Chapter 180 Spring Blossoms

Qin Sheng was already injured from the incident in Southwestern Sichuan. Lin Su’s heart was in great pain as she looked at the shocking wounds. This was the reason why she made the determination to bring Qin Sheng back to the Lin family. She was trying to say to Yan Chaozong, “Don’t you want to do this? Then let me cut off all your ideas.”

However, she did not expect Yan Chaozong to intensify his revenge and even set up a trap to kill Qin Sheng. If it was not for Old Master Qin’s old friend, Qin Sheng might be dead already.

At this moment, Lin Su’s heart was extremely heavy. The suppression in the ward made it hard for her to breathe, let alone move. She used all of her strength to take her first step. Slowly, she walked up to Qin Sheng. It felt like she used 10 years’ time to walk the short distance of a few meters.

Ever since she knew Qin Sheng, she had never seen him in this state. He was always like that he would be here even if the sky fell down, he could handle whatever that happened, and he would never back down from any difficulties. As long as Qin Sheng was by her side, Lin Su never found anything worthy to be afraid of. For example, when they got lost in the forest and did not eat for two days, Qin Sheng always told her, “Don’t worry, I will definitely bring you out. For example, when they were surrounded by the Tibetans and everyone was afraid to say anything, Qin Sheng was brave enough to stand out.

This was why she fell in love with him; this man had an irresistible charm…

But now, this man that could do everything had fallen down. Lin Su felt like the sky that she was relying on had fallen. This man always thought for others but never for himself. He had helped so many people, but at this moment, who could help him?

“I’m sorry.” Lin Su grabbed hold of his hand and sobbed. The familiar warmth in his hand was gone. Qin Sheng’s hand was bone-chilling cold. She could only see his eyes. If it not for the familiar feeling, she would not believe that this was the man who sometimes talked back to her and acted like a gangster.

Thoughts and memories came to mind, followed by despair and heartache. At this moment, Lin Su’s face was covered in tears. She covered her mouth and did not dare to make a sound, in case she woke up Qin Sheng from his sleep. She could not stop blaming herself. If it was not for her, Qin Sheng would not have ended up like this. If she was by his side, Yan Chaozong would not have gone so wild.

Standing outside the ward, Zhuang Zhou saw that Lin Su was possibly breaking apart and quickly called a nurse to enter and help Lin Su out. After exiting the ward, Lin Su could not hold it in anymore and started bawling while hugging the nurse.

Zhuang Zhou understood what she was going through. After all, Lin Su was Qin Sheng’s girlfriend. If she loved this man deeply, she would definitely be extremely sad. Even a strong-willed man like Qin Changan could not keep calm after seeing his son in this state, let alone a weak woman like Lin Su.

Lin Su calmed down after a long time. Zhuang Zhou patted on her shoulder gently and said, “Girl, you must be strong at this point in time. If Qin Sheng was here, he would not wish to see you so heartbroken. You can only take good care of him if you are strong enough. He will then wake up earlier.”

“Uncle, I know,” Lin Su said as she bit on her lip.

Zhuang Zhou then said slowly, “In this period of time, you have to stay at the hospital and won’t be able to go anywhere. I’ll bring you some daily necessities later. As to clothes, you can tell the nurse what is the style that you prefer. I’ll get someone to go and buy with her. This is a new phone, the number is new as well. Use this first. My number is saved inside. We should contact each other when something happens. You can’t use your old phone anymore. You have to avoid everything related to the past in this period of time, in case someone manage to track Qin Sheng’s location.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you,” Lin Su said as she nodded. The only person that she could trust now was this middle-aged man standing in front of her.

Just like this, Lin Su started her life as a care-taker. Everyone, including Yan Chaozong, noticed that Qin Sheng was missing, and so was Lin Su. He could not find these two no matter what. However, he was now pretty sure that Uncle Zhao and the rest were dead and Qin Sheng was still alive. Otherwise, Lin Su would not have gone missing.

Four days later in the morning, Lin Su had just left to fetch some water to help wipe Qin Sheng’s face. A nurse suddenly ran towards her in a rush and exclaimed that Qin Sheng had woken up.

Lin Su stood rooted to the ground with her eyes and mouth wide-opened. She dropped the water pail in her hand subconsciously. When she snapped back to reality, she ran towards the ward without hesitation. She was more like a female warrior carrying a water bucket in one hand rather than a gentle goddess.

Qin Sheng had finally woken up. He felt like he had been sucked into the endless darkness, as if there were 10,000 hands pulling him into the abyss. However, every time he felt that he could not hold it back anymore, he always heard a calling from the top of his head. He saw his grandfather, and also his parents, although their images were very blurry. He also saw many other familiar images, he saw Lin Su, Han Bing, Xue Qingyan and also Su Qin. He even saw Auntie Wang, Uncle Lin, Xin Xin, and also Chang Baji, Hao Lei, Xia Ding etc.

