Chapter 202 I Will Definitely Take Revenge

Half a year later, they were reunited in Hangzhou. Qin Sheng had fully recovered and everyone was in a good mood.

Han Bing was the only one that was in a foul mood. In the past six months, she often thought of Qin Sheng and had her fair share of painful longing. When she found out that Qin Sheng was in Hangzhou, she could not wait for a second longer and rushed over directly. Because of her, Xia Ding and Hao Lei were forced to wake up at 6:00am to head for Hangzhou. After seeing Qin Sheng, Han Bing was initially very excited. But after settling down, she felt a little unhappy. Without a doubt, she was not used to Lin Su’ existence. After all, Lin Su was not part of their lives in the past. Today, Lin Su had become Qin Sheng’s girlfriend. Han Bing felt that she had become the extra one.

In order to celebrate Qin Sheng’s return with a full recovery, Xia Ding had made reservations at a high-class restaurant. Guiyu Shanfang was located at Manjuelong Road on hillside. It had a very quiet environment that made it seemed like it was cut off from the world. The outside was clean and quiet but the inside felt very welcoming. The window seat opened up to an overview of the West Lake. The restaurant boasted its creative dishes. Xia Ding was worried that they would not be used to Hang Bang dishes, which was why he chose this restaurant.

Xia Ding made the driver take a taxi back. The five of them fit into a car perfectly. Qin Sheng sat at the back with the two beautiful ladies with Lin Su on his left, Han Bing on his right. Hao Lei and Xia Ding had already felt that the atmosphere was not quite right a long time ago. They knew better than to get involved in this fight for attention. They had no choice; Qin Sheng had too much luck in the love game. First, he was being ambiguous with Miss Han, but then he rekindled with a good old flame. Although Miss Goddess Lin had successfully gained the throne, Miss Han was not someone to look down on. She had obviously not given up. She was probably going to fight it out soon.

Xia Ding and Hao Lei sighed. Not everyone could enjoy having two women in their arms. Sometimes it was also a headache.

In order to alleviate the awkward atmosphere in the car, Xia Ding, who was driving, took the initiative and said, “Lanlian, Pushu, Jiangnanyi. Guiyu Shanfang, Muchenxi.” He was worried that everyone would have a hard time from holding back.

Han Bing said with a face full of despise, “Why are you reciting a poem for no reason? You’re just a playboy and only know how to spend money on wine and entertainment.”

Qin Sheng was familiar with Tang and Song poetry and could not identify which poem it was. There should be another meaning. Lin Su frowned slightly too. She was very curious.

Xia Ding had already gotten used to being attacked by Han Bing. He smiled and explained, “This is not a poem that someone wrote, they are the names of the popular restaurants in Hangzhou. Lanlian Restaurant, Pushu, Jiangnanyi, Guiyu Shanfang, Muchenxi. Big Boss, in the future, when you and goddess have the time, you guys can go try these places out. They are quite suitable for couples to spend time together. Today we’ll go to Guiyu Shanfang first, the environment there is better.”

Hearing this, Han Bing was boiling with anger from head to toe. Xia Ding was humiliating her. Actually, Xia Ding was being nice. Qin Sheng and Lin Su were indeed made for each other. They suit each other really well. Based on Qin Sheng’s character, no matter how hard Han Bing tried, he would never give up Lin Su for her. Besides, Han Bing was indeed lacking a bit when compared to Lin Su. Hence, this was a wake-up call for Han Bing, to step back when it was time.

Han Bing rebutted directly, “Don’t you know that he liked to eat barbecue in the summer and hotpot in the winter? You should go to such a pretentious place with your girls!”

“You’re right. Big Boss, there’s no barbecue here during lunch hours. Try to live with it. We’ll bring you to a very good barbecue place at night. By then, we’ll drink and eat to our hearts’ content!” Xia Ding replied casually. This was Qin Sheng’s character. They also like this kind of gathering. Xia Ding was also trying to give Han Bing ‘face’.

On the way, the group talked about small topics. Xia Ding was basically doing all the talking. He introduced the scenery and architecture along the way, talking about their allusions and stories. The rest listened.

