Chapter 179 Putting on a Show

He pulled through eventually.

At this time, Qin Changan did not how to describe his current mood. These two days were far more difficult for him than the time he experienced the difficulties between life and death on his own. It was not until now that Qin Changan finally understood what Old Master had said before. Old Master said this child’s destiny was not good. The more hardship and difficulties he would go through in his first 30 years, the more smooth his life in later days would become. If he led a far too ordinary life in his early days, he would be dogged by bad luck in his later days.

Though Qin Changan had never believed in Old Master’s theory about gods and ghosts, he was somewhat convinced now. No wonder Old Master had left along with Qin Sheng all of a sudden. If Qin Sheng had stayed in Sijiu City, he would not have met with any frustration for the first half of his life at all based on the Zhu Family and the Qin Family’s background. Then it would be unknown whether he would enjoy the blessings endowed from his ancestors in the latter half of his life or not.

Upon hearing this news, Gongsun was also excited. The Young Master finally was brought back to life. Otherwise, it would be unknown what would have taken place, which might have changed the Qin Family’s fate.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Zhuang Zhou smiled comfortingly. God did have eyes. Since he had owed the Qin Family so much, if Qin Sheng died in the end, he would have no idea how to face all the members in the Qin Family.

“Master, Young Master has all the blessings, and he is fine now.” Looking toward Qin Changan, Gongsun laughed merrily.

Qin Changan nodded quietly and said, “Since he is fine, it’s time we should go back.”

“Go back? Then what should we do with the Young Master?” Gongsun asked a bit confusedly. Zhuang Zhou was also confused at what Qin Changan was planning to do.

In these days, Qin Changan had thought about their next steps. Naturally, he had thought of a way to clear up all the messes. He consequently ordered, “Gongsun, send people out to take the girl over and let her take care of this lad. It is not suitable for us to stay here.”

“Master, you are not going to recognize Young Master, are you?” Gongsun got Qin Changan’s point and asked consequently.

Qin Changan shook his head and said, “No, I am. But it won’t be done now, nor will it be done under such a situation. After he is healed, of course, I will come to him then. Everything needs to be done step by step. Otherwise, he would not accept me.”

Gongsun said ponderingly, “I get your point now.”

“After he wakes up, how to explain to him about what has happened?” Zhuang Zhou reminded him out of kindness. After all, such a great battle array had been set in place.

Staring at Zhuang Zhou, Qin Changan said, “Then you need to put on a show.”

Half an hour later, Qin Changan turned everything over to Zhuang Zhou and explained everything to him. Zhuang Zhou should do according to what he had been told. While as for whether this lad would be convinced or not, Qin Changan did not care about it. At worst, Qin Sheng would feel suspicious. But he definitely could not find out any clues. Even if he knew the truth, Qin Changan would have other solutions available.

“Zhuang Zhou, sorry for the trouble. You have to stay here for a few more days,” Qin Changan said politely.

Zhuang Zhou shook his head and said, “You are welcome. This is what I should do. You can rest assured.”

“Then Gongsun and I will go back to Beijing first. Moreover, don’t let Qin Ran know about this.” Qin Changan warned him. Otherwise, Qin Ran would definitely rush all the way here. Then all the plans would be ruined.

At noon, Qin Changan and Gongsun directly took a direct flight from Mount Jiuhua Airport to Beijing. They surely would not show up here any time soon unless Qin Sheng’s condition met with misfortune.

Gongsun directly ordered people on the Shanghai side to pick Lin Su up and head toward Mount Jiuhua. He also warned them about how to do it and what should be taken note of.

Meanwhile on the Shanghai side, under Xue Qingyan’s leadership, the folks were all thinking about how to find Qin Sheng. However, there was still no news at all. If it went on like this, everything would obviously bode ill for Qin Sheng.

Lin Su’s patience had already reached its end. She now only wanted to see Qin Sheng. If Qin Sheng was fine, she would make whatever sacrifice that was necessary. She was not willing to be caught up in guilt and self-blame her entire life. If it were not for her, Qin Sheng would not have met with a mishap at all.

