Chapter 186 Who on Earth Is It?

Ever since Qin Sheng and Lin Su were in Qingyang Country Hospital, they had never used their original information. They now used all the other information arranged by Zhuang Zhou in advance, or to be more exact, which was arranged by Qin Changan. Based on Qin Changan’s capability, this petty issue was just a piece of cake for him. That was the reason why other people could not find Qin Sheng and Lin Su.

Firstly, without basic information, it would be the same as looking for a needle in a haystack to seek someone out in China with vast its expanse. Secondly, whether for the Lin Family or the Yan Family, it was not impossible for them to put up pageantry while trying to locate them. Moreover, since Qin Changan had found some faults with them during this period, they consequently had no time for these trivial issues. Only the issues connected with their vested interest could be counted as big issues. Take the Lin Family for example, their on-sale project in Jianhe was closed down by the Real Estate Bureau, which acted simply as a drastic measure for them and made them lose cash flow completely. They did not have time at all to think about Lin Su.

It was sort of a coincidence that Lin Yue knew that Lin Su was in Xiamen. One of her besties was now pursuing a doctorate degree in finance at Xiamen University. Since Lin Su often boasted about her cousin, her bestie consequently had seen Lin Su’s photo. This female student who got a straight-A’s came to Spring Breeze by accident and met Lin Su in person. She found it a bit incredulous at that time. However, upon learning that the lady boss’s real name was Lin Su, she then called Lin Yue in a hurry for confirmation. Lin Yue got the news and was so excited that she talked incoherently. Unexpectedly, her cousin who had been missing for three months was actually in Xiamen. She then pleaded with her bestie to find a way to get Lin Su’s contact number. Then she got in touch with Lin Su.

Lin Su sat waiting in the hall of the hotel for a few minutes. Then Lin Yue popped into her sight, dressed in a fresh style and dragging Rimowa luggage. Lin Yue also caught sight of Lin Su from afar. She directly flew over as if she were sprinting the last 100 meters.

They finally met each other after a long separation and they missed each other deeply. While yelling out the word “sister” excitedly, Lin Yue also intended to give Lin Su a big hug at the same time. However, Lin Su evaded her and said frowningly, “Can’t you calm yourself down a bit?”

Suppressing the excitement inside her heart, Lin Yue held Lin Su’s hands and said, “Sister, I can’t because I have not seen you for such a long time, right?”

“For three months only. When you studied abroad previously, I did not see you get that excited even we had not seen each other for over a year,” Lin Su replied calmly. Except for Qin Sheng and Grandmother, it seemed that she now cared about nobody at all.

Pouting her mouth, Lin Yue said, “It is different this time. You actually have been missing for three months all of a sudden. Once, I thought you had been abducted.”

“You are so imaginative. Check in the hotel quickly. After that, I will take you to have dinner.” Lin Su stroked Lin Yue’s forehead and taunted her smilingly. She knew this girl was really good to her and loved her dearly. Lin Yue was one of the few peers who she got along with.

Lin Yue checked in successfully and put down her luggage. Then Lin Su drove her to a seafood restaurant. As a seaside city, of course, Xiamen was best known for its seafood. Though seafood was also available in Ningbo, its variety was not as abundant as in Xiamen.

The car that Zhuang Zhou had prepared for Lin Su was a Volvo XC60, which was famous for its safety. Usually, when Lin Su took Qin Sheng outside to take a stroll or do an examination, she feared that some accidents would take place. Consequently, she chose the safest Volvo.

“Sister, you have lost a lot of weight in these two months. You also look a bit haggard.” Sitting beside the French Windows in the restaurant, Lin Yue felt a bit sorry for her. She knew her sister must have led a hard life in these three months. It was unknown how much hardship she had endured.

Lin Su peeled a shrimp for Lin Yue and said smilingly, “You are exaggerating. I now enjoy my current life very much, which is ordinary yet fulfilled and happy.”

“Where is brother-in-law? How come you didn’t bring him? Originally, I thought you had eloped with brother-in-law. You don’t know how angry the group of elders in our family were then. They frothed at the mouth and glared with rage. It was Grandmother who said in the end that since that you had made up your mind, then they should just let you be.” Lin Yue sighed in despair. It did not occur to her that the corny plots that took place in distinguished families depicted in TV dramas actually happened around her for real. The group of members in the Lin Family were really snobbish.

