Chapter 18 Unable to Leave…

Qin Sheng and Chen Beiming were on high alert for any unforeseen crisis the moment they set foot on Han Village. After all, it could be quite chaotic at a funeral such as this because everyone did not know each other, thinking the others were just some relatives and friends of the Hans. This was an opportunity for the trouble makers.

Unexpectedly, the killers had hung on for an entire day until it was nightfall before they sprung into action. What was even more unexpected was that they were using guns.

Losing all hope, Qin Sheng felt completely helpless. Would Han Bing really die this time?

At the critical moment when the killer was about to fire his gun, a brick flew out of nowhere and struck the killer on his wrist and immediately the gun was knocked off from his hand and was flung into the air a few meters away.

It was then that Qin Sheng noticed Old Wu standing at the door not far from him. It had to be him who tossed the brick. Who else would be able to aim so accurately?

Instantly, the killer bent over to pick up the gun. Qin Sheng quickly pushed the killer who was wrestling with him towards Old Wu and dashed over to the killer, trying to pick up his gun. Qin Sheng landed a kick on the killer’s back, so the killer crashed onto the gun beside him. However, before the killer could get up on his feet, Qin Sheng landed another kick on his abdomen.

Old Wu was entangled with the other killer. With one hard twist, Old Wu had managed to pin the killer to the ground. The two killers threw each other a knowing look. They knew they were no match for these people. Struggling themselves free, they dashed towards the backyard.

Old Wu remained with Han Bing to protect her, while Qin Sheng got up and pursued the killers. Unfortunately, by the time he reached the backyards, the two killers had leaped over the walls and escaped.

Qin Sheng was afraid the killers were trying to lure him away from Han Bing, therefore he merely cursed under his breath and returned to where he was.

Old Wu had already helped Han Bing into her room by the time Qin Sheng returned. Chen Beiming, on the other hand, had gone to dispose of the dead body and had yet to return. The commotion had caused some concern among Han’s relatives. Fortunately, only Han Bing’s cousin witnessed what exactly happened, while the rest were unaware of what happened.

The gun had been kept quietly by Old Wu. Han Bing, who was in shock, sat on the bed in silence. Qin Sheng responded to Old Wu’s signal to drag Han Bing’s cousin out of the room to have a word with him.

“Brother Han,” Qin Sheng addressed Han Bing’s cousin with a casual tone while putting his arm around him.

Han Song was the son of Han Bing’s eldest uncle. By this time, he was someone with a status in Tian Shui who ran a construction company. In this light, he had been through many tough situations. However, this was the first time he had seen someone attempting to use a real gun.

“Who wanted to kill Bing Bing, Old Qin?” asked Han Song, who wore a crew cut and a carried a frivolous attitude.

Qin Sheng gave a light-hearted laugh and said, “Brother Han, I would be better not to inquire further about this. I mean well, please just pretend that you didn’t see anything.”

“Bing Bing is my little sister, how could I sit around and do nothing?” Han Song was persistent to find out what was happening.

Qin Sheng shook his head. “I would not refrain from asking you for help if I really need it. However, these are really Master Han’s enemies from the Yangtze River Delta. There’s really nothing much you can do to help.”

Han Song finally understood. He was not even resourceful in Tianshui, what more at Yangtze River Delta where he could not do anything.

“Alright, I get it, but perhaps I could still be of some use in Tianshui.”

Qin Sheng entertained Han Song with some words of appeasement before sending him to bed. Then he went into Han Bing’s room to keep her company.

Chen Beiming finally returned after half an hour, but he did not breathe a word about how he disposed of the killer’s body. Qin Sheng did not probe him further, but just fed him with the information on what happened after he left.

“Who do you think did this? Do you think it’s someone from within or without?” the two men chatted while squatting and smoking by the door of the house and keeping watch over the surrounding area.

“It could be any one of them,” Chen Beiming could not be sure. There were various forces plotting to kill Han Bing. Chen Beiming thought Zhao Dongsheng to be the most suspicious within the circle, Zhou Wenwu in Shanghai and Third Master Wu in Yangtze River Delta.

Qin Sheng sighed and said, “Han Bing is the sole heiress of Master Han’s huge assets. These people had their eyes on his wealth and will definitely try to eliminate Han Bing. Even if we were to resolve the crisis tonight, danger will still keep coming afterward. This is not going to work.”

“What do you have in mind?” having the exact thoughts as Qin Sheng, Chen Beiming looked at him expectantly.

It took Qin Sheng a long while to ponder over the question. After much hesitation, he finally opened his mouth. “How about we have Han Bing give up on all of Master Han’s assets, and the company announces bankruptcy. Whoever is up to it could take it up.”

“What did you just say?” Chen Beiming could not believe his ears. “How could she just give it up when Master Han worked so hard all his life to amass this family wealth?”

“Well, life is more important than wealth. Moreover, Han Bing may not even want to inherit all of this. Do you really think a mere woman like her is able to handle those gangsters? Do you really think she will be happy to inherit her father’s business?” Qin Sheng said adamantly.

Chen Beiming was speechless. What Qin Sheng was saying made sense. Han Bing had never come in contact with any of Master Han’s assets, many of which had to do with illegal dealings.

