Chapter 183 The Best Times

To many people, alcohol was the greatest invention of mankind, because it could heal pain and sorrow. Different countries came up with different kinds of alcohol, so other than skin, language, etc, the rest were the same.

The boy was not tall, he was even a little too skinny. He wore a pair of glasses and on top of that had ruffled hair. When compared to the girl’s current boyfriend, he was evidently an outstanding loser. Perhaps, many girls would choose a boyfriend like that. Besides, at this age, there were not many girls who had the ability to see one’s potential.

Le Le took out two bottles of Corona from the bar and placed them in front of the boy slowly. He had his head lowered as he sunk deep in thoughts and he looked at Le Le with a strange gaze. His eyes were still wet. Breakups and heartbreaks were two different feelings. You might feel pitiful over a breakup, but heartbreaks would usually leave an unforgettable scar.

“This is?” Facing a beautiful girl like Le Le, the boy was obviously a little shy.

Le Le glanced at the boss sitting not far away and smiled. “The boss made me give it to you. He said that you needed alcohol at a time like this.”

“Thank you,” the boy replied politely. He then looked towards Qin Sheng and nodded slightly. His eyes were filled with gratitude. He did indeed want to drink, but did not expect someone to offer it in time of need. After Le Le left, the boy used his teeth to open the bottle cap. He grabbed a bottle of Corona and drank it in one shot. He might have rushed it in the beginning and was stuck in the middle. He paused for a while but still finished the whole thing with gritted teeth.

After downing the bottle, the boy put it down. He panted heavily and his face was glowing with satisfaction. However, his eyes were bitter. After taking a break, he grabbed the other bottle and slowly sat down opposite of Qin Sheng.

The boy was not shy to ask, “The wall says, ‘All the wine cannot be compared to you’. Then why did you give me alcohol?” Perhaps, it was because he had lost love. At this moment in time, there was nothing that could make him afraid or fearful.

Qin Sheng smiled faintly. “I only sent it over. You decide whether you want to drink it or not. If you need it, you would drink it. If not, you wouldn’t.”

“I was a joke in front of you guys,” the boy said a little embarrassedly.

Qin Sheng shook his head. “Who did not feel being torn apart before? Who has not gone through the down period in life before? Why care about what others think? Perhaps, after you walk out of here today, you would never cross paths with the people here again. You are just a passerby to us. If you were to care about what every passerby in your life thinks of you, isn’t that too tiring?”

“Yes, perhaps this will be the last time I’m coming to Xiamen,” the boy sighed as he stared at the sea outside. Memories were like a knife, they killed.

Qin Sheng laughed, “I don’t think you have to make such a drastic cut. What if the girl you like next is still from Xiamen? Are you not going to come?”

The boy did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Then I guess I have a thing with Xiamen.”

Qin Sheng drank his tea but was craving for a little alcohol. Tea was meant to drink alone, while alcohol was meant to drink with others. Sadly, he now had no friends to drink alcohol with. It was a little sorrowful.

The boy took a deep breath and was suddenly filled with confidence as he said, “My name is Lu Jiangbai, I’m a Year Three student in Tsinghua’s Finance Major. It’s very nice to meet you, and thank you for your beer. If you don’t mind, take down my phone number. Next time you’re in Beijing, I’ll treat you to alcohol. I don’t want to owe others a favor.” Qin Sheng’s eyes lit up.

Qin Sheng laughed, “Two bottles of beer is also considered a favor?”

“To you, it may be a simple gesture, but to me, it was the helping hand in time of need. At least, at that moment, you made me feel warmth in my heart,” Lu Jiangbai pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and said softly.

Qin Sheng laughed, “Okay then, seems like at least there’ll be someone to treat me to drinks when I go to Beijing. Then I shall take down your phone number.”

In life, you would always meet strange people, and also unexpected fate. Qin Sheng felt that this kid was not bad and treated it like he was making a friend. Hence, they both exchanged contact numbers.

“Is it painful?” Qin Sheng asked casually.