Lin Su replied without any disguise, “Oh, speaking of him, he is now busy doing things in the cafe. I don’t want you to meet him because I am afraid that he will overthink. After all, the current life we now have is so peaceful. I don’t want it to be disrupted.”

“My bestie told me that brother-in-law was supporting himself with a crutch. What is going on?” Lin Yue actually could understand what her sister had said. For the lovers’ world that they strived to achieve with great efforts, of course, neither of them would like to have it disrupted. Her showing up obviously would make her brother-in-law overthink.

Lin Su frowned slightly. Every time she thought of Qin Sheng getting injured, her heart ached slightly. No one knew what Qin Sheng had gone through. Thinking back to the time when he started to recover, he would have needed a large number of tranquilizer and painkillers if he were an ordinary patient. Everyone knew how much harm these drugs do to the human body. However, every time Qin Sheng’s wounds ached, he ground his teeth instead and hung in there. There were even a few times when he ached so badly that he hid under the blanket, with sweat all over his forehead and tears rolling directly down his cheeks. Lin Su knew all of this and she felt sorry for him more than anyone else. But she kept silent. It was simply a miracle for Qin Sheng to be alive after having suffered such a serious injury. The initiator of all the evil was exactly Yan Chaozong. Lin Su even doubted that the Lin Family had been complicating the situation behind the scenes. So she hated both Yan Chaozong and the Lin Family.

“He is slightly injured. No big deal at all.” Lin Su had no choice but to explain with such an excuse. She did not want Lin Yue to overthink.

Lin Yue nodded quietly. Sensing the delicate change of her sister’s expression, she cursed herself in secret that she was so inconsiderate. She then changed the topic in a hurry and said, “Sister, then what do you plan to do? You plan to lead such a life in later days, don’t you?”

Lin Su said thoughtfully, “I am at his disposal. Whatever life he wants to lead, I will accompany him. Anyway, as the saying goes, follow the man you marry.”

Though Lin Su said so, she knew clearly that Qin Sheng’s heart was not yet settled down. Moreover, with such profound hatred in his mind, he was not possible to let it go that easily. He would go back someday in the future eventually. He would be faced with the gang and spit out his spite.

Lin Yue could somewhat not understand Lin Su’s inner world. She sighed and said, “Sister, is it worth it that you have sacrificed so much for my brother-in-law?”

“I feel I am pretty blessed to have met the right person.” Lin Su did not answer whether it was worth it or not. This topic was simply meaningless to her. Qin Sheng could look death in the face for her sake. What could she offer for the Qin Sheng’s sake? Could it be worldly possessions?

Lin Su did not want to grapple with these questions anymore. She asked casually, “Let’s stop talking about these issues. How is the Lin Family doing these days?”

“Just so-so,” Lin Yue shrugged and said somewhat helplessly.

Lin Su was confused. “What do you mean?”

Lin Yue then explained slowly, “After you left, out of the blue, the whole Lin Family was in a mess. At first, the elder uncle said they would find you in any case. However, following that, big issues took place. Ningbo Commercial Bank, where we held a share, conducted a shareholders’ meeting all of a sudden and kicked our family off of the board of directors. Our real estate project was specifically criticized by the Provincial Housing Development Department because of its fake advertisement and illegal sales. Then it was all closed down by the Real Estate Bureau and prohibited from being sold. You also know what that would mean to us. The whole capital chain was in trouble. So during this period, all the members in our family were as busy as bees. The elder uncle and my father were barely seen for several consecutive days, which happened frequently. They were either on a business trip or engaged in social activities. So none of them had time to pay attention to your issue.”

When Lin Yue finished her words, Lin Su stared at her in astonishment. It did not occur to her that so many issues had taken place in the Lin Family over a few months, which was a short period. How could such a huge misfortunate have occurred? What exactly was going on? Lin Su was a bit confused. She did not think that it had happened coincidentally. Could it be that someone had placed obstacles in the way?

In Ningbo, the Lin Family was sort of a distinguished family, whose status was almost the same as a local emperor. Moreover, since they had been building connections for so many years and they also maintained a good relationship with the authorities in the province, it was impossible that someone would rise in revolt all of a sudden. Obviously, another stronger power was blocking the Lin Family’s way. But why?

