Chapter 194: Why Was She Crying?For most people, without anyone, their life could still go on. Qin Sheng’s departure actually did not change Xue Qingyan’s life at all. Over these years, since there were quite a few people who had passed by her hurriedly like shooting stars, she had already gotten accustomed to it. However, in her heart, Qin Sheng meant quite a lot to her. She really admired this youth’s style of doing things and dealing with people.

As a result, Xue Qingyan was willing to let Qin Sheng call her sister. And after Qin Sheng had met with a mishap, Xue Qingyan was willing to utilize her family connections to get revenge for him on her own initiative.

Perhaps it was due to the fate from an unseen world that she did not agree with other people who thought Qin Sheng was dead. Instead, she strongly believed that Qin Sheng was still alive. He would show up in front of her someday, sooner or later.

Now her feeling was proved to be right.

“Qin Sheng?” Xue Qingyan awoke with a start and asked in a trembling voice, having originally been feeling a bit exhausted. It did not occur to her that there would be such a surprise for her on such an ordinary evening.

Though they had not seen each other for over half a year, Qin Sheng was not unfamiliar with her at all. He taunted her in a way which was familiar to both of them. “Hahaha. I thought you had already forgotten me, sister. But I promise that I am a human and not a ghost.”

“What are you talking about? How could I have forgotten you? You have saved me several times. I always strongly believed that you are still alive and you must be alive,” Xue Qingyan said with resolution.

Qin Sheng replied happily, “It must be so. As your brother, I am highly blessed. My grandfather had already made a prediction that I could live until 92 years old. So far, I have only lived for less than one-third of my days. My days lying ahead of me are still long.”

“You are so shameless. Tell me quickly, where are you now?” Xue Qingyan asked eagerly.

Qin Sheng replied in a neither too fast nor too slow way, “I am in Xiamen during this period.”

“OK. Then I will book the earliest flight to Xiamen for tomorrow morning,” Xue Qingyan said without hesitation. She very much missed Qin Sheng and she really did not know how he was doing now.

Laughing, Qin Sheng said, “Sister, you don’t need to be in such a rush. I will be in Hangzhou in two days and we will meet each other there at that time. I plan to stay in Hangzhou in later days. In that case, sister, you have to take care of me more often.”

Though Qin Sheng spoke in a relaxing way, Xue Qingyan already figured out his point. She frowned and said, “Have you made up your mind?You will stay in Hangzhou in later days and you won’t go back to Shanghai anymore. Are you sure about that?”

“I won’t go back to Shanghai anytime soon. After all, I am not that powerful yet. It could be fairly safe for me to stay in Hangzhou,” Qin Sheng said thoughtfully.

Xue Qingyan nodded quietly and said, “OK. Then I will see you in Hangzhou then.”

When Xue Qingyan was ready to hang up, something occurred to her all of a sudden. She asked in a hurry, “Well, is Lin Su with you?”

“We’re together,” Qin Sheng said faintly.

After Xue Qingyan hung up the phone, she was in a good mood all of a sudden. This guy had shown up at last. She knew why Qin Sheng had given her such a call. But she was not averse to it since the Xue family was willing to cultivate and assist such a young man.

After Qin Sheng finished calling Xue Qingyan, he did not disturb his other friends. If he called them, it was estimated that they all would do the same as Xue Qingyan and rush to Xiamen tomorrow. He would contact them then once he was in Hangzhou.

After the call, Qin Sheng went back to the bedroom. Lin Su was already done taking her shower. Feeling pretty good, Qin Sheng directly picked up Lin Su, who was drying her hair, which startled Lin Su.

Putting her arms around Qin Sheng’s neck, Lin Su said with rosy cheeks, “What are you doing? You look so happy.”

Qin Sheng kissed Lin Su gently on her sexy lips and said smilingly, “After such a long rest, your husband is able to strive hard and start from scratch at last. I can earn money to buy a new bag for my wife and buy milk powder for my son.”

“Who is your wife?” Lin Su said bashfully.

Qin Sheng replied resolutely, “We will get married right away after we get back to Hangzhou. What do you think?”

