Chapter 176 The Dust Settles

This man who held the Sanleng Thorn was precisely the man who drove the Jeep Wrangler from Shanghai to Mount Jiuhua. He was the extraordinary and ferocious man ordered by Qin Changan, Zhuang Zhou.

Having committed a lot of shocking acts, Gongsun was known as the God of Death in Sijiu City. However, Gongsun could only sigh in front of Zhuang Zhou. In his words, three of Gongsun would not be worth as an opponent to Zhuang Zhou. How did Qin Changan subdue this big old man?

All these were afterthoughts. Which extraordinary man did not have a legendary and obstacle-filled past? He had been in the army. Moreover, Zhuang Zhou was a special guard in the Beijing Army Zone and had even been selected by a high-ranking general as a general. Hence, when Gongsun heard that QIn Changan had ordered Zhuang Zhou to protect Young Master in Shanghai, he was completely assured. With Zhuang Zhou’s competence, he did not believe that anyone could hurt Young Master.

At this point, this man who regularly served in the army’s special force as a guest coach was a little angry. He did not expect that matters would be so serious. This gang of people actually had set up a trap.

Looking at Qin Sheng who had already fainted on the ground, Zhuang Zhou gripped his Sanleng Thorn tightly. Murderous intent emanated from his entire body and walked step by step towards Uncle Zhao. He had not killed in a long time. Tonight he felt like he really wanted to practice some moves. This was because they had pushed past his limits.

His family lineage was Ji Cangzhou where his grandfather and father were all martial art gurus. They were of the same origins with Old Master Qin. He was even more indebted to the Qin Family. If it was not for Old Master Qin’s connections that saved him from death, there probably won’t be him today. Therefore, any of the Qin Family’s matters were his matters. As long as there were orders from Qin Changan, he would have nothing to say. Moreover, Qin Changan hardly asked for anything in the past few years.

In recent times, he was at the southern branch of the special force training rookies when Gongsun called him. Gongsun said that Qin Changan wanted him to protect a man in Shanghai. Did he wonder what kind of man would be so worthy as for Qin Changan to personally set a protection order? However, when he saw the man and knew his name, Zhuang Zhou finally understood. He could almost confirm that this young man was the son that Qin Changan lost for twenty years. It was the grandson that Old Master Qin brought away.

It was precisely because of this relationship that Zhuang Zhou had to invest more effort. If anything went amiss, there was no way he could answer to Qin Changan. However, the trap that was set by the people today almost landed him in a position where he would not have the face to answer to Qin Changan. How could Zhuang Zhou not be angry?

Having heard Zhuang Zhou’s last sentence, Uncle Zhao lost his composure. When he said Zhuang Zhou in the distance, they turned their faces towards each other. They did not expect that right at the last moment, there would be a foreign killer turning up.

At that moment, they knew very well in their hearts that this man was definitely not a friend, only a foe. In order for him to stand there, they predicted that the two men guarding by the road were probably dead.

“Who are you?” Uncle Zhou walked two steps in front and asked.

At an age close to fifty, a height of 1.8 metres with short hair and an expressionless face, that was Zhuang Zhou. He remarked coldly, “You are not qualified to know who I am?”

The road leader and that man blocked Zhuang Zhou’s path and hissed coldly. “If you don’t want to die, then scram.”

“The both of you still dare to tell me to scram when there’s only the two of you. What an overestimation of your abilities.” Zhuang Zhou closed his eyes and said, “I wonder where you get such courage from to hurt the son of the Qin Family. I will let you know today the price you have to pay?”

Uncle Zhao was too lazy to deal with him. He did not think that this man was a huge threat. Plus, there was the two expert road leader and White Wolf in front of him. They were people that he spent enormous amounts of money and connections on to hire. Even if Chang Baji came, he would definitely lose. Needless to say, so would this jumping beam clown.

“Go, kill him!” Uncle Zhao ordered without hesitation. He did not want to delay any more time in case new problems arise. However, the man’s words prompted Uncle Zhao to think deeply. The son of the Qin Family…did Qin Sheng really come from an important family? They did not investigate this clearly, but this was not the time to care about all that.

