Chapter 195 Farewell to All

As the saying goes, since there is no way to confess the sadness caused by separation, the relative longings are consequently changed into tears in the end.

Her yearnings day and night in these over 20 years were all changed into two lines of tears in the end. At this moment, no one in the cafe could understand Qin Ran. She also disregarded all of them. She could not take her eyes off Qin Sheng, her biological brother.

How many people in the world could understand the pain deeply engraved on her heart since she had been separated from her relative for more than 20 years?

Now, the thing that had been torturing her for more than 20 years was finally over. Tears did not mean pain and torture to her anymore. Instead, they now meant happiness and a blessing to her.

Qin Sheng was indeed a bit confused. The employees in the cafe told him that this woman had come here to look for him last night and she was here today again. However, he did not know her. Why was this woman crying so bitterly once she saw him?

Could it be that his memory was faulty? Qin Sheng then started to rack his brains to recollect. Gradually, he started to get a bit of a vague memory of this woman. It seemed that he had seen her somewhere. However, they definitely were not friends.

Qin Sheng waved his hands and ordered the waiter to attend to his business first. Then he lowered his head and whispered in Lin Su’s ears, “You go upstairs first. I will come to you later.”

Lin Su nodded quietly since she trusted Qin Sheng very much.

However, Lin Su did know the woman who was crying so bitterly and in such distress sitting in the corner not far from her. That was because this woman had impressed her so much before. Back when she had been in Shanghai last year, a charity fundraiser for students that she had taken part in had held an auction party. At that time, this woman had shown up there, who was judged to have overwhelmed the majority of the women on the scene in every aspect. At the end of the party, she had even won an auction for a photo at the price of eight million dollars.

However, Lin Su did not tell him her thoughts since she was not sure how this woman was related to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng walked toward the woman who was crying distressfully with a peaceful look on his face. He then handed a tissue to the woman. After the woman took the tissue, he then sat opposite her.

Since he had been far away from her previously, he had not seen the woman’s face clearly. After he approached her and eyed her up and down, he gradually had a clearer impression of her. It seemed that they had run into each other before in the Yuerong Manor.

Admittedly, Qin Sheng’s ability in memory was indeed very amazing. Or what was more likely, few men in this world could forget such a beauty like Qin Ran.

At this time, Qin Sheng was eying the woman in front of him solemnly. She had long wavy hair, which curled slightly. Her eyes were brimming with tears, yet they were filled with a glow. Her nasal bone was highly projecting and her forehead was plump. Apparently, the diamond-studded danglers and the classic malachite necklace with the name Bulgari she was wearing were not cheap things at all. The sleeveless, tight-fitting, chiffon dress, which was made from silk, was highly tasteful. Though the brand of the dress could not be seen, it definitely was a famous one. When Qin Sheng saw the Patek Philippe on her wrist, he was completely stupefied. The wristwatch actually was a global limited edition issued at Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary. It was priced at millions of dollars.

Who on earth was this woman?

Qin Ran took the tissue and said, “Thanks.” This made her think of the scene in her childhood when she was crying in secret and her brother would also pass a tissue to her.

Whoever this woman was, Qin Sheng had no choice but to figure out what exactly was going on. He then said quietly, “Do we know each other?”

“To some extent, we do know each other. But actually, we don’t,” Qin Ran said in a slightly trembling voice. Many years later, she now was talking with her brother again. It turned out her brother was not the one speaking with a tender childlike voice anymore. He was already a man who could stand upright and tall.

Qin Sheng felt more confused. Then he spoke again, “Then why are you crying?”

Wiping away her tears, Qin Ran was already back to normal. She then stared at Qin Sheng affectionately and said, “Because some sad memories came to my mind.” The way she looked at Qin Sheng was quite sincere and tender, which was more tender than the way Lin Su looked at Qin Sheng. If outsiders saw her face, they would definitely sense that this woman was deeply in love with this man.

Yes, she did love this man deeply. However, she did not love him from the perspective of a romantic lover. She loved him because of their familial love, which was much deeper. After all, as the saying goes, blood is thicker than water.

The expression in Qin Ran eyes made Qin Sheng feel pretty ill at ease. He did not know what that expression meant. So he was slightly at a loss. Then he evaded her eyes in a hurry and coughed awkwardly. “I remembered that we had seemingly seen each other before, but I am not so sure.”