At noon, only Han Bing and Lin Su stayed in Shilin Huayuan. And as for Chang Baji’s and Hao Lei’s whereabouts, it was unknown. Xia Ding accompanied Xue Qingyan heading toward Mount Jiuhua, and they were planning to find Qin Sheng with their connections in the local area. Lin Su told Han Bing that she would be going out to retrieve something. She then left Shilin Huayuan quietly.

She was planning to meet Yan Chaozong. Whether Qin Sheng was alive or dead, she needed to know the result all the same. If Yan Chaozong had just abducted Qin Sheng and planned to threaten her with that, then everything could still be negotiated.

In the luxurious room of the Thompson Suite, Yan Chaozong was completely helpless. Though he had led people to search around in Mount Jiuhua, he still could not locate his targets, for example, Uncle Zhao. Now his targets, such as Qin Sheng and Uncle Zhao, all disappeared. According to the news from the group of people who he sent out to track down Chang Baji, the group of people with Chang Baji included were also looking for Qin Sheng. Could it be that his target had vanished into thin air? He thought that if at least one party was still alive, they would not perish together. Or could it be that there was a third party?

Yan Chaozong felt a bit depressed. As time passed by, the group of people with Uncle Zhao included would be much more likely to meet with a mishap. If they were still alive, Uncle Zhao would definitely contact him. There was no reason for them to vanish into thin air, while as for whether Qin Sheng was still alive or not, Yan Chaozong had no idea.

Lin Su was planning to see Yan Chaozong. However, the moment she just walked out of Shilin Huayuan, a black Touareg stopped in front of her. A man got out of the car and blocked her way.

Instead of being thrown into a panic, Lin Su stayed calm and asked in a low voice, “Who are you?”

“Miss Lin, Mr. Qin wants to see you. Please follow us,” the man whose age was over 30 said honestly, according to what Gongsun had told him.

“Is it Qin Sheng? Where is he?” Lin Su said in surprise.

In order not to reveal his whereabouts, the man said in a hurry, “Miss Lin, this is not a place for us to talk further. Mr. Qin is still alive. However, his situation does not look optimistic. For anything you want to know, get in the car first and I will let you know then.”

Lin Su did not hesitate at all. As long as she could see Qin Sheng, however dangerous it was, she was willing to take the risk.

After Lin Su got in the Touareg, it quickly drove off. It circled almost around Shanghai City one time. And halfway, they got in two different cars twice. Before they got on the highway, they got in another Honda, whose license was issued in Anhui Province. After confirming that they were not being followed, they then headed toward Mount Jiuhua.

After Lin Su got in the car, her mobile was immediately confiscated. Neither of the two men in the car spoke. It was not until they got on the highway that the man sitting in the passenger seat finally spoke. “Miss Lin, feel free to ask whatever you like.”

“Who are you?” Lin Su asked bluntly.

The man smiled gently and said, “Somebody will tell you about our identity after we arrive at the destination. However, you can rest assured that we are Mr. Qin’s friends and we definitely won’t hurt you.”

Lin Su took it half in doubt. However, based on the current situation, she had no choice but to believe what they had said. Since she now cared most about Qin Sheng, she asked then, “Where is Qin Sheng now? How is he?”

The man replied after hesitating for a while, “He is in the People’s Hospital of Qingyang Country in Mount Jiuhua. He had just gone through an operation yesterday and he just pulled through the critical period this morning. He is still in a coma now. So our boss ordered us to pick you up from Shanghai to take care of Mr. Qin.”

Upon hearing the man’s words, Lin Su was stupified and speechless. The expression on her face was frozen. She was silent for a long time. It did not occur to her that Qin Sheng would be in such a serious situation. What Qin Sheng had been through these two days could be imagined. Unconsciously, Lin Su’s eyes were brimmed with tears. She felt pretty bad and her heart ached.

