Chapter 197 Pennies from Heaven

Compared to the feasting and revelry in Shanghai, Hangzhou, which was surrounded by mountains and rivers, was slightly quiet. But it was also a first-tier city in the country. It would not be easy to be successful in this city.

After experiencing those things in Shanghai, Qin Sheng’s heart was no longer so eager to seek success. No matter what Uncle Zhuang asked him to do, he would start again one step at a time.

“What are you thinking about?” After learning about the new environment, Lin Su went up to Qin Sheng, took away the cigarette that only had been smoked by Qin Sheng a few times, and asked lightly. During Qin Sheng’s recovery time, he seldom smoked or drank, mainly because Lin Su was strict, and now he had gotten used to it.

Qin Sheng was not mad. He laughed and said, “I’m thinking, when will I have the strength to face your family, and marry you aboveboard? Not like a stray cat, being chased by others all the time.”

Lin Su laughed. “I am yours anyway. What are you worried about? Don’t think too much, come with me to the supermarket and buy something. We still need a lot of necessities. We can buy some food by the way. We can cook at home tonight.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to what my wife tells me to do,” Qin Sheng said joking.

They had been busy for a long time, so they bought a lot of food and went to the furniture city to buy some decorations and so on. It was already six o’clock when they got back. Qin Sheng and Lin Su walked close together to the kitchen, and the couple started cooking with laughter.

In the evening, in the Qin family’s courtyard, which was located in the Dongcheng District of Sijiu City, Zhuang Zhou and Qin Changan were sitting opposite each other. There were several dishes on the table and two bottles of Wuliangye, and they were accompanied by Gongsun.

“Lao Zhuang, I toast you for the first drink. You saved the life of my little son. I will remember this favor,” Qin Changan said with a glass of wine.

Zhuang Zhou was a bit shocked, and said quickly, “Brother Qin, we have such a close relationship, there’s no need to say these kind words. I owe too much to the Qin family, this is what I should do, not to mention that Qin Sheng suffered such a serious injury. It is my fault.”

Qin Changan waved his hand and filled his wine glass. “These are two different things. Now we just talk about this thing. This second glass of wine was for this half-year trouble. I asked you to accompany me to put on a show, but we have to keep on acting.”

“These are all trivial things. I didn’t do anything,” Zhuang Zhou said with jitteriness. Qin Changan was much older than him, and he was a big boss who rode on a whirlwind. He toasted two glasses of wine to him, which made Zhuang Zhou feel uneasy.

After two glasses of wine, Qin Changan continued to say, “I have already arranged everything in Hangzhou. Just let the kid follow Cao Da, and let him train the kid well. Tomorrow, you’ll meet Cao Da first, and get familiar with each other. Don’t expose the truth at that time.”

“Okay. Don’t worry about that. I will meet boss Cao tomorrow,” Zhuang Zhou said with a low voice.

Qin Changan had troubled Zhuang Zhou for such a long time, and he was somewhat embarrassed, so he said, “After finishing the things tomorrow, you don’t have to worry about this kid anymore.”

Zhuang Zhou frowned. “Qin Sheng now returned to Hangzhou, he will meet his former enemy. I am afraid that they will bother Qin Sheng again. Anyway, I am fine. I can stay in Hangzhou for more time.”

“Hahaha. A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. This kid is smart, he will not make the same mistake twice. What’s more, I will go to Hangzhou often. If the Yan family and the Lin family act recklessly, then I will definitely let them remember the price.” Qin Changan squinted his eyes coldly. He did not mean to not get revenge, he just left the opportunity to Qin Sheng. Otherwise, what could motivate him?

Since Qin Changan had his arrangement, Zhuang Zhou would not say anything more. He nodded silently. “Okay, I understand.”

