Chapter 184 A Strong Silly Child

In the morning, before the breeze stroked her face, Lin Su had already got the breakfast ready. Guided by Qin Sheng during this period, Lin Su was already a five-star chef. Every day when she was idle, she would read the cookbook. She also followed all kinds of masters’ accounts related to nourishment on Weibo, a Chinese Twitter-like social media platform. She was doing this so that she could cook nutritional and healthy dishes and help ensure that Qin Sheng could get well soon.

The breakfast this morning was still a pretty substantial one, which included millet congee with mung bean that could warm the stomach, vegetable salad, fruits, eggs, buns, and pickles. These dishes were combined together, making the breakfast look more tantalizing than the lunch dishes a lot of people ate. Wearing an apron, Lin Su was enjoying the cooking. She finally understood why the chefs took cooking as an art, which was her biggest finding in cooking. While for her, it was more an enjoyment to cook for the man she loved most deeply.

In the study room, Qin Sheng was practicing calligraphy. The style of calligraphy he used to write Cao Zhi’s “Ode to the Goddess in Luo” was cursive. However, the size of the characters he wrote was the same as that of Xiaokai. Actually, it cost him more energy and efforts to write such cramped, dense and small characters. To write such kinds of characters, state of mind mattered much. The characters Qin Sheng had written was natural and mastery. Lin Su liked Qin Sheng the most when he was conscientious, who held another different charisma. As the saying goes, conscientious men are the poison. Indeed, Lin Su was already obsessed with Qin Sheng. Since there were totally 948 characters in the full text of “Ode to the Goddess in Luo”, it was obviously impossible to finish the calligraphy of the full text in one go. During this period, Qin Sheng wrote the calligraphy off and on and would complete it in a moment. He intended to give it to Lin Su as a gift then.

Back to the time when he had freshly started writing the calligraphy, he committed mistakes from time to time since he was not in a good mood then. Every time there was a mistake, Qin Sheng had to start from the very beginning. In later days, he became skillful. The whole calligraphy would be successfully completed in two days.

The last-second paragraph of Ode to the Goddess in Luo was as follows: “Though living in heaven in seclusion, my heart is always with my supreme king. The Goddess said. Before she elaborated her feelings, she had disappeared all of a sudden and her divine aura vanished. I felt so depressed then.”

Upon finishing the above-mentioned paragraph, Qin Sheng found that he had just used up the ink. Nodding pretty satisfactorily, he then put down the writing brush at his hands and started appreciating this fine piece of writing. He thought if some calligraphy masters saw his work, they would definitely praise him as a gifted artist.

“Time for breakfast.” Lin Su said, who had not interrupted Qin Sheng until he put down the writing brush. There was already a tactic understanding between them. Lin Su knew how many characters Qin Sheng could finish writing and Qin Sheng knew when Lin Su could get the dishes ready.

In the dining hall, Lin Su asked Qin Sheng randomly which course he was sitting in on recently. Qin Sheng replied that he was still sitting in on the courses related to financing and law more frequently since he did not sit in on the courses related to philosophy anymore. He even dared not to pick up the calls made by the elder professor. The reason for him to do so was that he was afraid the elder professor would ask him to take over a course for him again or the elder professor would recommend him to be a teacher. Lin Su taunted him that he had taken all the opportunities as granted.

However, there was a lecture held by a grandmaster in the history field this morning. Qin Sheng had already asked the daughter of Aunt Tang, his neighbor, to occupy a seat for him and he would attend the lecture on time. He rarely had time like these days to be at leisure, of course, he would think of every way to enrich himself. Only if he was strong and powerful enough in strength, he would glow and shine in any condition and any environment. Otherwise, even the opportunity lay in front of you, you would not perceive and seize it at all.

The weather today was a bit hot. Lin Su was dressed in a gray dress made from the cotton fabric. This close-fitting material was pretty comfortable, which made Lin Su’s body figure look better. With her body figure and temperament combined together, Lin Su definitely was a goddess who could win any man over.

Lin Su went on doing her chores after she had accompanied Qin Sheng strolling by the seaside. While for Qin Sheng, he then walked to the college. Du Fei, Aunt Tang’s daughter, had been waiting for him on the ground floor at the auditorium of Xiamen University. Seeing Qin Sheng walking toward her slowly with a cane, Du Fei greeted him in a hurry. She was already a junior this year.

Du Fei was very beautiful. She was a classical Southern girl. Dressed in a short-sleeved, gray shirt and a floral skirt, she said to Qin Sheng in a cute way after she met him, “Brother Qin, when will you ask Sister Lin to take classes with you? If you go on like this, I will never find any boyfriend. Now everybody says I am your girlfriend. It would be alright if it were a fact.”

