Chapter 185 Once and for All

Most of the people dreamt of being children that would never grow up so that they did not need to pay attention to this secular society, nor would they need to bear heavy responsibilities and pressure. Never would they become the people who they once hated so much. They would not need to associate with this filthy world. However, for some other children, they actually wanted to grow up as soon as possible. The reason was that only by doing so could they protect their relatives who needed protection and who could lay down everything supposedly borne by themselves.

Du Fei, who always liked to have her hair in a ponytail, was the latter type. Her father perfectly demonstrated what exactly the word “scoundrel” meant. Whether it be eating, drinking, whoring, and gambling, her father knew them well and indulged in each one of them. Every time he drank too much, he would beat her mother, her brother, and herself. In her childhood, her life like this was a nightmare for her. When she was in middle school, her mother could not bear it anymore and divorced her father finally. Coming from Jiangxi Province, her mother had married her father in Xiamen when she was young. Now she was divorced and living with two children. Everyone would understand the consequent hardships she had gone through. In order to raise her daughter and her son well, she had set up a street stall, attended to a foot massage business, and so on. It was not until she began to run a small business with her friends’ help a few years ago that their life began to improve a bit. Otherwise, she would not have been capable of raising this daughter and son pair. Fortunately, Du Fei, the sister, and Du Feng, the brother, were both hard-working. When it came to study performance, they had been ranked at the top since childhood. Never had they disappointed their mother. Du Fei was enrolled in Xiamen University, while Du Feng targeted Tsinghua University as his ideal option. She was most proud of her daughter and son.

However, when their life began to improve, the scoundrel came back to harass them again. He beat her mother, asked for money from her, and threatened all the members in her family. He had done everything a scoundrel could do. There was once a time when he ran into a debt of tens of thousands of dollars while gambling; the debtee rushed all the way to her house and threatened her mother by saying that if the debt was not paid off, he would send Du Fei to the bath house to be a prostitute. Her mother would comprise every time for their sake. However, this man became more aggravated. Unfortunately, he came across Qin Sheng this time when he came to seek trouble, and Qin Sheng taught him a lesson.

When the elevator stopped on the floor where they lived, Du Fei was almost done with crying. Wiping off the tears, she lifted up her head and said in a lovingly pathetic way, “Brother Qin, thanks a lot.”

Patting Du Fei on her shoulders, Qin Sheng smiled and said, “Since we are neighbors, this is what I should do. It’s all fine now. Go home soon and don’t let your mother see your current appearance.”

Du Fei lifted up her head and smiled brightly at Qin Sheng. Then she turned around and entered her house.

When Qin Sheng entered the apartment, Lin Su was cooking a nutritious soup while wearing an apron. Over lunch, Qin Sheng told Lin Su about what had happened on the ground floor. Lin Su frowned slightly. However, she did not clearly say that Qin Sheng had poked his nose into other people’s affairs. Knowing Qin Sheng’s temperament well, she understood that Qin Sheng would help Du Fei anyway, whether it was for sentiment or for reason.

“Since you are not fully recovered yet, you can deal with this kind of people in other ways,” Lin Su said randomly, which was to give Qin Sheng a reminder out of kindness. To Lin Su, nothing mattered more than Qin Sheng’s health.

Smiling sincerely, Qin Sheng nodded and replied, “I will keep it in mind next time. I won’t be that imprudent anymore.”

“For these kinds of people who are completely shameless, there are no limits. We should still be careful. Since you have beaten him today, he probably will take revenge on you tomorrow,” Lin Su said thoughtfully. She did not want to see any accidents happen to Qin Sheng anymore. While Qin Sheng was recovering in Xiamen in a spiritual and cultivating way, Lin Su did not want him to meddle in any issue.

Qin Sheng replied casually, “Uncle Zhuang will be in Xiamen tomorrow, right? You can talk to him about this issue then. Last time, he said he had quite a few connections in Xiamen. You have him send some of his friends to warn this scoundrel. Though this scoundrel is not afraid of ordinary people, nor is he afraid of the three members in Aunt Tang’s family, he will still chicken out when running into a tough guy who is far better than him. This society is filled with people like him who bully the weak and fear the strong.”

