Chapter 198 A New Job

Businessmen in the Zhejiang area were rich and powerful, so Cao Da, who just had a small business, was not a big character in Hangzhou. Many people were richer than him. It was easy to find a man richer than him in Hangzhou. After all, Hangzhou was the base camp of Zhejiang businessmen. Boss Ma was the uncrowned king of this city. Everyone else just was just an ordinary person.

However, Cao Da was not simple. His relationship network was large, and he knew many people from different fields. And he was loyal to his friends and refreshing, so everyone would be polite to him. Furthermore, his father had some energy, so his business was also smooth. Although he was not a big character with billions of dollars, he was living a comfortable life in Hangzhou, and he also had speaking rights.

He could have the chance to get to know Qin Changan, and that obviously meant that he was not an ordinary guy. Qin Changan could give his son to him, so he could not be a simple guy.

The West Lake State Guesthouse was considered to be the best hotel in Hangzhou. It was located in Yanggongti, which was on the West Lake bank. It was formerly known as Shuizhuju and Liuzhuang, and later became the West Lake State Guesthouse. No matter if it was a national leader or a foreign state head, they would stay here when they came to Hangzhou.

In the Lakeside tea house in the West Lake State Guest House, Cao Da and Zhuang Zhou sat opposite each other, drinking West Lake Longjing and enjoying the beauty of West Lake, waiting for Qin Sheng to arrive. Cao Da did not know the identity of Zhuang Zhou. After all, among the friends of Qin Changan’s, Zhuang Zhou was not an obvious one. Qin Changan thought that Qin Sheng would be well-trained in Zhuang Zhou’s place. He could learn something from such a position, which was not high or not low.

“Mr. Cao, still what I told you, at no time can you expose Mr. Qin. You can beat him or scold him. If he makes a disaster, you don’t have to worry about it. Mr. Qin will deal with it.” Zhuang Zhou was not at ease, so he warned him again.

Cao Da silently nodded. “I still don’t understand. What does Mr. Qin want to do?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. You just have to do what you should do. When everything is over, Mr. Qin will not treat you badly.” Zhuang Zhou promised him. Cao Da also understood that it was an opportunity for him.

Cao Da had already thought about the countermeasures. Anyway, he just could not treat Qin Sheng well, but he couldn’t be too hard on him. He should train him as an ordinary junior, so he nodded silently. “You can rest assured.”

10 minutes later, Qin Sheng finally found the Lakeside tea house. Being led in by the waiter, he went over to Zhuang Zhou and Cao Da. In fact, Cao Da, who was facing Qin Sheng, had noticed it. But he immediately came back to his normal state and continued chatting with Zhuang Zhou. It was just the attitude of the elders. It was impossible to get up and greet Qin Sheng.

After Qin Sheng came in, he saw Zhuang Zhou and the man opposite him sitting on the sofa drinking tea. Qin Sheng looked at the man while walking, and he could feel his momentum. A person who was introduced by Uncle Zhuang, how could he be an ordinary character?

“Uncle Zhuang.” Qin Sheng went to the side, and whispered.

Zhuang Zhou came back to earth and said joyfully, “Qin Sheng, come and sit.”

Cao Da looked at Qin Sheng seriously, Qin Sheng naturally had the same surname as Mr. Qin. It was beyond doubt that the outline of his face and his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears were a bit like Mr. Qin’s. Even the expression in his eyes and momentum also had the feeling of Mr. Qin. He was definitely the son of the Qin family. He was definitely not an ordinary young person.

“This is my long-time friend, Cao Da. Mr. Cao, a famous stubborn master in Hangzhou.” Zhuang Zhou introduced him very casually, having the tone of the past.

Qin Sheng quickly nodded. “Nice to meet you, Uncle Cao.”

“You are welcome.” Cao Da kept calm and said, “Waiter, a cup of Longjing.”

After getting familiar with each other, Zhuang Zhou got straight to the point. “Qin Sheng, I do a lot of business with Mr. Cao. Since I moved my headquarters to Beijing, I rarely intervene in things in Hangzhou, so I’ll give you to Mr. Cao. You will be trained by him. Mr. Cao is not an ordinary person. You can learn a lot from him.”

“Uncle Zhuang, don’t worry, I will work hard with Uncle Cao.” Qin Sheng said very humbly, “Uncle Cao, sorry to trouble you in the future. If I do something wrong, please just teach me more.”

“I like young people with potential. As long as you do things in a down-to-earth manner, I will definitely not treat you bad. This you can be rest assured about,” Cao Da said with a low voice.

Qin Sheng asked directly, “Uncle Cao, what should I do first?”

“According to my relationship with Zhuang, I will definitely not let you start from a basic job. It will be too unfair to you. Zhuang has told me your story, so I want you to be my assistant first. I will call you whenever I need you. And secondly, I have many entertainment industries in Hangzhou. Help me to keep an eye on them when you are free. In the past two years, I haven’t been in charge of many things. Many fellows are helping others secretly. So you have to be the wolf to watch them tightly.” This decision was made by Cao Da and Zhuang Zhou, and also agreed upon by Qin Changan. There was naturally some deeper meaning in it.

After listening to Cao Da, Qin Sheng was somewhat surprised. He thought it was an ordinary job, but he did not expect that Mr. Cao valued him so much. At the same time, Qin Sheng also noticed something from the words of Mr. Cao. Those who could get involved in the entertainment industry would not be ordinary guys. It seemed that Mr. Cao was an important figure in Hangzhou.