Lu Jiangbai took a sip of beer and said, “Yes, but I have to let go. It’s her birthday today, I wanted to give her a surprise and also tell her a piece of good news. I’m going to exchange at Harvard for a year. But I didn’t expect her to give me an even bigger surprise. She can’t even tolerate a long-distance relationship, and I come to Xiamen once every month. A cross-border relationship is definitely impossible. We were bound to break up sooner or later.”

“Then I have to congratulate you first. Although love does not entail all that life has to offer, I hope that you can believe in love forever. Don’t miss out too much because of his heartbreak. I believe that you will have a great future ahead. It’s a pity that she’s not lucky enough,” said Qin Sheng with smiling eyes. Tsinghua Finance Major, going to exchange at Harvard. He was obviously a genius, but the girl had no taste.

Lu Jiangbai answered confidently, “Yes, no matter what, I’m still thankful to her for walking this part of my journey with me. Although she’s no longer part of it, I believe that there will be someone to walk the rest of my life with me.”

At this moment, Lin Su walked over slowly. She was the most beautiful view in the Spring Breeze. Lu Jiangbai had already noticed her a long time ago, but he did not know that she was the lady boss. After all, this was his first time at Spring Breeze. He was also focused on saying goodbye to his ex-girlfriend.

“It’s getting late, we should head back,” Lin Su said to Qin Sheng gently.

Qin Sheng introduced naturally, “This is my wife, Lin Su. This is the result of me believing in love.”

Lu Jiangbai was stunned to see such a beautiful lady boss with such temperament. He was very surprised. In this instant, he felt that both the boss and lady boss were not ordinary people.

Lin Su smiled faintly and nodded at Lu Jiangbai. She then turned around and rolled her eyes at Qin Sheng. No wonder Le Le and An An would give him the nickname ‘Mr. Show-wife-off’. He was displaying affection of love everywhere. But Lin Su actually enjoyed it a lot, because she was the only one in his eyes.

“Thank you, boss, I should go now too. Do contact me next time you go to Beijing,” said Lu Jiangbai with a smile. He felt much better after chatting with this interesting boss. Although he knew that the days ahead were not going to be easy, he also knew that time was the best medicine. He also believed firmly that he could get over this difficult period of time.

Qin Sheng stood up slowly and said, “Okay.”

Lin Su helped Qin Sheng as he leaned onto the crutches. After the couple bid goodbye to the staff, they left Spring Breeze. Lu Jiangbai waited till Qin Sheng left before he inclined his head backwards and downed the last bit of beer. He then called a waiter over to settle the bill, since they also ordered a few cups of coffee and some desserts. However, the waiter came over and told him that the boss had mentioned that there was no need for him to pay. However, Lu Jiangbai still stubbornly put 200 yuan on the table and then left.

The biggest takeaway from this Xiamen trip was to meet this boss. He subconsciously felt that his story with the boss had yet to end. They would have more encounters in the future.

Be it Qin Sheng or Lu Jiangbai, both naturally did not know that this was just the beginning of their shared story. In the near future, the name ‘Lu Jiangbai’ would become a legend, and the person who had scouted him and whom he should be grateful for would be Qin Sheng.

It was already very hot in Xiamen in the later half of April. Qin Sheng wore a casual sports outfit and Lin Su wore a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of fitting jeans. Her body ration was very flattering; she captured men’s attention with her slightly-perky butt and beautiful long legs.

The neighborhood that Qin Sheng and Lin Su lived in was very near the cafe. It was within 10 minutes’ walk. They lived on a high level by the sea and could see the sea when they open the windows. The view during sunset was the most beautiful.

Qin Sheng loved to wander around whenever he was bored. It also served as a form of rehabilitation. He had already walked this path countless times and was already very close to the store and stall owners by the roadside. Along the way, he would greet people whom he knew and joked around with them. Lin Su half-laughed half-scolded him, saying that he had already become the auntie at the neighborhood committee.

It was exactly nine pm when they reached home. In order to help Qin Sheng recover quickly, Lin Su was very strict with his lifestyle. He had to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at seven in the morning every day. He would start his day by eating breakfast, do stretching, take a stroll, read books, practice calligraphy, listen to music, etc… Lin Su arranged his everyday life in a well-structured manner.