“Yes, we have seen each other. How could it be possible that we haven’t seen each other?” Qin Ran replied subconsciously. She thought in secret, “Since you are my brother, how could I have not met you before?”

“OK. You seemed to remember it well that we had run into each other at the entrance of the elevator in the underground parking lot of Yuerong Manor in Shanghai last year, didn’t you?” Qin Sheng said slowly.

Qin Ran was a bit astonished. It did not occur to her that they actually had been connected with each other like this before. However, she barely remembered it. She had no choice but to brush Qin Sheng off. “Yes. It seemed that we did meet each other there.”

“I heard from the waiter that you are here for me. But we don’t know each other,” Qin Sheng said pretty helplessly. He did not want Lin Su to overthink.

At this moment, Qin Ran was very hesitant. She was thinking about whether she should tell Qin Sheng the truth or not. She actually intended to disregard everything and tell him directly that he was her biological brother who had been separated from her for so many years and she was his biological sister.

However, upon thinking of what Qin Changan had said, Qin Ran finally made up her mind and said, “Because you looked very much like a friend of mine who I have loved for so many years. So I am here for you.”

“No wonder.” Qin Sheng realized it all of a sudden. He finally figured it out. This explanation actually made sense.

When Qin Ran was saying this sentence, actually, her heart was struggling. Speaking of how people would feel when they could not reconcile with their relatives even if they had met each other, only she could understand the feeling. However, she also knew clearly that it would not take long before she would be able to reconcile with her brother. Moreover, she could see him often in later days.

“Can we make friends with each other? I probably won’t think of him anymore when I see you,” Qin Ran said on her own initiative. She was afraid that Qin Sheng would refuse her.

Qin Sheng was hesitant. He said, “I have a girlfriend.”

“I know that. She is beautiful and you also love her so much. You can rest assured that I only want to be an ordinary friend to you, and that is all. I also hope I can make friends with her,” Qin Ran said honestly. She almost burst into a snort of laughter. This guy was actually narcissistic.

Qin Sheng thought for a while and then he said, “In that case, I say yes.”

After all, it was a request from a beauty. It would have been a bit merciless of him if he had refused her. Perhaps he really looked like some friend or lover whom she had lost.

Qin Ran stood up slowly and said, “Thanks. See you next time.”

She finally saw her brother in person, which happened at last. As for what she had wanted and what she had intended to do, she had achieved all of it. Qin Ran could not stay here anymore. She was afraid that if she could not hold herself back anymore, she would reveal the truth. So she had no choice but to leave.

Qin Sheng nodded with a smile on his face. However, he did not walk her out. After she walked out of Spring Breeze and vanished completely, Qin Sheng then shook his head and smiled bitterly. “Strange woman.”

After Qin Ran walked out of Spring Breeze, she halted, raised her head, and looked up at the sky. She smiled slightly, “Mom, I have found my brother. You can be at ease now.”

A bright moon hung over the sea. A meteor shot across the sky quietly. The sea wind was blowing gently and the sound of the sea waves rang out one after another…

Ever since he had come to Xiamen and opened this cafe shop, he had frequently run into strange people. Consequently, he had learned to be surprised by nothing.

Shrugging, Qin Sheng was prepared to go upstairs to see his wife. However beautiful other women were, to him, no one could beat his wife. His wife was the most important one to him in this vast world.

However, before he went upstairs, Du Fei ran out. She had been hiding behind the bar all along. She snorted, “Tut tut tut, it was unknown how many beauties you had cheated on previously. Now one of them came here to knock on your door, didn’t she?”

“As a naive and young girl, you know nothing. Mind your own business. Moreover, I don’t know her.” Qin Sheng rolled his eyes at Du Fei. He did not bother to pay attention to her.

Du Fei pouted her mouth and said, “I guessed it right, didn’t I? You are still denying it. I will complain to Sister Lin later and you will be punished when you go home.”

Qin Sheng stretched his hands out and flicked her forehead gently. After he teased her with some words while smiling, he then went upstairs to see Lin Su.

While on the second floor, Lin Su was taking notes in a notebook of the quotes for the cafe shop. Tomorrow, she would send these quoted prices to several buyers who had contacted her. Then she would choose the most suitable one from them.