Half an hour later, they finally arrived at Guiyu Shanfang on hillside. The entrance to the restaurant was a little primitive. The tiny door at the side did not attract much attention. It was usually closed and would only be opened when guests walked near. The white wall beside it housed the characters ‘Guiyu Shanfang’ carved out using metal strips. The top part was already rusty.

Xia Ding led the group and entered. The environment was indeed not bad. However, Lin Su and Han Bing were all born in wealthy families, they had seen all there was to see. Hence, they were indifferent towards the restaurant. Qin Sheng and Hao Lei were the only lame ones that were interested in the place. Qin Sheng even pointed out the patterns and details of various parts of the restaurant.

The waiter led them into a nostalgic private room. The humongous floor-to-ceiling windows opened up to the scenery of the West Lake. Xia Ding asked the waiter to serve a pot of Longjing tea and asked the two ladies to order the dishes. He then chose a bottle of red wine that was quite high-class. No matter how much money they spend today, Xia Ding would still be happy.

They finished ordering the dishes but asked the waiter to not serve them now. They enjoyed the scenery of West Lake and chatted over tea as they waited for Chang Baji to arrive…

About slightly more than 10 minutes later, the waiter knocked on the door and entered. Chang Baji had finally arrived after a long journey. It had been half a year since they last met and Chang Baji looked much more tired than before. His face looked like he had been through many vicissitudes, his hair was messy and he even kept a beard.

Although Chang Baji followed Qin Sheng to Shanghai, in others’ eyes, Chang Baji was a senior. Hence, everyone stood up at the same time to welcome him. This was a form of respect for him.

Old friends met again but they had no words to say to each other.

Chang Baji studied everyone present. They were all the friends he had made while he was in Shanghai. His gaze eventually landed on Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng walked up to him slowly and they both looked at each other from head to toe. Chang Baji joked, “It’s much better than I thought, at least you didn’t lose an arm or a leg.”

“Lao Chang, you’re still so humorous,” sighed Qin Sheng. They did not know how to say those courteous yet superficial words. When they saw each other again, they felt happy, excited, and lucky.

Since Qin Sheng escaped from a narrow death, they must drink to their hearts’ content. Chang Baji asked cheerfully, “Is there wine?”

Xia Ding replied with a faint smile, “Yes, but it’s red wine, definitely not what you’re looking for.”

“Get me a white one,” Chang Baji waved his hand and said.

Qin Sheng burst out laughing. “Then let’s drink a white one. I’ll drink with Lao Chang to our hearts’ content.”

Xia Ding quickly called a waiter over and chose a bottle of white wine. The drinking was suddenly brought forward from dinner to lunchtime. Indeed, if one has wine at night, he should get drunk at night. He shall worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.

Drinking, reminiscing, forgetting the past, thinking about the future, and sharing the joys and sorrows of the past six months. The group of people immersed themselves in these things. Even Lin Su, who was always known to be quiet, was also driven by her emotions.

Just like that, they stayed at Guiyu Shanfang for two hours. That bit of wine was not enough to make these people who had very high alcohol tolerance to become wasted. They were at most just a little tipsy. Lin Su had already promised Qin Sheng the day before that he could drink without restraint. How would he miss this opportunity?

After lunch, Xia Ding found a teahouse nearby and they changed location to continue to chit-chat over tea. The men talked about their own stuff while Lin Su and Han Bing had quite a few topics to talk about after some time of getting along together. However, regarding the root problem, Han Bing was not going to let go of her so easily.

After tea, they were all sleepy. Xia Ding had already made bookings at the Four Seasons Hotel nearby. They went to take a rest while Lin Su left because she had some things to settle.

They continued to party at night. They first headed to the barbecue restaurant that Xia Ding picked and then went to sing karaoke at a KTV. Eventually, all of the men were completely drunk and only Chang Baji was sober. Qin Sheng was completely wasted and Han Bing was also a little tipsy. Lin Su rarely touched alcohol and even she was a little drunk.

