Chapter 191 Healing, Choices…

Chief Chen naturally did not know Qin Sheng’s relationship with that uncle. He was also too lazy to care. He would be extremely grateful if Qin Sheng would not get involved in an incident in his patrol area in the future. Hence, he quickly came to make friends with him and give the case a good closure.

Qin Changan and Zhuang Zhou had already left. Qin Sheng’s life became peaceful again. He went to train at the rehabilitation medical center, sat in at lectures at Xiamen University, daze and pass time in Spring Breeze. For the rest of his time, he would be accompanying his wife. Right now, he did not think too much. He only wished to recover as soon as possible. After all, this was the root cause of everything.

Du Fei would also come help out at Spring Breeze whenever she was free, but it was not considered a part-time job. This girl was a genius, she even wanted to continue studying masters and further her studies. Hence, she would be in the library revising most of the time. She happened to hear someone talk about what happened that night while she was in the cafe these two days. She then realized that she almost caused so much trouble for Qin Sheng and Spring Breeze. She told her mother about it after returning home. After listening to her words, Aunt Tang quickly called Lin Su and insisted on treating them to dinner. Qin Sheng and Lin Su could not reject her, so they ended up eating dinner at a Weinan restaurant nearby.

In order to thank Qin Sheng and Lin Su, Aunt Tang especially went to buy a bottle of good wine. Qin Sheng and Lin Su felt burdened by how well they were treated. After the wine and dishes have all arrived, Aunt Tang’s family raised their cups at the same time and said, “Qin Sheng, I really did not expect him to almost cause such big trouble for you guys. If something were to have happened that night, I really do not know how to face you guys.”

Lin Su smiled faintly and said, “Aunt Tang, it’s not as bad as you imagine. It all cleared up in the end. Qin Sheng can’t just watch him continue abusing you guys. You guys haven’t had it easy all these years.”

“I’ve been cursed by his presence in my life. Without him, perhaps I would be very blissful right now. Perhaps, this is my fate,” Aunt Tang said as she felt sorry for herself.

Du Fei felt bad as she listened. She comforted, “Mom, you still have me and little brother. We will definitely treat you well and not let you suffer any more in the future.”

“I’m already grateful to hear you guys say this,” Aunt Tang said emotionally.

Qin Sheng replied in a faint voice, “Aunt Tang, Du Jiang has already been locked up. From what I heard from Chief Chen from the station, he has a lot of criminal records. This time around, he could be imprisoned for several years. You wouldn’t have objections, would you?”

“I can only rest assured when people like him are locked up. Why will I have any objections? I have to thank you,” Aunt Tang replied quickly. There were no longer feelings between her and Du Jiang a long time ago, what was left was only hatred. If it was not for Du Fei and Du Feng, she already had ideas of ending her life with him. She just could not bear to leave her children behind.

Du Feng gritted his teeth and said, “Mom, I’m already a grown up when he comes out again. By then, if he dares to abuse you again, I’ll take care of him.”

Aunt Tang felt comforted and said, “This child, you focus on studying well. Find a stable job in the future and I’ll rest assured.” These two children were really mature, perhaps they were God’s compensation for her.

After which, she turned around and reminded Du Fei and Du Feng, “Feifei, Xiao Feng, in the future, you have to treat your Brother Qin and Sister Lin as your biological older brother and sister. You have to help them no matter what they needed help in. Do you hear me?”

“We heard you, mom. Don’t worry!” Du Fei and Du Feng said at the same time.

Qin Sheng and Lin Su were really embarrassed. It was just a simple act of gesture. After all, Aunt Tang treated them so well on usual days. They were just doing the same and did not expect her to treasure it so much.

After dinner, the two families returned to the Pearl Bay neighborhood together…

Xiamen’s temperature was getting warmer. The days went by and Qin Sheng and Lin Su’s lives were still ordinary. However, Qin Sheng’s body was getting better. Doctor Zhao increased the intensity gradually. Qin Sheng also had many special ways to train. For example, doing Tai Ji with the instructor and doing less aggressive moves. One month later, Qin Sheng discarded the crutches completely. He was no different from a normal person. Two months later, he had already recovered to about half of his peak period. He started to practice the martial moves that a few masters had taught him in the past, as well as those he learned from Chang Baji. Qin Sheng felt that he had to improve his strength so that next time he would not be taking a risk. If he could become as powerful as Chang Baji, the chances of him walking out of a dangerous situation alive would be higher as well.

He had been staying in Xiamen for nearly four months now. During this period of time, Qin Changan would come to visit Xiamen time and again. However, the duration of his stay would not be too long. They would usually not last more than three days. Qin Sheng was also used to how this uncle did things. He treated him like an old friend. Qin Sheng also half-intentionally half-unintentionally taught him many values and experiences. This made him feel a sense of achievement, made him feel like he was making up for lost time in the past 20 years.

However, Qin Changan was really glad that Qin Sheng did not have that much of an age gap with him. The way he did things was also largely similar to his. He was worried that the Old Master would teach Qin Sheng such that he was not like Qin Changan. If that was the case, then the disagreement between them after reconciliation would be very big. Hence, once after drinking, Qin Changan boasted to Gongsun in a half-drunk half-sober state that this was his son.


