Chapter 188 What Identity?

Nobody could have imagined that things would end up like this. Qin Sheng had wanted to stall time. He thought that by the time the police arrived, Du Jiang’s motley crowd would definitely split up immediately. He also thought that this thing would be settled completely when Uncle Zhuang arrives the next day. However, he did not expect Du Jiang to trample on his bottom line even more recklessly. Others may be able to tolerate this, but Qin Sheng could not. Hence, he started to fight back, risking the possibility of being hospitalized for another few months. Yet all of a sudden, two men came in and turned the game around. In just a few minutes, they gained control over Du Jiang and his group of men.

Qin Sheng and Lin Su naturally did not know Gongsun and Ma Fei. They thought that they were most probably sent by Uncle Zhuang to Xiamen to protect them. However, they did not expect the answer to be different. The crowd only understood what was going on when they heard what Qin Changan said.

The staff at Spring Breeze all felt that this uncle who had been coming to them the past two days was not someone ordinary. Judging by his attire and aura, he was obviously a rich man or was once a leader. Their words were now verified when Qin Changan took action.

Qin Changan walked up to Qin Sheng’s side and facing Du Jiang and the rest who were lying on the ground, he snorted, “You guys are so reckless and fearless to cause a nuisance in public space! Xiamen’s security standard is no longer like before! I called the police ages ago and they’ve yet to arrive! This speed that they’re dispatching men is not ordinarily slow.”

Gongsun and Ma Fei retreated to Qin Changan’s both sides, as if nothing happened. This was too easy a task for them; it was just like eating and shitting.

As soon as he finished talking, police siren could be heard and two police cars stopped by the roadside. Four to five policemen came out of the cars and walked slowly towards the center of the crowd. They shouted, “What are you guys doing? What’s going on?”

“What a coincidental timing to arrive,” Qin Changan joked.

Du Jiang heard the voice of the police and quickly got up on his feet. He cried out, “Chief Chen, you have to help us! This bunch of people is very suspicious. They’ve already beaten us until we become like this. You must help us!”

“So you know each other. No wonder,” Gongsun said with a black face. He hated this kind of acting in cahoots the most. If they dared to cause trouble in broad daylight, they probably must have informed the authorities beforehand.

In such a situation, as the leader, Chief Chen had to pretend like he did not know them, even if he did. And as for how he was going to settle it when he returns, he had no idea. Hence, pointing towards Qin Changan and the rest, he ordered the subordinates behind him, “Bring all of them back!”

Facing such a situation, Qin Changan would definitely not speak up. Gongsun questioned, “Then what about them?”

“This is not something you should be worried about. You guys beat someone up, of course you’re going to come back with us to the station. They will be sent to the hospital for wound inspection first,” Chief Chen said with much conviction.

“You didn’t even ask for the full story and just directly make such an objective decision. How did you even become a policeman? You didn’t even turn on your body camera. You’re so powerful.” Gongsun saw through the whole act. He was obviously one with the team, just like he guessed.

Hearing this, Chief Chen said angrily, “I dare you to say one more.”

“What? Do you want to fight? There are so many pairs of eyes here. Do you dare?” Gongsun asked disdainfully.

Qin Changan truly did not want to waste time over such a trivial thing. He ordered Gongsun, “Call their Mayor Huang, let him handle this.”

Qin Changan did business in Xiamen and was friends with a bunch of leaders in the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, let alone those big shots in the provinces. For this kind of trivial issue, a phone call would suffice.

Chief Chen had thought that the middle-aged man in front of him was not easy. No matter what, he was a Chief, he would have seen a few leaders by now. But this man’s temperament made him fear a little. Now that he heard what Qin Changan said, he immediately became alert. What the heck? They barely started and he already mentioned calling Mayor Huang? He was the second most important person in the municipal government. How massive could this middle-aged man’s background be? If Mayor Huang were to find out about this, he could only go home and wait for the letter of discharge. Hence, he quickly sucked it up to him and asked, “You are?”

Gongsun stopped him and snorted, “You are not qualified to know. Since you don’t know how to deal with this, then I’ll find someone to teach you how to do it.”

“Don’t get anxious! Just now I didn’t know clearly what’s going on, but now I have a rough idea. I’ll take care of it right away, I’ll definitely not let you down,” Chief Chen said with a face full of smiles. He was not dumb, his brain switched quicker than anyone else and his attitude changed immediately. Besides, he already knew what was going on right from the start, since Du Jiang had told him beforehand.

Turning back, like a chameleon, Chief Chen became strict again and shouted, “Bring that bunch of trouble-causing gangsters back to the station! They’re getting out of hand!”

The few policemen looked at each other and did not know what just happened. Du Jiang and the rest were even more shocked. He quickly shouted, “Chief Chen, what’s going on? We’re the victims!”

“Do you think I don’t know what kind of people you are? If you say one more word, I’ll punish all of you when we’re back at the station! Bring all of them back!” Chief Chen glared at Du Jiang with fiery eyes. His message could not come across any clearer. “Don’t stir up trouble for me, otherwise, you won’t have it easy.”

After Du Jiang and the rest were taken away by the police, the chaos came to an end. However, the onlookers were very surprised by how climatic the whole process was.

The main leads, Qin Sheng and Lin Su, became supporting cast at the end. However, Lin Su only cared about Qin Sheng. Everything was good as long as nothing happens to him. Qin Sheng looked towards Qin Changan and said thoughtfully, “Uncle, thanks a lot.”

