Chapter 177 What Exactly Was Going On?

Zhuang Zhou was in a pretty bad mood now because Qin Sheng was already completely unconscious and his situation did not look promising at all. Moreover, upon checking, Zhuang Zhou found out that Qin Sheng might be suffering from an internal injury. If his vital parts were injured for real, perhaps his life would be in great danger.

If Qin Sheng did die in this way, Zhuang Zhou did not know how he would report to Qin Changan at all. After all, Qin Sheng was Qin Changan’s only child. Qin Changan went to great efforts to find him and placed him under his protection. He would definitely feel guilty his entire life if any accident occurred to Qin Sheng.

After hopping in the car, Zhuang Zhou did a search and located Qingyang Country Hospital, the nearest one. Then he rushed there directly. Fortunately, it was not so far away from his location to the hospital. He would definitely arrive there within about half an hour by utilizing his driving skills.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Zhou gave Gongsun’s underlings a call, who was also assigned with the task of protecting Qin Sheng and just arrived in Mount Jiuhua a short while ago. He told them about the location where the accident had taken place and ordered them to clean up the mess there. After all, several dead bodies were still lying there.

It was already 10 o’clock in the evening. After coming back from Bund, Lin Su was still nervous, flustered, and disturbed. Tan Jing said with concern, “Susu, do you need to go to the hospital to get looked at?”

Lin Su frowned and shook her head. She might have been under a lot of pressure in recent days. She called Qin Sheng once again; however, no one picked up her call. It was the third time she had called Qin Sheng. Normally Qin Sheng would notify her in advance, no matter how busy he was. However, he was so abnormal today. Since he had already arrived at Mount Jiuhua, by rights, he should be idle at this time.

Consequently, Lin Su felt more concerned and more agitated.

While inside a siheyuan of the Qin family in Beijing, Qin Changan finally put down the book that he just could not get down to reading, no matter how hard he tried. He picked up a purple teapot, which was valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, intending to add more tea for himself. However, out of the blue, breaking free from his hands all of a sudden, the purple teapot fell down with a sound and smashed into pieces. Qin Changan changed the look on his face slightly, this actually was not a good sign at all. The way he saw it, though this teapot did not cost him much money, it meant a lot to him because that teapot was not only a masterpiece made by famous artists but also a gift from his friend.

Before Qin Changan came back to his senses, Gongsun pushed the door open and broke in all of a sudden. The two doors bumped against the wall with the sound of a bang going off. This sound was extremely ear-piercing in the dead of night.

However, Qin Changan was not taken aback. He turned his head calmly instead. Before he could open his mouth to ask, Gongsun yelled, “Master, Young Master, Young Master has met with an accident.” Breathing heavily, he was thrown into a panic.

Qin Changan felt his brain go blank all of a sudden. He knew it clearly that if it were not something serious, it would not be possible for Gongsun to end up this way.

It was 11 o’clock at night. A Gulfstream G550 took off from Capital International Airport quietly and then headed directly toward Mount Jiuhua Airport in Chizhou City. By rights, the private jet airline should be booked 48 hours in advance. However, since it happened unexpectedly, there were no flights available at this time at all that flew directly from Beijing to Mount Jiuhua. Qin Changan had no choice but to take advantage of his connections. He directly turned to the first in command in the Civil Aviation Bureau for help and got this issue solved right away. After all, for a small issue like this, he did not need to go so far as to come to the Ministry of Transport directly, which was above the Civil Aviation Bureau. Known as someone who was adept in currying favor with the all-powerful ones in Sijiu City, Qin Changan was not a paper tiger at all.

On his way to Chizhou, Qin Changan made several consecutive calls to his connections in Anhui Province. Doctors and experts in Chizhou City were all rushing toward Qingyang Country. At the same time, an expert panel was set up, including remote support from experts in Hefei and Beijing. Qin Changan would not allow any accident to happen to his only son. If something did happen to Qinsheng, putting other things aside, Qin Ran would not visit him anymore all his life, let alone the Zhu Family, who would be estimated to be in infinite conflict with him all their lives.

Meanwhile, Qin Changan had already arranged for people to block all the information sources. Of course, this thing could not be known to the outsiders. Moreover, Zhuang Zhou had already killed five people tonight.

