Chapter 187 A Plot Twist

You can run into all sorts of customers in any shop, among which, some interesting ones show up. The paths of life of the customers are not all the same. If you were willing to listen to them, you would know about a lot of interesting stories and lives via the world they present to you. Majoring in philosophy originally, Qin Sheng had a lot of inspiration and reflection regarding life. He was much more willing to talk with other people and embrace everyone’s world as long as they were willing to sit down.

When Qin Sheng had met Qin Changan the first time yesterday, he was wary of him, which he naturally would be when facing a stranger. After all, Qin Changan was a bit peculiar. Now after they were familiar with each other, Qin Sheng enjoyed talking with Qin Changan very much. This was mainly because Qin Changan approached him on purpose. Usually, it was impossible for Qin Changan to have wasted such a long time on a stranger. When he was busy, even Qin Ran could not see him for one to two months.

Lin Su knew that Qin Sheng was definitely waiting for her in Spring Breeze, so she came over to pick him up and then they would go home together. However, it did not occur to them that an issue like this would take place. Fortunately, she had made it in time. Otherwise, if something did happen to Qin Sheng, she would definitely feel pretty sorry for him then.

Squinting, Qin Sheng was looking at the gang of scoundrels with weapons in their hands. It did not occur to him that Aunt Tang’s ex-husband was a yellow dog who would always get revenge fast. Obviously, he was already prepared since he chose to rush to Spring Breeze at such a time when there were not many customers in the cafe. Besides the customers, only a few employees and students who worked part-time were left. Since they were ordinary people, if something did really happen, they might not stand up.

Lin Su, who had been walking toward Qin Sheng, turned around instead and walked outside immediately. Faced with Aunt Tang’s ex-husband Du Jiang along with seven or eight ruffians behind him, Lin Su snorted, “Who are you?”

“Get out of our way. You little bitch. Let the cripple in the cafe come out. Otherwise, I will smash your cafe.” Waving the steel pipe in his hands, Du Jiang swore. The other ruffians also yelled out, “Cripple, come out. F**k you.”

Even though Qin Sheng was a cripple, he would not act like a little b*tch and let Lin Su stand up for him. Standing up slowly, he picked up his crutch and said to Qin Changan, “Uncle, you sit here for a while.”

Following that, supporting himself with a crutch, Qin Sheng walked to go outside without any hesitation. At this time, the remaining customers in the cafe feared that they would consequently get affected. Moreover, the less trouble, the better. So they all stood up and left in a hurry.

The employees in the cafe felt a bit awkward, not knowing what they should do. If they stood up for Qin Sheng and Lin Su, once there was fighting, they would definitely get hurt. If they did not stand up, they guessed that the boss and the lady boss would not be happy then. They probably would fire them once they looked back on it.

The four girls who worked part-time were already a bit afraid. When Qin Sheng was prepared to walk outside, Le Le and An An stopped him in a hurry and said, “Boss, let’s call the police. Based on your current situation, you will be in danger.”

Of course, Qin Sheng would not act impulsively. Smiling, he nodded and said, “Le Le, you go to call the police while all the others stay inside. We can handle them.”

Meanwhile, the two part-time boys gazed at each other and did not know whether they should go out or not. If there was fighting in the end and they also took part in the fighting, Xiamen University would definitely give them disciplinary punishment once the news was known. If they were disciplinarily punished at college, they would have a difficult time to find ideal jobs later on. However, if they did not go out, they would look cowardly. With so many beauties on the scene, how could they go on hanging out with them?

The thinner and weaker boy, Song Dai, who came from a rural area, finally made up his mind to stand up. Before he was ready to go out along with Qin Sheng, he was stopped by the boy beside him, Tang Xin. Tang Xin said, “Don’t act impulsively. If the university finds out about this, it would not be good for you if you were disciplinarily punished then.”

“I don’t have time to care about that. Since the boss is normally nice to us and usually treats us with food and drinks, he will definitely suffer losses based on his current condition. If I would get disciplinary punishment, then that’s just how it is,” Song Dai said sternly and forcefully for the cause of justice. Then he pushed Tang Xin aside and walked out directly. Tang Xin did not follow him out in the end. Maybe he was weak by nature, or maybe he had so many things to be concerned about.

At the same time, Le Le on the other side had already called the police…

After Qin Sheng walked out, he stood by Lin Su’s side. Patting Lin Su gently on her shoulders, he signaled for Lin Su to stand back. Lin Su frowned and said, “Why did you come out? Go inside quickly.”

