Chapter 170: Within a Month

Lin Changhe did indeed admired Qin Sheng. Nowadays, the young ones are either too weak or impetuous. There were very few men who were courageous and unyielding like Qin Sheng. If this was during times of war, he would definitely be the kind of men who could make use of his brains to create a career for himself in the war field.

However, appreciation could only stop there. Since Lin’s family’s potential profits were on the line, Lin Changhe could only do so. He had thought that Qin Sheng was just being too rash on that day; as long as he made him emotional, threaten and entice him, Qin Sheng would naturally give up on his own and the issue would be settled. However, no matter how well-rounded he phrased it, Qin Sheng would not budge an inch. He thought that he had looked down on Qin Sheng, this man had guts.

For a man like him, if they could pass this round, they were destined not to be just an ordinary person. Hence, Lin Changhe had already decided to let Lin Changting and the Yan family to fuss over this matter. He better not get involved in it.

Qin Sheng left and Lin Changhe did not find it necessary to stay. He prepared to head back to Ningbo and not look for Lin Su. He knew her character, she would not be swayed by him. This child was as stubborn as her mother.

As to what would happen in the future, let nature take its course. Anyways, he was not ambitious in the Lin family. Everything was decided by Lin Changting. He was satisfied with minding his own business. If something really happens to Qin Sheng, it would be best if the Lin and Yan family could unite through marriage. This way, the Lin family would have greater development. If not, he would also not be disappointed.

After coming out of the teahouse, Qin Sheng called Lin Su. She picked it up quickly. Qin Sheng asked in a low voice, “Where are you?”

Lin Su was eating at Xintiandi Beili. She said, “Shopping with my girlfriends, I’m eating now.”

“You’ve told the company you’re quitting?” Qin Sheng frowned and asked.

Lin Su was a little surprised. She asked, “Yes, I quit yesterday. How did you know?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Qin Sheng complained. He was not intending to tell Lin Su your Second Uncle Lin Changhe came to find me just now because it would cause her to overthink.

Lin Su shook her head and said, “I was going to tell you after a while, I don’t want you to worry.”

“You’re also going to move out of your apartment at Lujiazui?” Qin Sheng continued to ask. He knew Lin Su’s temper; if she decided to draw a clear line between herself and the Lin family, she would definitely be very firm.

“Yes,” Lin Su said softly.

Qin Sheng asked with concern, “Where are you going to stay then?”

“I’ll stay at my girlfriend’s house first, and then I’ll start looking for houses. You don’t have to worry,” explained Lin Su. She had already packed up her stuff, which was just daily necessities. She was not going to take away the rest.

Qin Sheng wanted to say then move to my place, but thinking about how Chang Baji and Hao Lei were also staying there, even if she came over, they would also have to live with her. Forget about willingness, it was not convenient, to begin with. It was more appropriate for her to live at her girlfriend’s.

“Okay, I’ll go with you during the weekends. What are your plans?” Qin Sheng asked with a little guilt. If she had not chosen him, she would not be like this. She should be leading a better life.

Lin Su smiled and teased, “You’re going to feed me.”

Qin Sheng nodded without hesitation and said, “Okay, I’ll feed you.”

After hanging up, Lin Su’s smile was as bright as a peach blossom. This kind of the purest and most natural smile was always the most beautiful. Sitting opposite her, her two girlfriends who were drinking coffee were very confused. Tan Jing asked curiously, “Who were you calling? You’re smiling so happily.”

“You guess, “Lin Su gave a rare playful look and said.

The red-lipped Song Chu dismissed, “Who else would it be other than Qin Sheng the bug? It can’t possibly be Big Master Yan, right? When have you ever seen her on the phone with him? Would she be smiling so happily?”

Tan Jing and Song Chu were Lin Su’s girlfriends. Other than her work circle, Lin Su would be spending most of her time with them on usual days. She rarely interacted with similar-age relatives in the Lin family, other than Lin Yue the silly girl.

Sitting elegantly, Tan Jing added, “You’re right, but Su Su, do you really plan to be together with Qin Sheng? I thought that you were just trying to go against the Lin family or piss Yan Chaozong off, but now it seems like you’re being serious.”

“Do you think I look like I’m kidding? I never take this kind of thing as a joke. You guys don’t know, but I’ve already started liking him since two years ago. It’s just that back then I didn’t want to be in a relationship. Until now, he is the only man that touched my heart,” said Lin Su in a fangirl mode. Now, Qin Sheng had no money, no house, no status and definitely no background. He also looked ordinary. However, Lin Su increasingly felt that he was the most suitable life partner for her. This was because they had way too many common topics, similarities, and telepathy, which she valued the most. Lin Su felt that it would be very interesting to live with a man like him forever.

Song Chu was more or less materialistic and vain. She always admired how Lin Su had someone like Yan Chaozong to chase after her. Being born in a wealthy family, marrying into a marrying family, look pretty and have high IQ…this was what a real winner in life should be like. But today, Song Chu would never understand how Lin Su had made her choice.

“Su Su, I really don’t know how you made this choice. Which aspect of Qin Sheng is better than Big Master Yan? The difference is as high as the sky! You must think through properly!” Song Chu pouted and said. She was actually making a well-rounded consideration for Lin Su.

Lin Su said softly, “To me, you shouldn’t judge a man based on how wealthy he is or what kind of status he has, and definitely not his family background. Instead, you should look at he himself has to offer. Qin Sheng made me see a lot, but Yan Chaozong did not.”