It was very clear to Zhuang Zhou that Hangzhou was not a long-term place for Qin Sheng. As long as Qin Changan and Qin Sheng recognized each other, then Qin Sheng’s stage was destined to be set in Sijiu City. That was because it was clear to this big family that they could only stand firmly in Sijiu City, they could build their career in other places. For those families outside Sijiu City, who didn’t want to sharpen their heads and squeeze it?

In the morning, Xue Qingyan took Qin Sheng and Lin Su to West Lake Zhiweiguan to eat breakfast. There was a man accompanying her, who had been a good friend of Xue Qingyan for many years. The two were also friends of the same generation. Now this man was already a person who had real power in the city bureau. No one dared not to say how bright his future would be, but at least he would reach to the director level.

Xue Qingyan introduced Qin Sheng to him in order to let Qin Sheng have more protection in Hangzhou. If those bad guys saw that Qin Sheng stayed close by this man, then they would think about it when they tried to bother Qin Sheng.

After a few dishes of steamed dumplings and steamed buns, everyone had a bowl of wonton. Xue Qingyan also asked for a cat’s ear. Every time she returned to Hangzhou, she would eat breakfast in Zhiweiguan on the second day. It was a habit for many years.

“I wondered why you asked me to have breakfast today. You have friends here today.” The man arrived late, and he smiled and spoke after sitting down. Then he looked at Qin Sheng and Lin Su, who were sitting next to Xue Qingyan. Qin Sheng was ordinary. But Lin Su made him feel amazed. But the man knew how to hide his emotions. He instantly returned to normal, and nodded to Qin Sheng and Lin Su with a smile.

The man had a square face and big eyes, with a taste of uprightness. He was not tall, wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and leather shoes, just like the leaders on TV.

Zhiweiguan was an old, famous restaurant, whether it was Hangzhou cuisine or a snack and breakfast, it was famous in Hangzhou. Foreign tourists going to Hangzhou would certainly have a taste. So the customer flow volume was very large in the morning. These several people were sitting on the second floor. Xue Qingyan had already ordered all the dishes. What this man ate, she knew better than anyone else.

Xue Qingxi smiled and said, “These aren’t friends, they are all family members. This is my younger brother and younger sister. They just arrived in Hangzhou yesterday, so I took them here to try it out. And you live nearby, so I thought I have to make an appointment when I eat with you, director.”

“Oh, it’s your younger brother and sister. Welcome to Hangzhou. My name is Fang Jianping. I grew up with Qingyan since we were children.” The man took the initiative to introduce himself. Any man in officialdom was naturally not afraid of strangers and could become familiar very quickly.

“My name is Qin Sheng, this is my girlfriend, Lin Su,” Qin Sheng responded. Lin Su smiled and nodded.

Xue Qingyan said with no good mood, “Other people may not know about you, but I know you so well. Don’t show off your authority in front of my brother and sister. Today, I’m going to invite you for breakfast for no reason.”

“Fine, I know there is nothing good. I would not have come if I knew that.” Fang Jianping looked regretful and put a crab roe bun into his mouth.

Xue Qingyan said seriously, “You want to go? It’s not that easy. But don’t be afraid of it. It is not a big deal. My brother and sister have decided to live and work in Hangzhou. I am not living in Hangzhou, and I’m afraid that someone will bully them. So help me to take care of them.”

“Jesus, you don’t need my help. As long as your gold signboard is shown, is there anybody in Hangzhou that would be so brave to provoke you?” Fang Jianping laughed.

Xue Qingyan said coldly, “I’m talking to you, don’t worry about me. If I really had trouble, I would not make use of you.”

“Okay, okay, my goodness, I know. I will definitely take care of my younger brother and sister. If they lose a strand of hair, you just scold me, okay?” Fang Jianping said eloquently. Later on, he said to Qin Sheng, “Qin Sheng, my brother, let’s leave exchange phone numbers. If you have anything, you can call me. Don’t feel uneasy. Anyway, I owe her so much, in case she will scold me in the future.”

This man was so active and polite, Qin Sheng quickly took out the mobile phone and said, “Brother Fang, thank you for your help.”