Luckily, Xia Ding had made arrangements prior to this. There were two cars waiting outside. The day finally ended when the drivers and Lin Su sent them all back to the hotel.

However, Lin Su did not sleep for half the night. She first took care of Han Bing and then the men. Other than Chang Baji who was fine, the other three all vomited.

She was busy taking care of them all night and at 3:00 am, Chang Baji was slightly somber. He told Lin Su that he would take care of Xia Ding and Hao Lei, so Lin Su then returned to Qin Sheng’s room, where she made do with lying by his side for the rest of the night.

On the next morning, at around 10 am, those who were drunk last night finally woke up. Each of them felt like their head was ginormous and did not know how they came back last night. Chang Baji and Lin Su woke up very early and had already eaten breakfast downstairs. Chang Baji then went out to walk around on his own while Lin Su went back to the room to take care of Qin Sheng.

“Oh f*ck, how much did we drink last night? My head is about to explode,” Xia Ding complained after he took a shower and met up with everyone else.

Hao Lei rubbed his head and said, “I don’t know either, I only know that our last stop was the KTV and you, being the dumbass that you are, ran to the bathroom while we were drinking from our bottles. You didn’t even finish your bottle!”

“It’s been a long time since I last let go of myself like this,” Qin Sheng sighed. He was doing fine. After all, he had been recovering for so long. He used to be unable to say no to alcohol and had held himself back for more than half a year. He had been waiting for this day.

Han Bing echoed, “It’s been a long time since I drank like this too.”

Xia Ding sneered, “Last night, someone wanted to challenge Lin Su and took three shots at one go. In the end, she still wanted to do cross-arm drinking with Qin Sheng. If I wasn’t there to stop her, she would be in deep trouble by now.”

Han Bing glared at him fiercely and acted dumb, “Who was it? Why can’t I remember anything? Was it you? Why do you have such a strange habit?”

Qin Sheng’s face spelled awkwardness. Anyone could see Han Bing’s intentions for him. Lin Su was so smart, she was naturally clear of the situation too. He looked at Lin Su carefully and she was smiling at the rest with no signs of change. Qin Sheng then relaxed a little. He was worried that he had to kneel on the washboard when he gets home.

Lin Su was not angry at all. She could feel Qin Sheng’s relationship with them. They were indeed friends that said everything to each other. Lin Su felt comforted that he had friends like them.

While they were drunk last night, she heard a lot of stories about Qin Sheng, which was a good reap. For example, she learned from Hao Lei about Qin Sheng’s high school stories, as well as his first love. She learned from Xia Ding about Qin Sheng’s glorious deeds in university and that campus relationship that they were all jealous of. It seemed to be the same girl. She then heard from Chang Baji and Han Bing many stories of Qin Sheng when he came to Shanghai last year. Lin Su drank much lesser and was sort of fooled by superficial words. She now knew much more and was going to have a good chat with Qin Sheng afterward.

The smell of alcohol still lingered among them and they were not completely sober yet. Hence, Xia Ding picked a restaurant for lunch and they ate a very light meal. It also helped everyone to sober up.

After lunch, the group bid goodbye there and then. It was impossible for Qin Sheng to return to Shanghai, and it was impossible for them to stay in Hangzhou. They could only meet up another time.

Last night, Qin Sheng also told them that he was going to start making a living in Hangzhou. He did not hide from them the job that he was going to do. It was a new start for him.

Chang Baji and Hao Lei followed him to Shanghai, so they naturally wanted to stay in Hangzhou with him too. After careful considerations, Qin Sheng decided to let Hao Lei continue staying in Shanghai first. He would let him come over when things are settled.

As for Chang Baji, since he had nothing to do, he could stay in Hangzhou for now. At the same time, he could also protect Qin Sheng. After all, Qin Sheng was still mindful of many things.

Before leaving, Qin Sheng said to everyone calmly, “Didn’t you guys ask me last night when I was going to take revenge? I’m now sober and I can tell you now.”

Everyone’s expression changed slightly and they silently waited for his answer.

Qin Sheng said slowly, “I will definitely take revenge when I return to Shanghai.”