When Qin Changan arrived at the People’s Hospital of Qingyang Country, it was already three o’clock in the morning. The operation had been going on for more than four hours and the usual surgeons had all been exchanged for the experts that rushed all the way from Chizhou. After all, nobody had confidence in the doctors’ medical skill levels in Qingyang Country. Zhuang Zhou had been guarding outside the operating room. Before he arrived at the hospital and got out of the car, he had gotten changed. He was so cautious and prudent, which could be seen from the fact that he took his belongings with him while driving. After all, he came from the special force.

“I did not take good care of him,” after meeting Qin Changan, Zhuang Zhou said with a sense of guilt.

“He may be destined to experience this,” patting Zhuang Zhou gently on his shoulders, Qin Changan replied. It was not Zhuang Zhou’s fault at all. Without Zhuang Zhou, Qin Sheng might have been dead now, nor would he have been rescued here. As for the gang behind the scene, he did not have time now to bother with them. However, he was pretty sure that the game had just freshly begun. Since they intended to play such a big game, then let’s see who would be the winner in the end.

Gongsun also came to comfort Zhuang Zhou. Since Zhuang Zhou was a teacher as well as a friend to him, knowing Zhuang Zhou’s disposition and ego well, he knew that Zhuang Zhou had to feel pretty bad in secret. He said in a low voice, “Young Master has a blessed life. He will definitely be fine.”

“I know,” Zhuang Zhou responded flatly.

The atmosphere in the corridor was a bit depressing. Qin Changan had already gotten to the meeting room where the expert panel was gathered. After hearing the experts’ explanation, he found out Qin Sheng’s situation was far worse than he had imagined. Qin Sheng had suffered from a serious concussion in his head. Three of his ribs were broken and part of his lung was seriously wounded. His cardiac function was impaired, and his arms and left leg were fractured. Meanwhile, excessive loss of blood was the most horrible thing of all. It was unknown whether Qin Sheng could be brought back to life or not. Nobody even dared to guarantee that Qin Sheng would survive this critical stage.

All was quiet in the dead of night. Lin Su stayed at Tan Jing’s home, but she could not fall asleep at all. The feeling of nervousness and being short of breath had already faded away, but she still could not fall asleep because of Qin Sheng. From the time when the sky darkened until now, she had made a total of seven or eight calls. She stopped calling until the voice over the phone indicated that Qin Sheng’s cellphone was powered off. It was not a characteristic of Qin Sheng at all to refuse to answer her calls or call her back unless something had happened to him.

“Is no one still picking up your call?” Lin Su could not fall asleep, nor could Tan Jing, who sat up and asked after trying to sleep for a while.

Lin Su’s look was a bit pale. She shook her head and said, “His cellphone is already powered off.”

“You mentioned that he was going to Mount Jiuhua to pay his tribute, right? Perhaps the signal in the mountains is not good.” Tan Jing tried to comfort Lin Su. However, it was obvious that even she could not be convinced by such an excuse.

Lin Su did not say anything at all. Since she did not have the contact number of any one of Qin Sheng’s friends, she had no way to turn to others for help, such as Chang Baji and Hao Lei.

“He must be fine. You can feel at ease. He may have lost his cellphone. If worse comes to worst, you can go to his company to check it out tomorrow morning.” Tan Jing went on comforting her.

Lin Su hesitated for a while and decided she had no choice but to do so in the end. She would go to Shangshan Ruoshui to get into touch with Chang Baji, where she would also contact the son of Chang Baji’s boss more easily, who had gone to Mount Jiuhua along with Qin Sheng. However, she might be overthinking.

While in the Thompson Suite, sitting in the vast living room, Yan Chaozong opened two bottles of red wine. He felt pretty happy after asking two beauties to accompany him. He was just waiting for Uncle Zhao to call him and report the good news to him. Just a moment ago, Ye Muyang had told him that Qin Sheng was already in the hands of the gang with Uncle Zhao included. However, several hours had passed since Ye Muyang had made the call. Yan Chaozong still did not get a call from Uncle Zhao yet.

He lost his patience gradually. After he made several consecutive calls to Uncle Zhao and got no response at all, he started to get worried. Could some accident have already occurred? Anyhow, the result must have come out after such a long time. Moreover, Qin Sheng did not have any chance of winning at all while facing two skilled masters on his own. After all, the plan they had worked out was flawless. He did not believe that Qin Sheng could get away unless he was an immortal in the highest sky with wings.