“Well, could it be that you are unwilling to be my girlfriend? That was not what you have said when you bummed meals off me at my home.” Qin Sheng replied disapprovingly. This girl was pretty outgoing and cheerful. While at college, she was the most beautiful girl in the department. However, since Aunt Tang disciplined her pretty strictly and prohibited her from falling in love at least before her graduation. After all, coming from a family with one parent, Du Fei was also obedient. Though a lot of boys were chasing after her, she never consented to be anyone’s girlfriend.

Du Fei supported Qin Sheng and helped him step up. She said while walking, “Brother Qin, do you know what bothers me most after I meet you?”

“Bothering you? Could it be that you have fallen in love with me? I don’t mind taking a concubine. As long as you can convince Sister Lin,” Qin Sheng teased her.

Du Fei rolled her eyes at Qin Sheng, which she learned from Sister Lin. She then said, “What bothers me most is that I have higher and higher requirements for my future boyfriend. I now find out that except that you can’t take care of yourself in daily life, you are really versatile. You are good at Chinese brush writing. You can play the guitar as well as sing songs. Your cooking is outstanding. When it comes to your academic knowledge, you are of extremely great talents. You are all well posted up in Philosophy, History, Financing and so on. In your opinion, what should I do? It is all your fault that if I cannot find any ideal boyfriend.”

Shrugging, Qin Sheng said then, “I can do nothing. If worse comes to worst, I will put up with you then.”

“If you have guts, say so in front of Sister Lin then. Humph, believe it or not, you’ll have a broken third leg.” Du Fei threatened him fiercely.

Qin Sheng chickened out immediately, “I don’t have guts. I am just saying.”

Qin Shen really had a fine grasp of History, whatever it was the official history, the unofficial history or the biography. He read no less than those so-called experts. So when it came to attending a lecture, other people just showed up in the lecture and that was all. While for Qin Sheng, he really listened to what the lecturer said. Upon hearing the lecture content, he could immediately figure out whether those so-called experts and masters have solid talents and knowledge or not. If he came into those fake and inferior ones, he would not hesitate to lash out at them.

The historical master showing up today was mainly specialized in the history of the Song Dynasty. He had tremendous insight into humanities, history, technology, commerce and so on in the Song Dynasties period. Qin Sheng listened to his lecture with great interest. While Du Fei by his side felt drowsy, which was not Qin Sheng’s fault at all. It was Du Fei herself who insisted on accompanying Qin Sheng to attend this lecture, which she called helping Sister Lin take care of Qin Sheng.

This lecture lasted for two hours. There was only one-third of students sticking to the end, which Qin Sheng found pretty disappointing and made him sigh. In current times, there were few people who were willing to calm themselves down. While for the number of people who were willing to get down to their work, it was much less. No wonder people in current days all started to yearn for the ingenuity.

After Qin Sheng came out of the auditorium, he was going to go home. He estimated that his wife had already got the lunch ready and waited for him to come home. Since Du Fei did not have any courses to attend, she consequently went back home along with Qin Sheng. There were two reasons why she had chosen to study at Xiamen University, one was that Xiamen University was close to her home and the other was she could thus take care of her mother and her brother. Du Fei’s brother was also pretty good at academic study. Moreover, three masters who were all straight-A students would tutor him when they were idle. Qin Sheng was mainly in charge of his Mathematics and Physics. Du Fei mainly tutored him on his Chinese and English. While Lin Su mainly took care of his Chemistry and Biology. Du Fei’s brother, Du Feng consequently gave his three mentors a nickname: Three Devils in Pearl Bay.

However, Du Feng’s ideal college option was Tsinghua University. If he didn’t work hard enough, how could he possibly be admitted to Tsinghua University? Though he complained verbally that he was stressful, he had to put great efforts for the sake of his mother and his sister.

When Du Fei accompanied Qin Sheng going back to the ground floor of the complex, a man who did not look nice blocked their way. When Du Fei saw the man, her eyes were filled with fear. She then hid behind Qin Sheng’s back subconsciously. Qin Sheng frowned slightly. He had heard from other neighbors that Aunt Tang’s ex-husband was previously a thug, who indulged in eating, drinking, buying girls, gambling and leading a dissipated life. When he was out of cash, he would ask it from Aunt Tang. He frequently threatened both Du Fei and Du Feng. Qin Sheng had only seen him once when he had freshly arrived in Xiamen. This was the second time he had met him today.

“Feifei, why don’t you call me dad? I am your father.” The man was dressed in a fancy way. Baring his chest, he slumbered with a pair of slippers. His hair looked messy. The dark circles under his eyes were pretty obvious. There were two scars in his arms. Apparently, he was not a good person.

