Chapter 201 Reunited in Hangzhou

Any woman would want to showcase her most perfect side in front of others, especially pretty women. In the past, Lin Su could not care less about these, but after becoming Qin Sheng’s girlfriend, she paid a lot of attention to what was on the outside— her outfit, makeup, etc. After all, she was not on her own anymore. She represented Qin Sheng too. She did so in case others were to say something like, “Why did Qin Sheng find a girlfriend like this?”

Showering, changing of clothes, putting on makeup.

Qin Sheng finished tidying up the room and was waiting outside. Lin Su was finally done when Xia Ding and the rest entered the neighborhood. Actually, Lin Su had other intentions. That was, Han Bing was present too. She first saw Han Bing when something happened to Qin Sheng. During then, she already knew that Han Bing liked Qin Sheng. Hence, when comparing herself to Han Bing, she must not lose.

Qin Sheng wore a very casual outfit— T-shirts, shorts and slippers, while Lin Su chose a dark green sleeveless silk dress with V-neck and waist tie, which highlighted her temperament. It seemed that women really liked to fight for beauty, even a woman like Lin Su couldn’t avoid it. To put it bluntly, she did this because she cared about Qin Sheng.

When the doorbell rang, Qin Sheng opened the door slowly as he tried to suppress the excitement in his heart. The first person he saw was the red-eyed Han Bing.

Her hair was not short anymore. Ever since an unknown period of time, she started to grow her hair out. She no longer wore fancy outfits. Instead, she wore a white short-sleeved shirt and paired it with an earth-color high-waisted chiffon pleated skirt. She was like a girl that had not grown up.

When their eyes met, Han Bing’s emotions erupted suddenly. She plunged into his embrace and sobbed quietly, “I miss you so much! I thought that you were dead! You’re such a bad person!”

These were the words a couple would say. At this point in time, Qin Sheng could not care about what the others think. He hugged her and comforted, “Okay, okay. Aren’t I well and kicking?”

Xia Ding and Hao Lei stood outside the door. They wanted to enter but they could not. They could only wave to Lin Su while Qin Sheng and Han Bing stood in between them. At the same time, Xia Ding motioned for Lin Su to understand Han Bing and not take it to heart. After all, Han Bing had not seen Qin Sheng for more than half a year. Lin Su only smiled faintly and shook her head. She was not angry; she could understand this feeling that humans tended to have.

“Do not disappear ever again, okay? I really miss you so much,” Han Bing cried out. Her tears have already soaked through Qin Sheng’s clothes.

Qin Sheng quickly promised her, “Okay, never again.”

Xia Ding was feeling very warm and he could not hold it in any longer. “That’s about it guys, we’re still here!”

In the last six months, Xia Ding often met up with Han Bing and Hao Lei and had gotten close to Han Bing. Han Bing was very calm in front of Qin Sheng, but she was not like this in front of Xia Ding. The two of them could not see each other to the eye and often bickered back and forth. However, Xia Ding quite liked her character. She was straightforward and not pretentious. If Han Bing had not liked Qin Sheng, Xia Ding would have made a move a long time ago.

Han Bing also felt that she had stepped beyond the line and quickly let go of Qin Sheng. After all, there was still Xia Ding and Hao Lei. Most importantly, Qin Sheng was already attached. His girlfriend, Lin Su, was just standing not far away from them. The way that Han Bing hugged Qin Sheng was like she was trying to challenge her.

“If you don’t talk, no one would think that you’re mute,” Han Bing turned around and scowled at Xia Ding as she glared at him.

Xia Ding was so mad he pointed at Han Bing but he could not do anything about it. He could only stare at Qin Sheng and smiled as he said, “Big Boss, you’re finally back. I thought you’re going to disappear for another two to three years again. If you don’t come back anytime sooner, I can’t hide it from Lao Er and Lao Si anymore.”

Qin Sheng stepped forward and threw him a punch as he scolded, “You punk, you’re still your old self. Did you change girlfriend again recently?”

“Don’t go there, I’ve already changed for good. Now, I am an outstanding socialist youth. I’m too busy to be dating,” Xia Ding rebutted.