Qin Sheng found it a bit funny and said, “Oh, as my wife, you are not willing to be left behind by men, right? You are now fighting on behalf of your husband, aren’t you? If you get hurt later, my heart will ache for you.”

Lin Su got a bit angry and said, “You are still talkative at this time.”

Seeing Qin Sheng walking out, Du Jiang on the other side swore, “F**k you. I thought you would hide inside and play the little b*tch game. Could it be that you are afraid of me now?”

“That’s all you got, right? You dare not come here on your own. So you have brought so many cheerleaders to cheer you on, right?” Qin Sheng sneered in front of Du Jiang. While at this time, he saw the kid Song Dai come out and stand by his side, who was the only one standing up for him among all the employees of the cafe. Qin Sheng felt a bit relieved at that. However, he did not say anything at all.

“So far, you are still so stubborn. F**k you. I will make you kneel down and call me your master then.” Qin Sheng’s arrogant look made Du Jiang feel more aggravated.

Qin Sheng replied calmly, “The current society is ruled by law. It is simply uncivil of you to start a fight. I have already called the police. You should go home early, take a shower and sleep then.”

“Call the police? You can rest assured that it will be too late when the policemen arrive here. You have no one to back you up today,” Du Jiang said, laughing heartedly, while the other people standing by his side also sneered at Qin Sheng unscrupulously.

In the cafe, back when Qin Sheng stood up and left, Qin Changan had already called Gongsun and his driver. Before Gongsun received the call, he was already on the way to the cafe with the driver since they noticed a Golden Cup van rushing to Spring Breeze in a haste a moment ago. Following that, they saw seven or eight men holding sticks and steel pipes getting out of the van. Apparently, they were not going to be easy to deal with.

After Qin Changan ended the call, he stared outside quietly. He was pretty sure that there were few people in Xiamen who dared to bully his son here. Previously, since he did not fulfill his responsibility of being a father, his son was bullied by others at their own free will. From now on, Qin Changan planned to cover for his son. It was simply unfortunate for Du Jiang to run into Qin Changan. He simply was not at the same level as Qin Changan. The gap between their strength was too large.

Outside the cafe, Qin Sheng was stalling. If fighting could be avoided, then he would choose not to fight. He did not want Lin Su to be worried about him. He was more concerned that other people would also get hurt. Moreover, it took him great efforts to run Spring Breeze cafe in this place, so if Spring Breeze were really smashed up, he would feel anguished then. After all, they had put a lot of money into running this cafe, and Lin Su also put a lot of efforts into it. Most importantly, since he was not fully recovered yet, he could only sort of deal with Du Jiang. However, obviously, he could not beat so many people at the same time. Most likely, his wounds would be ripped open again.

“Then what do you want to do? How about you give me a beating?” curling his lips, Qin Sheng said. He actually wanted to confirm what exactly Du Jiang wanted to do.

Du Jiang said disdainfully, “Give you a beating? Then isn’t it too lucky for you? You wish! At first, I thought you would fight with us one by one.”

“All right. Then in your opinion, how should we solve this issue? I will hear you out first,” Qin Sheng said casually.

Rolling his eyes randomly, Du Jiang then said with a smile, “Since you have beaten me, the medical expense has cost me a lot of money. If you want to settle it, that’s OK. As long as you can give me 10,000 dollars first.”

“10,000 dollars? No problem, it’s not a big deal.” Qin Sheng promised at once without hesitation. Anyway, he was just playing lip service, he would not really give him 10,000 dollars.

Following that, Du Jiang said again, “Moreover…”

“What is it?” Qin Sheng was startled. Du Jiang actually was demanding an exorbitant price. Though he had seen shameless people, he never had seen such a shameless man like him.

An obscene look appeared in Du Jiang’s eyes. He eyed Lin Su by Qin Sheng’s side up and down frivolously. This beauty was simply too beautiful, and she had aroused him earlier. Today, he would take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy her. So he said frankly, “We will be square then if your girlfriend spends a night with me.”

As soon as Du Jiang finished his words, Qin Sheng’s expression changed all of a sudden. Du Jiang actually acted recklessly and blindly, didn’t he? This was the first time someone dared to threaten him with Lin Su in front of him.

Lin Su looked cold and distant. Anger filled her eyes.

Even if Qin Sheng was timid and cowardly, he would not be cowardly to such an extent. In the worst case, he would need to go to the hospital and lie there for several months. Never would he allow anybody to bully Lin Su. Consequently, exerting his full effort, he smashed Du Jiang with the crutch in his hands without any hesitation.

