Chapter 19 Rather Break Than Yield, and Never Give In

This road could only lead to the Hans village, there is not a lot of traffic normally especially at night. At this very moment, four cars appeared in the same time at the front and back of them. Qin Sheng and Chen Beiming realized what’s going on.

The four cars showed no sign of slowing down from both the front and back. On the left side of the road was a gully, and a barren hill overgrown with weeds and trees was on the right. Fortunately, it wasn’t a cliff or they would be dead in here tonight.

The driver, Han Song had no idea what’s happening at all. He was still waiting for the front cars to make way for him. Old Wu, who sat in the co-pilot in case of accidents pulled the steering wheel to the right side hard, yelling, “Break!”

Han Song had never encountered such a situation. It was Old Wu’s roar that brought him back to his senses. He hit the break as hard as he could subconsciously. The Toyota Prado rushed directly toward the hill and broke down two small trees. Finally, it was stopped by hitting a big tree.

Old Wu was already in his 60s and been through a lot. He opened the door lock as fast as he could, jumped out of the car without hesitation when the Prado was out of control after he pulled the steering wheel. He was rolling around on the floor a few times before he got stable. Although it was extremely embarrassing, he moved with high agility.

Chen Beiming at the back was much calmer than Han Song. After he knew there is no way out, he decided to slow down and go to the top of the mountain. However, there were trees everywhere except for the roadside, they had no choice but to stop.

“Get out of the car,” Chen Beiming said in a calm and low voice.

Qin Sheng got off the car first and dragged Han Bing out as well. He had no intention of taking care of anyone else and pulled Han Bing directly to the top of the mountain.

At this moment, Chen Beiming and Wu also chose to keep up with Qin Sheng and Han Bing. Neither of them wanted to stay here to die. There were too many enemies, let alone they did not know about the arms of their enemies. If they had guns like last night, they would die if they stayed here. Cops won’t be here for at least half hour even if they called them.

As for Han Bing’s cousins, they had been knocked unconscious in the car. Qin Sheng and the others had no time to take care of them and decided to leave their lives to God’s hand.

Four cars had arrived at this point, and a dozen men came out of the cars. The leader, a middle-aged man, shouted, “None shall survive. Kill them all.”

A dozen men were armed with machetes, and three men held the guns, aiming to kill everyone. They rushed directly toward Qin Sheng and the others.

Han Bing looked back to see if her cousins had come out. Qin Sheng shouted, “What are you looking at? Run!”

As his voice fell, serval gunshots rang out as the bullets hit Qin Sheng and the others sideways. Han Bing screamed with fear. The shot reverberated all over the mountain. How unscrupulous these people were.

Luckily, trees were everywhere, plus the lack of light, Qin Sheng and his men didn’t get hit. They dared not to stay and madly rushed toward the top of the mountain without hesitation.

However, compared with all young men on the other side, Qin Sheng’s side had a woman and an old man in his 60s. No matter how strong Old Wu’s physical strength was, he could not compete with young men.

After running for a few minutes, Old Wu gasped and said, “This won’t work. We will be caught up by them. Call the police first.”

Qin Sheng and Chen Beiming both realized that all they did was escaping, but they forgot to call the police. No matter how long it would take, the police would make their enemies stand in dread and increase the possibility for them to survive.

Chen Beiming dialed the police immediately and reported the location of the shootout. They were panic and shocked after hearing that. After confirming the exact location, the police told Chen Beiming to protect themselves and the police would be right away.

“Beiming, Qin Sheng, you two take Bing Bing and go first. I’m gonna hold them off here to buy enough time for you guys.” Old Wu said, giving up the chance to escape.

Han Bing shouted, “Grandpa Wu, we are not leaving without you. You can’t stay here.”

“Old Wu, you are not a match for those men. They have guns.” Qin Sheng said, frowning. The situation is getting very critical.

“Me as well. Qin Sheng, take the Miss with you and protect her whatever it takes. If anything happened to her, you will pay for that.” Chen Beiming knew that one man was no match for those people at all. They may not survive if he and Old Wu stayed, but it would definitely buy more time for the other two.

“You…”Qin Sheng said, his eyes looked complicated.

Chen Beiming couldn’t stand a man being sissy. Besides, those people had almost caught up with them. He shouted again, “Run. We are from the Han Family. You are not, and there is no reason for you to stand up for the family. Protect the miss, or we will all be dead.”

