Ye Muyang led Qin Sheng to walk for a few minutes before they finally arrived at the Seaview Pavilion. The view here was very wide, the night view of the small town could be seen. Looking up, the most eye-catching peaks of Mount Jiuhua was in view. Also, there was the dazzling night sky above their heads. It was a pity that tonight’s weather was too good; the bright and clear moon was hanging high up in the sky. If the fog had been denser, they could even see the sea of fog. This was why this place was called Seaview Pavilion.

By the time Ye Muyang and Qin Sheng arrived, Uncle Zhao had already arrived beforehand with his subordinates. Other than Uncle Zhao, there were five other people, two of whom were experts that he had invited and the other two blocked the tree-lined path leading towards Seaview Pavilion, in case someone disrupts their plan.

“What a nice view.” Ye Muyang stood at the Seaview Pavilion and sighed as he looked into the distance. He could not help but lit up a cigarette and offered Qin Sheng one as well. Being buried in such a beautiful place, Qin Sheng could reincarnate into a good family. In his next lifetime, he should lead a low-profile life. He should not overestimate himself and offend difficult characters like Yan Chaozong out of all people.

Qin Sheng remained silent and did not say anything. At this moment, his mood was not bad. If the person beside him was Lin Su, it would be even perfect. In the past, Qin Sheng liked to wander around on his own and not say a word. Today, he would prefer to have Lin Su with him anywhere he went, to share each second of the amazing moments in his life.

Ye Muyang was in an even better mood than Qin Sheng, because his mission had successfully finished. Now, it was time to enjoy his reward. In the future, he could follow Yan Chaozong and feast on wine and meat. Everything would be smooth-sailing.

“Qin Sheng, thank you!” Ye Muyang was already prepared to come clean with Qin Sheng. Anyways, they were already at this stage, Ye Muyang did not want to hide anymore. The sooner he was done here, the faster he could go back and sleep. He would then leave the rest to Yan Chaozong’s people. However, his gratitude was sincere. And as to why he was feeling grateful, his reason was evident without needing to describe.

Qin Sheng did not understand why Ye Muyang thanked him so suddenly. “Why are you thanking me?”

“Because you made me see a better tomorrow and brought me profits that I can easily lay my hands on. Of course, I have to thank you.” Ye Muyang slowly exited the Seaview Pavilion, maintaining a distance between himself and Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng still did not understand. He frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“We’ve already come so far, I don’t intend to hide from you anymore. Let me be honest with you,” Ye Muyang stared at him and smiled faintly.

Qin Sheng’s gaze faltered suddenly as if he was figuring out what was happening exactly.

“Did you really naively think that I got close to you because of my old man’s relationship with Jiang Xianbang? Jiang Xianbang and my old man are each others’ worst enemy, what has that got to do with me? Besides, you’re a loser born of a poor family. Why would I take notice of you? I hated ‘phoenix men’ like you; you guys don’t have great capabilities, but you have a very big ambition,” Ye Muyang started to ridicule Qin Sheng to his heart’s content. This kind of overpowering someone with his IQ gave him great satisfaction.

Qin Sheng’s expression changed slightly. He realized that something was wrong. Ye Muyang’s intention was already very clear. There was a reason why he got near to himself. Could it be because of Yan Chaozong? That seemed unlikely.

“But to be honest, I really admire you. You have quite a number of good points and I’ve learned a lot from you during this period of time. But the one thing you shouldn’t have done is to snatch Yan Chaozong’s girlfriend. What pity,” Ye Muyang finally said the answer. At this moment, he was already more than three meters away from Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng woke up instantly and stared at Ye Muyang with a deathly glare. His facial expression was very horrible. Indeed, he was Ye Muyang. Then, all these were a trap, specially set up for him. From when Ye Muyang knew him to now, it had all been a part of his plan. Then Ye Muyang did not bring him here to burn incense.

If not, then what? No matter how dense Qin Sheng could be, he had already figured it out. Otherwise, Ye Muyang would not have said all these.

“Ye Muyang, f*ck you,” Qin Sheng roared angrily.

Ye Muyang laughed, “Don’t be angry, Qin Sheng. Weren’t you always calm? What’s the point of being angry now? Don’t blame me, you can only blame yourself. Take a look at yourself, what qualifications do you have to have such a beautiful girlfriend like Lin Su? Even I am jealous of you, let alone Yan Chaozong’s fury.”

Qin Sheng was indeed furious. But just like what Ye Muyang said, being calm would not solve the problem. Now, he should first find out his exact situation. If Ye Muyng could say something like that, it meant that things were not as simple. For example, his bringing him here could be a part of the plan. Seemed like this was already a dangerous place. There was definitely not just Ye Muyang. Then what should he do?

Trapped in a dead situation, how to create an exit?

“Why did you set me up?” Qin Sheng asked in an icy-cold voice.

you into Ye Muyang burst out laughing. “Why? Of course, it’s for the profits! Without the profits, why would I care who are you? These were all arranged by Young Master Yan, so don’t hate me, you should hate him. You snatched Young Master Yan’s woman, he must definitely take care of you. Hence, he offered me some reward if I could lure you into his pre-set game. After this ends, he will definitely not mistreat me. You and I have no relationship at all, of course, I will sacrifice you! This is the reality, anyone would have done this.”

Qin Sheng stopped talking. It was pointless, no matter what he said. He should focus on facing his upcoming situation.

