Chapter 171 Spending the Rest of My Life With You Is Enough

Upon hearing Yan Chaozong say within a month, Lin Ze was finally received. This was the Yan Chaozong that caused others to fear. He would not possibly just let Qin Sheng go after losing to him so terribly. He believed in Yan Chaozong’s abilities. Yan Chaozong was more resistance and capabilities, at least in Shanghai.

“Okay, I’ll wait for your good news then. Otherwise, I can only think of a way myself.” Lin Ze still tried to put on a show after getting the good news. His dream was more Yan Chaozong to take care of the whole situation beautifully to save him from having to think of solutions again. Who did not want one less thing to handle?

Lin Ze had already gotten the answer that he wanted. He had a date with a beautiful lady from Shanghai Theatre Academy tonight, so he left directly. Yan Chaozong could not be bothered to deal with him. If he was not Lin Su’s older brother, if he did not ruin his plan, Yan Chaozong would not even take notice of Lin Ze. If Lin Ze were to trigger him, Yan Chaozong even dared to go against him.

LINX was a well-known nightclub in Shanghai, its business had always been soaring. The best DJs around the world would come to perform all year round. Ye Muyang invited three friends who were all rich second generations on the same level as him. He also invited some beautiful women and booked the biggest seat. Anyways, this was all nothing to him; he only spend tens of thousands a night, it was nothing compared to the potential benefits that Yan Chaozong would give him.

Qin Sheng really did not like nightclubs, he preferred quiet bars and bars with folk music. There were only chatting, drinking and music appreciation. Those who were interested could only go on stage and perform. This kind of nightclub was too noisy and chaotic. A bunch of people dancing crazily on the dance floor, both men and women enjoying the thrills given by their hormones. The air was filled with all kinds of pungent smells, the strongest being ladies’ perfume.

After Ye Muyang brought Qin Sheng over, he flattered him a lot. He claimed that Qin Sheng was his good brother and Shangshan Ruoshui’s future General Manager. Everyone present knew about Shangshan Ruoshui. After all, Jiang Xianbang had built its name through his many years of operating it. It was the true vanity fair in Shanghai Bund, those who were not of level yet could not enter.

Ye Muyang threw a glance and the most beautiful woman among all sat beside Qin Sheng obediently. She wrapped her arms around his and whined. Qin Sheng was more or less uncomfortable but he had to act in this situation. He had his own set of tricks to handle women. Hence, under the influence of Ye Muyang, they started to drink and play games. On top of that, beautiful women also stirred up the atmosphere. It was very lively.

Ye Muyang and the rest made Qin Sheng drink a lot. On top of that, there were also beautiful women. Qin Sheng could not escape from drinking. Ye Muyang’s intention was very clear, he wanted to make him totally drunk and then cause him to succumb to the luring temptation. By then, he would get these beautiful women to take photos which he would send to Yan Chaozong. It was like icing on the cake. For a woman like Big Miss Lin, she would naturally not allow Qin Sheng the loser to make such a mistake. If his plan was to fail, he would not lose anything as well. This showed how scheming Ye Muyang was.

Qin Sheng was not an alcoholic that does not get drunk. Hence, he started to get tipsy after rounds of invitations to drink. Besides, beautiful women were all pleading and whining. Qin Sheng could not hold himself back anymore and called Chang Baji and Hao Lei when he went to the washroom. Unexpectedly, these two men did not pick up their phones. Feeling helpless, Qin Sheng could only call Lin Su. She was only going to move out of her Lujiazui apartment tomorrow, so she was still staying there tonight.

After the call went through, Qin Sheng said blurrily, “I’m drunk, I’m at Golden Bell Plaza’s LINX, come and pick me up.”

There were never too many restraints between real couples. Qin Sheng and Lin Su were all simple and straightforward, he did not feel like he was disturbing or troubling her, because she was his girlfriend. Lin Su felt likewise. Hence, after hanging up, she drove towards LINX right away. She was only worried if he would be in danger after drinking so much.

