Chapter 178 Paternal Love Is Speechless

Han Zhengdong originally had planned to go to Beijing. Due to temporary emergencies, Boss Ye finally decided to let Angie and Chang Baji go to Beijing together. Upon learning that Qin Sheng might have met with a mishap, Chang Baji left Angie behind and directly rushed back from Beijing. While on the other side, Hao Lei and Han Bing also got the news that Qin Sheng had an accident. Consequently, they quickly joined Lin Su. It was also the first time that Lin Su and Han Bing had met each other. It did not occur to either of them that they would meet each other under such a situation.

Upon meeting Lin Su for the first time, Han Bing understood why Qin Sheng decided to choose her instead. Lin Su was far better than her in every aspect. She had never thought that she would lose to anybody else. However, in front of Lin Su, she simply did not have any advantage at all.

The people on the scene discussed the appropriate solution together, but to no avail. In the end, Hao Lei made the decision that Lin Su and Han Bing would stay in Shanghai while waiting for Chang Baji to come back. He would lead the people himself and head for Mount Jiuhua to look for Qin Sheng.

Though the relationship between Yu Fengzhi and Qin Sheng was a bit peculiar, she felt she had a bit of crush on Qin Sheng. Now Qin Sheng had an accident, so she was also concerned about him, but she did not lose her senses. Knowing the fact that Qin Sheng was very close to Xue Qingyan, who was the VVIP member of Shangshan Ruoshui and whose influence was not trivial, she thought it would help a lot if Xue Qingyan could help. So she suggested that Lin Su should notify Xue Qingyan.

It was not until this time that Lin Su finally thought of Xue Qingyan, who was a sister to Qin Sheng. She immediately got Xue Qingyan’s contact number with the help of Shangshan Ruoshui’s employees. Xue Qingyan felt a bit surprised when she received Lin Su’s call. However, upon hearing what Lin Su had to say, she was so startled. The thing she had been most concerned about finally happened.

Since Xue Qingyan was still on a business trip to Hong Kong, she had no choice but to turn to her friends for help. She would come back from Hong Kong tonight. Everyone was in action. If Qin Sheng knew this, he would be greatly moved.

While in Qingyang Country Hospital, it was at 11 o’clock when the operation that had been going on for over 10 hours finally ended. However, the result was not an optimistic one. Even the experts could not guarantee that Qin Sheng could make it. According to what they said, if Qin Sheng could get through the critical period of 24 hours, then the possibility of him waking up would be high. But if an accident occurred to him during these 24 hours, they could not save Qin Sheng’s life even they were the Buddha descending from heaven. Qin Changan expressed his gratitude to all of the experts. At the same time, he also reminded Gongsun to prepare some gifts for each expert. He then walked out of the hospital, sat on a bench outside, and smoked several cigarettes consecutively.

Just as the doctor had said, it depended on Qin Sheng’s own fate whether he could survive or not. This might be his destiny.

If the fact that Qin Sheng was Qin Changan’s son was known to all, then the ones who would feel the most terrified at this time that something would happen to Qin Sheng would be the Yan Family, the Lin Family, and Ye Muyang. If Qin Sheng did die in this way consequently, he would bury members of these three families along with his son. At worst, he would sacrifice the family estate built up by several generations of the Qin Family. If he were to lose his son, these material things would be useless to him, wouldn’t they?

After finishing several cigarettes and eating lunch, the elder Qin Changan could not stay up any longer in the end. Since Gongsun had already booked the best hotel in Qingyang Country, he and Qin Changan went back to the hotel to have a rest first. Zhuang Zhou was guarding in the hospital along with several trusted subordinates. They all found out all of a sudden that Qin Changan seemed to have aged a lot overnight. He had gotten much more silver hair on his head. It could be seen how he had been suffering this evening.

The day had passed and the night fell again. Chang Baji, Lin Su, and Han Bing all stayed in Shilin Huayuan. Xia Ding also came over after being contacted by Hao Lei. After all, Xia Ding had pretty good connections and he would be of help, more or less. While Xue Qingyan was on the plane, the gangs who were closest to Qin Sheng were kind of uniting together. Han Bing did not dare to inform Xin Xin of this news because she thought Xin Xin would feel too anxious.

Chang Baji walked in after finishing a call. Han Bing asked him in a hurry, “How is it? What did Hao Lei say?”