Could it be related to Qin Sheng’s issue? Was it Uncle Zhuang? Uncle Zhuang should not have such a powerful connection. Then who else could it be? Could it be that the Yan Family was getting revenge on them? It sounded reasonable.

“Somebody was playing against the Lin Family on purpose. Do you know who it is?” Lin Su asked Lin Yue.

Everybody knew the Lin Family now was targeted. It did not surprise Lin Yue that Lin Su also guessed correctly. She nodded and said, “That is true. Our Lin Family was targeted. However, as for who was playing against the Lin Family, that could not be found.”

“Is it the Yan Family?” Lin Su said randomly.

Lin Yue heard her words and then sniggered. “Sister, you do think the Yan Family is getting revenge on us, don’t you? No, it is barely possible. Since there were a lot of business interactions going on between the Yan Family and the Lin Family, if they were playing against us, they would be greatly affected. What’s more, over these days, the Yan Family is also having a hard time. There are also a lot of issues going on on their side.”

Lin Su’s look changed drastically. If a lot of issues had also taken place in the Yan Family, then it would be thought-provoking. She was almost sure that it had something to do with Qin Sheng’s issues. Someone was definitely getting revenge for Qin Sheng. Who on earth was it? Since Uncle Zhuang did not have such powerful connections, could it be Xue Qingyan? Since the Xue Family was deeply rooted in Zhejian and it now was a fresh startup in Shanghai, her assumption made sense. However, though Qin Sheng respected Xue Qingyan as his sister, it was impossible for Xue Qingyan to offend both Yan Family and Lin Family simply because of Qin Sheng. Even if she were willing to do so, the Xue Family would never consent.

Then who on earth was it?

Lin Su started to ponder on it. Uncle Zhuang said that he was an old friend of Old Master Qin. Qin Sheng also said previously that Jiang Xianbang was somewhat connected to the old master. Consequently, Lin Su was thinking, who on earth was this Old Master Qin? He actually had prepared so many leeways for Qin Sheng. Perhaps what had happened this time might be related to Old Master Qin.

“Well, let’s not talk about all this anymore. I am not connected to the Lin Family anymore. Eat dinner in a hurry. I even don’t have time for you. You should go home tomorrow.” Cutting her talk short, Lin Su started to chase Lin Yue away.

Lin Yue said pretty unhappily, “You put dates before mates. The way I see it, you even out me, your little sister in the last position.”

In Spring Breeze, Qin Sheng was having a good talk with the uncle. It definitely never came to Qin Sheng’s mind that this middle-aged uncle could be his biological father. Qin Changan chose to approach him in this way and got along with him gradually. It was unknown how Qin Sheng would react after he knew the truth.

They talked about economic rules and patterns. Qin Changan was an authentic commercial tycoon, who was yet an invisible one. He knew he should keep a low profile. Instead of showing his face in public place, he used his agent to take care of everything. Compared with Qin Sheng, who was a theorist, Qin Changan had more experience and insight. Qin Sheng simply regarded himself as an obedient student who was waiting for his respected teacher’s advice. He obediently listened to what the middle-aged uncle was saying about economic rules and patterns.

In the end, they talked about geomantic omens, feng shui, and Zhou yi. Since they both had been by Old Master Qin’s side since their childhood, they were influenced by what they had constantly seen and heard. They more or less understood these topics, such as using a divining rod to locate the lifeline, feng shui and its layout, the illustrations of gods, and so on. All in all, they had a great conversation.

Lin Su returned to the cafe a few minutes past eight o’clock after she accompanied Lin Yue to eat dinner. Qin Sheng and Qin Changan were still chatting. Lin Su saw them talking cheerfully and humorously from a distance. She could not help finding it a bit surprising. There were few customers in the cafe.

At this time, the scoundrel, who had been beaten badly by Qin Sheng yesterday, showed up outside Spring Breeze. This time, he brought more scoundrels along with him. He yelled out loudly, “Hey, cripple inside the cafe, come out now.”

Qin Sheng and Qin Changan both heard this sentence and they both looked out the window at the same time. They both frowned subconsciously…