weak, there was still a wound on his body. Maybe he would be in hospital tomorrow. He could only say, “I’m not buying this. I have to go. I will make you suffer after recovering.”

Qin Sheng had two more sips of tea, got up and prepared to leave.

“So you just go? Can you go back by yourself?” Yu Fengzhi said unexpectedly. She did not expect a result like this, so she did not come back to earth in a moment.

Qin Sheng said disdainfully, “I think you are pathetic and lonely.”

After saying that, Qin Sheng opened the door and went away, dropping such a beautiful lady behind. This made Yu Fengzhi mad and she cursed Qin Sheng in the heart. “You assh*le”.

Yu Fengzhi had never doubted whether Qin Sheng’s body was good or not, because she had already felt the desire of Qin Sheng just now. So when she calmed down, she muttered, “Am I really not charming?”

In the office the next day, when Yu Fengzhi saw Qin Sheng, she didn’t say hello to him. Maybe she was mad at him. And Qin Sheng didn’t care about her, either. He only worked hard. Han Zhengdong did not against him anymore. Even Wang Haichao cooperated with his work. Qin Sheng always felt that something was wrong, but he could not tell what was wrong.

At noon, the security guard at the door informed Qin Sheng that someone was looking for him outside. Qin Sheng didn’t know who it was and went out with doubts. He saw a middle-aged man was smoking under the tree located on the side of the road. After seeing this man, Qin Sheng could not help but frown, because this man was the Second Uncle of Lin Su.

Qin Sheng slowly walked over and politely said, “Uncle, are you looking for me?”

“Qin Sheng, do you have time now? Shall we talk?” Lin Changhe came with the order, and he said calmly. He was not as powerful as his big brother Lin Changting, and he was quite low-key in his life.

Qin Sheng hesitated for a moment. “I’ll tell the office first.”

Then Qin Sheng quickly returned to Shangshan Ruoshui, told Lyu Yuan and Yu Fengzhi a few words, and came back soon. Lin Changhe, in order not to let Qin Sheng felt suspicious, found a tea house nearby. The old generation businessman in Ningbo all liked to go to a tea house when they talked about business.

The driver drove there and waited outside. Lin Changhe and Qin Sheng found a box and ordered a pot of old white tea. The waiter sent the tea, fruit plate and snacks, and left. Lin Changhe told her not to bother. He would call her if necessary.

Qin Sheng and Lin Changhe did not communicate with each other along the way. After sitting down, Lin Changhe gave a cigarette to Qin Sheng, national wine of thirty years produced by Guiyan. The tobacco was said to have been soaked in Maotai, and there was a piece of Maotai in a cigarette holder. It could not be bought in the market. In the black market, you could get a box by using two or three hundred dollars. There was a more luxury national wine of fifty years, which was more difficult to buy. Just lighted a cigarette and had a taste, all you got was the taste of wine. It was really echoing with the saying that smoke and wine were not separated.

“Uncle, you come to me today and still want me to give up on my own?” Qin Sheng took the lead and said. He really couldn’t think of why Lin Changhe came to him. It was better to talk straightly than being euphemistic. He didn’t want to waste time.

But Lin Changhe was polite, not as mighty as Qin Sheng. He laughed and said, “Yes, but no.”

Qin Sheng frowned and did not understand.

“Better to tear down ten temples than to destroy a marriage. I believe in karma, so I’m not willing to do such wicked things. But even I’m not willing to do. Someone will have to do it.” Lin Changhe said with a smile, “I know Susu’s temper that she rarely changes what she believes in. You may not know that she intends to draw a clear distinction with the Lin family. Yesterday she resigned and left the company. Her next step may be moving from the apartment in Lujiazui.”

Qin Sheng’s face changed slightly. He never thought that Lin Su would have been so determined. It made him very distressed.

“Uncle, don’t you still want me to break up with Lin Su by saying this?” Qin Sheng said disdainfully.

Lin Changhe shook his head and said, “I’m not going to be direct. I just tell the pros and cons of this matter. You can consider and make your choice for the rest of the things. You have to burden the final result eventually. Sometimes people can’t be too selfish. Love will eventually be beaten by reality. It may be not defeated for a year and a half, what about five years and ten years? But most people are selfish in love. I don’t think you are such a person.”

Lin Changhe was experienced and astute. He was good at giving a speech.

