Chapter 2 One Day…

Qin Sheng liked to take the train and didn’t want to take the plane. It wasn’t because he was afraid of heights or something else, the reason was that he could watch the scenery along the way. Sometimes, he could also observe passersby from everywhere to find interesting people.

Actually, the most important reason was that he didn’t have the money to take plane.

Seventeen hours trip. Qin Sheng bought a hard sleeper ticket. Inside the carriage were a few students who had returned to school after the National Day holidays. They were all students from the Northwest provinces, chattering about the good things in Shanghai, some of them said that they wouldn’t return home after graduation.

This reminded Qin Sheng of his own journey to Shanghai to study in college. He was also taking the train and was filled with curiosity and anticipation for everything. That was also his first time leaving his own province. He had carried his luggage alone for four years.

After staying in Shanghai for four years, what was Qin Sheng’s final conclusion?

The better the better, the worse the worse. Most people survive, not live.

After he woke up, Qin Sheng chatted with the kids. The colleges they were in were pretty good, and they were probably the top students in their home towns. In those places, only studying would give them a better chance of living.

Nowadays, many people said that studying was useless, but in Qin Sheng’s eyes, reading was the best way out for most ordinary people. It might not let you become rich, nor have a good job, but it would give you more and better choices in the future, and it would also let you to meet a better self.

Whether the books you read, the roads you walked, the persons you met or the things you experienced, good or bad, they would eventually blossom for you.

But most of the time, Qin Sheng didn’t like chatting. He just sit down in the aisle and admire the scenery outside as they hurriedly past.

When he arrived in Shanghai, it was already dusk and the sky was slightly dark.

Stepping onto this land once again, Qin Sheng took a deep breath of the air that was no longer pure. It had been almost three years since he left this place. Memories of the past surged back into his mind.

Qin Sheng really wanted to say how great it would be if everything could remain unchanged from the first sight.

“Shanghai, I’m back!” Qin Sheng yelled loudly. The passersby all stared at Qin Sheng as if he were a lunatic. But Qin Sheng didn’t care about the opinions of others.

Grandfather said that Shanghai was his place of prosperity. Qin Sheng didn’t know if he would be able to rise here.

He took the bus from the train station straight to his destination, the Tomson Golf Villa, located on the Long Dong Road of Pudong. He was about to meet an old friend, so he had promised that person one thing.

Although he had been in Shanghai for four years, Qin Sheng had never visited this city. If it wasn’t for his grandfather telling him that his Blessed Land was Shanghai, he definitely wouldn’t return to this city.

Tomson Golf was one of the most expensive estates in Shanghai. Those who could live in an area like Pudong was one of the tops in the city.

Qin Sheng was about to meet one of them.

Qin Sheng caught a taxi to the entrance of Tomson Golf. After the security guard informed, a bodyguard came out to bring him in. Qin Sheng didn’t say anything along the way.

After a few minutes, they finally arrived at the old friend’s villa. It was a three-storey mansion, nearly a thousand square meters in size, surrounded by walls and iron railings. It had a private garden and a swimming pool.

At this moment, the villa was brightly lit. When Qin Sheng entered, he happened to meet an old man who was slightly bowing as he took care of the flowers. The bodyguard lowered his head and said, “Elder Wu.”

Qin Sheng also lowered his head slightly. The old man only glanced at Qin Sheng for a moment, then lost all interest in him.

After Qin Sheng was brought into the mansion, the bodyguard pointed at a nearby room and said, “Master Han is waiting for you in the study.”

Qin Sheng thanked him with a smile before heading to the study.

Knocking on the door …

Waiting …

After a while, a middle-aged man’s deep voice sounded, “Come in!”

Qin Sheng pushed the door open and entered.

He saw that the study was filled with smoke and people could be choked up to the point that they couldn’t open their eyes. Others might think that the room was on fire.

On the sofa, a slightly fattened middle-aged man was smoking. The ashtray was full of cigarette butts, and there were a lot of them on the floor.