“Okay, I shall not talk too much. You’ve eaten a good meal just now, just get prepared to go. If I can still remember you, I’ll burn some paper money for you every year, I would be doing my job well to the end. For whatever that is to come, I’m going to hand it over to Young Master Yan’s subordinates. I’ve sent you on your last leg of the journey, I’ll be heading back now,” Ye Muyang said lightly.

As he was saying all these, Uncle Zhao walked out slowly with two subordinates. Qin Sheng and Ye Muyang both saw them.

“My mission has been accomplished, I’m handing the rest to you now,” Ye Muyang walked towards Uncle Zhao and smiled.

Uncle Zhao replied courteously, “Young Master Ye, you’ve worked hard, My Young Master will be giving you a grand welcome in Shanghai.”

“It’s just a small favor. I’ll be going now,” Ye Muyang said casually. Following which, he shouted to Qin Sheng, “Qin Sheng, see you in the next life!”

Qin Sheng started laughing at himself. He understood everything. Ye Muyang got closer to him step by step. He used the connection between Shangshan Ruoshui and Jiang Xianbang and Boss Ye to get closer to him. Perhaps his trust and good feeling. And because Qin Sheng wanted to have a good development in Shangshan Ruoshui, he naturally had to treat Ye Muyng seriously. When everything was in place, he then got prepared to move. Thinking about it, arranging for Chang Baji to go on a business trip to Japan was probably one of Yan Chaozong’s plan. After all, during that time in Southwest Xinan, Yan Chaozong had suffered a massive loss. He would not make the same mistake again. Then, he got Ye Muyang to lure Qin Sheng out of Shanghai and came to Mount Jiuhua to burn incense and worship Buddha. This Seaview Pavilion was probably carefully-selected.

This plan was really seamless.

Qin Sheng could not blame anyone but himself. He was really too careless, he had trusted Ye Muyang so easily and thought of himself too highly.

Ye Muyang left just like that, leaving Qin Sheng behind in Seaview Pavilion.

Uncle Zhao laughed and stared at Qin Sheng. He waved his hand and the two experts from Wudang Mountain sandwiched Qin Sheng from the front and back. There was a cliff in front of him, it was more than a hundred meters deep. If Qin Sheng dared to jump, he would die for sure, so they need not worry.

“Qin Sheng, I’m greeting you on behalf of my Young Master. You didn’t expect this, right?” Uncle Zhao said with a beaming smile. He had single-handedly came up with this plan. Now, it was time for the grand finale.

At this moment, Qin Sheng could not afford to think about Ye Muyang anymore, because he had to tackle what was in front of him. He said helplessly, “Yan Chaozong would not give up until I die.”

“You caused our Young Master to make such a big fool of himself in Shanghai, even if our Young Master let you go, the Yan family would not. You’ve taken away the well-protected treasure of the Lin family and destroyed the Yan-Lin joint-marriage. Even if the Yan family let you off, the in family would definitely do not so. Your ending had already been decided at that moment when you chose Big Miss. It was just a matter of time. Last time at Southwestern Sichuan, we were careless and had managed to let you escape. We’ve suffered a big loss. We had a serious injury and a small one, we had no choice. Your friend, Chang Baji, is really powerful. But this time around, he’s not here. Can you still get out of here alive?” Uncle Zhao said disdainfully. To him, Qin Sheng was now like a dead person.

“What a perfect plan, I admit! But don’t think that I’ll admit defeat just like that. Even if I have to die here, I will pull you guys along with me. One would even the cost, two would be a score. If I am lucky to get out of here alive, I will definitely not Yan Chaozong disappointed,” Qin Sheng said between gritted teeth. Since it was already like this, he did not care about the harsh words that he threw out.

Uncle Zhao laughed out loud. “Do you think that you can get out of here alive?”

“How would I know if I don’t try?” Even if he were to die, Qin Sheng must die while standing. He must not die with kneeling down, and definitely not admit defeat.

“But don’t worry, I believe that even if I were to die, there will be people that will take revenge for me. Don’t forget to alert Yan Chaozong when you go back, ask him to be careful.” Qin Sheng would never be willing to be stepped on, even now, it was still the same.

Qin Sheng had never been afraid because it would not solve anything. He did not want to die too. If he died today, many people would be sad for him. His ambitions have yet to come true, he had a long life ahead to enjoy, he still wanted to walk through the rest of his life with Lin Su. Hence, even if there was no hope today, he had to create a miracle.

He had faced death so many times and had been lucky to survive all of them. What about today?

“What’s the point of saying all those? Your tongue could click fast and yet it would not change your fate. If it was me, I would think about how to face what’s in front of me.” Uncle Zhao looked down on Qin Sheng a little. He felt that the only reason why Qin Sheng managed to escape alive the last time was purely due to his powerful friend Chang Baji. But this time, Qin Sheng had to face the two invited experts on his own. It would be impossible to walk out of here alive. These two were much more powerful than Uncle Zhen and Feng He.

Qin Sheng removed his thick down jacket and walked out of the Seaview Pavilion slowly. He took in two deep breaths. In such an environment, if he used up all of his energy to fight a good fight, it would be worth it, even if he dies.

“Bring it on.” Qin Sheng bent his legs slightly. He looked at the seemingly unordinary men who sandwiched him and said.

With a look of disdain, Uncle Zhao nodded slightly as a signal. The two men charged towards Qin Sheng without hesitation…