Qin Sheng said with no expression, “Uncle, then you continue, I’m listening.”

Lin Changhe did not like the calmness of Qin Sheng. This made him feel powerless. Most of the young people he had seen were wary and cautious before him. But Qin Sheng did not seem to take him seriously. He didn’t know how to train this state of mind. To take a step back, he appreciated Qin Sheng. However, no matter how he appreciated him, he had no time to witness the development of Qin Sheng. What he needed was the immediate interest.

“Over the past, most of the marriages needed to take match families into consideration. Though this is an age of free love, people who get divorced are not less than getting married every day. If their families were not matched, there would be no good ending. I will not give too many examples. You are still young, maybe you are in a period of love, and you don’t think so much, but everything will return to dull. What do you do at that time? Susu grows up in the Lin family since childhood. And she can have everything she wants. She never bears hardships. What can you give her at that time? In Shanghai, how can you take care of her without a car and a house? The salary you earn is not enough for her half-monthly expenses. Have you thought about it?” Lin Changhe said earnestly.

After Qin Sheng listened, he laughed and shook his head. “Uncle, it seems that you don’t know Lin Su. She is not the kind of person you talked about.”

“Since you say this, let’s change the angle.” Lin Changhe lost the first game, but he did not give up. He continued. “Lin and Yan are old family friends. This time they want to have connections through marriages. I think you know the background of we Lin family and the Yan family. You tell me, what do you have to face with us? We are now not mad at you because we don’t want to make things go crazy, and we also care about the feelings of Susu. We don’t want to force her and give her too much pressure. But if you still don’t understand and push us too far. I can say that we have hundreds of ways to mess you up. You should believe it.”

“I believe.” Qin Sheng did not deny.

“Yan Chaozong is not an easy-going guy, neither nor Lin Ze. Too many judgments are waiting for you on both the bright side and dark side. Are you going to give up your future and life for this so-called love? Not worth it. Where there is life there is hope. You may have resentment now, and when you really get successfulness one day, you can go back and mess up the Lin family and Yan family. But now, no matter what you do, the Lin family and the Yan family will not allow you to be together. We will not force Susu since she is the child of our Lin family, it is impossible to force her to death. You are an outsider, we don’t have to consider too much. If you let go now, the Lin family and Yan family will not treat you badly. You can have any requirements and terms. We can satisfy you as long as it is within our ability. What a man is pursuing? Just money and power. When you have money and power, the woman is not a big deal. Things we give you are enough to make you work for less ten or twenty years. Are you still not tempted by this?” Lin Changhe was tempting Qin Sheng with money and power. The advantages and disadvantages were clearly explained to Qin Sheng. He did not believe Qin Sheng was not afraid and tempted. What was more, he did not believe Qin Sheng fell in love with Su Lin without any purpose. After all, when everything was clarified, he believed that Qin Sheng would make a choice.

After Qin Sheng listened to that, he thought it was not much different from what he thought. It was the strategy of most families. But he was not willing to compromise, so he said bluntly, “Uncle, I am not such a person.”

“You don’t have to answer me in a hurry. I can give you some time to think about it. You have to think about it clearly. This is your last chance. If we can’t reach a decision today, there would be no possibility to talk about it anymore. There will be a storm for you. It depends on your ability if you want to get through it. Maybe you have self-confidence in it. But the Lin family and the Yan family have dealt with too many people in these years. It seems that we never lose a game. Do you think you have this luck?” Lin Changhe was banging on the table and was full of anger.

Qin Shenghe laughed and said, “Compared to what you said, I care more about Lin Su. I don’t want to let her down. Even such a woman like her can hold on to such big pressure. I will be just a coward if I can’t hold on, no matter how many achievements I can get for my whole life. It is nothing but death. Although I have lived for less than 30 years, I dare to say that you can’t imagine how many times I have faced with death. So I refuse. No matter what you’ll do, I am waiting.”

Lin Changhe did not expect that Qin Sheng would refuse so directly. He was really extraordinary. Lin Changhe had no idea. Young people nowadays were so courageous like this? Has this society been changed now?

“You are incurable, but I appreciate you very much.” Lin Changhe squinted and said.

There was no need to talk about it anymore. Qin Sheng got up and said, “Uncle, I have to go to work, and I will not accompany you anymore. I’ll leave first.”