It did not occur to Du Jiang that the crippled Qin Sheng would actually dare to strike out first at this time, so he was not on guard. Then his head was directly beaten by the crutch.

Du Jiang grimaced in pain. He wiped his face and sensed blood flowing down his face. He was completely indignant and he yelled out loudly, “What the f**k. Everyone, hit him now. Hit him hard.”

The gang of ruffians all directly rushed at them, Qin Sheng included. Lin Su took the lead to stand in front of Qin Seng. She could get injured but never should anything happen to Qin Sheng again. And Song Dai was the next one to stand up. He definitely would not be a deserter at this moment.

Before the gang of Du Jiang’s bad companions had almost rushed to the front of Qin Sheng’s group of people, both Qin Changan’s driver Ma Fei and Gongsun, who had been watching aside, stood out without hesitation and blocked the gang’s way. Gongsun was so angry at the gang. Why did they bully his young master, who was such a nice person? They simply intended to die. Since Ma Fei also knew about Qin Sheng’s identity, he mourned for this gang in secret. Why was this gang in conflict with Qin Sheng? Anyhow, since his big boss now was sitting inside, he definitely needed to put on a good performance at this time. After all, with the big boss’s power, nothing would happen to them.

Two men who were rushing at the forefront were suddenly kicked away without any warning, which made the group of people with Qin Sheng and Lin Su included feel surprised. Only the on-lookers clearly saw that two men had rushed from the side and directly kicked away the men at the forefront.

“Who are they?”

Qin Sheng and Lin Su were wondering what their identities were, as was the gang with Du Jiang included. The on-lookers also wanted to figure it out.

Du Jiang’s other friends were all shocked by these two men, who came from out of the blue. After Du Jiang came to his senses, he swore loudly, “F**k you. Where did you come from? You actually dare to interfere in my business.”

Gongsun and Ma Fei did not bother to pay attention to Du Jiang at all. Instead of retreating, they marched forward into the crowd. Gongsun rushed directly at Du Jiang, a fool who simply was an offense to him. This fool actually dared to flaunt his prowess in front of his young master. He really did not have a clear estimation of himself, did he?

As Gongsun was rushing toward Du Jiang, Du Jiang was greatly frightened. It did not occur to him that these people who came later actually would gain the initiative. He pushed the friend by his side out in a hurry. The pal pushed out by Du Jiang initiated fighting in a panic and swung a punch at Gongsun. To Gongsun, this small character was simply a contemptible clown. Dodging the attack easily, Gongsun hit the man’s abdomen directly with his arm. The man directly knelt down, groaned in pain, and could not stand up.

Ma Fei at Gongsun’s side was much more fierce than him. He was like a ferocious tiger springing down from the top of the mountain. While dealing with these people who looked like lambs in his eyes, Ma Fei encountered little resistance. He pulled several people down agilely. Seeing this scene, the on-lookers all applauded and exclaimed.

Du Jiang sensed that the fat was in the fire. Turning around, he was planning to run away. Jumping high, Gongsun kicked this scoundrel in the back directly. Du Jiang naturally fell flat on his face and fell on the ground. Following closely behind him, Gongsun rushed forward, clutched his neck, and lifted him up single-handedly. Then he hit his abdomen several consecutive times with his knee and punched his face several times. In the end, he clutched his shoulders and directly dropped him in front of Qin Sheng and Lin Su.

At this moment, Du Jiang and his pals had been completely annihilated in a few short minutes. They all lay on the ground and groaned in pain. For those who dared to stand up again, Gongsun and Ma Fei treated them with a kick and a beating. What the f**k, they actually dared to rise again, which was an insult to their strength.

Whether they were the employees in the cafe or the on-lookers, all the people on the scene exclaimed loudly that the gang deserved such a good beating. It had not occurred to anybody that the plot would have such a twist. None of them knew the ending would be like this. While for Song Dai, who stood beside Qin Sheng and Lin Su, he looked more excited. The fighting skills of these two men were extremely amazing. If he were that amazing in fighting skills, it would be good then.

However, instead of feeling happy, Qin Sheng and Lin Su furrowed their brows. They were thinking about the identities of these two men who had such amazing fighting skills. They had to be wary of all the strangers showing up around them.

Standing in front of Qin Sheng and Lin Su, the two men stared at them smilingly. Finally, Qin Sheng could not constrain himself anymore. He asked them then, “Who are you?”

Qin Changan had already walked out by this time. Projecting a natural dignity and power, he said, “They are my driver and my bodyguard…”