After Qin Sheng came up, Lin Su stared at Qin Sheng and smiled playfully. She was waiting for Qin Sheng’s explanation. Qin Sheng did not dare to conceal anything from her. He told her about what had happened a moment ago.

Lin Su was quite confused. She said, “Since you don’t know each other, how could she find this place?”

Qin Sheng found it a bit funny and replied, “How should I know?”

Lin Su said subconsciously, “But I saw her before. It was at a charity auction party last year. At that time, she was kind of the most stunning girl on the scene. The people surrounding her at that time were all famous rich playboys in the Bund.”

Qin Sheng stared at Lin Su pretty in surprise. It did not occur to him that Lin Su actually had seen this woman before. He questioned her closely, “Do you know what her name is?”

“No, I don’t,” Lin Su shook her head and said. “After we go back to Hangzhou, I can ask my friends to look into it for me.”

Qin Sheng became thoughtful. He did not speak anymore.

This evening, when the cafe shop was about to be closed, neither Qin Sheng or Lin Su intended to leave. Lin Su had already told everybody in the cafe to attend a meeting upstairs after they were done with their chores. All the people in the cafe were surprised and confused. It seemed that this was the first time they had a meeting in the evening.

At 10 o’clock, the cafe shop was closed. Everyone gathered on the second floor of the cafe. While facing all the employees in the cafe, Qin Sheng and Lin Su both had all sorts of feelings well up in their hearts. As the saying goes, the time when we have to part will come in the end. Though they were not willing to part with their employees, they still needed to announce this news.

Clasping her hands, Lin Su looked around first and eyed everybody on the scene up and down. Smiling gently, she said, “We have to announce a piece of news to all of you that we are going to leave Xiamen. Spring Breeze will be run by a new boss starting in two days.”

After she finished her words, everybody on the scene changed the looks on their faces all of a sudden. Following that, they all exploded. They lively asked all kinds of questions, such as why they chose to leave here.

Lin Su continued by saying, “Thanks so much for your effort and help in these over four months. Even though we are leaving Xiamen, we will keep these unforgettable times in mind. We hope that you can continue to work hard in later days, and you can embrace a better tomorrow in your best state, whether in academic study or at work.” Since she had been used to staying with these young employees morning and night, to some extent, she hated to part with them. However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. The journey for everyone might not exactly be the same.

Qin Sheng said in a deep voice, “I know you are all surprised by this news and you can’t accept it so quickly. But it is a fact. We are just passers-by in Xiamen and we need to leave here in the end. However, we are still friends. I am looking forward to your visit to Hangzhou later. And last, once again, thanks so much for supporting and helping me and Lin Su in these over four months. Thank you.” Qin Sheng made a slight bow as he finished.

Everybody on the scene was still unwilling to part with them. Some people’s eyes already became red. Qin Sheng and Lin Su started comforting them. But in the end, they had no choice but to accept this fact.

Everyone left the cafe half an hour later except for Qin Sheng, Lin Su, and Du Fei, who went back the same way with them.

Du Fei asked with red eyes, “Brother Qin and Sister Lin, do you really intend to leave here?”

“Yes, we do. We will leave after we are done with the trivial chores,” Lin Su patted Du Fei on her shoulders and said. “Don’t cry anymore. We will come back to Xiamen in the future. You can also come to Hangzhou for fun along with Aunt Tang and Du Feng.”

“I know. But I hate to part with both of you,” Du Fei held Lin Su and said.

Qin Sheng shook his head and smiled bitterly. “Silly girl.”

Over the next three days, Lin Su and Qin Sheng both had slightly busy lives. Spring Breeze was transferred to a young artsy female whose disposition suited a place like Spring Breeze quite well. Though the price she had offered for the cafe was not the highest, she had much to talk about with Qin Sheng and Lin Su.

While at other times, they got together with their friends. They had their last dinner at Aunt Tang’s house. Aunt Tang had cooked a tableful of dishes for them, which greatly moved both Qin Sheng and Lin Su. They had some necessities delivered to Hangzhou in advance by express. While for the usable things which they did not need, they gave them to Aunt Tang as gifts.

The next morning, Qin Sheng and Lin Su dragged their suitcases and took the flight from Xiamen to Hangzhou. They waved to Xiamen gently when they were on the plane.

Farewell, Xiamen. Farewell, the most tranquil times.