“You are very welcome, just treat me as your brother, or your sister will turn her back on me,” Fang Jianping said with a smile, then he and Qin Sheng left their mobile phone numbers with each other.

Fang Jianping knew Xue Qingyan very well. She introduced him in a hurry, indicating that this man was very important to Xue Qingyan. Besides, to judge a man, he had to look at the woman beside him. This girlfriend of Qin Sheng girlfriend was an absolute beauty, just like Xue Qingyan. Obviously, this man was not simple.

Unfortunately, Fang Jianping completely guessed wrong. Qin Sheng was just an ordinary poor guy…

After eating breakfast, Fang Jianping rushed to work. He had to accompany his leader to inspect some work and it could not be delayed. Before leaving, he took the initiative to invite Qin Sheng for a meal in the future.

Xue Qingyan took Qin Sheng and Lin Su for a walk in West Lake. Lin Su had been to Hangzhou many times before and had visited West Lake many times. It was just Qin Sheng’s second time here.

“Fang Jianping is a good friend of mine. Now he is in the office of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. At the end of the year, he has to go to the provincial office to be trained. His family members are in the political and legal systems. In the future, you should stay close to him. He can help you something, so don’t be afraid of causing trouble,” Xue Qingyan said without concealing anything, or she would not have introduced Qin Sheng to him.

Qin Sheng knew Xue Qingyan’s intention. With this relationship, he could use it at the crucial time. So he nodded his head. “I know.”

“I won’t take you for a walk in Hangzhou. I have to go back to Shanghai in the afternoon. Lin Su knows Hangzhou better. Anyway, you have nothing to do these days, let her take you around.” Xue Qingyan smiled. She wanted to eat with the man who had arranged everything for Qin Sheng. But the man didn’t want to come.

Qin Sheng made a phone call last night and had asked Zhuang Zhou, but Zhuang Zhou was afraid to expose his secret, so he tactfully refused.

When Xue Qingyan left, Lin Su took Qin Sheng to ride on yellow bikes and casually stroll around West Lake. This was the first time that Qin Sheng felt the atmosphere of the city. Although Hangzhou was hot in the summer, the view here was also pleasant.

At noon, it was very hot. Both Qin Sheng and Lin Su were sweating, so they went straight home. After taking a shower, they took a nap. Zhuang Zhou called and asked Qin Sheng to meet him at the West Lake State Guesthouse directly.

Qin Sheng thought it was the right time, so he was ready to go. Lin Su was clever to say that she would not go. She went with her friends in Hangzhou at night. After disappearing for so long, she had to let everyone know that she was still alive.

Qin Sheng did not insist, so he took a taxi to the West Lake State Guesthouse.

At night, West Lake was not as lively as it was in the daytime. Sitting at the window of the tea room of the West Lake State Hotel, enjoying West Lake in the night, feeling the breeze, and drinking West Lake Longjing, it felt very comfortable.

Zhuang Zhou arrived in Hangzhou at noon. Qin Changan’s friend sent a car to pick him up. They stayed at Meijiawu for the whole afternoon, then in the evening, they switched to the West Lake State Guesthouse. That was also because Zhuang Zhou lived here.

Cao Da was in his early 40s, about the same age as Zhuang Zhou. He was more than 10 years younger than Qin Changan. He had never thought of receiving a call from Qin Changan due to such a thing. It was really eye-popping. However, this matter was a penny from heaven. After all, his relationship with Qin Changan was not so close. He wanted to jump on the ship of Qin Changan, and he had to do it beautifully.

It was the son of Qin Changan, his natural son, not an illegitimate child. It was the first time he heard that Qin Changan had a son. If he built a good relationship with the son of the Qin family, then the Cao family would follow the rising tide.

In the afternoon he had already discussed what should be said and what should be done with Zhuang Zhou. Now he could only wait for the son of the Qin family to appear on the scene…