Tan Jing and Song Chu still did not understand. Tan Jing frowned and said, “Su Su, would your family succumb to your wishes and let you be with him? Would Yan Chaozong let you guys off?”

“This is my decision, it is also my own matter to take care of. I don’t have to care what they think. So now, I’ve left the company and is also going to move out of the apartment because I want to draw a line from them. That Lin family is not my Lin family, I’ve never been happy there. What’s the point of staying?” Lin Su said while her lips pursed into a faint smile.

Tan Jing admired Lin Su a lot, she really admired how she could give up everything for love. This was something that she could not do and dared not think about. Besides, Lin Su was giving up on a life that the majority of women dreamed of.

Song Chu still felt that Lin Su was too silly. Love would only blossom once, once the excitement was over, the small things in life would become enough to destroy them. During then, Lin Su would definitely regret it.

“As friends, we will support your decision no matter what,” Tan Jing said sincerely.

Song Chu added, “Me too.”

“So during this period of time, you guys are gonna have to provide my eat, drink and sleep!”

The two women laughed and said, “I can’t ask for anything better!”

In the evening, Ye Muyang came to Shangshan Ruoshui again. After walking two rounds looking for his prey, he found Qin Sheng again. He asked him to go out and drink with him, saying that it was a meet-up initiated by his friend. It would be at LINX, in Golden Bell Plaza on Middle Huaihai Road. There would even be a few beautiful ladies coming. He said that after chatting with Qin Sheng for so long the night before, he felt like he had met him too late. He had always been trying to figure out his life direction and after Qin Sheng gentle enlightenment, his eyes opened wide immediately. Hence, he must bring him out to have fun.

Qin Sheng felt trapped. Han Zhengdong passed by coincidentally and Ye Muyang assigned him some tasks. Han Zhengdong played along and said, “You’ve worked hard for the whole day, leave the rest to Lyu Yuan and the rest. Go and have fun! You’re still young, you should live the life of a youth.”

Since Han Zhengdong had already said so, Qin Sheng would be letting Ye Muyang down if he still insisted on not going. Eventually, he could only force himself to tag along and head towards Golden Bell Plaza. He offered to drive Ye Muyang in his brag-worthy black Lamborghini.

Lin Ze had already rushed to Shanghai this morning and after taking care of Lin Su’s company’s matters and meeting some friends, he was currently waiting for Yan Chaozong. He did not expect to find out that Lin Su had already quit on her own by the time he rushed to the office. She was really determined.

He was going to meet Yan Chaozong at the Starbucks below Thompson Suite, by the Huangpu River. It overlooked the night view of the Bund, which was on the other side of the river. Lin Ze had arrived early, while Yan Chaozong went home to change his clothes before walking over.

The wind by the riverside was strong and it was too cold outside. However, Lin Ze and Yan Chaozong felt nothing and sat outside in the wind. Each of them lit up a cigarette. Lin Ze teased, “You’ve been given a tight slap across your face and also suffered some losses, yet you have not a single bit of reaction. This is not style, Big Master Yan.”

“How do you know that I don’t have any reactions? I don’t think I have to report to you my every move, right?” Yan Chaozong cared about Lin Su. He would not take much notice of Lin Ze, so his tone was very unfriendly.

Lin Ze quickly followed, “Wow, wow, wow, how come I don’t see anything? Do you know how the Shanghai Bund is talking about you now? They say that you, Big Master Yan, was made a cuckold by a loser. If it’s me, I would be thinking of ways to kill that asshole every minute.”

Lin Ze was stepping beyond the line. Yan Chaozong was so triggered he slammed the table and shouted, “Lin Ze, stop trying to be ambiguous with me, who do you think you are?”

Lin Ze burst into laughter, “Of course, standing in front of you, I’m no one important. But why are you flaring at me? I’m just stating the truth. I wasn’t the one who did it, neither am I the one who said those things.”

Yan Chaozong was indeed annoyed by this matter. Up until today, he had never been mistreated like this before. He was someone that cared about how others view him. He felt that being born in the Yan family meant that he was born with a sense of superiority, so he had to always walk in front of others. However, this matter had caused him to lose all of his ‘face’. His hatred towards Qin Sheng grew deeper.

“Shut up!” Yan Chaozong’s expression changed drastically in an instant. If Lin Ze dared to say one more sentence, he would flip the table and get up to punch the heck out of him.

This was the effect that Lin Ze wanted. He pouted and said, “Sigh, since there aren’t any actions from you, let the Lin family do it instead, in case people start to point at us, saying that we didn’t educate our children well enough.”

Yan Chaozong immediately understood what Lin Ze meant. Apparently, the Lin family was going to do something to Qin Sheng. However, he now had a flawless plan which was already in action. He naturally could not let the Lin family destroy it. Besides, Yan Chaozong could never trust Lin Ze in the way he did things.

Hence, Yan Chaozong immediately replied, “Lin Ze, regarding Qin Sheng, I would advise your Lin family to not interfere. I’ve already taken action on my side. Don’t disrupt my plan, or else I would not go easy on you.”

Lin Ze was secretly happy when he heard this. He had finally forced him to speak the truth. He was wondering how could Yan Chaozong possibly stay still? Turned out he was just waiting for the right timing.

Lin Ze said in a low voice, “How long will your plan see its effect? We can’t drag this for too long.”

“You’ll know the result within a month,” Yan Chaozong replied confidently.