Qin Sheng sneered and said, “You said it as if it’s true. Do you think that I’ll believe you?”

“Fine, I’m too lazy to quarrel with you. Let me catch up with my goddess instead, see if I have the chance to win her over,” Xia Ding said as he came indoors happily.

Finally, Qin Sheng stood in front of Hao Lei. He took in a deep breath and slowly stepped forward, taking him into his arms. He patted his back with much strength and said, “Brother.”

“You don’t have to say anything, it’s good enough that you’re back,” Hao Lei patted Qin Sheng’s shoulder and responded.

After all, they had already known each other for so many years. They knew what each other wanted to say. True brothers did not need many unnecessary words.

Over at the other side, it got awkward when Han Bing and Lin Su greeted each other. Both beautiful ladies were very pretty today, no one lost to the other. Lin Su was Qin Sheng’s current girlfriend, while Han Bing and Qin Sheng were always ambiguous.

Han Bing was full of admiration and envy towards Lin Su. They first met when Qin Sheng got into an accident. During then, no one had the time to care about all these little things. They were all busy looking for Qin Sheng. But what about now? How would they deal with this?

Lin Su took the initiative to say hello. “Long time no see! You look prettier with long hair than short hair.”

Han Bing smiled and replied awkwardly, “Yea, it’s been half a year. You’ve lost weight.”

“It’s alright.” Lin Su also did not know how to get along with Han Bing. She could only say politely, “Come sit down! What would you like to drink?”

Luckily, Xia Ding came and saved the awkward situation. He snickered and said, “Goddess, I’m finally seeing you again! I thought you eloped with Big Boss and will never come back again. I missed you so much!”

Lin Su laughed, “I wanted to, but he might not be willing.”

Han Bing glared at Xia Ding. To her, anyone who mentioned Qin Sheng and Lin Su made her feel very uncomfortable. Although Lin Su had won, Han Bing had no intention to give up on Qin Sheng just like that.

“He doesn’t know how to count his blessings. Goddess, what’s there to drink? I’m so freaking thirsty!” Xia Ding already felt the stare from Han Bing. He did not dare to say too much and quickly changed the topic.

At this point in time, Qin Sheng and Hao Lei had entered the house as well. Lin Su asked everyone and then went to the fridge to get some drinks. She then washed some fruits and fetched some other food. She had the attitude of a hostess.

Han Bing and Hao Lei sat on the sofa while Xia Ding toured their house. He muttered and said that the environment was not bad. Everyone knew that Qin Sheng and Lin Su were cohabitating but did not point it out. After all, they had already lived together every day for more than half a year. They would have already done whatever there was to be done. It was unavoidable.

Han Bing glared at Qin Sheng with a resentful look that made him a little embarrassed. After Xia Ding finished touring Qin Sheng’s new house, he came over and asked, “Han Bing, why are you staring at my Big Boss?”

Han Bing replied arrogantly, “We’ve not seen each other for more than half a year, can’t I take two more glances at him? His girlfriend did not have an opinion, why are you talking so much for?”

Han Bing deliberately stressed on the word girlfriend. Even though Lin Su heard her, she only frowned a little. She knew Han Bing’s character. Besides, it was nothing much.

“Oh, really? I think some people are just not ready to give up,” Xia Ding rebutted dismissively. Anyway, he was an outsider in this situation, he would not mind stirring up trouble.

Han Bing wanted to talk back but was stopped by Qin Sheng. He did not understand them. “We haven’t seen each other in more than half a year, why are you guys now fighting? This is interesting.”

“Qin Sheng, you have to take my side. When you were not around, Xia Ding always bullied me. You have to take revenge for me!” Han Bing began to complain.

Xia Ding responded immediately, “We don’t even know who is bullying who!”

Qin Sheng was completely speechless. Hasn’t it only been half a year? Why did so many things happen? Feeling helpless, he was too lazy to bother about them and let them continue bickering away.

“When is Lao Chang arriving?” Hao Lei asked.