“Actually, I am more curious about Han Bing’s thoughts. We should let her make the decision, and whatever she chooses to do, I will give her my full support,” Qin Sheng said, sighing again. Qin Sheng could see that Han Bing was not into any of her father’s businesses. Her priority at this moment was to go through with her father’s burial.

Chen Beiming remained silent. He thought they would have to take it one step at a time.

Although nothing more unusual happened for the rest of the night, both Qin Sheng and Chen Beiming did not sleep a wink, neither did Han Bing.

At dawn the next morning when all the friends and relatives arrived, everyone started busying themselves with the ceremony. After the short ceremony, a series of firecrackers went off and an old man announced, “Start the procession.”

All of Han’s friends and relatives dressed in funeral costumes set out together on the last leg of Han Guoping’s journey, sending him off.

Han Guoping was to be buried on the slope behind the hill. It was an auspicious location which he had chosen while alive, with the help of a master in geomancy. His intention had been for him to be buried in Han Village when he died.

Qin Sheng had some knowledge of geomancy which he picked up from his grandfather as a child, so he knew a little about it. After studying the place for a while, he knew for a fact that Han Guoping did not waste his money in acquiring this piece of land for burial. Qin Sheng believed Han Guoping was quite knowledgeable in geomancy.

Strangely, the older a person grew, the more he believes in such things. It is like fear or some kind of superstition. Qin Sheng believed in it, but only half-heartedly.

As the firecrackers broke out into a series of crackles, the sound of weeping and wailing followed. The ashes of the Han couple were slowly lowered into the grace by Han Bing and the villages helped to cover the grace up with soil.

Han Bing prostrated herself on the grave and wept bitterly that she almost fainted. She had lost both her parents and from this moment on, she would be perpetually separated from them.

One respected elder from the village stood up to lead the memorial ceremony. Qin Sheng, who was standing by was filled with a mix of emotions. To him, no matter how great a person was when he was alive, he would end up a heap of soil after he died. What was more important was how he had lived his life.

Han Guoping was a poor lad who came from a farmer’s family but eventually became a celebrity in Shanghai. He had definitely not lived his life in vain.

“Have a safe journey, Master Han,” Qin Sheng murmured.

Finally, the entire funeral was over. After lunch, the villagers helped to tidy up and went back to their homes afterward. Those who came from the city also left to return to their own businesses.

It was afternoon by the time everyone left. The few who remained behind included close relatives, who stayed to accompany Han Bing to talk to her. On the other hand, Qin Sheng and Chen Beiming had started discussing whether to leave by night.

Finally, they decided to leave that very night and Han Bing was also agreeable to the decision as they could still vividly remember what had happened the night before.

What happened last appeared to be just a test of water. It did not really matter if the plan was successful. However, tonight would be the last chance that they would not let go easily.

There was a special bonding between villagers and this was why Han Guoping would make multiple trips back to his hometown for visits regardless of how successful he had become. Apart from paying his respect to his ancestors, more importantly, he always made sure to spend time with the villagers lest they think that he had forgotten his roots when he became successful.

The last thing for the funeral would be the giving of gifts in return for help. The relatives of the Hans had already prepared gifts for Han Bing to distribute to the various families in return for their help these two days. As Han Bing went about distributing the gifts, Qin Sheng, Chen Beiming and Old Wu followed closely around her.

When this was done, the sun had started to set.

While Han Bing bade farewell to the elders in the family, her uncles stayed behind in the village until the next day before returning to the city, so they had made arrangements for Han Song and another cousin to send them back to Tian Shui city center. The relatives had also booked the best hotel in the city for them for the night so they could fly back to Shanghai on their private jet G450.

Han Bing could not bear to say goodbye to this place. After all, her parents were buried here and she could only visit them three times a year at most. She was really quite reluctant to leave.

As for the conflict with her father, she had completely got rid of the ill-feelings when her father committed suicide.

Inside Han Bing’s Range Rover, Chen Beiming was steering while Qin Sheng was seated by his side. Han Bing who was sitting at the back was in a daze. “Heaven determines the life and death of a person. We have to live our life, Han Bing. You still a long journey ahead.”

“I know,” Han Bing muttered under her breath.

By this time, night had fallen and the sky was dark. On the road, Han Bing’s cousins and Old Wu were riding in a Toyota while Han Bing’s Range Rover followed closely behind.

This country road would go round the hill before it joined the motorway. They would only be safe when they got on the motorway.

In the afternoon, Qin Sheng and Chen Beiming had studied the route they were taking and they knew this stretch would be the most dangerous part of the journey. If their enemies did not launch their attacks in Han Village, they would likely make an attempt along this stretch of the road. Otherwise, they would have to find another opportunity when they were in the city. For this reason, Qin Sheng and hen Beiming were on high alert and did not dare to let down their guards.

Halfway along the country road as they were turning around a corner, two cars driving side by side with each other suddenly appeared in front of them and two more cars were closing in behind them. Both Qin Sheng’s and Chen Beiming’s faces fell. Apparently, they would not be able to safely leave this place tonight…