“That idea also works. Let us solve the issue once and for all. After all, Aunt Tang has helped us a lot.” Lin Su nodded quietly. Usually, Du Fei would help take care of Qin Sheng at college. She would accompany him to attend lectures, help him search the course map in Xiamen University, and so on. If Du Fei was busy, Qin Sheng always had a free meal at Aunt Tang’s house.

In the afternoon, Lin Su sent Qin Sheng to a medical rehabilitation center in Xiamen first, which was the best rehabilitation center in Xiamen. Zhuang Zhou had set all these up in advance. Previously, Qin Sheng had gone there to check on the recovery situation of his body. This time, he would start exercising with the help of a piece of equipment. Since Lin Su was familiar with Doctor Zhao, who was in charge of Qin Sheng, she would contact Doctor Zhao immediately every time Qin Sheng felt uncomfortable.

“Doctor Zhao, I will leave him to you then. If he is disobedient, you can punish him.” Lin Su joked with Doctor Zhao.

Doctor Zhao was in his mid-30s. He was young, rich, and yet unmarried. When he had met Lin Su for the first time, he was amazed at her stunning and beautiful appearance. Unfortunately, Lin Su had declared that she was already married. So Doctor Zhao had no choice but to treat Lin Su as a friend. However, he envied Qin Sheng very much. Since Qin Sheng was bold, forthright, and interesting, he was on intimate terms with Doctor Zhao. They got along well with each other.

Upon hearing Lin Su’s words, Qin Sheng muttered, “I am not a three-year-old child.”

“You should obey Doctor Zhao’s words. I will pick you up later.” Lin Su warned him. Anybody could tell how deeply this couple loved each other. Perhaps what had happened to them could be called a blessing in disguise.

After Lin Su left, staring at the pieces of equipment in front of him in the equipment center, Doctor Zhao asked Qin Sheng, “Lao Qin, do you know how to use them all?”

“For some equipment, I do know how to use them. However, for some others, I don’t. I used to go to the gym often,” Qin Sheng replied honestly.

Dressed in a white coat, Doctor Zhao looked pretty handsome. He said to Qin Sheng slowly, “Since you know how to use the equipment, it will be better. However, you should obey me as for how to exercise. Though you have recovered pretty well and you are much stronger than ordinary people, I still hope that you won’t be anxious to achieve quick success and get instant benefits. Follow my instructions, do it step by step, and elevate the strength gradually. I believe that in three months you will be fully recovered, and you will look exactly the same as before. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, I do,” Qin Sheng replied. However, what he truly meant was that he believed in himself instead of Doctor Zhao.

Doctor Zhao smiled happily and said, “Then it’s fine. Let’s get started.”

In a short period of two hours, Doctor Zhao was pretty satisfied with Qin Sheng’s performance. Never had Doctor Zhao seen a patient as patient and strong as Qin Sheng, nor had he seen a patient who could recover so well after suffering from such serious injuries, which could be credited to these two reasons: One was that Qin Sheng was enjoying the best service provided by the best medical conditions. The medicine he took and the equipment he used were the most advanced at home and abroad. The other was that Qin Sheng had a strong heart.

When Lin Su came to pick Qin Sheng up in the afternoon, Doctor Zhao strongly praised Qin Sheng’s performance. Upon hearing that, Lin Su felt pretty relieved. She went out to attend to her business after she had accompanied Qin Sheng home. While for Qin Sheng, he took a shower first and then rested for a while.

At nightfall, Lin Su went out to meet Lin Yue. So Qin Sheng would eat dinner at Aunt Tang’s home. It so happened that today was the weekend, so three members of Aunt Tang’s family were all at home. Du Feng finished his dinner in a hurry and went on to do exercises. The young man was thin and he looked extremely delicate. Qin Sheng advised him not to study in a pedantic way. He could read more reference books to broaden his scope of knowledge, which could help him think better and diversify his thinking.

Only Qin Sheng, Aunt Tang, and Du Fei stayed at the dinner table. The dinner that Aunt Tang had cooked was pretty sumptuous. Since Du Fei told her about what had happened at noon, she was doing this to reward Qin Sheng in a sense.