Zhuang Zhou was even less willing to delay time. He had to dash forward and battle with others in order to take Qin Sheng away. Qin Sheng’s current condition was not optimistic. He could very likely die from a loss of blood.

Hence, when the road leader and White Wolf dashed over, Zhuang Zhou raised his Sanleng Thorn and dashed forward. The Sanleng Thorn gleaned with murderous intent, as if it was very exciting.

Having held an unbeatable record for five years in the army, stayed in the top three for army training missions and sent out for numerous missions, Zhuang Zhou was definitely more trained than anyone there in killing others. It was easy to tell from his entire body of helium and yin that he made people shudder.

The Sanleng Thorn in Zhuang Zhou’s hands had been with him for twenty years. In terms of playing with army weapons, he dared to say that he was number one in the north. No one dared to say that he was second. Hence, when the Sanleng Thorn-armed Zhuang Zhou faced the road leader and White Wolf, it was going to be a bloody battle akin to a lion’s hunt for prey. No matter how skilled you might be, you would still be my prey.

Just when the two sides were about to meet, Zhuang Zhou immediately threw forward his Sanleng Thorn and dashed out towards the two men. He almost reached at the same time as the Sanleng Thorn. He captured it steadily and with a turn of his body, he carved a smooth line with three strokes of his sword. It stunned the road leader to retreat a few steps. If he were to be harmed, it would be hard for his wound to heal.

After feeling the force from White Wolf’s fist, Zhuang Zhou immediately did a flip in the same spot. One of his foot kicked White Wolf’s arm while the sword in his left hand pierced White Wolf’s right hand. His body kept close to the whip leg that White Wolf kicked over. It was like a ballerina’s twirl. That leg was as fast as lightning. Once the whip leg’s strength and arc had reached the pinnacle, Zhuang Zhou pierced White Wolf’s back with his sword in his hand.

White Wolf did not expect at all for the man in front of him to be so powerful. Just a face was enough to hurt him. White Wolf howled. Zhuang Zhou did not care whether he lived or died. He gripped his Sanleng Thorn and smoothly turned the blade. Using strength from his feet, he propelled the sword forward and fresh blood splattered from White Wolf’s back.

The reason why Zhuang Zhou liked the Sanleng Thorn was, besides the long relationship cultivated over the many years he had spent with it, mainly because in his eyes, the Sanleng Thorn was both a hot weapon and the fastest cold weapon that could kill someone.

Once the Sanlength Thorn pierced the human body, blood will gush out. As the muscles contract in the body it would not be able to stick to the blade. People who can withstand such a pierce would move on to his next move, which would cause the blood to suck in air, consequently blocking blood flow. As for the wound, it was a rectangular hole. It would not be able to suppress the blood flow and start the healing effect. Moreover, it was hard to apply emergency aid to such a wound. For a sword to pierce into the body and be twisted within it resulting in huge harm in the body was common knowledge. If there was internal damage to the muscles or if the arteries were broken, what was the point of stopping the blood flow externally? That was the reason why Zhuang Zhou twisted the blade in his body just now.

Therefore, with the Sanleng Thorn, the potential for death was very high. This was also the danger of Zhuang Zhou.

When Zhuang Zhou inserted the sword into White Wolf’s body, White Wolf was equivalent to being handicapped. However, Zhuang Zhou did not stop there. He wanted to kill all the man on the field today. If not, he would not be able to expel the anger in this heart.

Therefore, after turning, Zhuang Zhou once again dashed towards White Wolf. This time, his target was White Wolf’s chest. It was best to directly pierce his heart and eliminate his life once and for all.

At this point, the road leader blocked Zhuang Zhou’s path. He sent a few kicks towards Zhuang Zhou’s chest and wrist. Zhuang Zhou retreated backwards to hide from the attacks. Before the road leader regained his strength, he released the dagger in his hand and grabbed the road leader’s ankle without hesitation. If there was a slow-motion camera, it was like looking as if Zhuang Zhou’s fingers had changed shape. However, for quick speed, Zhuang Zhou did not care about all that. After grabbing the road leader’s ankle, he grabbed the sword with both his hands and with the speed of lightning, pierced the Sanleng Thorn into the road leader’s thigh without hesitation.