Upon hearing this sentence, Lin Su felt so sweet in her heart as if she had swallowed a spoonful of honey. However, she replied instead, “Then you should go to Ningbo first and steal my household registration book from my family.”

Qin Sheng was not heavily overwhelmed by what Qin Su had said. He directly turned around and put Lin Su on the bed. Then he said frivolously, “Then let’s stop being a couple who exist only in name but not in reality, what do you think?”

Upon finishing his words, Qin Sheng directly pressed down on Lin Su and devoured Lin Su’s lips unexpectedly. During this period, Qin Sheng had already gotten to know Lin Su’s body well. Aside from not breaking through the last layer, he had enjoyed the other parts that he should enjoy. There would be a large number of men who would envy him once they found out this news.

Qin Sheng just could not get enough of Lin Su’s body and skin. Probably no man in the world could be faced with such beauty. Every time, Qin Sheng had no choice but to take a cold shower in the end. However, now Qin Sheng was finally recovered. Since they had made an agreement previously, Qin Sheng had not been able to control himself in the evening over these past two days.

Qin Sheng was used to behaving affectionately toward Lin Su, with an abrupt tempo at first which then gradually turned it into a slow one. And for Lin Su, she resisted it at first and then enjoyed it eventually. In the end, they were in concert with each other. Qin Sheng gently rubbed Lin Su’s slender legs with his hands. For a lot of men, Lin Su’s tender white legs were toys that they could play with for a long time.

Lin Su had a little difficulty breathing. She sensed that Qin Sheng had already gotten a bit worked up. For some things, Lin Su was a bit anxious as well as a bit expectant. However, since she also wanted to have a discussion with Qin Sheng, she then pushed him away in a hurry and said, “Let’s end it here. Stop fooling around.”

As long as Lin Su gave a slight indication that she was not ready yet, Qin Sheng would not offend her. That was Qin Sheng’s bottom line. So he released Lin Su contently, lay by her side, and sighed with emotion. “I feel so comfortable.”

Lin Su tidied up her clothes and said bashfully, “You are a ruffian.”

Qin Sheng lay on the bed with his head in his hands. He simply looked like a rich playboy who had just seized a young married woman to be his concubine from some family. After Lin Su calmed herself down, she rested her head on Qin Sheng’s chest and said, “Did you call Uncle Zhuang?”

Qin Sheng shook his head and said, “No. I made a call to Sister Xue instead. The Xue family has powerful connections in Hangzhou. Though I don’t intend to rely on the Xue family, I could get another amulet if the Yan family and the Lin family still will not let me off.”

“Then have you figured out how to deal with them yet?” Lin Su asked in a low voice.

Qin Sheng was not the old him anymore, who had been proud, arrogant, and simply would not give up easily. He now became more tolerant. He said quietly, “To be honest, I have not figured out what to do yet. However, after all, Hangzhou is not Shanghai. The Yan family will not have those powerful connections there. In my opinion, we can just be more careful this time. I will inform Uncle Zhuang about this news tomorrow. You get Spring Breeze cafe sold asap. We will leave Xiamen this week.”

“OK. Selling the cafe is an easy thing. Someone has approached me before regarding this issue. I will contact them tomorrow,” Lin Su said in a low voice.

Stroking Lin Su’s hair, Qin Sheng said, “Sleep then.”

Since Qin Sheng and Lin Su had been staying in Xiamen for such a long time, they had already made acquaintance with many friends. Though they could not trust them all with sincerity, they all had done favors for them more or less, such as the members in Aunt Tang’s family, the doctors, nurses in the rehabilitation center, and some teachers, and students at Xiamen University. They were destined to be connected with each other in their lifetime. If Qin Sheng had not been hurt, he would not have come to Xiamen. As the saying goes, every cause brings a consequence. Everything is unpredictable.

The next day, when Lin Su was going out to attend to her chores, Qin Sheng gave Zhuang Zhou a call. Zhuang Zhou had not shown up in Xiamen for some time. After all, some people would always protect Qin Sheng in secret. Never would Qin Sheng meet with any mishap.

“After discussing it with Lin Su, we have decided that we will pursue our dreams in Hangzhou in the future,” Qin Sheng said pretty solemnly.