Grinding her teeth, Du Fei questioned him and said, “What are you here for?”

“The way you see it, why is your father here? Of course, I am here because I miss you guys. Your brother, your mother and you.” The man grinned cheekily, who did not even pay attention to Qin Sheng, a cripple.

Qin Sheng did not say anything at all. He just stared at the man up and down calmly.

“You are not qualified to be my father. Get out of my way and stop harassing us. I’m begging you.” Du Fei said pretty indignantly. To others, the father’s love was as great as a mountain. However, to Du Fei, she simply did not want to mention this man’s name, let alone meet him.

The man replied unhappily, “Anyhow, I am still your father. How can you talk to me like this? You are an unfilial daughter. If you want me to be out of your way, I will. As long as your mother give me twenty thousand yuan more. I ran out of money recently.”

“Are you a man? My mother divorced you many years ago, and you still can’t let her go. She gave you twenty thousand yuan last time and you said that was the last time. Now, what on earth do you want?” Upon hearing the man’s words, Du Fei howled. Over these years, it was unknown how much money the man had taken from her mother. He did it repeatedly and unscrupulously. If her mother said no to him, he would threaten her mother with her brother and her. For the sake of their security, her mother had no choice but to satisfy him. If Du Fei were capable, she would really intend to send this man into the prison. She even thought of killing him in a fit of pique. However, she gave it up in the end after thinking about her mother and her brother.

The man did not take Du Fei’s words seriously. Smilingly as always, he chuckled, “Because I lost some money in recent days. You can rest assured that this definitely will be the last time I ask money from you.”

“Get out of my way.” Du Fei cursed him indignantly. Then she supported Qin Sheng by the arms and intended to go upstairs.

The man directly blocked their way and said, “If you want to enter, ask your mother to give me the money first. Or you know the consequence.”

Du Fei intended to talk again. However, before she talked, Qin Sheng had already pulled her behind him. It was the first time that Qin Sheng had seen such a gutless and shameless man. A man could be weak in skills. A man could feel frustrated. However, he would be not a man at all if he bullied his wife and his children.

“You have renewed my understanding of the word shameless. Look at the way you look, I’d bump into a car by myself if I were you.” Squinting, Qin Sheng said.

The man gave Qin Sheng a ferocious stare and said, “What the f**k. I am now talking with my own daughter. Who do you think you are? You crippler, you actually want to poke your nose into other people’s affairs? Do you want me to paralyze you?”

“I am now warning you out of kindness. Get out of my way immediately and don’t ever show up in front of me again. Otherwise, you’ll regret it.” Qin Sheng said resolutely.

“F**k! You now become serious, don’t you? I will show you the consequence if you continue meddling in other people’s affairs.” Upon hearing Qin Sheng’s words, the man was completely agitated. He directly rushed at Qin Sheng and kicked at Qin Sheng’s abdomen without hesitation.

Supported by the crutch, Qin Sheng directly leaped backward. Then the man hit at Qin Sheng’s face with a punch immediately. Dodging the punch calmly, Qin Sheng then picked up the crutch unexpectedly and smashed it directly at the man’s face. The man’s face was immediately injured. Blood streamed down his face.

As the saying goes, thin dead camel is bigger than the horse. It was more so when Qin Sheng, the horse in the saying metaphorically, was already in recovery. It was simply a piece of cake for him to deal with such kinds of contemptible scoundrels. Before the man came to himself, Qin Sheng picked up his crutch once again and hit it directly at the man’s back. Though he was not that strong as before, he was much more powerful than the ordinary people. The man directly fell onto the ground.

Standing behind Qin Sheng, Du Fei was shocked and she looked stupefied. It never occurred to her that Qin Sheng was that good at fighting, even now when he had difficulties in moving. Most importantly, he was not afraid at all when faced with such a scoundrel.

Qin Sheng did not intend to spare the man that easily. He took two steps forward and kicked at the man’s chest immediately with his other uninjured leg. Since the man was already dissipated out of drinking and womanizing, he did not have any chance to hit back. He curled up on the ground and whined in pain.

Stepping on the man’s face with his single leg, Qin Sheng sneered, “Keep the lesson you have learned this time in mind. If the same thing happens in the future, I might not spare you again.”

Upon finishing his words, Qin Sheng turned around, held Du Fei’s hands and said, “Let’s go.”

Before Du Fei knew it, Qin Sheng had already pulled her into the elevator. At the moment when the door of the elevator was closed, Du Fei could not restrain herself anymore. Clutching at Qin Sheng, she was directly in tears.

Over these years, it was the first time someone had protected her in this way. This silly child did not need to be strong anymore. For some people, they were just pretending to be strong.