“Little Qin, you’re finally here!” The man lifted his head and was stunned when he saw Qin Sheng. He quickly put out his cigarette and walked towards Qin Sheng, laughing heartily.

Qin Sheng chuckled, “Uncle Han, it should be a year and three months since we parted at Mount Kunlun, right?”

“Kid, you said that you would definitely come to Shanghai for development in the future. When that time comes, you would find me immediately. After so long, I thought you lied to me. I didn’t expect you would actually come!” The man called Uncle Han by Qin Sheng laughed loudly.

Qin Sheng was pulled to the sofa by the man. He poured tea into the teapot for the two of them before saying, “Uncle Han, you said that if a man can’t do it, then don’t easily give promises. Young people don’t understand honesty, but the further a person walks, the more important it becomes. Besides, you saved half my life!”

“You little brat!” Uncle Han pointed at Qin Sheng, unsure of whether to laugh or cry. “Then when did you arrive?”

“I came over immediately after getting off the train.”

“You are still so real. I’ve been a bit busy these days, so I’ll give you a good welcome some other day!” Uncle Han said as he patted Qin Sheng’s shoulder.

Uncle Han, his original name was Han Guoping. As for what he was doing, Qin Sheng had never looked it up. Anyway, he said he was a businessman. Back then, when Qin Sheng was travelling around, he met him at Mount Kunlun. The two of them would go to the same place, so they travelled together. Qin Sheng was too young and inexperienced. If it wasn’t for Han Guoping, he would have been killed by the avalanche.

“Uncle Han, did something happen? If there’s anything I can help you with, just tell me.” Qin Sheng and Han Guoping could be considered friends despite their age. That was why Qin Sheng came to find him as soon as arriving in Shanghai.

Han Guoping sighed, then burned another cigarette and said, “It’s just a small matter, whose life isn’t ups and downs.”

However, he then said, “Since you’ve asked, Little Qin, I might really need your help with something. Do you think it’s convenient for you?”

“Tell me, Uncle Han.” Qin Sheng said with a serious look on his face.

Han Guoping handed a cigarette to Qin Sheng and burn it while Qin Sheng thanked him. He said, “I offended an enemy, and he’s been trying to deal with me recently. I’m afraid he might take it out on my daughter, so I want you to protect her. Wait for the storm to pass.”

Han Guoping looked calm and collected, but Qin Sheng could hear the tension behind his tone, and said thoughtfully, “Uncle Han, you trust in me? And does she agree? ”

“In my entire life, I have misjudged a few people, but I believe that I will definitely not misjudge you. If this crisis is over, you kid come to me. As for her, you don’t need to worry about her. I will tell her that I find her an assistant,” Han Guoping said neither lightly nor heavily. He looked very haggard, and his eyes were bloodshot.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door and entered. It was the villa’s housekeeper. He lowered his head and said, “Master Han, the guests have arrived!”

“Invite him to the study room, and ask Han Bing to come over, I have something to tell her.” Han Ping said calmly.

After the butler left, he said to Qin Sheng, “Little Qin, I still have some things to do, so I can’t accompany you. You just got off the train and came over, so you definitely haven’t had dinner. The kitchen has something ready, or whatever you want to eat, let them make it for you. My daughter is coming, I’ll look for you later.”

Qin Sheng nodded and left with a smile.

In the restaurant, the nanny served him some dishes and some steamed buns, which was exactly what Qin Sheng wanted. He liked steamed buns rather than rice. Han Guo Ping was also from Northwest and loved to eat steamed buns.

Normally, Qin Sheng would eat very quickly, but today, he ate slowly and sized up everyone in the villa. Regardless of whether they were bodyguards or nannies, he would not miss any of them. This was a habit that he had developed by surviving.

A lax attitude towards any stranger could be a deadly threat.

Qin Sheng ate this meal for half an hour until a tall, sexy and beautiful woman walked into the villa. Only then did he put down his chopsticks.