After Xiamen University entered summer break, the business in Spring Breeze was no longer like before. Qin Sheng spent more time reading books, practicing calligraphy and training. The part-timers in the cafe had all returned home. Du Fei and Du Feng would come help out whenever they were free. Du Fei especially spent a lot of time in Spring Breeze.

During this period of time, Lin Su felt that Qin Sheng’s heart that had been calm for more than half a year was finally thumping hard again. She knew that he was not a man that would succumb to peace and quiet. He had his own dreams and goals. The peace and quiet during this period of time were just to heal. Now that his injuries have healed, he had to start considering his next choice.

Staying in Xiamen, going back to Shanghai, or other choices. Qin Sheng was still undecided. Lin Su did not ask him. She was waiting for his decision after careful thinking. No matter what his choices were, she would support him till the end without regret. Wherever he went, she went.

Many things happened in Shanghai after Qin Sheng left. Chang Baji quit his job in Shangshan Ruoshui. He wanted to seek revenge on Ye Muyang and Yan Chaozong, but was stopped by Xue Qingyan, Hao Lei, and others. They felt that there was not a need to take this risk. They should wait till Qin Sheng was back.

Everyone thought that Qin Sheng would take the initiative to contact them, but after so long, there was still no news from him. They were very puzzled. And Lin Su too. Other than the text message from last time, there was no more news from her. Like Qin Sheng, she had disappeared too. Everyone started to call her, but found that she had turned her phone off.

Qin Sheng and Lin Su had disappeared and more than half a year had passed. Other than those few good friends of theirs, others almost forgot them. They would remember them occasionally unintentionally.

After quitting his job, Chang Baji started to travel. Hao Lei stayed in Shanghai and continued to be a driver for Han Bing. He was waiting for Qin Sheng to come back. Otherwise, if he returned to Xi’an alone, he could not face Auntie Wang and the rest. Su Qin looked for Hao Lei several times because Qin Sheng promised her that as long as she needed him, he would appear in front of her. However, he failed his promise. Su Qin was a little angry. After she found Hao Lei, she then found out that Qin Sheng had gone missing again. Su Qin heaved a long sigh and her face fell. No one knew what she was thinking about…

On Han Bing’s side, Guoping Group’s incident had finally come to a closure. After the adjustment post-bankruptcy, she held a share of a tiny part of the stock which was worth quite a big sum. She was now a legit rich woman worth billions. Hence, Hao Lei dared not leave her. After all, he had promised Qin Sheng to protect Han Bing.

Han Bing was not used to Qin Sheng’s disappearance. At the start, she would think of ways to find him. However, she could not get any news from any channel. She then started to think towards the bad side and said that Qin Sheng might have run into trouble and Lin Su too. Every time this happened, Hao Lei could only use all sort of explanations to make her believe that Qin Sheng was destined to live a long life and would not die so easily.

Right now, Han Bing could not care about Qin Sheng and Lin Su. She only wished that Qin Sheng could show up once again in front of her safely and healthily. Then, she would be content.

As for Qin Sheng’s friends, Xia Ding was still busy as planned. However, Qin Sheng’s incident caused a great impact on him. At least during this period of time, he did not have a girlfriend. Instead, he focused on his work. He did not even dare to tell the other two in the hostel about Qin Sheng. He was worried that they would be worried sick.

Among them all, Xue Qingyan was one that had started to seek revenge for Qin Sheng. The Xue Family was a very wealthy family in Zhejiang. After many years of retirement, the Old Master of her family still had much authority. Besides, her older brother was well-known in Shanghai. Although it would be impossible for them to battle the Yan and Lin Families head-on, it was still a piece of cake to create trouble for them, especially the Lin Family, for they were in Zhejiang. It would be much easier for Xue Qingyan to take care of them as compared to the Lin Family.

More than anyone else, Xue Qingyan was certain that Qin Sheng was definitely still alive. She also believed that he would re-appear in front of them again one day. It was just a matter of time.

Over at Shangshan Ruoshui, Qin Sheng’s departure and Chang Baji’s resignation caused there to be sudden changes in the structure of manpower. After all, Ye Muyang was one of the culprits behind Qin Sheng’s accident. Wang Haichao was successfully promoted to Reception Manager. Without resignation, Lyu Yuan and Yu Fengzhi resigned because they knew that Wang Haichao would not let them off. Instead of being bullied here, they might as well change job. Anyways, they earned quite a sum after working here these few years. Following after, a few of the artists resigned as well.

It was another weekend evening. Qin Sheng sat by his bed as he read a book, drank tea and stare into empty space. Lin Su was chit-chatting with Du Fei. She looked up and glanced at him occasionally. Her gaze was filled with gentleness.

At the same time, a flight from Beijing had just landed in Xiamen. A delicately-dressed woman brisk-walked out of the airport. After getting on an Audi A8L, she headed straight for Spring Breeze.

Half an hour later, the Audi A8L stopped by the road. The woman walked up to Spring Breeze on her own. She was feeling very excited and extremely nervous. Each step she took seemed very heavy.

She did not know how many times she had dreamt of him. Neither did she know how many times she bawled in the middle of the night. And she definitely did not know how many times she just stared at his picture and went into a daze. She was very afraid that she would never get to see him again. She was even willing to use everything that she had to see him again.

Today, God had given her a chance. How could she not be excited?