This drink party carried on for about two hours. The rest were almost zonked. Qin Sheng was entirely numbed by alcohol and music. He held on tightly to his last strand of sobriety. If Yan Chaozong launches his attack on Qin Sheng at this moment, there was a higher chance that Qin Sheng would die rather than live.

Ye Muyang felt that it was already enough and started to leave with the female companions. Before leaving, he instructed the beautiful woman sitting by Qin Sheng, saying that Qin Sheng was a normal man. He did not believe that he would reject a beautiful woman that lounges herself onto him. Besides, be it temperament, visuals or figure, this woman was the best one they had tonight. Could Qin Sheng hold it in? Ye Muyang was already waiting for Qin Sheng’s obscene photo.

The beautiful woman and Qin Sheng held onto each other as they walked out of LINX. Ye Muyang and the rest had already left by calling a substitute driver or getting a cab. The beautiful woman drove a Mercedes-Benz C200L. It was parked in the underground car park at Golden Bell Plaza. At this moment, she was intending to grab a ride to head towards the pre-booked hotel.

She had to be more somber than Qin Sheng. After hailing a cab, Qin Sheng suddenly squatted down and vomited. The woman could only ask the driver to leave first. Then, she bought a bottle of water and stayed by Qin Sheng’s side and took care of him. Her service was quite well-rounded.

Qin Sheng felt better after a while. She held onto him and whined, “Are you feeling better? I’m sleepy, let’s go back.”

“Go where?” Qin Sheng asked casually.

The woman answered in a weak voice, “It’s already so late, I don’t want to go home. Stay with me tonight, I’ve already booked the hotel.”

“You’re not afraid that I’ll eat you up?” No matter how dense Qin Sheng could be, he already figured what she meant. Apparently, she was going to throw herself into his embrace tonight.

The beautiful woman smiled and replied, “I’m waiting for you to do just that.”

“What a pity, my girlfriend is on her way to pick me up. If I had known sooner, I wouldn’t have made her come. I would definitely have devoured you, cutie pie.” Who did not know how to act? Could Qin Sheng not know this trick? After all, she was Ye Muyang’s friend, so he could not reject him or hurt the beautiful woman’s feelings. He could only reject her in a nicer way. If he were to abandon Lin Su and carry out the act with the woman at the hotel, Lin Su would probably break up with him tomorrow. This was not worth it at all, Qin Sheng would not do it.

“Your girlfriend? Am I not as pretty as your girlfriend? Do you bear to leave me here alone? You can ask her to go back first…” The beautiful woman had a mission, she would not let him go so easily.

“I don’t think you’re as pretty as me,” Lin Su smiled faintly and said. She had just reached Golden Bell Plaza not long ago.

Before she parked her car, she already saw Qin Sheng standing at the roadside trying to hail a cab while leaning on a beautiful woman. However, she was not mad. If Qin Sheng had developed any ideas towards her, he would not have asked Lin Su to come to pick him up. After walking behind them, she happened to hear their conversation and knew that Qin Sheng was putting on a show. She heard this beautiful woman covered in thick makeup, asking with confidence from god-knows-where, “Am I not as pretty as your girlfriend?” Of course, she had to tell her, you’re definitely not as pretty as me.

The beautiful woman turned around in surprise and studied Lin Su with a surprised look on her face. She did not know where this beautiful woman standing in front of her came from. Hearing what she said, could she be Qin Sheng’s girlfriend?

“Wife, you’re here.” Seeing Lin Su appear, Qin Sheng finally heaved out a long sigh and plunged himself at her.

Seeing Qin Sheng’s drunk self, Lin Su was a little angry. She scolded, “Have you forgotten what you promised me that day?”

“I’m wrong.” Qin Sheng woke up immediately. He had promised Lin Su the other day to not drink alcohol before his injuries recover. Hence, he did not talk back at all and lowered his head and admitted to his wrongdoing without hesitation.

Lin Su scowled, “I’ll punish you when we get home.”

After which, she helped Qin Sheng towards the Mercedes-Benz GLS, not bothering about the beautiful woman who was sly and full of confidence at all because she was not a worthy opponent.