This beauty should be the daughter of Uncle Han, Han Bing. He didn’t expect her to be such a beautiful little witch. It was no wonder that Uncle Han was so worried. Any man would feel the blood of beasts boiling in front of her, let alone those desperate bastards.

“It’s so late, why is old man looking for me? How annoying!” Han Bing grumbled unhappily after entering the villa.

Shoulder-length short hair, a tight gray T-shirt with black shorts, and dashing slippers. Bvlgari serpenti necklace around her neck, a limited edition of Blancpain’s Saint Valentin red wristwatch on her wrist, plus a YSL bag on her back.

A true super rich beauty …

Just after She went upstairs, the nanny came down to call for Qin Sheng. “Master wants you.”

When Qin Sheng was approaching the study, he heard Han Bing yelling, “I don’t need any bodyguard, you’re interfering with my privacy!”

“Don’t talk so much nonsense with me, I’m your old man. If you don’t want an assistant, fine, I’ll immediately withdraw my money from your company, freeze all your credit cards, and take back your car and your house. From now on, you’ll stay at home obediently,” Han Guoping said angrily.

At this moment, Qin Sheng walked in. Han Guoping immediately broke into a smile. “Come, come, come, Qin Sheng. This is my daughter, Han Bing. You should get to know each other.”

“I’m Qin Sheng, nice to meet you!” Qin Sheng took the initiative to extend his hand, but Han Bing didn’t even shake hands with him. It was a bit awkward, but Qin Sheng could understand and retracted his hand.

Han Guo Ping said embarrassedly, “She was spoiled by me since she was young. In the future, I’ll leave her safety to you. I’ll have the butler give you some money, and you can ask him for more if you need. Han Bing lives in Huarun Nine Mile Bund, I have a house in the Shimao Riviera Garden which is opposite her place. The butler will give you the key, nothing is lacking inside. This way, you can easily pick her up and send her on her way. Go and find the butler, I need to say a few more words to her.”

Qin Sheng went out to find the butler, and Han Guoping continued to chat with his spoiled daughter …

When Qin Sheng got the key and the money from the butler, Han Bing had already left the study. When she saw Qin Sheng, she immediately shouted, “Dog, let’s go. Take me back!”

The butler didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but Qin Sheng wasn’t angry. It was meaningless to argue with a rich beauty who hadn’t even fully grown up without her father’s support.

Han Bing drove a red Maserati GranTurismo. After leaving the house, she gave the key to Qin Sheng and sat in the front seat, smiling as she stared at Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng had never driven such a luxury car before, but he kept his cool. After pondering for a moment, he started the engine. Han Bing held back her anger as she stared at Qin Sheng.

On the way, the two of them had nothing to say.

After arriving at 9 miles outside of the Huarun Nine Mile Bund, Qin Sheng escorted Han Bing into the door. Han Bing fiercely said, “Pick me up at 9 AM sharp. If you’re one second late, scram!”

Then she closed the door.

Qin Sheng shook his head with a helpless smile before leaving.

After he went downstairs, he didn’t drive back to the Shimao Riviera Garden, but instead left the Maserati by the side of the road and took a taxi to the Bund by the Huangpu River.

In Qin Sheng’s eyes, if a man had a little ambition, he would walk all over Chang’an Street in Beijing and visit the Bund in Shanghai. That would arouse the deepest desire in your heart.

Did Qin Sheng have any ambitions? Yes.

Did he have desires? Yes.

He felt that if a man didn’t live brilliantly enough in his life and couldn’t stand at a certain height, then his life would truly be pointless.

Everyone had the right to choose their life. Perhaps many people would like to live an ordinary one.

But Qin Sheng didn’t want that.

On the left was the eclectic scene of the Bund, and on the right was the lively scene of the tall buildings of Pudong. Standing beside the Huangpu River, Qin Sheng burn a cigarette and took a long breath before exhaling the smoke slowly.

Looking at this bustling and restless city, Qin Sheng narrowed his eyes and muttered, “One day, this city will remember me for many years …”