The road leader’s face changed and used all his strength to turn his body. He kicked his left foot to Zhuang Zhou’s shoulder. Zhuang Zhou retreated a few steps backwards and there was blood splattering from his Sanleng Thorn.

“This is all your strength?” Zhuang Zhou laughed coldly.

Uncle Zhao, who was watching the entire scene, lost his composure. He knew that killing Qin Sheng tonight was no longer possible. To think that he had prepared for so long but to lose right at the last stretch made Uncle Zhao extremely angry. However, he did not have any solution now. This man was way too powerful. He was probably even more competent by a few levels than Chang Baji. Road leader and White Wolf were not worthy opponents. Now that they were both hurt, he had to find a way to escape. If not, there would be no chance left.

Hence, Uncle Zhao took the opportunity when Zhuang Zhou was not looking, to slowly move towards the forest. How could Zhuang Zhou let him run away? Zhuang Zhou sighed coldly, “Want to run away?”

Uncle Zhao knew he had been found out. Without hesitation, he picked up his speed and dashed away. He did not want to die here. However, how could he possibly beat Zhuang Zhou’s pace? Zhuang Zhou raced forward. He kicked Uncle Zhao’s back with one of his feet, causing Uncle Zhao to fall on the ground. Zhuang Zhou followed up and pulled Uncle Zhao from the ground. He immediately took out his sword and pierced it into Uncle Zhao’s chest. Uncle Zhao who thought he had chances died this way in Zhuang Zhou’s hands. His entire expression was wild and evidently deadly.

After killing Uncle Zhao, Zhuang Zhou turned his head to look at road leader and White Wolf. The road leader was half-kneeling on the floor and treating his wounds. However, he was not able to stop the flow of fresh blood.

After White Wolf saw that Uncle Zhao had died, he instinctively felt that the situation was not optimistic. He also intended to escape. Zhuang Zhou naturally would not give him that chance. He had already said, everyone on the field today will die.

The two men’s eyes met. They almost moved at the same time. Once they reached their ability’s peak, Zhuang Zhou immediately sent his sword towards Wolf Wolf. In the next second, the sword pierced into White Wolf’s calf. White Wolf’s legs were now unstable and fell instantly to the ground.

When he stood up, Zhuang Zhou had already reached his front. With absolute dominance, he kicked his head to the floor. White Wolf’s eyes showed dizziness. He did not have the ability to fight back Zhuang Zhou. Zhuang Zhou retrieved his sword, raised it high and then directly pierced it through White Wolf’s neck.

White Wolf’s big frame fell to the ground with a thud. He no longer stood up.

There was only one prey left. When Zhuang Zhou walked in front of road leader, road leader suddenly pleaded, “Spare my life!”

The road leader did not choose to escape. He knew very clearly in his heart that with an injured leg, there was no way he would escape. He could only give in and wish that this monster would spare his life.

“Give me a reason.” Zhuang Zhou said darkly.

Road leader quickly replied, “From today onwards, I will enter the mountains and practice. I will be kind and not engage in evil acts. If I disobey, I deserve to die.”

“I don’t believe.” Zhuang Zhou immediately rejected.

Having heard this, the road leader knew that he was done. Seeing that danger was imminent, how could he just give up? He had to use all he could to live on. He had a few silver needles in his hand from an unknown time and place and without hesitation, pierced them into Zhuang Zhou’s face.

Zhuang Zhou had seen these small games a lot. Just when road leader was about to achieve his aim, Zhuang Zhou’s Sanleng Thorn had already pierced into road leader’s heart. This was because his speed was faster than road leader’s and therefore could act earlier. At this point, the road leader’s movement suddenly stopped and afterwards, his entire body slumped onto the ground.

Everything was quiet. Zhuang Zhou cast his gaze on the dead corpses on the floor. If they committed a crime by themselves, they deserve to die. They deserved all of this.

Looking at Qin Sheng in the distance who was in a critical condition, Zhuang Zhou looked ugly. He immediately dashed forward, carried Qin Sheng and walked towards his parking spot without hesitation. He knew that Qin Sheng could not die.

Whether Qin Sheng could live would depend on himself. As for the death field, there would be someone to settle it.