“Miss Lin, don’t worry. Mr. Qin has passed through the most dangerous time. However, our boss warned us that you should not let any other people know the fact that Mr. Qin is still alive. Mr. Qin was seriously injured this time, even if he wakes up in the end, it would take half a year for him to rest well and be fully recovered. Our boss was concerned that Mr. Qin’s enemies might act against him, so he did not want to make this news known to the outsiders. But you can text the friends who are concerned about Qin Sheng, and tell them that Mr. Qin is fine and they don’t need to worry about him. They should keep their mouths shut.” The man repeated what Gongsun had said, which was acting according to the plan.

Wiping her tears away, Lin Su said in a somewhat trembling voice, “OK. I get it.”

Qin Sheng was hurt. The injury he got was a serious one. Lin Su really could not imagine how he could put up with it. She was more anxious to see Qin Sheng right away.

After Lin Su calmed down her mood, she texted Chang Baji according to the man’s requirements, which was as follows: “Tell all the guys that Qin Sheng is fine. He is slightly injured. You don’t need to look for him anymore. I will take care of him and we will come back after he is healed. Don’t worry about us. Don’t let any outsiders know that he is still alive.”

When Chang Baji saw this text, he was watching over Yan Chaozong with Hao Lei on the ground floor of the Thompson Suite. If Qin Sheng was still alive, he believed that Yan Chaozong would expose his whereabouts in the end.

“We don’t need to watch over him anymore. Let’s go back,” Chang Baji said thoughtfully.

Hao Lei was confused and he said, “What do you mean?”

Instead of explaining, Chang Baji went back to Shilin Huayuan along with Hao Lei. Meanwhile, he also called Xue Qingyan and Xia Ding, telling them to get in touch with him later on video chat.

After they arrived at Shilin Huayuan, Chang Baji then showed the others the text sent from Lin Su. They all realized it suddenly because Qin Sheng was fine in the end. Though he was slightly injured, which they were all concerned about, he was alive after all. It would be fine as long as he was alive.

Though having a lot of confusion in their minds yet to be solved, they had no choice but to hold them back. Hao Lei asked then, “What should we do next?”

Staring at Xue Qingyan and Xia Ding on the screen, Chang Baji said, “To put on a show, we need to play it to the end. We will continue acting.”

They all agreed with Chang Baji’s proposal unanimously. After all, they knew the news that Qin Sheng was still alive while others did not. This news should not be known to any other people aside from them. So they should continue doing what they should do.

Lin Su finally arrived in the People’s Hospital of Qingyang Country at six o’clock in the evening. By this time, Qin Changan and Gongsun had already gone back to Beijing. Zhuang Zhou was the only one staying in the hospital. He would need to stay here for a pretty long time until Qin Sheng’s body condition was suitable enough for him to be transferred to the hospital in Hefei City.

When Lin Su met Zhuang Zhou, the man who had picked her up introduced Zhuang Zhou and said, “This is our boss, Mr. Zhuang. He is the one who saved Mr. Qin’s life.”

“Nice to meet you. I am Zhuang Zhou, an old friend of Old Master Qin.” Zhuang Zhou stretched his hands out on his own initiative, which was also planned in advance by Qin Changan. Moreover, only by speaking half the truth would Qin Sheng be convinced more or less.

Staring at this middle-aged man in front of her, Lin Su said excitedly, “Thanks a lot. Thanks for saving Qin Sheng.”

“Miss Lin, this is what I should do. Since I owed the Qin Family a favor, I am doing this to pay off the debt, and that is all. Moreover, I did not do it well.” Zhuang Zhou sighed and said, “All right. You go inside to check on Qin Sheng first. I know you worry about him very much.”

Lin Su really did not have the time to take many factors into her consideration now. All she wanted to do was see Qin Sheng. So, after she nodded at Zhuang Zhou, she directly walked into the ward.

In the ward, Qin Sheng lay there quietly, with his body completely plugged into the apparatus. The whole ward was so quiet that only the ticking sound of the apparatus could be heard. Staring at Qin Sheng, who was completely covered in bandages, Lin Su felt her heart was torn with grief. It did not occur to her that Qin Sheng was injured so seriously. She could not restrain herself anymore. Covering her mouth, she wept her heart out.