“Okay, I will listen to Uncle Cao’s arrangement.” Qin Sheng did not refuse.

Cao Da thought for a while and said. “You start your career with this job. I have other industries. If you think the current job is inappropriate. I will change it for you at that time.”

Zhuang Zhou then said, “Cao, you don’t have to worry about it. This kid can do anything, and can take on anything. He will never let you down.”

Mr. Cao drank a sip of tea and smiled. “This is the best.”

Qin Sheng’s job was well arranged. He was very satisfied with this, and he was also suitable for this kind of job. As for Lin Su’s job, Zhuang Zhou said slowly, “As for Lin Su’s job, I have two choices, one is in CITIC Securities Zhejiang Branch. Lin Su can choose the department by herself. Her ability enables her to do it. After all, this is her original work. The other is a charity fund. I know that Lin Su has done a charity fund before, and she is also good at it. You can let her decide and then tell me her choice.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhuang, I will go back to discuss it with her first, and then call you.” Qin Sheng was very pleased. These two jobs were good. He was also not sure which one Lin Su would choose.

They all said what they had to say, then the drama was finally finished. Zhuang Zhou had no idea how Qin Sheng would think about him when he found out the truth.

“Okay, you go back first. Contact Mr. Cao later, and listen to him,” Zhuang Zhou told him.

Cao Da took the opportunity to take out his business card, hand it to Qin Sheng, and say, “This is my business card. If you think you can come to work for me, please call me at this phone number.”

Qin Sheng took the business card and looked at it seriously. “Cao Da, Yuanda Holding Group Chairman.” Qin Sheng put away the business card, then he slowly got up to say goodbye to Zhuang Zhou and Cao Da, and left happily…

After coming out of the West Lake State Guest House, Qin Sheng quickly called Lin Su. At that moment, she was chatting with a friend in a bar on Nanshan Road. When Qin Sheng said that Uncle Zhuang had everything arranged, she had Qin Sheng come directly.

The entertainment of the people in Hangzhou was rich and colorful. In Meijiawu and Longjing Village, you could enjoy tea and play cards and feel the freedom. You could enjoy coffee in the West Lake world and be amazed by the lake view. On the lakeside shopping street, you could enjoy the luxury and dissipation of the nightlife in Nanshan Road bars, singing and dancing all night long and getting drunk. You could choose how to entertain yourself.

It was a pity that Nanshan Road had been declining in recent years. Although its location was very good and had many customers, and there were students from the China Academy of Art to take the lead, the high rent was unaffordable for most investors. Today’s hottest bars were in the Huanglong circle. But there were many nightclubs there, and the bars on Nanshan Road were quieter.

This was one of the reasons why Lin Su and her friends had met here.

This bar was called Jiuyin. Its business was good compared with those bars on Nanshan Road. Lin Su and her friends were sitting in the corner, listening to the hoarse voice of the resident singer, chatting while drinking cocktails. In addition to seeing Lin Yue, this was her first time in the past six months to contact friends.

This friend was a graceful beauty, and she was a teacher at the China Academy of Fine Arts. So she would choose the nearby Nanshan Road to meet Lin Su. Lin Su had grown up with her from childhood. Later on, one of them went to Hangzhou and the other one went to Shanghai. Lin Su would contact her every time she came to Hangzhou. But when Lin Su contacted her this time, she was shocked.

After all, Lin Su’s matter had known by everyone in the circle. It was said that she refused Yan Chaozong and chose an ordinary man. After breaking away from her family, the two ran away, and no one could contact them. It had been more than half a year.

“I didn’t expect it to be you. I thought I would never see you again.” The beauty was called Xiao Ruoqing, her name was very poetic. Her long hair was fluttering and her temperament was outstanding. A typical young woman of literature and art, she liked to travel around and enjoy music.

Lin Su said, “Why not? Now I’m back.”

“What the hell is going on? Everyone is talking about you, is that true? What do you think?” Xiao Ruoqing asked with big eyes.

Lin Su didn’t want to mention these trivial things. She smiled, “What you heard is the truth. I am willing to give up everything for love and freedom.”

“Well, I support you at this point. I would rather marry to love, and never marry for reality.” Xiao Ruoqing nodded. She was such a woman who would only choose the man she liked. Even if others liked her so much, she would not be touched.

After saying a few words about the value of love, Xiao Ruoqing asked with interest, “So will you stay in Hangzhou from now on?”

“Yes, I will be wherever he is. I will definitely work in Hangzhou for a short time, and I will listen to him later.” Lin Su bowed her head and smiled.

Xiao Ruoqing was really shocked by Lin Su. And she said, “I didn’t expect that the most beautiful girl at our school could be so crazy for a man. I really want to see what that man is like, and see how he conquered you.”

Lin Su said with happiness, “He is very simple and ordinary. He is not as excellent as you think. For me, everything is not important. I just like him.”

It was not like what Lin Su had said, a girl who had never been in love before. Xiao Ruoqing was speechless. But every woman in love was like this. Xiao Ruoqing did not think it strange, she herself was the same before.

Lin Su took out her mobile phone and looked at the time. She said, “Let’s sit for a while, he should come right away.”

Xiao Ruoqing looked full of expectation.

A few minutes later, Qin Sheng came in slowly and late, and he waved to Lin Su and Xiao Ruoqing from a distance. A man at the bar window also noticed Qin Sheng…