Looking at the image of the Mercedes-Benz GLS as it sped away, the beautiful woman was left bewildered. Before she figured out what had just happened, she was already left alone. That beautiful woman, who obviously had more temperament than her and had beaten her in terms of height and visuals, was actually Qin Sheng’s girlfriend. This was the first time that she had lost so completely. She was not angry at all. At the same time, she admired Qin Sheng’s for his self-control.

On the way back to Central Apartment at Lujiazui, Lin Su kept silent. Qin Sheng was feeling uncomfortable and said nothing too. The atmosphere in the car was a little suppressing. After feeling a little better, Qin Sheng asked, “Are you angry?”

Lin Su did not reply. She continued to look forward and focused on driving.

“Are you really angry?” Qin Sheng spoke again, “Are you angry because I drank alcohol or because I was flirting around outside? Hmm, let me think, it must definitely be the latter. Seems like you’re jealous and angry?”

Lin Su turned around and glared at him. “Am I such a stingy woman in your eyes? Why should I be jealous? Even if I’m jealous, she’s not qualified enough.”

Qin Sheng burst out laughing. “That’s right, how can they try to seduce me with just this level? They don’t even know that my wife is extreme beauty, a distinct flower, a fairy from above…”

“You’re starting to make jokes now, seems like you should be fine. I’ll throw you at the roadside, you hail a ride back on your own,” Lin Su hissed. She was full of confidence when comparing herself to other women. Besides, she knew Qin Sheng’s behavior and character, he would not make a mistake easily.

Qin Sheng pretended to be flustered. “Wife, I’m wrong, I’ll shut up.”

Lin Su sighed in relief. “I really don’t know what to say about you. Drink lesser in the future. If you’re injured, all the more you shouldn’t drink. This is the last chance I’m giving you.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Qin Sheng answered obediently.

Since it was already very late, Lin SU did not make Qin Sheng go back to disturb Chang Baji and Hao Lei. She brought him directly to the Central Apartment at Lujiazui. Qin Sheng quickly washed up. Lin Su had already showered. The atmosphere started to get awkward. The apartment had two rooms, one was the master bedroom and the other was the guest room. Where should he sleep? He could be thick-skinned about anything, but he could not muster up the courage to say that he would sleep on the same bed with her.

“Em, my wife, where should I sleep?” Qin Sheng laughed.

Lin Su teased, “Where do you want to sleep?”

“I’ll listen to your arrangement,” Qin Sheng smiled sheepishly.

Lin Su’s face turned a little red. “You can sleep wherever you want to sleep.”

Hearing this sentence, Qin Sheng instantly understood what she meant. He did not dare to miss this chance. After all, you would not pass by the same shop again after leaving the town. He charged towards the master bedroom without hesitation and directly laid down on her warm, big bed. This was his first time entering her bedroom. The style of the room was minimal and down-to-earth. It was not a girly pink, nor was it a chich purple. It was just plain neutral colors. At this moment, Qin Sheng’s only thought was that this bed was so big and so soft, this quilt smelled so nice and was so warm.

Lin Su walked into her room uneasily and turned off the light on her way in because she did not want to let Qin Sheng see her feeling awkward. Qin Sheng took the opportunity to quickly undress, leaving only his underwear on. He was really shameless.

Lin Su walked to the bed slowly. She had already changed into her pajamas when she returned home, so she laid on the bed directly. She covered herself with the quilt and kept a distance from Qin Sheng.

For a man and woman to bring their relationship even closer, there must be body contact. The highest realm was to get on the bed. Qin Sheng would not leave her hanging there. As a man, he took the initiative to get closer to her and he stretched out his hand to embrace her. He could feel her body slightly shivering. However, at this moment, Qin Sheng was the opposite; he was very quiet and did not feel a tiny bit of impetuous or desire.

Qin Sheng whispered in her ear, “Spending the rest of my life with you is enough.”

On this night, Qin Sheng slept very well. He hugged Lin Su just like that and did not have any rash thoughts. He felt that it was already enough. Lin Su felt uneasy at first but ended up falling asleep feeling very assured. She had never felt such a strong sense of security. It felt like she would not feel afraid even if the sky crumples.