Zhuang Zhou replied thoughtfully, “We all speak of the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai regions often. Hangzhou actually is a good choice. Have you decided what you will do there yet? If not, I can arrange something for you. What do you think?”

Qin Sheng could not be picky anymore since he now was starting from scratch. Placing himself in an extremely low position, he said casually, “As long as I can get a job.”

Of course, Zhuang Zhou had no right to decide what Qin Sheng should do at all. Only after he had discussed it with Qin Changan could he make a decision. So he said thoughtfully, “Then I will think about it and I will call you back later.”

After Zhuang Zhou hung up Qin Sheng’s call, he immediately called Qin Changan and told him about Qin Sheng’s plan. Qin Changan had already known early on that Qin Sheng would do this sooner or later. After all, he was still restless.

If they went to Hangzhou at this time, the situation would be completely different from that when he had gone to Shanghai last time. Qin Changan actually planned to have Qin Sheng come back to the Qin family to be his successor. So they had to be extremely prudent about Qin Sheng’s new plan.

Meanwhile, Qin Ran took a stroll by the seaside on her own for some time. After that, she went back to the hotel and finished breakfast. Following that, she started to attend a video meeting, dealt with documents, and so on. She actually was not the kind of person who was nothing but a suit. She had graduated from the department of economic management at Tsinghua University. Besides holding a double degree, she had also obtained a dual master’s degree in both MBA and law while studying at Harvard University. She was an authentic female straight-A student who had dedicated herself wholly to academic performance. Upon her graduation, she had entered a company under the charge of Qin Changan. Working first as an employee at the grassroots level, she had made it all the way to become a director of a subsidiary. She was an authentic, powerful woman. Otherwise, she would not have attracted the attention of so many young talents.

While at work, Qin Ran could calm herself down completely since she was dedicated to her work wholeheartedly. However, halfway, she still ordered the driver to go to Spring Breeze to check whether Qin Sheng and Lin Su were in the cafe or not. However, the driver did not see either of them at all.

After Qin Ran finished her tasks at nightfall, she finished her dinner. Then she was eager to go to Spring Breeze again. Yesterday, she had left there empty-handed. And before she went there today, she had gone to the mall to purchase a suit of clothing and some cosmetic products. She meticulously did her makeup before going out. She hoped that she could see her brother with her best appearance.

Though the waiters in the cafe had seen Qin Ran last night, it did not occur to any one of them that Qin Ran would actually show up here today. Though they did not know how this beauty was related to their boss and lady boss, they all ran to be at her service happily.

Qin Ran ordered a cup of coffee and a plate of fruit. After she asked the waiters of the whereabouts of their boss and lady boss, she confirmed that neither Qin Sheng nor Lin Su was here yet. However, they should be here soon. At this time, they should be strolling by the seaside and they would be here later.

As the minutes ticked away, Qin Ran just sat there, waiting. It was completely dark outside. The lights inside the cafe hindered people from seeing what exactly was going on outside.

It was just after seven o’clock. Holding Qin Sheng’s arms, Lin Su showed up in Spring Breeze along with Qin Sheng on time. At the same time, they were talking and laughing. Since Qin Sheng had been fully recovered, he was in a pretty good mood. His face beamed with a happy smile.

At this time, Qin Ran, who had been reminding herself that she could not cry when she saw her brother in person, could not control herself anymore. Tears ran down her cheeks all of a sudden. Her delicate makeup was also ruined.

Staring at her brother from faraway, Qin Ran covered her mouth and cried bitterly. It seemed that she had not been so heartbroken in her entire life except for the time when her mother had passed away.

And it made sense. After all, she had been missing her brother for over 20 years and she also had endured many wrongdoings.

The waiter who had been staring at Qin Ran the entire time was completely confused at this time. He had no idea what was exactly going on and why this beauty was crying so bitterly. Could it be that the boss had owed her some debt of love? Tut tut, it happened that the lady boss was also here today. It definitely was a good show.

Running to the front of Qin Sheng in a hurry, the waiter whispered in Qin Sheng’s ears. Then Qin Sheng took a look at Qin Ran subconsciously. He frowned slightly. It seemed that he actually did not know her at all.

Then why was she crying?