Qin Sheng tightly gritted his teeth. There was no time to be sentimental. Someone had to step forward anyway. He had no choice but forcibly took Han Bing’s cold and icy hand.

Han Bing’s cheeks were already bathed in tears. She cried and shouted, “I am not leaving. I am not leaving.”

Qin Sheng couldn’t bear her willfulness, carried her directly around the shoulder and rushed into the woods.

Chen Beiming and Old Wu looked at each other with the determination to die. Old Wu was an elder who had witnessed how Han Guoping turned from a commoner into a big boss in Shanghai. Not many people could understand his feelings after all these years. The death of Han Guoping struck him greatly even he looked calm from the outside. But as an old man in his 60s, his heart was too calm to be waved after having experienced too many ups and downs.

As for Chen Beiming, Han Guoping had been an incredible mentor to him. For Chen Beiming, a drop of water in need must be returned with a spring, not to mention a life-changing favor. That’s the reason why he still stood up for the family without hesitation, even knowing exactly what the Han Family would encounter after Han Guoping’s death. This is his true color as a man.

After following Qin Sheng and Han Bing for a few minutes, Chen Beiming and Old Wu finally reached an area full of trees and they split up. The enemies had also arrived.

Chen Beiming’s gun had only a few bullets but could definitely buy some time. Old Wu only took a dagger, but surely with his strength, he could also deal with a couple of people. They were ready to kill at will tonight.

When the nearest man arrived, Chen Beiming, who was hiding behind a tree, aimed and shot him right in the head. The man fell to the ground with a harsh gunshot, which had also frightened the enemies. A dozen men dared not to get closer.

“Boss, what now?” A man next to the middle-aged man asked.

The leader said in a low voice, “I didn’t expect they even have guns, but it’s not a big deal. There are only a few of them compared to us. Let’s split and encircle them. I don’t think they can leave here alive.”

A dozen men separated immediately under the command of the leader, and a circle was formed right away. Three men with guns were in three different directions. Chen Beiming fired two more shots, yet he failed to hit the targets. Now, there were only five bullets left out of seven.

Chen Beiming and Old Wu planned to retreat while fighting. However, it was too hard to focus on everything, hence they were surrounded.

The circle was becoming smaller and smaller. Old Wu shouted to Chen Beiming, “Split up and kill a way out.”

Chen Beiming also thought that it would only turn into a dead end. So, he rushed to his left. But he didn’t expect that a bullet came right into his shoulder when he just broke through the circle. It was so painful that Chen Beiming gnashed his teeth, and blood instantly bled out.

Old Wu, on the other side, moved swiftly and dodged several shots. When he rushed to the nearest man, he dodged the approaching machete and drove the dagger straight into his heart. Several people immediately surrounded him, leaving him no chance to breathe.

Old Wu engaged with six or seven men in the dark night. His stamina was losing as he had been hacked several times by daggers.

Chen Beiming was even more miserable on the other side. Three men with guns shot him from three different directions. Chen Beiming was running out of bullets and got hit on his thigh and belly. He no longer had the strength to fight hard.

He started to become unconscious, and his sight began to blur. He leaned against the tree, trying to stand straight. For him, a man should stand to die rather than lying down alive.

He wanted to die standing.

After making sure Chen Beiming ran out of bullets, three men slowly approached him. When they found that he has completely lost the strength to fight back. A man snorted and lifted the gun directly to Chen Beiming’s heart.

“Send you on your way.” The man said coldly.

Chen Beiming sneered, “Master Han, Lil Chen is coming.”

A shot rang. He could have lived a successful life. He could have continued to lead the tide in the Bund as long as he agreed to work with his enemies. But he did not hesitate to refuse. This is Chen Beiming. It was a pity that he died alone far away from home.

When Chen Beiming closed his eyes, Old Wu finally couldn’t resist anymore. He was hit by numerous machetes and had also killed and injured a few enemies. Eventually, one man’s machete stabbed directly into this old man’s heart. Old Wu’s blood shed madly as he glared at these gangsters with hatred. He then slowly fell backward to the ground. This old man, who was feared by many in the Bund, was hacked to death by a machete.

They could have avoided all of these. They just needed to take a step back. But as human beings, they did not live just for money, power, or status. One had to have his bottom line and principle, or he was nothing but a walking flesh.

Guarding the Han Family was their bottom line, and they stuck to it. They would rather break than yield, and they would never give in…