Chapter 196 New Home

Qin Sheng and Lin Su finally left Xiamen, ending a quiet period of rehabilitation. Their new life was about to begin, and the unknown challenges were waiting for them. However, compared with the previous times, now they were protected by the Qin family, so Qin Sheng’s road would not be difficult.

Before Qin Sheng and Lin Su went to Hangzhou, Qin Ran had already returned to Beijing. Although the brother and sister did not recognize each other, she was already satisfied. After all, the knot of more than 20 years was finally solved. After that, she could go to see her brother whenever she missed him.

Qin Changan gave Qin Ran a copy of Qin Sheng’s information, but it was all ordinary material, which was Qin Sheng’s basic life trajectory. There were not too many detailed events, such as the previous period. That was because Qin Changan knew that if Qin Ran found out that Qin Sheng had suffered such a heavy injury and almost died in Jiuhuashan, according to her temperament, she would definitely not hesitate to meet Qin Sheng without saying anything. In the future, she would like to know who had dared to bully her brother.

The first thing that Qin Ran did when she returned to Sijiu City was call Qin Changan and say that she wanted Qin Changan to cook for her. Qin Changan heard this sentence and directly pushed back the meeting with several leaders of the China Banking Regulatory Commission at noon. Only he had courage like this. He then went straight to the vegetable market with his grandson and bought a lot of things that Qin Ran liked to eat.

When Qin Ran arrived at the courtyard, Qin Changan had already made a sumptuous lunch. The chef was just a helper. All of these dishes were prepared by him. Only Qin Ran would be treated like this.

After seeing Qin Changan, Qin Ran directly hugged him, and yelled with a grievance, “Dad.”

The many years of grievances and contradictions of the father and daughter had disappeared at this moment. Qin Ran did not blame her dad anymore. After all, her younger brother had been found. This family was finally like a home.

There were many dishes on the table, but only the father and daughter were sitting and eating. Qin Ran said she would like to drink some wine with her father, so Qin Changan directly took out a bottle of Maotai that was 50 years old. In the past, he was reluctant to drink unless it was a particularly important occasion. But today, he had a very good mood.

The father and daughter were chatting while eating and drinking. Qin Changan was looking forward to the day of their family reunion…

At noon, Qin Sheng and Lin Su arrived in Hangzhou. Xue Qingyan was waiting early for them at Xiaoshan Airport. Yesterday, she had rushed to Hangzhou from Shanghai. She wanted to see Qin Sheng and Lin Su as soon as possible to present the hospitality of a host.

With a black sleeveless vest and gray half-length hip skirt, wearing large sunglasses and carrying a black bag, Xue Qingyan had dressed up carefully and was the most beautiful scenery at the exit. Her face looked full of expectation. She kept looking inside and searching for familiar figures.

A few minutes later, Xue Qingyan finally saw the pair, the golden boy and jade girl. Qin Sheng was pulling a suitcase, and Lin Su was holding his arm. The two were walking out unhurriedly.

Xue Qingyan took off her sunglasses and smiled immediately, which attracted the attention of the surrounding men. They finally saw the lovely face of this beauty. Her face was way too pretty.

Qin Sheng and Lin Su had also seen Xue Qingyan. She was still full of a noble and elegant temperament. They quickened their pace as they went out. Xue Qingyan also went toward the exit.

When they faced each other, Xue Qingyan was not afraid of Lin Su, who was standing next to Qin Sheng. She directly gave Qin Sheng a big hug, and was reluctant to separate from him. Lin Su smiled and was not angry at all. She was very pleased that Qin Sheng had such a sister.

At this moment, everyone was jealous of Qin Sheng. When Qin Sheng and Lin Su came out, everyone noticed that Lin Su was a beauty just like Xue Qingyan, and couldn’t help thinking there were so many beautiful girls in Hangzhou. Unfortunately, these beautiful girls all belonged to someone. But they did not expect the beauty outside was also waiting for this man.

Right then, Qin Sheng had beautiful girls around him. He was enjoying the love of girls and being a winner in his life.

Xue Qingyan held Qin Sheng tightly and said, “I finally see you.”

Qin Sheng gently patted Xue Qingyan’s shoulder and smiled. “Sister, don’t worry, I won’t go anymore.”

“Hey, in the future in Hangzhou, see who dares to bully you. You have me to stand by you.” Xue Qingyan, who was in her 30s, spoke confidently like a child.

“Cool,” Qin Sheng quickly said.

After Xue Qingyan had finished, she let Qin Sheng go and looked at Lin Su, who was next to Qin Sheng. She gave Lin Su a hug, and said, “Without you taking care of this kid, he would not have recovered so fast. Thank you so much, Lin Su.”

“Sister Xue, that is what I should do,” Lin Su said lightly.

When Xue Qingyan held Qin Sheng, she had much emotion. But she just gave a courtesy hug to Lin Su. So Xue Qingyan let go after a shallow hug and smiled. “Let’s go, I’ll take you to eat first, then we have to chat for a while.”

The driver waited outside. After leaving the airport, Xue Qingyan took Qin Sheng and Lin Su to the 1921 Restaurant on West Lake. She had already booked the table early to welcome and help wash the dust off Qin Sheng and Lin Su.

On the road, because there was a driver and they didn’t chat about an in-depth topic, Xue Qingyan asked, “Do they know you are back?”

“I haven’t told them yet. I will wait until they settle down, and then tell them.” Qin Sheng said with a smile, “I don’t know how they have been doing in the past six months.”

Xue Qingyan knew something about it. After all, she contacted Han Bing later. She said, “Chang Baji resigned, and he went out and traveled during this half year. Many people who followed you in Shangshan Ruoshui also resigned. Han Bing and Hao Lei are still in Shanghai.”