Qin Sheng glanced at the clock and said, “His flight lands at around 11 plus. We’ll go out for lunch when he arrives.”

“That’s soon,” Hao Lei said with many thoughts in mind. “It has also been more than half a year since we saw Lao Chang. After you disappeared, he also followed suit and left Shanghai. I thought he went back to Xi’an.”

“I am sorry to you and Lao Chang. I tricked you guys to go to Shanghai, yet I was the first to give up,” Qin Sheng said guiltily.

Hao Lei sighed and said, “Don’t say such things. You didn’t have a choice. Besides, we don’t blame you. We’re all brothers. All is good as long as you’re fine.”

Lin Su finished doing her things and sat at the edge of the sofa as she leaned closely onto Qin Sheng. Hao Lei and Xia Ding were full of admiration at such a loving scene. However, Han Bing got a little jealous. She snorted and hung her head down as she played on her phone.

“How’s your body now? Be honest with us,” Xia Ding asked out of concern.

Qin Sheng sighed, “You can say that I’ve visited the Gate of Death. It was indeed tough in the first few months. It’s basically a miracle that I’m still alive after suffering such serious injuries. My injuries take longer to heal. At the start, it was so painful I felt like I was dying. In fact, I even had the urge to die. I lied on the bed for a month and spent two months on the wheelchair and crutches. It got much smoother in the later part. If Lin Su was not here to take care of me, I don’t think I would have recovered so quickly.”

Qin Sheng made it sound easy, but from what Xia Ding, Hao Lei, and Han Bing heard, they could tell that Qin Sheng had suffered massive injuries. Otherwise, he would not have disappeared for more than half a year.

“Did Yan Chaozong and Ye Muyang really worked together to do this?” Xia Ding asked in a concerned tone.

Qin Sheng nodded silently and said, “Yea, Ye Muyang is the bait and Yan Chaozong is the mastermind. Their plan was flawless; it was my fault for not being careful. I trusted Ye Muyang too much. Or you could say that his acting was too damn good. When the truth was revealed to me, I realized that there was no way I was going to live.”

“Then how did you survive?” The three of them asked almost at the same time.

Qin Sheng slowly explained, “When I opened my eyes, I was already lying in the hospital. Lin Su was staying by my side. During then, I was unconscious for a few days after surgery. I only found out what happened afterward. The truth is that ever since I became enemies with Yan Chaozong in Shanghai, an old friend of my grandfather’s had been protecting me secretly. His subordinate followed me all the way to Mount Jiuhua and finally saved me at the last moment.”

After Qin Sheng finished explaining, the rest could not help but be curious about what kind of a character that old friend was. He saved Qin Sheng from the hands of Yan Chaozong?

“You will see him in the future. Without me, I wouldn’t be here.” Qin Sheng knew that they were curious but he did not know how to explain. They could only wait till next time when they could see for themselves. He quickly followed with, “Whatever happened next was all thanks to him, including staying at the hospital in Hefei, recovering in Xiamen, as well as today’s brand new start in Hangzhou.”

“Then your grandfather’s old friend is really not simple, he even prevented anyone from finding you. If there’s a chance, I really want to meet him,” Xia Ding said sincerely. He was very sure that for a person to have such abilities, he must be someone powerful. The Yan and Lin Families used all sort of methods to track down Qin Sheng and Lin Su. They could not even find them when they were right before their eyes. This was also what Han Bing and Hao Lei thought.

Then, they also pondered about what kind of a person Qin Sheng’s grandfather was. He had taken care of his future so well, from Jiang Xianbang in the past to today’s mysterious fella.

They were not the only ones thinking about it. Lin Su thought about it frequently too, but she did not mention it.

Among them, Hao Lei was the only one who saw the Old Master before. He was definitely a powerful figure; anyone who saw him was full of respect for him.

The few of them continued chatting away. When Chang Baji reached Hangzhou, they got ready to go out for lunch. Xia Ding was the most familiar with Hangzhou. After all, his family’s enterprise’s headquarters were here. He was more or less a half-Hangzhou person. He arranged for lunch directly and at the same time sent a car to the airport to pick up Chang Baji.