Chang Baji shook his head and said, “He has aksed the staff in the hotel. Qin Sheng did arrive at Mount Jiuhua and checked into the Ju Long Grand Hotel with Ye Muyang. They went out later. Till the time they came back, only Ye Muyang was seen. Qin Sheng did not ever show up.”

“So, either Qin Sheng chose to go missing on his own initiative or this Ye Muyang was lying,” Xia Ding said after analyzing the situation.

Han Bing was confused. “What is Ye Muyang’s motive?”

“Whatever motive he has, the whole issue is such a coincidence. After Han Zhengdong arranged for me to go on a business trip to Beijing, Ye Muyang then asked Qin Sheng to accompany him to visit Mount Jiuhua at this time. Consequently, he has the highest possibility of being suspected,” Chang Baji said slowly.

Xia Ding gave Lin Su a look and said gracefully, “Then let’s think about it further. Besides Ye Muyang, who would be the most likely to target Qin Sheng?”

Of course, Han Bing did not know what was going on between Qin Sheng and Yan Chaozong. So he naturally thought it might be trouble left behind by his father’s previous deeds. While Chang Baji and Xia Ding looked at Lin Su at the same time, Lin Su did not evade their gazes at all. After all, she knew about what had happened in Southwestern Sichuan last time. So she said flatly, “Yan Chaozong.”

Chang Baji and Xia Ding eyed each other. Then Chang Baji said, “So, as long as we can figure out the relationship between Yan Chaozong and Ye Muyang, we can find out whether Yan Chaozong had done this deed or not?”

“All right. Leave it to me and I will ask about it.” Xia Ding volunteered. Because he knew a lot of famous and rich men’s sons in Shanghai and had connections, and the groups were interconnected, it would be pretty easy for him to inquire about it.

While in the People’s Hospital of Qingyang Country, Qin Changan had blocked all the information sources. Nobody knew where Qin Sheng was. Even these doctors had no idea who this seriously injured patient was exactly.

After sleeping for two hours, Gongsun went to the hospital to replace Zhuang Zhou, while Qin Changan woke up when it got dark. Actually, he did not sleep well at all. He was in the half-asleep, half-awake state. He had been dreaming about Old Master and Qin Sheng, Qin Ran’s mother. The Old Master still looked solemn, staring at him with glaring eyes all the time. While Qin Sheng and Qin Ran’s mother questioned him and urged him to give her son back to her.

Under such circumstances, there was no way that Qin Changan could have a sound sleep.

He had pushed everything in Beijing away. Qin Changan did not answer any calls from anybody. He did not care about who it was, whether it was the governors or the tycoons in the business field. At this time, his son mattered the most to him.

It was not until Qin Ran called him that Qin Changan finally picked up the cellphone after hesitating for a while. “Ran Ran, what’s up?”

“Where are you? Nobody knows your whereabouts, even though I have asked a lot of people. Uncle Gongsun also is not picking up my call.” Qin Ran frowned, who just had gotten back to the siheyuan. She was planning to ask Qin Changan to help her get something done.

Qin Changan had no choice but to brush her off. “I am on a business trip. Are there any issues?”

“Hmm, then we’ll talk after you come back. I will hang up first.” Qin Ran snorted, who was still obstinate and self-willed.

Qin Changan said subconsciously, “Take care of yourself well. If something happens, kindly don’t blame me.”

“What do you mean?” Qin Ran was at a loss and said confusedly. Instead of explaining, Qin Changan only said he needed to attend to issues first. “You are screwed up.” Muttering to herself, Qin Ran then hung up the phone.

Qin Changan did not eat anything at all for dinner aside from some fruit, then he rushed to the hospital once again. Gongsun was guarding outside the intensive care unit on his own. The doctors in the expert panel had just taken their leave. Qin Changan then inquired, “What did the experts say?”

Gongsun shook his head and said, “Whether he can make it or not will be revealed tonight.”

Qin Changan sighed and did not say anything.

As the minutes ticked away, it was almost early in the morning again. All the people in Shilin Huayuan still could not find Qin Sheng. However, Xia Ding already got the info that Ye Muyang and Yan Chaozong knew each other and they were pretty close. Though no conclusive evidence was available, the answer was already out.

Xue Qingyan started to look for Qin Sheng with her connections in the government. Lin Su intended to seek out Yan Chaozong and was stopped by the ones with Chang Baji included. Of course, Yan Chaozong would not admit it. Meanwhile, Chang Baji planned to look for Ye Muyang but instead, he got the info from Han Zhengdong that Ye Muyang had already gone abroad for a vacation this afternoon.