“Qin Sheng, Feifei told me about what had happened at noon. Thanks a lot,” Aunt Tang said sincerely. Though she was just over 50, she actually looked a bit aged. After all, she had suffered too much hardship and endured too much exhaustion over the years. Every time Du Fei saw the wrinkles on her mother’s face and the calluses on her hands, her eyes would brim with tears. She had seen a picture of her mother when she was young, who was definitely a natural beauty. Otherwise, she would not have born a beauty like her and had such a handsome boy for a brother.

It did not occur to Qin Sheng that Du Fei would tell Aunt Tang about what had happened. He replied in embarrassment, “Aunt Tang, it is not a big deal at all. You don’t have to be so polite. After all, we are neighbors. You have helped us a lot since Lin Su and I move into this residential quarter.”

“Qin Sheng, what you have done is different from what I have done for you. Anyway, I have to say thanks to you.” Aunt Tang insisted. Since she was afraid that Qin Sheng would fall into some trouble, she consequently felt guilty.

What Aunt Tang had said made Qin Sheng feel a bit embarrassed. It was obvious how much Aunt Tang feared the scoundrel. Qin Sheng felt slight pity for her family. The life that Aunt Tang was having was so miserable.

“Qin Sheng, Du Jiang is the kind of person who will seek revenge for the smallest grievance. I am afraid that since you have beaten him this time, he will get revenge on you later. Lin Su and you just arrive in Xiamen, both strangers in a strange place. Moreover, you move with difficulty now. So I am a bit worried about you,” Aunt Tang said earnestly. After all, she knew her ex-husband well, who had been arrested by the police and taken to the police station many times. Moreover, he was on intimate terms with the policemen in the nearby police bureau. Though she had called the police many times, it ended up with nothing definite every time.

Qin Sheng saw Aunt Tang’s eyes flickering slightly. It was unknown how the scoundrel had been bullying Aunt Tang over these years. Qin Sheng already made up his mind that he would definitely help Aunt Tang get rid of this evil this time.

“Aunt Tang, don’t worry. Even if he does not come for his revenge, I will definitely seek him out. I will stick out for you this time and make him dare not to bully you anymore in the future,” Qin Sheng said resolutely.

Staring at Qin Sheng, Aunt Tang found it a bit incredulous. She did not believe in Qin Sheng’s words in a sense.

Instead, Du Fei said excitedly, “Brother Qin, you know how to deal with him, right?”

Qin Sheng smiled instead of saying anything. To him, this kind of thing was not a big deal at all. What are bad people afraid of? Bad people are afraid of people worse than them, rather than good people.

After Qin Sheng finished dinner, he took a stroll by the seaside on his own. There were not many visitors here and very few could be seen on the beach. The first time Qin Sheng saw the sea, he instantly understood the lyrics that Xu Wei had sung in the song named “The Old You”, which are as follows: “Every time you are sad, you should go to the sea on your own”.

After strolling, Qin Sheng returned to Spring Breeze. The business was the same as before. Qin Sheng said hello to the cafe assistants and intended to sit in his old reserved seat. However, surprisingly, someone else was occupying the seat, who turned out to be exactly the uncle who chatted with him last night. Though the uncle had ordered a cup of coffee, he placed the coffee aside instead and drank tea out of the teapot that he had brought with him, which made the employees in the cafe consequently feel amused. An An could not help but come to remind the uncle that there was no minimum consumption in this cafe. He did not need to order anything next time, and they would not drive him out. Hearing her words, the uncle said smilingly instead, “It’s not an easy thing for you to run a business.”

Qin Sheng sat down with a smile. “Uncle, you are here again.”

“Your cafe is lively and it also has a nice view. I feel bored since I am on my own. So I go out to wander randomly. Then I can also chat with you,” the uncle said casually.

Qin Sheng did not oppose chatting with this uncle. He replied, “All right. You can come to me whenever you feel bored in the future. I am here basically in the evening.”

“Why didn’t your girlfriend show up today?” the uncle asked in a random way.

Then, Qin Sheng explained, “She is occupied tonight but she will be here soon.”

While at the same time, in the hall of Kang De Lai Hotel, located to the west of Xiamen University, Lin Su was waiting for Lin Yue, who was coming all the way from Shenzhen. In order not to arouse other people’s suspicions, Lin Su asked Lin Yue to have fun in other cities for a few days first and come to Xiamen later. She did not want to see other members of the Lin Family at all. Nor did she want other people to disrupt the current peaceful life that she and Qin Sheng led together.