“Okay, I made everyone worried,” Qin Sheng said with emotion.

Xue Qingyan shook her head and said, “It’s all in the past.”

The 1921 Restaurant on West Lake was a classic restaurant, serving authentic Hangzhou dishes. The last time Qin Sheng was in Hangzhou, Xue Qingyan had also taken him here. Lin Su was no stranger to this place. Although people in Ningbo liked to run to Shanghai, Lin Su also had many friends in Hangzhou. She used to come to Hangzhou frequently and had several meals in 1921.

Although there were only three people, Xue Qingyan wanted to talk about something, so she booked a private room. She knew the boss here, and she was a frequent visitor here. The boss would certainly serve her well.

After all the dishes were put on the table, Xue Qingyan took the initiative to pick up a wine glass. “With this wine, first of all, welcome you to Hangzhou, I hope that you will get better and better in Hangzhou in the future. And secondly, say goodbye to the past, forget everything, and start again.”

“Thank you,” Qin Sheng said sincerely as Lin Su smiled and toasted.

After drinking a glass of wine, the three people chatted while eating. Xue Qingyan asked once again, “Have you recovered completely?”

“It has been half a year. I have recovered. This time, I survived from death. I almost couldn’t see you again.” Qin Sheng said after taking a sip of wine, “It made me understand a lot of things.”

“You still want to get revenge?” Xue Qingyan said thoughtfully.

Qin Sheng replied honestly, “Of course I have to get revenge, but not now. It is never too late for a gentleman to get revenge. Although I am not a gentleman, I know it is impossible for me to challenge the Yan family, according to my current ability, unless I perish together with Yan Chaozong. But I will not do such a stupid thing. It is better to live than to die. Living is the best thing.”

Relieved, Xue Qingyan said, “I was afraid that you would do something stupid. It is good for you to have this awareness. But this here is Hangzhou, not Shanghai. You can rest assured that they still don’t dare to mess around. What’s more, you have me.”

“I know. Thank you, sister.” Qin Sheng thanked her again.

Xue Qingyan turned to Lin Su and said, “Lin Su, I don’t know why this kid is so lucky to find a girlfriend like you. You’ve suffered a lot being with him. If he treats you bad in the future, I will not forgive him. I also know that you have broken off from your family, so in the future, you will take Hangzhou as your family and treat me as your family member. No matter what happens, you can tell me.”

After hearing this, Lin Su quickly took the wine glass and said, “Sister, I don’t know what to say. Let me have this glass of wine with you. Everything is in the wine.”

Xue Qingyan smiled and said, “Okay.”

After they toasted to each other, Xue Qingyan said seriously, “Is there any plan for your future? Just let me know if you need my help. We are now family and we can talk about everything. I have arranged a place for you to live. It is one of my houses in Hangzhou, which is located in the side of West Lake. No one lives there.”

Qin Sheng knew that Xue Qingyan treated him well. But Uncle Zhuang had arranged a house for them. So he said politely, “Sister, we have already found a place to live. We don’t want to bother you.”

“Oh, you have found one?” Xue Qingyan said with slight surprise, then she asked, “What about a job?”

“One of my friends is helping me to find a job, but it is still not definite. He will be able to come to Hangzhou tomorrow. I will ask you for help if it is not satisfactory,” Qin Sheng said slowly. Actually, he wanted Xue Qingyan to help Lin Su find work. However, Uncle Zhuang had already taken the initiative to arrange it. They would know what the job was when Uncle Zhuang arrived in Hangzhou tomorrow.

Xue Qingyan laughed and said, “It seems that you have prepared for it. Now I don’t have to worry.”

After lunch, Xue Qingyan sent Qin Sheng and Lin Su to their new home. They did not choose the prosperous West Lake. Instead, they chose the riverside of Qiantang, a place which was quiet but with a very good view. The riverside golden coast on Zhijiang Road was also considered to be a good community on the west bank of Qiantang River.

Qin Sheng had already called Uncle Zhuang’s friend. A man waited for them at the gate of the community and then took them to his new home. He passed the keys to them and left.

There were two living rooms and two bedrooms in the new home. The decoration was very luxurious. It was a modern American-style decoration, and the river view was just out the window. It looked like the view in the Xiamen Pearl Bay Garden Seaview room.

“This house is quite good,” Xue Qingyan said after visiting. She later saw how the environment was. After all, Qin Sheng and Lin Su had never been here. If the environment was very bad, then she would have Qin Sheng and Lin Su live in her house in West Lake. Then she had to remember this place, and she would come over later when she had time.

Qin Sheng and Lin Su had no requirements about the living environment. They just needed a place to rest. Now that they could live in this river-view mansion, how could they not be content with it?

“You said that this house was arranged by the man who saved you?” Xue Qingyan said casually.

Qin Sheng said honestly, “During this time, everything I have has been arranged by him. Such great kindness, I don’t know what to do to thank him.”

Xue Qingyan was interested in such a man and she smiled. “If he comes to Hangzhou tomorrow and he has time, I will entertain him at night and thank him face to face.”

“Then I will ask him tomorrow.” Qin Sheng nodded.

“Well, get busy with your business. I have something to do in the afternoon. I’ll go now. I will be in Hangzhou for the next two days. I will call you again.” Xue Qingyan left voluntarily, let Qin Sheng and Lin Su become familiar with the environment, and took a good rest.

Lin Su opened all the windows. The daily necessities had already been prepared in this house. No matter if it was the kitchen or the bathroom, everything inside was new. It was probably Uncle Zhuang who had arranged it.

Qin Sheng was standing in front of the window, and he lit a cigarette. And looked at the developing Binjiang district on the opposite side, and could not help thinking that he had lost in Shanghai, but now in Hangzhou, could he be successful?