Qin Changan waved his hand and for fear of exposing himself if he chose to continue on, he smiled faintly and said, “It’s getting late, I’ll head back first.”

After which, he left with Gongsun and the driver, leaving behind an unfathomable back view. The remaining people pointed towards him as they discussed what his identity might be.

At this point in time, it was getting late. Qin Sheng turned around and said to the staff and waiters at the cafe, “It’s fine now, go back earlier today and have a good rest.”

Following which, he and Lin Su also drove back to their neighborhood…

After showering, Qin Sheng and Lin Su laid on their bed. Lin Su snuggled in his arms and said in a gentle voice, “I got a fright today, I was really afraid that something bad would happen to you. Next time, don’t poke your nose into others’ business anymore. This time around, it’s Aunt Tang, so I’ll not nag at you. Every family has its own difficulties. Don’t tell me you want to help everyone and become the Bodhisattva of all living things?”

“If I wasn’t injured, this bunch of gangsters is nothing to me,” said Qin Sheng as he continued to act tough.

Lin Su became angry after she heard this. She stood up immediately and glared at him as she said, “Then do you not know that your injuries have yet to heal? Do you really plan on becoming a disabled man in the future?”

“If they didn’t use you to threaten me, I would definitely have admitted defeat,” Qin Sheng insisted.

Lin Su sighed and said, “I know that your heart pains for me, but they were just trying to trigger you. I won’t lose even a strand of hair. We have to thank that uncle for what happened today. If it wasn’t for him, you’ll definitely be on the disadvantaged end. What is that uncle’s identity? The first words he said when he opened his mouth was to call the mayor!”

Lin Su was originally from a big family. She had seen all kinds of leaders. Ningbo was a sub-provincial city. The Lin Family was deeply rooted here so they would always try to get on the good side of these leaders. Besides, Lin Su was also aware of the country’s political structure. In order to call the mayor so casually just to settle such a trivial thing, this uncle’s identity must definitely not be easy.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “I don’t know as well. He’s from Beijing and he’s retired. He’s living in Xiamen for the time being, somewhere near us. He came to Spring Breeze just yesterday and chatted with me for a while. He’s quite an interesting man. He came today and ran into this coincidentally.”

“From Beijing… then he’s probably a retired leader, or there wouldn’t be a driver and guards around him. He should at least be at the provincial level and above,” Lin Su guessed.

Qin Sheng was no longer who he was. He would not deliberately get close to him just because of his special identity. Thinking about it, the uncle would probably be turned off by him. Qin Sheng replied casually, “What has that got to do with us? But we still have to settle this thing. When Uncle Zhuang arrives tomorrow, I’ll discuss with him to not let Du Jiang harass Aunt Tang and her family again.”

“Yes, that’s what I think too,” Lin Su nodded silently and said.

On the other side, after Qin Changan returned to where he was staying at, Gongsun asked carefully, “Master, will Young Master find out if you do it like this?”

“Not to the extent. He still does not know my identity. But we have to leave two days later. We’ll come again sometime later. Otherwise, we might really be exposed,” Qin Changan said carefully. He must not be anxious; this was the condition for his interaction with Qin Sheng.

Gongsun agreed with his arrangement. He then asked, “Then do we need to call Mayor Huang to tell him what happened today?”

“Call him and inform him, but remind him not to expose my identity. That way, that bunch of people would not find trouble for the boy. In the future, the police in this area would also take care of Spring Breeze. This way, he can then recover in peace and not face any sudden challenges,” Qin Changan ordered after careful consideration.

Gongsun did as told immediately.

In the police station, Chief Chen was seated in his office, beaming over the fact that he had luckily reacted quickly and not charge straight into a bundle of mess. He did not doubt the middle-aged man’s identity. Based on his aura, he was definitely not an ordinary person.

He was, on the other hand, quite familiar with Du Jiang and gang. He did not plan on doing anything to them. He brought them back in order to protect them. Just to be safe, Chief Chen followed protocols and put them in a cell. He would then release them a few days later, in case the middle-aged man had his eyes on this incident. Otherwise, he might expose himself.

After making the necessary arrangements, Chief Chen got ready to go home and sleep. Being a policeman was not easy, let alone in Xiamen City where the location was unique. Just as he was about to step out of the door, his phone started ringing. Oh my God! The highest leader of the city bureau was calling! It was in the wee hours of the morning, why was he looking for Chief Chen? He subconsciously thought of the middle-aged man and picked up the call full of fear.

After a few minutes, Chief Chen let out a long sigh of relief. He was so ‘lucky’… this middle-aged man was not simple. He really gave Mayor Huang a call. Mayor Huang gave the Director a long scolding, who then taught him a harsh lesson. The Director threatened Chief Chen by saying that if he were to not deal with this issue properly, he could just pack up and leave directly. The Director even warned him by saying that he could forget about being promoted in the next two years; if the Director had not explained to Mayor Huang directly, Chief Chen would have been fired already.

Thinking about this, Chief Chen was full of anger. This was all thanks to Du Jiang! His career path had been delayed just like that! He was very certain that as a Chief of a small police station, he was not even worth a fart in front of all these big shots.

Without saying anything else, Chief Chen turned around and walked into the office. He called out a few subordinates to do an unplanned inspection on Du Jiang and the rest through the night. He wanted to bring out all of Du Jiang’s past cases and send this scum to the jail for a few more years right away. This would prevent Du Jiang from causing him trouble again.