“I’ll go take a shower first.” After entering the house, Lin Su washed a plate of fruits and poured a glass of milk for Qin Sheng before she went to take a shower.

Qin Sheng smiled and nodded. In the three months there, Lin Su had changed completely. From the young CEO in an investment company to a stay-home wife, she cooked, worked, and took care of him every single day. Qin Sheng was more or less guilty; this was not the life she was supposed to lead. She had changed herself because of him. She was worried that Lin Su would find this lifestyle boring and mundane, or start to get sick of it one day.

Not long after, Lin Su came out wrapped in a towel after she finished showering, exposing the soft and white skin at her neck area and beautiful legs. Qin Sheng was already used to this kind of interaction. After all, they were already an old married couple. However, it was a little awkward at the start, especially when Lin Su bathed him. He had a hard time accepting it more or less. However, he had no choice but to accept it, since he had difficulties doing it with his injuries. Hence, he could only rely on Lin Su to help him. Both of them would be naked as their bodies touched each others’. Yet, he could not do anything. Any men would understand this kind of torture. But later on, he got used to it. Previously, he was finally able to do it himself and did not need to undergo such torture anymore.

“Go shower,” Lin Su said casually as she dried her hair.

Qin Sheng replied with an ‘oh’ and put down his crutches as he walked to the bathroom. He could actually walk without the crutches already, but the doctor in charge of his recovery did not suggest him to start walking so early. Otherwise, his injuries might re-occur or there could be complications. Lin Su was even more against Qin Sheng being so reckless. Hence, he could let go of the crutches only when he was home.

Just when Qin Sheng was about to enter the bathroom, Lin Su turned around and smiled as she asked, “Do you need my help?”

Qin Sheng got a scare and almost fell over. He quickly said, “No, no, no, I can do it.”

Lin Su could not stop laughing at his worried look. She then went into the bedroom.

Lin Su was already lying on the bed when Qin Sheng came out of the shower. In the beginning, Qin Sheng and Lin Su slept separately because Lin Su was afraid that she would come into contact with his wounds. They only slept in the same room after coming to Xiamen. However, nothing happened yet. Even when Qin Sheng felt like his inner body was on fire, she would never agree. But Lin Su had already promised that he could do whatever he wanted after he had fully recovered. This was the biggest motivation in his recovery period. Their life as a married couple was just about the name and not anything practical. However, Lin Su agreed to sleep on the same bed and letting him gain some small benefits. It was like a reward for him.

Lin Su was reading a book. After Qin Sheng laid down, Lin Su said, “Doctor Zhao called me and said that you could start doing machine-aided exercise for two hours each day, starting tomorrow. I’ll bring you there.”

“Okay, thanks for working hard,” Qin Sheng looked at her and said in a heart-warmed manner.

Lin Su put down her book and glared at him. “You’re doing it again. It’s my duty to take care of you, you don’t need to feel guilty every time. If you say stuff like that one more time, I’m really going to be angry.”

“Okay, okay, my wife. I will obey your orders,” Qin Sheng quickly apologized.

Lin Su teased, “That’s more like it. But I have something on tomorrow evening, I can’t make dinner for you. I’ve already told Aunt Tang, you can go and eat at their house.”

“Okay, got it,” Qin Sheng nodded and said with a smile. Aunt Tang was their neighbor. She lived with her son and daughter. The two families got along really well.

Lin Su asked in confusion, “Aren’t you going to ask me what I’m going to do at night?”

“Is the next line going to be, ‘Do you not care about me at all?'” Qin Sheng laughed and said.

Lin Su snorted and did not want to linger on this topic. She knew that Qin Sheng had ultimate trust in her. As to what was going to happen tomorrow night, indeed, she could not tell him. She was worried that he would overthink, because Lin Yue had come to Xiamen. She did not know how Lin Yue found out that she was in Xiamen, and even got her new phone number. This little girl had quite the skills.

“Let’s sleep.” Lin Su turned off the light.

Qin Sheng sat up slightly and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Goodnight.”


This was the life that Qin Sheng and Lin Su led during this period of time. This might be the most mundane lifestyle they led. Thousands of years later, they would still miss the time in Xiamen. Those were the best days.