Eventually, he finally came out of the darkness. Every day, he heard a familiar voice. It was Lin Su’s voice. Lin Su talked to him. Sometimes, he could also hear her sobbing quietly. He wanted to open his eyes, but was unable to do so. He did not know if he was dead or alive. Perhaps he was already dead, because he did not feel that it was possible for him to be alive. On that night, he had tried his best, but he could never be that two men’s competitor. This was all thanks to Yan Chaozong and Ye Muyang.

But on this day, he did not hear Lin Su’s voice. Instead, he heard many other voices, and they sounded as if they were checking on his body. Subconsciously, he wanted to open his eyes, and they opened unexpectedly. He finally saw light, but he did not know where he was.

Following which, he saw and heard the cheers of a few men and women who wore white coats. They must be doctors. He finally understood everything. He was in a hospital ward, he was alive. He was actually alive! He could not believe it.

But when he saw that familiar woman with long hair, he finally believed that he was still living in this reality. That was because he saw her crying and trembling. She had lost weight and looked exhausted. He wanted to stretch out his hand to wipe away her tears, but his whole body was in pain, like it was struggling. It was so painful that his tears fell out. He wanted to tell her, “Have you forgotten? The one thing I hate the most is to see the woman I love crying”. However, no words left his mouth. At this moment, he finally realized that the present him was just a vegetable.

But luckily, he was still alive. Being alive was such a wonderful thing.

Half an hour later, Zhuang Zhou rushed over from the hospital after receiving the call. The doctor told him and Lin Su that Qin Sheng’s body was recovering well. They should now rest and recover slowly. He should be able to fully recover in six months. Hearing this, Qin Sheng let out a long sigh. He was really afraid of being a vegetable.

Lin Su told Qin Sheng, “It was Uncle Zhuang who saved you, he’s an old friend of Old Master.”

Zhuang Zhou knew that Qin Sheng had a lot of questions, so he said, “I’ll tell you everything you want to know when you’re near full recovery.”

Zhuang Zhou let Qin Sheng and Lin Su spend the rest of the time together. He knew that they had a lot to say. After all, they had gone through a life-and-death situation. It was an awakening experience for everyone.

After exiting the ward, Zhuang Zhou found an empty spot and quickly called Qin Changan. In this period of time, he had been calling Qin Changan every day to report on Qin Sheng’s recovery status, in case an accident happened.

Qin Changan was in the VIP lounge at the capital airport when he picked up the call. He was on his way to Europe for a business trip. He was very busy in this period of time. He was going to acquire an insurance company in Europe. Recently, the Central Bank’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange was very strict with cross-border acquisitions. It was hard for resources to go out. Qin Changan’s various overseas projects were affected and he had to rely on the acquisition of funds outside. Otherwise, all of these projects might go in vain.

“Lao Qin, he woke up,” Zhuang Zhou said in a lowered voice.

He woke up, that meant that everything was good. Qin Changan nodded silently and said, “Okay, I got it. You have to continue the show. Let him recover peacefully. We can talk about the rest later.”

After hanging up. Qin Changan tried to close his eyes. The Yan, Lin and Ye families almost killed Qin Sheng on Mount Jiuhua this time round. How could Qin Changan not be furious at such an act of revenge taken? He had wanted to go all out on them, but after thinking about it, he had yet to reconcile with Qin Sheng. If he did it like this, Qin Sheng would definitely know. Besides, these were Qin Sheng’s matters to deal with. Based on his understanding of Qin Sheng, he seemed like he would be more willing to take the revenge himself. Hence, Qin Changan would not step beyond the line.

However, he would also not let the Yan and Lin families off so easily. Didn’t you guys self-proclaim that you’re the elite families of Ningbo? Then I’ll let you feel the power of the big families of Sijiu City! Thinking about this, Qin Changan quickly called Gongsun and said, “Help me check on the movements of the Yan and Lin families recently, especially if they have any big projects or if any of their family members are being promoted.”

Qin Changan’s intention could not get any more obvious. He obviously wanted to disgust them. Gongsun immediately understood…

Qin Sheng was recovering slowly in People’s Hospital of Qingyang Country. Lin Su stayed by his side and took care of him. When he was nearing full recovery, Zhuang Zhou transferred him to a private hospital in Hefei.

Time passed by just like that. Qin Sheng and Lin Su disappeared completely…

Three months later, when spring blossomed in Xiamen.

An artistic cafe opened up along the beach that was not far away from Xiamen University. It also sold fresh flowers and old books. Majority of the flowers were white roses. There were many customers because of its good location, or maybe because the lady boss was just too beautiful. The students of Xiamen University would come here every now and then to enjoy the feast for their eyes.

The lady boss was so pretty, yet the boss was so pitiful. He was a lame person that relied on crutches. He spent most of the time in a day sitting in at lectures at Xiamen University and seldom help out at the cafe.

Other than that, there was also other staff here. They were all students at Xiamen University who worked part-time. The cafe was considered to have the best business in the area. They would start operating at 12:00 and close at 10 p.m.

It was another Friday. The students were on their holiday. The cafe was doing well in business. When the sky was starting to darken, a strange customer came in. He ordered a cup of coffee and sat in a corner silently and read a book. He waited until the boss and lady boss came back from their stroll on the beach…