However, the fact was that Uncle Zhao did not call him at all until now and had even lost contact. Yan Chaozong had no choice but to call Ye Muyang in a hurry and order Ye Muyang to give Qin Sheng a call in order to confirm whether Qin Sheng was alive or not. As expected, Qin Sheng’s cellphone was also powered off. Thus, nobody knew what had happened exactly.

Since Ye Muyang was still in the hotel of Mount Jiuhua, Yan Chaozong ordered him to go to the Seaview Pavilion to check what was going on immediately. Ye Muyang did not have guts to visit the Seaview Pavilion at all at this time because he was already stupefied by such a weird ending. He had originally planned to rush back to Shanghai. However, under the stress of Yan Chaozong’s threat, if he did not go there, Yan Chaozong would deal with him then. He had no choice but to spend several thousand dollars employing two local farmers to accompany him to visit the Seaview Pavilion.

After they arrived at the Seaview Pavilion, he went inside on his own while the two farmers waited outside. It turned out nothing was inside the pavilion. Ye Muyang was completely stupefied. What the hell was going on here?

Yan Chaozong also knew this result soon after. He did not buy it at all. He consequently took several underlings with him to rush toward Mount Jiuhua directly on the same night because he had to figure out what exactly was going on.

While in the People’s Hospital of Qingyang Country, the operation was still ongoing. It was nearly morning and 10 hours had passed and the operation was not over yet. The news came from the expert panel saying that the situation was not optimistic and the relatives should get mentally prepared. When Qin Changan heard that sentence, he shook his body a bit, and Gongsun sensed it. This man actually was not movable at any time. As a father who had been separated from his son for more than 20 years, Qin Changan had endured so much hardship. God even did not grant him an opportunity to recognize his son, did he?

Qin Changan could not help feeling a bit regretful that he did not recognize his son in time. He felt regretful that he insisted on training him and forced him to experience such hardship. If he had recognized his son earlier, these issues would not have taken place. He firmly believed that nobody would dare to challenge him even if they plucked up their courage, right?

“Master, you take a rest as well. I will wake you up if there is any news,” Gongsun said cautiously.

Qin Changan waved his hands and said, “I am fine and I will keep watch here. I have not done anything for him in more than 20 years. Let me make it up to him and offset my guilt.”

A few hours later, dawn finally arrived. To a lot of people, another day had begun and it might be another exciting day or another typical one. However, they did not know what had happened last night. Few of them would also care about it.

Lin Su showed up at Shangshan Ruoshui on time at half-past nine. She knew that Shangshan Ruoshui’s official working hours started at 10 o’clock. However, most of the employees were already there at half-past nine. People on the scene were all wondering who this new elegant beauty was. She completely beat all the beauties in Shangshan Ruoshui when it came to charisma. Could she be a new artist?

After she introduced herself on her own, people on the scene knew that this elegant lady was actually Qin Sheng’s girlfriend. They were pretty surprised. They all just learned the fact that Qin Sheng actually had a girlfriend, a beautiful one at that. Yu Fengzhi and Lyu Yuan were among these people.

Yu Fengzhi could not help frowning. She just did not understand previously why Qin Sheng had given her up at the last moment even though he had a chance to enjoy her many times. It turned out his girlfriend was extremely beautiful. As expected, she was not competent enough when it came to charisma. Upon thinking of this point, she felt a bit depressed.

However, before Yu Fengzhi thought further, Lin Su had told her about her intention here. It turned out that she could not get into touch with Qin Sheng. So Yu Fengzhi gave Lin Su the number of Chang Baji, and Lin Su quickly dialed it through. After hearing about the current situation, Chang Baji realized that some accident might have occurred. He contacted Qin Sheng in a hurry. However, there was still no news at all.

When Han Zhengdong arrived at Shangshan Ruoshui at 10 o’clock, the people on the scene all surrounded him and urged him to call Ye Muyang. Frowning, Han Zhengdong was a bit unwilling to do so. However, he dialed Ye Muyang in the end.

Ye Muyang had already thought of a solution to this situation. He told the folks that after they arrived at Mount Jiuhua, Qin Sheng told him he was going to visit an old friend, and he also felt pretty concerned since Qin Sheng had not come back so far.

Up until this point, Qin Sheng was completely out of contact.