Everything happened so peculiarly that everything was clearly explained.

Qin Changan was exhausted in the hospital. After all, he had been sitting up the whole last night and he did not sleep well today. Gongsun could not bear it a bit and said, “Master, what about you going back to have a rest? I will keep an eye on the Young Master.”

Qin Changan shook his head and said, “If he can not make it, then I will accompany him walking on the last path of his life. This is the only thing I, an incompetent father, can do for him now.”

Gongsun was silent.

Just after early morning was the most dangerous time for Qin Sheng. After asking the experts, Qin Changan got the relevant permission and went into the ward while wearing the sterilized uniform. Sitting by the side of Qin Sheng, Qin Changan held Qin Sheng’s hands. More than 20 years later, he held his son’s hands again. He consequently thought back to the scene when this lad had held his hands and insisted on buying the sugar-coated haws back then.

Staring at his son, who was almost completely covered in bandages, Qin Changan was silent and speechless. Too many memories came into his mind. This fierce and ambitious hero, who had been commanding for so many years, felt that his eyes became watery gradually. If his son died in the end, for the hardship, exhaustion, and frustration he had been going through over these years, he would definitely get them all back.

“People in the Qin Family are all stubborn. Your father is stubborn, I am stubborn too, and so is your sister. You are much more stubborn. Only your mother is a woman as gentle as water. You were more blessed than me when you were little. When you were born, you were considered a treasure by the people in both the Zhu Family and the Qin Family. Your mother would not let you endure any hardship at all. If there were any fun toys, your uncle would buy them for you at the first instance. Every time you were taken to your grandmother’s house by your mother, your grandmother would hate to part with you. After living there for a few weeks, you would have gained a few more pounds when you came back.” Qin Changan began muttering to himself about trivial things that had happened. He was afraid that he would not get such kinds of chance from now on.

“Your sister loves you dearly, more than anyone else. You were quite naughty when you were little. I still remember the time when I took you to Grand Liu General’s home. Grand Liu General was ready to give calligraphy that he had just finished to me as a gift. Before the ink on the calligraphy was dried up, you tore it up directly. You also said the calligraphy looked ugly, which angered Grand Liu General so much that he did not know whether to cry or laugh. After we got home, I was planning to give you a good beating. However, clutching at my legs, your sister stopped me from beating you. She ended up draping herself all over you. I was so angry that I beat her instead. In the end, your mother called a halt to it. It went on like that every time. There was a time when your grandfather’s driver drove you and your sister to the Palace of Culture and you got into a car accident. Both of you were injured. Before the ambulance arrived, your sister insisted on going to the hospital while holding you, though her head was still bleeding. She really loves you more than anyone else. So after your grandfather took you away, your sister consequently hated me. She has been loathing me over these years. Every time her birthday or your birthday came, she would sneak back to the old house and eat up a cake while crying. Then she would stay there quietly. I knew all about it. I also knew that a photo depicting you two at a young age was always hidden in her wallet,” Qin Changan continued. He rarely spoke this kind of nonsense. However, he seemed to have endless words to say today. If he could not utter them, he would not have felt comfortable.

Zhuang Zhou and Gongsun stood outside and saw it all and felt pretty bad.

“Let me kill the gang,” Zhuang Zhou said with cold eyes.

Gongsun stopped him and said, “It’s not your turn yet. Master would get revenge more heavily than you.”

Qin Changan inside the ward went on muttering in this way. Without any pause, he told Qin Sheng about his mother’s stories and his history of striving hard in these years. He also cursed the Zhu Family and called them unkind ones. He went on talking for several hours without drinking any water at all. He finally fell asleep while kneeling by the side of the hospital bed.

Qin Changan was just an ordinary father at this time. Fathers in the world all love their own sons. They just express their love differently. After all, parental love is speechless.

Zhuang Zhou and Gongsun outside the ward went on guarding. After guarding for half the night, they both fell asleep on the benches outside the ward in the end.

Another dawn broke. The experts showed up on time. Zhuang Zhou and Gongsun both woke up after they heard the sound of the movement. Qin Changan was awakened first and then was sent outside. The experts then began to check on Qin Sheng.

The group with Qin Changan included were all waiting outside, feeling pretty anxious. The experts came out more than 10minutes later and announced the final result that Qin Sheng had made it.

Standing where he had been in confusion, Qin Changan finally let out a long sigh of relief.